First Time With Joe

Expert Footjob

I was so pleased and happy when I started to realize my true leaning. For years I lived under the misconception that, because I wasn’t particularly attracted tin a physical sense o girls, there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

It didn’t occur to me that I was gay or anything like that. There were guys who turned my head for a second look but that is all. I never ever imagined I could have any sort of committed relationship with another guy.

And yet I was fully aware of my sexual feelings. Sadly getting some sort of satisfaction out of doing things with substitutes, like screwdriver handles and anal vibrates I picked up from a locale private shop.

But oddly even that didn’t turn my thoughts to how would it be with the real thing. For example, instead of pushing substitutes up my ass – I front of a large mirror, finding all sorts of ways to try and make it for real by strapping my ass cheeks together with duct tape, to stop the handle, or whatever it was on a given day, from popping out of me just as I was starting to get a real climax.

Would you believe that also sometimes, that was when I was in a certain mood; I would spank myself silly until my ass cheeks went plum red. I tried sticks, hair brush backs and canes, stretching myself proudly over the arm of my sofa and gave it a real tanning until the pain was overwhelming.

And yet, all that seemed to give me lots of pleasure when, as the pain subdued, my bum became numb and created a most wonderful feeling of pure sexual ecstasy, which soon mean yet another good probing with the anal throbbing vibrator.

For months I was quite happy to please myself this way. I started to spend times at car boot sales. It is amazing what one can pick up from those places.

With a wild imagination I found several items with which to experiment, like an old type hose with deep ridges on the nozzle. That gave me lots of wonderful sensations, and to stand up from the crouching position when I inserted it, it was doubly as thrilling to feel it nudge and move inside me as I walked around squeezing my ass cheeks tight together to get maximum sensitivity.

Then I met this guy called Joe. About ten years older than me he was. I imagined him to be in his mid-thirties but he did have a nice way about him, and I found him so easy and cook to talk with.

He was running one of the knick knack stalls and, seeing me looking intently at a box selection of bulbous handled screwdrivers he asked what I was looking for.

I was taken aback by his sudden question, not daring to tell him what was in my mind when feeling the size of those bulbous handles.

But I did wonder if he had guessed because knew I flushed and stuttered with words, so much I was unable to reply to his question.

He looked at me intently, his wide brown eyes wide open and alert. It made me think did he know what was thinking, maybe because of the way I was feeling and stroking those handles!

“‘I’ve got a much better selection back in the van if you’d like to see them?” He asked

“How do you mean?” I ventured.

“Well I live alone in a mobile caravan and delving with knickknacks and selling then at car boot sales keeps me fed and happy. I finish in an hour so if you can come back, when you have finished looking around, I will be packing up and you can come and have a look-see. My name’s Joe by the way.”

“I’m Peter” I replied. He was friendly enough and I felt comfortable with him somehow, I can’t explain why but he has a certain charisma about him.

I found myself happy to do that. I don’t know what it was but there was something about Joe that pulled me. And I just had a notion that he liked me also.

In fact, looking around at the other stalls I was wishing the hour would soon go by when I could get to know Joe some more and examine those screwdrivers he was on about.

But it did and there was Joe, all packed up and ready to go. It was Fulya Escort a hot summer day and I can’t deny just how attracted I was to him. He looked so cool and good in short, shorts and a cool vest.

“Come on then Peter” he said rather masterfully which I adored. He reminded me of a rather bossy elder brother when I was small but in a different way.

He led me to a beautifully designed mobile caravan which he had rented land to0parkit for the summer season.

“I work as a beach hand” he said, “so this is very close and I am able to enjoy the beach too.. Where do you work Peter?”

“I work as an electrician. Mainly call-out work for a big firm.. You can call me Pete by the way.”

“Fancy a lager, Pete?”

“I wouldn’t mind, it is bloody hot today, I could murder a nice cool lager.”

He showed me the fridge neatly packed away in a corner and said to help myself whilst he got showered.

“You can have one after me if you’d like?”

“What a shower you mean?” I asked.

“What else?” he grinned looking at me in a certain way which made me quiver. I guess I was getting into something I could never have envisaged, and it was nice.

I chilled and took a lager from the fridge; relaxed on the small sofa and sucked it up like there was no tomorrow. I was that thirsty.

I heard the shower going and Joe was singing for all he was worth.

I was really settling down and felt something was afoot with Joe. At the time I didn’t exactly know what but my deep imag9inings was hoping it would be something good.

When he came out of the shower he was naked apart from a towel wrapped around his lower half and I was absorbed by his physique, he had a body to cry for and it made me feel a little incomplete.

“You know how to keep your body fit Joe!” I remarked. “I should take whatever you are taking for it!” I laughed trying not to be embarrassed.

“I am sure you have your assets Peter. Just a little sexercise will set you right.”

“Do you mean exercise?” I grinned.

“Nope, I meant what I said. Now off with you to the shower room. If am going to have you I need you to be sweet smelling.”

My expression must have said I was surprised by that remark.. He must have read my thoughts.

“Well the way you were rubbing up those screwdriver handles and the like was a real turn on and you know it.”

“How do you mean Joe?”

“I mean that you were fisting a hole in your hand and plunging the handle to and fro into the aperture. What was I to think? If that wasn’t a come on and get me, I don’t know what is. Now go and have your bloody shower and don’t forget to soap[ underneath.”

“He was so masterful and all along it was like he had been reading my thoughts, as I envisaged how that screwdriver handle with the ridge would feel inside me. The thing is, I wasn’t doing it as a come on, I was completely in my own world and unaware Joe was looking.

But I wasn’t complaining. Something was happening I don’t know what but it seemed right that I should be there and as I showered, my body quivered with excitement.

And as I stepped from the shower room, towel wrapped around me, I saw Joe just stretched back on the sofa, completely naked. He was gently massaging himself like he was priming himself for something.

“What do you think Pete, this is what you wanted huh?”

He started to stroke himself there, along the shaft and cupping his balls. I was flabbergasted yet absolutely absorbed – he was so wonderfully well-equipped and I just stood there frozen, looking down at him. I did not realize my towel was slipping down so soon I was naked too.”

“Not bad Pete. Do a twirl for me huh?”

I did as he asked. It felt right and I took in his admiring look as I twisted around to face him again.

“I simply love that cute tight bum of yours. Come, sit next to me and let us get more acquainted. I want to know all about you Fulya Escort Bayan and how you do with those screwdriver handles.

It seemed ridiculous, having to confess I was into screwdriver handles of all things. But because I really wanted to make it with him, and because I wanted to be absolutely open and honest with him I told him all. How I bought anal stuff and played with them.

“That sounds really enterprising Pete. I would adore using them on you. Which ones do you like?”

“I have four favorites; Power Wand, Dark Lover Beaded anal vibrator, Anal rotator- Dark Knight and

A Vibrating cock ring…”

“Pete, you and I are going to have lots of fun. Next time bring them Huh. I would love to try them with you. And you like watching too, seeing yourself do things in a well-placed mirror, that is really wicked!”

The fact that he was talking about a next time was very pleasing. I was really falling for Joe. He looked absolutely gorgeous just sat there, his hand still massaging that gorgeously defined penis.

“Would you like to see me doing things to you in a mirror?”

I blushed a little and he said that was so becoming. I said I would like that and he replied that he could do better, he would arrange a camcorder with a monitor in front of me, so I could see him enjoying me in every way.

The thought of that was a real arouser. I just knew our relationship was going to blast away all that stuff I did with myself, that to have another doing it would be heaven on earth.

He obviously saw my interest and said If I wanted I could touch it, then he could touch me too How sexy is that!?

I sidled closer to him and arranged myself so that he could reach me and me him.

He prompted me to open my legs so that I was easily assessable for him. That first touch was stunning, Just the feel of Joe touching me for the very first time was glorious and I instinctively touched him too, the way he asked me to, squeezing my thumb and index finger around the girth to feel its width.

“that’s nice Pete. Now rub your fingers over my knob, ever so gently so I can take in the feeling and I will do likewise with you.”

He had this way of teasing my cock with his finger nails, not scratching but just the suggestion of a scratch.

“It’s nice Pete. Does this feel good? I adore the smell of you.”

“Wonderful” I replied. I was feeling myself rise up and was not at all embarrassed. Joe made it seem like an everyday occurrence and made me feel really good.

“That’s better” he said breathing deeply. “Let me concentrate on giving you a good time.”

It was all so very wonderful, both of us enjoying each other simultaneously. It was lovely and so soothing and I loved the feel of his hard cock throbbing in my palm.

“I am imagining just how good it will be to fuck you with those anal toys Pete.” He whispered, teasing my cock and stroking my ass, his finger was lightly dipping between my cheeks and touching my hole. That was divine.

“It feels well adorned Pete” he said gently delving a finger around the rim. “Well fucked too, no virginity there huh?”

I reminded him that was not because I had been with another guy, but simply the result of regular anal vibrator usage.

“Well whatever, it feels so good. Turn onto your side Pete so I can taste you.”

I did as he wanted and heard his sigh of approval. I felt I wanted to push my ass out for his pleasure. I felt so chilled. I simply wanted to be all ass for him to do with as he will.

This was something really new. He spread my cheeks and popped his tongue into me swirled it around and around giving me all sorts of new and unknown sensations which really made me want to feel the fuck of that gorgeous hard cock I had been feeling, the throb of it so divine and appealing.

As he did that I automatically squeezed his cock as hard as I could and I felt his response, his hand Escort Fulya on mine prompting me to stiff wank him, and to stretch his foreskin tight back.

“That is better than any bulbous screwdriver Huh?” He yelled.

It was sure enough. It was lovely to feel Joe’s searing cock. It was so big. Bigger than anything I had put inside me.

“If you want a fuck with a real time cock you will have to prime it first and that means lots of sucking, right?”

“I got the message and realized that which would have seemed repugnant to me not all that long ago was now something I yearned for. The feel and taste of fresh thumping cock in my mouth was now something I craved for.

I took to the task immediately and felt it swell in my mouth. It was like Joe was pushing it into my throat as he gave my hole a deep, deep plunging with his fingers and then, as I sucked harder he gave me a really sound tanning across my ass which was sensational. To feel and take cock and the sting of his hand spanking too, was absolutely divine and I felt a deep, deep overwhelming pleasure.

We simply enjoyed each other and it was magic to experience the touch of a guy who really wanted me. All the time he was murmuring all those things couples do when emerged in explicit sexual explorations.

I was simply wallowing in the touch, feel and smell of his cock and body fluids as he continued to suck me off both ways. I felt my cock slither to his suck and he was indulging in things that I had never imagined could be so absolutely wonderful. His mouth placed tight around my knob he blew into my foreskin until it bulged like a balloon. That felt really lovely and then to feel just the tip of his tongue indulging so sweetly my p-hole was beautiful.

I was on a learning curve and no mistake. He wanted to try something else too. He paused a little and managed to set up his camcorder with the monitor placed in front of me as he had me crouched on all fours expressing my rear at it’s very best angle.

Then he went out of the room for a few moments, leaving me there, looking at my rear end in the monitor screen. This was much better than straining to look into a mirror and IK felt good swishing my ass in different ways which I hoped Joe would like.

He was a wonderful guy and I so wanted to please him. He was bringing out everything I had held so secret, thinking it was all so very unnatural. Already he was making me feel, well, normal I guess.

I grinned on his return when I saw in his hand a paint roller. He said he was right out of screwdrivers, but that this had a good rigid handle on it which would do the job.

“What do you think, Pete? He asked. “Look I have smothered it in Vaseline to make it better.”

I examined it, the handle was hollow but I guessed that would be fine and told him I approved.

“You are a beauty! He declared. “this I so want to do with you.”

For the next I don’t know how long, he indulged me in the most delightful and explorative way.

The sucking was nice, the slapping was wonderful and his constant touching and nudging of my ass cheeks made me feel so very special.

Then I was treated to the touch of his hands exploring and stretching apart my ass, and the touch of his fingertips sliding each side of my hole, which he called his brown hole, exclusively for him. I said for him to be my guest and he gave me lots of divine sensations, smothering his face between my cheeks as he deep tongued me and then the slow insert of that ridged paint roller handle worked divinely.

I watched intently in the monitor all those things he was doing and enjoying with me. It was so lovely to watch and see. His face red and glistening with my juices as he really went to town and shagged me silly.

And then the intent spanking, watching my ass turn plum red. The stinging and then the comfort as he massaged away the soreness before that feel of his cock at last sinking into me. It felt so divine as we built up into an absolute frenzy fucking. The climax came like a never-ending volcanic eruption and we were incensed in the aftermath of what was the most sensational fuck.

This was to be the start of so very much more good times with Joe.

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