Friends and Lovers Ch. 01


How did I get myself into this situation? I never go out to bars, I’m not a big drinker, yet here I am, taking care of my drunk friend, making sure he doesn’t get himself into trouble. I’d much rather be home, relaxing in front of the TV, but no. I had to be the nice guy, and let Mark talk me into going to this trendy new club he knew about. He’s so drunk, all I can do at this point is pour him into my car, and hope he doesn’t puke on my floor on the drive home.

I got him home, and ended up having to half-drag, half carry him into his place. I reached into his pocket to get his keys, and made contact with more than I had planned on. I knew he was hung, but wow! He and I had fooled around like teenagers do, and I knew he was still into guys, at least a little bit. I have to admit, some evil thoughts ran through my head at that point, but I’m not the type to take advantage of drunks.

I got him into his bedroom, and helped him into bed. I started to leave, then those evil thoughts jumped back into my head. Mark’s wife, April was out of town visiting family, so I figured it would be better if I at least took his clothes off, and went to work. He’s been working out lately, because I don’t remember him being so well-defined. His chest is smooth and cut, and his arms are solid and thick. I unbuckle his pants, and find myself having to adjust myself, not having been in proximity to a semi naked man in a long time. I got his pants off, and marveled at the obvious bulge in his boxers. I started to pull those off, then stopped. He’s drunk, it wouldn’t be right for me to take his clothes off this way. On the other hand, I haven’t seen a cock in person in a long time, and he is out cold. He’ll never know…

Sexuality triumphs over caution and morality, and I tug his boxers off. His cock looks like a garden hose, just lying there waiting to be used. I run my fingers along the edge of his shaft, and smile as the blood begins to rush in. Bomonti Escort I tease the tip of his cock, and lick my lips as it quickly inflates to its full size. This thing has to be at least 9″, and about 4″ around. I wrap my hand around it, and gently stroke it until it’s fully engorged. I adjust myself again, and drop to a kneeling position between my sleeping friend’s legs. I run my tongue gently up the shaft, and stop as a slight moan slips from his mouth. I look up, and see that he is still out, and go back to work on his tool. I lick and tease it, loving the musky taste and scent of him.

Finally, I can’t wait anymore, and I take his shaft into my hot mouth. It fills me like it belongs there, and I proceed to suck this cock as if my life depends on it. I use every trick in the book on it, dragging my teeth gently along the head as my lips work the shaft, and he moans again. I am beyond caring at this point, and keep this magnificent piece of man meat in my mouth, where it belongs. I can feel him getting close, when I feel his hand on my head.

“Keep going, Eric, you’re doing so good. Suck my cock, you dirty bitch.”

At this point, I wouldn’t have stopped for the world. I want to feel his seed as it shoot deep into my waiting mouth. I run my fingers along the base of his balls, and slip my finger down to his puckered hole. He spreads his legs wide, allowing my roaming hands access to his ass. I slip a finger into my mouth long enough to get it slippery, and then slide it down and penetrate his hole. The sensation of my finger in his ass, along with my mouth wrapped around his cock, send him over the edge, and with a huge groan, his cock shoots off into my waiting mouth. His seed is hot and salty, and I swallow every drop like it’s the sweetest of nectars. I keep his beautiful tool in my mouth until I feel it soften, and then I lower it gently to his body. I sit back, and look up to see him smiling.

“Wow, Bomonti Escort Bayan that was incredible. It’s been a long time since you’ve done that to me. Thank you.”

He reaches for me, and I move next to him, and our lips meet. We kiss hungrily, and as my own cock swells in my pants, I feel his hands roam my body. He pulls my shirt over my head, and I shudder as his lips make contact with my nipples. I’ve always had sensitive ones, and my lover knows just how to tease them. I keep his lips on my chest as I unbuckle my pants, and his hands quickly push them down, freeing my own 8″ cock for him to hold. He wastes no time in grabbing hold of it, and rolls me onto my back. He moves down to my crotch, and swallows my cock quickly. I gasp as he is still a great cock sucker. I relax as best I can to let him do his work, but before I can get too far into it, he stops.

“I have a better idea for this thing.”

He reaches into a drawer, and pulls out a tube of lubrication. I smile, and he grins as he slathers some onto my cock. I watch as he straddles my legs, and guides my prick into his tight ass. I moan to feel how tight he is, and he groans as he slowly impales himself with my dick. I reach for him as he begins to ride my cock, and his own cock is beginning to show signs of life. I fondle his balls and stroke him as he rides me, and the look on his face is one of pure lust and horniness.

Suddenly, he pulls himself free, and rolls onto his knees. Taking the hint, I move quickly behind him, and thrust my slick cock back into his hot ass. He groans as I fill him to the hilt, and I quickly get into a pounding rhythm. I reach under him, and stroke his own cock in time to my thrusts, and I can feel him coming towards a second release. With a little bit of maneuvering, I manage to get him on his back, without ever withdrawing my cock from his hole. I watch him stroke his tool as I fuck him, and all Escort Bomonti at once, nature takes over. With a shudder and a moan, I pull my cock out just as the first blast of come shoots out. My come mixes with his, and he reaches a second orgasm with me. We each drains our balls all over his chest and crotch, and I collapse, completely spent, to lie next to him. He leans over and kisses me gently, and I smile.

“I don’t know why we haven’t done that sooner. Your cock always feels so good in my ass.”

I laughed, and snuggled a little closer.

“We don’t do it more often because your wife would go nuts if she knew you were screwing me on the side.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about this, and I think I could persuade her to join us. I know you’ve always had the hots for her, and she thinks you’re a pretty good-looking guy. If I can arrange it, would you be interested in joining us for an evening of hot sex? More importantly, do you think Megan would join us as well?”

I looked at him like he was a complete idiot for even asking, and he laughed. We lay together for a short time, then the heat of his body next to mine began to work its magic on me once again. I saw him smile as he felt my cock twitch and move against his leg, and he reached down and gently groped me.

“I think I’m one ahead of you, so you’ll need to catch up before you leave.”

He slipped down and engulfed my cock in his mouth, and I just relaxed, hungry to fill his mouth with my seed. He teased my balls, and gently tickled my ass, all the while, working my cock in and out of his hot mouth. When he slipped a finger up my ass, I lost control, and shot my load into his waiting mouth. He swallowed me like a pro, never letting a single drop of come escape. He waited until my cock softened, and gently let it plop free of his mouth.

“You still taste great. We have got to get my wife into this.”

We laughed, and I reluctantly dragged myself out of his bed and got dressed. I bent down and kissed him gently, and walked to short distance to my car. As I drove home, I wondered if he really could get his wife into a threesome. I know Megan would be into it, I just need to find the right way to bring it up to her…

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