Fraternity Discipline Pt. 01


*This is my second story. It’s based on an experience a couple years ago as a freshman in college. Although, getting punished in my college frat is not nearly as erotic as this. Hope you enjoy!*

Phil stood nervously before the disciplinary committee of the Sigma-Phi Brotherhood. Five of his fellow fraternity brothers sat at the head table at the front of the room. This was his first brush with the rules of the frat as a newly initiated brother. He was as big as the other brothers at about 170lbs with a well-defined chest and thick muscular thighs from years of cycling.

“Do you admit to having neglected your weekly duties around the house brother?” asked our Fraternity president.

“Yes, Brother Senior” answered Phil with resignation, “I did.”

“This is an exclusive fraternity. We have very little tolerance for brothers who don’t pull their own weight. Especially newly initiated brothers such as yourself”

“I’m really sorry. I just got so distracted with school and I just-,” stammered Phil but he didn’t get to complete his plea. Brother Senior, who was called Max outside of these official settings, put his hand in the air to cut him off from talking any further.

“No need for excuses or begging. You’ve been a model new initiate up until this point, so you don’t need to worry about being expelled from Sigma-Phi,” declared Max. Phil breathed a sigh of relief. This relief quickly disappeared.

“That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook Brother. You will not be kicked out, but you must be disciplined at the very least. Do you agree?”

“Y-Yes Brother Senior,” replied Phil cautiously. He had no Idea where this was heading.

“Great! I’m glad we got out of the way,” said Max almost cheerfully with a hint of relief. “You get a choice of which senior brother you wish to carry out your punishment. You can pick any one of the five of us at this table.”

This left Phil even more confused. He had no clue what the punishment entail or even when it would be. He scanned the brothers seated in front of him. Jason Alves, his best friend from high school who encouraged him to join Sigma-Phi, caught his eye. If he had to get punished, it should be someone that he knew. At this point, he assumed it must be something corporal like a paddling.

“At Küçükköy Escort least Jason wouldn’t go too hard on me,” he thought. We are good buddies after all.

“Brother Alves,” declared Phil. Jason gave a small grin.

“Brother Alves it is,” said Max. “Your punishment will be carried out right here in this room this coming Friday at 7pm. Dress in khakis, your fraternity polo, black sneakers, clean white briefs, and socks. You will be punished in front of the Disciplinary Committee so don’t think that Brother Alves will go easy on you just because you’re both buddies.”

“At Sigma-Phi, we believe that punishment of a fellow brother is a sacred and solemn act. As such, disciplinary activities are never to be spoken of or asked about outside of the confines of this room. You are not to ask about your punishment before it takes place not talk about it after. Do you understand Brother?”

“Yes, Brother Senior” Phil replied solemnly.

“Good to know. We’ll see you back here on Friday evening. Until then, continue with your regular activities and try not to dwell on what’s coming. It won’t do you any good.”

It was laughable that Max would tell Phil “not to dwell” on what was to come. It would obviously be all he thought about for the next five days. Jason was well built, tall and slightly stocky. He was definitely one of the biggest brothers in Sigma-Phi and was a power lifter. Despite his massive build, he had one of the most caring and sensitive personalities in the frat. This earned him the title of the “gentle giant”. Phil and Jason hung out nearly every day and had classes together. It felt like an impossible feat to not ask about what was going to happen in that room. Nonetheless, Phil followed the rules. He and Jason went about the week, laughed, played games, studied, went to the gym like nothing was on anyone’s mind. Phil did not want to put Jason in an awkward position of breaking the frat rules or having to sell out his buddy for asking.

They were studying late on Thursday night in the frat common room. Everyone else had gone to bed or was on the main campus so the house was unusually quiet.

“You know you’re my buddy no matter what, right Phil?” asked Jason in a melancholy voice.

“Yeah. Of course, man,” answered Küçükköy Escort Bayan Phil quizzically.

“So we’re cool right?” His voice had a hint of pleading. Phil knew what he was talking about and did not want to pressure him to go any deeper. The fact that Jason was pre-emptively apologizing made him even more nervous about what was going to happen tomorrow night.

“Yeah bro. We’re cool,” Phil responded. He tried his best to make it sound casual. The simple exchange felt like such a potent moment in their friendship. Phil’s upcoming discipline was obviously also on Jason’s mind- the difference being that Jason knew what was going to happen and Phil did not. Phil started regretting asking for Jason to be his punisher. He did not want it to damage their friendship irreparably.

Friday Night: About to start

Phil stood with his hands behind his back outside of the fraternity dining room. He nervously watched the clock above the door tick past 6:51pm. Four of the brothers on the disciplinary committee came down the stairs dressed in their frat blazers and khakis. Three of them entered the room while Max stayed outside to briefly talk to Phil.

“How are you? Hope you didn’t psyche yourself out all week,” joked Max. Phil was taken aback by how friendly the encounter was considering what was about to happen.

“I’m okay, Brother Senior,” Phil replied solemnly. Max offered him a glass of water which he accepted.

“Good to hear bro. We want you a little nervous, but we don’t want you shitting yourself,” Max laughed again as he playfully nudged Phil on the shoulder. Phil forced a small smile to not seem disrespectful. “Look man, I know this is weird for you. I’ve sat through many a punishment session and they’re never pretty to watch. I really just wanted to let you know that despite whatever happens in that room, we really do care about you okay.” He rested his on Phil’s shoulder. With that, Max entered the dining room.

Phil stared at the clock. It was 6:59 when Jason came downstairs.

“You ready bro?” asked Jason.

“Yeah. Let’s get this over with.”

7:00pm. Jason held the door open and Phil walked in to see the head table with four of the committee members. There was a single old armchair in the centre Escort Küçükköy of the room with white ropes around the arms and a small basket beneath the chair. There was also a smaller stool next to the chair. To the back of the room there was a contraption that he couldn’t quite see. On the wall there was a range of spanking implements including a flogger, a paddle, and canes of different thicknesses. Phil’s eyes widened.

“Stand in the centre of the room Brother,” said Jason. His tone was now much more official. Studio lights pointed away from the head table towards the armchair which made Phil squint and barely able to see the brothers at the front of the room.

“Welcome Brother. Thank you for joining us this evening to participate in this unfortunate business,” boomed Max. He’d reverted back to an official tone.

“Disciplining a brother is never an easy task- not for the disciplinarian and certainly not for the brother. It is a sacred duty that we are called upon to carry out and we must treat it as such. Rather than our usual pledge paddlings which take place with almost anyone present, our punishment sessions are a much more intimate affair that happens only amongst a close-knit group of brothers.”

“Here are the rules. Brother Alves is your disciplinarian for the evening. You aren’t required to speak formally to each other. That means that you can address each other however you usually do in casual settings. In fact, we insist on it. Helps things flow a little more smoothly.”

Max then began to read from a list of rules.

“You will obey all orders given by your disciplinarian without question for the duration of your punishment session.

You are to answer all questions asked by your disciplinarian no matter how embarrassing. Your answers are to be audible to the entire company gathered.

If you are no longer able to complete the punishment, say the fraternity name. You will be escorted to your room to gather your belongings and be automatically expelled from the fraternity.

Your punishment will be carried out naked. You are not to attempt to hide or shield any intimate areas on your body from punishment.

Your punishment will consist of a mix of humiliation and pain. Remember that you are in a room of five fellow brothers that are forbidden from speaking about anything they witness here tonight.”

“Finally, on a more personal note. I know you are both good buddies. Phil please don’t let anything Jason is about to do to you taint your friendship. A good bro is hard to find.” Max added. “Begin please.”

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