Forced Mistake


Rob always wanted to be someone’s bitch. At 6′ 3″ this was a tall order for his wife who stood at a solid 5′ 6″. Their sex was usually great, but the frequency had dropped off the map. This is what led him to watch plenty of porn, often times finding himself cumming to a video of a man being force fucked and left with cum dripping from their sweet asses. Rob then discovered that you could find men looking for a connection via craigslist, something that scared, yet thrilled him!

After his wife left for a weekend long conference, he worked up enough courage to send out a broad message, inviting several men over to his garage for nothing more than a jack off and possible blow job, depending on his nerves. In preparation he moved the sex swing him and his wife hadn’t used in years, and hung it on the door leading into the house from the garage. This swing featured little stirrups for your legs and arm holds. Feeling especially horney just thinking about getting into it and not being able to move as one of his guest drained his balls, Rob decided to get in and see how it felt.

Stripping down he got into the swing with his fully erect cock facing the garage, and found that he still had too much mobility. He got down, and decided to try and get in with his well-toned ass facing out towards his guests. As he was putting in his legs, they slipped past the stirrup catch causing him to be suspended on the door, unable to get down!

“Fuck, oh fuck, it’s fine…it’s fine, I’ll ask one of the guys to help me down when they get here, dont panic.” He said to himself. He looked down to find his dick was fully erect İkitelli Escort again, but he could do nothing about that now as his arms and legs were simply useless. He heard a door close outside and saw a shadow slide under the metal garage door. “Oh, wow. Nice ass man.” Came the young voice of the newcomer. “I’m hard already, Want to get down and suck my dick?”

To Robs horror he could feel the man’s hands exploring his ass, they were somehow soft and hard at the same time, and as they glided down between his completely spread ass his fully erect cock began to pulse. A small whimper left his pursed lips as the young man’s finger began to press against his fully exposed virgin hole. “I’m stuck, I can’t get down.” Rob said, “my legs slipped past the stirrup and I can’t get out.” He felt the man take a step back and was instantly missing his hands.

He saw a flash from behind him, and as he turned his head saw the younger man was taking pictures. “Hey! Stop taking those god damnit I can’t have them get out I’m married!” This caused the man to smile as he replied, “I know, it’s leverage.” He crossed the room, pulling down the athletic shorts he was wearing, the man’s semi-erect meaty cock seemed to fall over the waist band, coming to rest in front of two of the largest balls Rob had ever seen. The man noticed Rob’s stare as he came to a stop behind him. “I’m going to fuck you.” He said, “and if you try and stop or protest in any way, I have the pictures, do you understand?” Rob’s panic tripled, but so did the throbbing in his cock, he was enjoying this. “Yes” answered Rob, “I understand.”

All İkitelli Escort Bayan at once, without any warning Rob’s ass was spanked hard. The hand that spanked him then rubbed all around his ass, again following the curvature down to his waiting hole. His finger began to prod, then pulled away and was back quickly, this time with some sort of lubricant on it. Rob gasped as the finger easily slid into him, the man wasted no time and shoved his entire finger to the knuckle. He began to finger Rob, causing the big man stuck on the door to moan with appreciation. Then it stopped and the finger was removed, causing Rob’s cock to ooze pre-cum and issue out another moan.

Rob felt something slap against his ass, something meaty and hard. It was his cock, and it felt massive. “Here we go buddy.” Said the man as he slapped Rob again with his cock. Rob felt the strange feeling of something hard, yet soft press against his awaiting hole. The veiny member wasted no time and slipped straight into Rob, causing him to yell out involuntarily in pain. Then he felt the pubic hair of the other man pressing against his ass, just as soon as he felt it the pubic hair was gone and he could feel the cock sliding back out of him. The man started to slowly fuck the now grimacing Rob, putting his entire cock into him before almost puling it entirely out. Rob was in so much pain, he couldn’t imagine anyone liking this. But even as he thought that, the feeling of the cock gliding into then back out of him began to feel AMAZING! “Fuck me daddy.” Came a whimper from Rob. “Oh god fuck me” he cried in exultation. Escort İkitelli

Rob felt a hand roughly grab the back of his hair and shove his face hard against the door. The man began to violently fuck Rob, who could feel the man’s hips smacking his own ass, causing his cock to shoot rivulets of cum all over the door. He was getting fucked so hard his body was being pressed into his own cum, causing a smacking sounds every time his body was rocked backwards by the force of the man’s humps. The man released Rob’s head and Rob could feel his hands sliding around his hips. The force of the fucking intensified again, causing Rob’s knees to bang against the door, but he felt nothing as the ecstasy of the man’s cock gliding in and out of him was just too great. The pace quickened and suddenly the man pressed firmly against Rob’s ass and back. Rob could feel the man’s cock pulsing in his body and imagined this guys cum being shot into him, pulse after pulse. Rob couldn’t help himself and found him pushing back and pulling up on the straps to cause his ass to bounce up and down on the man’s pulsing cock. He was riding the man that had just blackmailed him into getting fucked.

It was a solid minute before the man’s cock slowed it’s pulsing, some of the cum began to slowly trickle down Rob’s cheeks before falling to the ground. Rob kept riding the man until he backed away, taking his freshly drained cock with him. Rob could hear and saw his large load fall out of him and onto his garage floor.

“Thanks man, I’ll catch you around.” The man said and he was gone. No more words, or apologies. He just left Rob hanging on his garage, the man’s cum covering his bottom and his own cum covering his front.

Then another pair of feet were standing behind Rob, catching him off guard until he remembered that he had sent out a group message. The man said nothing as he started the entire process again.

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