Fun in the Bath House Ch. 05


Phil went back to his hotel the next day. I tried to convince him to stay at the house so we could catch up for all the time he was gone, but he refused. So here I was, alone in the house again, trying to sort out my thoughts.

Work was tough for a couple of days. No matter what I did, my mind kept going back to the weekend. First meeting two hot young guys that ended up being my sons friends, then hooking up with them again and having a small but hot group session, and finally my brother who I haven’t seen in years coming home and literally catching me in the act.

“How this all played out should be a movie all on its own,” I thought to myself as I watched some more porn on the computer. It was Wednesday evening and I needed to pass the time. Regular television wasn’t cutting it and my brother said he had plans so he wasn’t coming over tonight. I spoke to Jackie earlier in the week and told her about Phil coming home. She said she didn’t feel so upset about leaving me alone now. It would give me time to reconnect with my brother.

Although the porn was on, all I could see were familiar faces on the screen. Every young black haired kid was Andy. Every red head or uncut guy was Mark. Any scene that someone was caught, I could see Phil walking in on me. Anytime someone was jerking off, I pictured Phil playing with his 7″ cock in front of me.

What was I going to do? I had to find a way to stop feeling guilty and worrying so much. A little after 10:00, I shut everything down and went to bed.

As usual, that night I dreamed of sex. I dreamed of my wife in bed with me as we were fucking around. I was sucking her nipples while she played with my cock, getting it harder and ready for me to slide into her pussy and fuck the shit out of her. I reached down to play with her pussy while she continued sucking my hard cock and lick my balls. Her mouth expertly working me over, her tongue massaging all the right spots.

I fingered her out with one hand while my other reached behind her to play with her ass. She was never into me doing anything in her ass, but tonight I dreamt she was loving it.

After a few minutes of heavy foreplay, I heard a noise and looked up. Phil was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, eating popcorn and watching us. He said he was enjoying the show and not to worry about him. I went down on my wife and started to lick her pussy, which was already dripping. My tongue reaching into her as far as it could. I cleaned out every inch of her clit as I did this while she continued to suck my cock and lick my balls. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain across my ass and the sound of a slap echoed in the room.

Andy was standing over us and had his hand raised ready to slap me in the ass again. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Sean is going to be upset. He wants to play with us too.”

“What are you doing here? Leave me and my wife alone.” I answered. I went to go back down on my wife and Mark’s hard uncut cock was staring at me in the face. I started sucking on it, tasting first the juices of my wife on his cock, and then the salty taste of his precum in my mouth. I reached up to feel my wife’s tits and suddenly they were much smaller. I looked up again and laying there was Sean. His small hairless chest laying where my wife’s large knockers were just a few seconds ago. He was laying down across the bed with a huge ass cock in his hand. It was about 8.5-9″ long and thick as hell. It looked like it would be hard to put in my mouth. It looked familiar but I couldn’t place it.

So now here I was. I went from being alone in the room with my wife, ready to have a hot night of sex, to having Andy slapping me in the ass hard while I sucked on Mark’s cock. My son Sean was playing with a huge piece of meat hanging between his legs while I rubbed his nipples and chest. All while my brother Phil watched from a corner of the room, playing with his own 7″ cock.

I felt another slap across my ass and jumped. I woke up and saw Phil standing over me laughing. “Sounds like you were having a hell of a dream there bro.”

“What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“You said I could come over whenever. Remember, you gave me the key the other day? I had a little too much to drink tonight and didn’t feel like driving to town with a buzz on so I figured I would stay here tonight.”

“That’s fine, but what are you doing in here?”

“You were dreaming. It Zeytinburnu Escort sounded like it was a good one but then you started moaning and saying something I couldn’t understand. You actually started to worry me the way you were moaning. It sounded hot at first but then it was scary.”

“So wat did you do slap me in the ass? You could have shaken me.”

“If you don’t want your ass slapped then it shouldn’t be up in the air like that. Plus after what I’ve seen you do, I really don’t think it bothered you too much.”

“You’re sick Phil.”

“I’m sick? You’re the sick puppy screwing around with his sons friends and having wild dreams about them. I assume that’s what you were dreaming, right?”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

“Whatever. I’m going to the other room and get some sleep. See you in the morning.” Phil walked out of the room and I laid back down.

I was all sweaty and the bed was also soaked from sweat. I rolled over and felt it. There was a load of cum on the sheets where I shot my load in my dream. “I really have to get control of myself” I said and went back to sleep.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch. I fell asleep and didn’t dream of anything. I woke up to the alarm and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. My cock was hard and I reached down to it. I could feel the load I had shot last night in my pubes. I got up to take a piss and shower. I remembered the dream and waking up to my brother, again watching me.

I went downstairs and put the coffee on. I still had a couple of hours before I had to go to work. I figured I would have a small breakfast and talk to Phil about watching me so much. It felt awkward and kind of creeped me out. Unfortunately, Phil never woke up before I left for work.

The day dragged on. Work was slow and boring. I wanted to leave early but I forced myself to stick it out. If I leave early, I was afraid I would end up at the bath house again and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid going back there for a while. When the day was finished, I went home and changed into a pair of gym shorts. Phil was gone and the house was empty again. I took out a couple of burgers and went outside to fire up the grill when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I walked around the corner of the house and saw Sean getting out of the car. Andy and Mark were with him as usual.

“Hey there. You came home,” I said joking. “You guys hungry? I was just going to make a couple of burgers.”

“Sure Dad. If you don’t mind.” Sean answered.

“Yeah Dad,” Mark said with a smirk on his face.

“Sounds good to me Dad,” Andy also said laughing.

“Guys, knock it off,” Sean said to them.

“Oh I’m sure your father doesn’t mind us calling him Dad,” Andy said back.

“Actually, I think he likes being called Dad. Don’t you?” Mark asked me.

I swallowed hard. “No that’s fine. You can call me whatever you like.” Then I realized what kind of trouble that I could have just put myself in.

“We’ll stick with Dad,” Mark answered, still grinning.

I went into the house and grabbed some more burgers and some hot dogs as the boys followed me into the kitchen. “Sean, I had a little surprise while you were gone. Uncle Phil came around.”

“Really? I’ve only seen pictures of him.”

“Yeah. He’s staying downtown. I’ll get in touch with him and see if we can all meet up. Are you home now or going back out?”

“No I’m home. I was going to see if Mark and Andy could spend the night again. Their place is having a problem with the water.”

‘That’s fine. Whatever you need.” I said this trying to be polite but wondering how I was going to control myself all night with them sleeping in the room next to me. “Let me see if he’s around and maybe he will join us for supper.”

“Great. It would be nice to finally meet him.”

“What do you mean?” Andy asked. “You never met your uncle?”

“No,” I answered for Sean. “Phil joined the service right out of school. I haven’t seen or heard from him in close to 15 years myself. Sean never met him.”

“Are you sure you don’t want us to go somewhere else then?” Mark asked back. “Sounds like you might want some alone time.”

“With you guys” I thought. “No that’s fine,” I said aloud. “Why don’t you guys get the buns and whatever you want on your burgers and dogs out. I’ll call Phil and see if he’ll join Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan us.”

I called Phil as I started cooking the food. I threw on some extra in case he answered and wanted to come over. He never answered his phone so I left him a message asking him to have supper with us and meet his nephew. When I hung up the phone, I heard Sean start his car and pull out of the driveway.

“Where is he going?” I asked myself out loud.

“To get more hamburger buns. Yours were stale.” Andy said coming around the corner undoing his shorts.

“What are you doing?” I asked him acting shocked.

“We asked him if he wanted us to go with him but he said no to keep you company,” Mark replied, walking behind Andy, his cock already in his hand.

“We can’t do anything now,” I said, swallowing hard. “I have to food on.”

“You can cook the burgers while we pay with your wiener,” Andy chuckled as he walked up to me and reached into my shorts. My cock was stirring bug time and it was very obvious by now. He pulled my 8 inches out of my shorts and knelt down in front of it while Mark walked to my side and put my hand on his cock.

“You can play with my sausage. You don’t need two hands to cook,” and he started using my hand to stroke his own piece of meat.

“Stop. What if someone catches us?” I asked them.

“Who is going to catch us? Sean said his Mom is gone for a few days.” Mark said almost seducing me with his voice.

“Oh you’d be surprised who will walk in,” another voice came from the corner. We never heard him pull into the driveway. Andy got off his knees, but Mark kept holding my hand on his hard cock. “Are you going to introduce me to your hot looking friends here, Dave?” Phil asked me.

“Phil, this is Andy and this is Mark. They are Sean’s friends.” Even though he already seen them, I tried playing it off as he never saw them before.

“Nice to meet you guys. Look like you were having fun over there,” Phil said rubbing his crotch. “Mind if I join in?”

“Not at all, especially if you are like the other men in your family,” Andy answered waving Phil over.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Did you guys get Sean to start playing with you?”

“No. We’ve tried a few times but he is too nervous. We like playing with his Dad anyway,” Mark said continuing to stroke his dick with my hand.

Phil had walked over to us now and Andy got back on his knees. He reached up and started rubbing Phil’s crotch with one hand while grabbing my balls with the other.

“Dad, you better watch the food,” Phil remarked. “Don’t want to burn your hot dog.”

“Shit,” I said. The burgers were on their way of burning on one side. I quickly flipped them over while tugging on Mark’s cock.

“Damn, bro. When I got your message about coming over to eat, I didn’t expect this for food.”

“Calm down everyone. Sean could be back soon.”

“We’ll have to make this quick then this time,” Andy said and quickly engulfed my cock while pulling out my brother’s piece of meat. Phil was already hard, not expecting to come into this but more than willing to join in.

“Phil, you have the strangest ability to catch me in compromising situations,” I said to him while Andy switched from my cock to his.

“Something I learned when we were younger. Did you think I never saw you jerking off in bed at night?”

“Just worry about the food,” Mark said. “We’ll take care of you two. We don’t mind.” And with that Mark went down on his knees and took my cock in his mouth.

It was hard concentrating on cooking. Watching my brother getting his cock swallowed by Andy while Mark worked my cock over with his tongue. When Mark took started sucking on my balls, I almost dropped the burger I was flipping. When he took both of them in his mouth at once, I almost fell over.

“You were right, Dave. These boys do know how to show you a good time.”

“Dad, if you wanted to share us, all you had to do was ask,” Andy said coming up for air off Phil’s cock. I noticed his head was purple and that he wasn’t going to take long to shoot his load.

“Just hurry up and finish before Sean comes home.” I snapped. I was enjoying this, but was also nervous about being caught by Sean. My brother walking in on us was one thing. He already knew what was going on. My son was a completely different story.

Andy and Mark continued Escort Zeytinburnu working on our cocks while jerking themselves off. Mark would suck on my balls for a bit, then switch over to my cock. He would lick from the base of my cock to my head. Then swirl his tongue around, getting me covered with his saliva. He then stuck his tongue into my slit on my cock, licking up the seed that was starting to leak out. I moaned as he started bobbing his head up and down on my cock. I shut the grill off and started removing the food to keep it from burning. Mark kept working on my cock while Andy did the same to my brother, bringing him to the edge of shooting, then backing off to prolong the explosion of cum that would eventually cover their faces and fill their stomachs.

I finished putting the food on the plate and grabbed Mark’s head with both hands. I started fucking his mouth, not exactly taking it slow but trying to get off before Sean came home and caught us all. “What a way for him to be introduced to his uncle. It would destroy him to walk in on us right now,” I thought.

I could the familiar tension coming up from my balls. I knew I was going to shoot anytime now. Mark tried pulling off me to prolong it, but I held his head firm. I was going to cum this time no matter what. I continued holding his head while I used my hips to fuck his face. I started going faster and harder when Mark pushed forward taking me down his throat. He started swallowing my cock which put me over the edge. I grabbed the grill, almost tipping it over while I shot streams of cum over and over again down Mark’s throat.

“That’s it Dave,” Phil said while doing the same to Andy. “Fill him up. Damn this is so hot right now.”

Mark pulled off my cock a little and sucked the rest of my load out of my cock. Then he stood up and kissed me. I could taste the last of my cum in his mouth as he swirled it around mine with his tongue.

“How does Dad like the taste of himself?” he asked me.

“Not as good as the taste of this,” I said grasping for his cock. I could tell by the way it felt that he wasn’t going to take long to shoot himself. I quickly dropped to me knees and started sucking on him. His cock was sticking straight up like a flag and the head was so swollen it was tough to get it down my throat. As I sucked him off, I felt Andy reach over and finger my ass.

“Too bad we don’t have time to use this,” he said. “It feels like it’s ready to be fucked.”

With that Phil lost it. He started coming all over Andy’s face. Andy quickly took him in his mouth and sucked the rest of his load out. After cleaning Phil up with his tongue, Phil looked down and saw Andy’s cock just as hard as Mark’s was. Andy was still fingering my hole.

“I’ll make a deal with you guys,” Phil started. “If you promise we can all get together for more fun soon, I’ll watch for Sean and you guys can finish up out here. Dave, it looks like Andy needs somewhere to put his cock and your mouth I already occupied.”

Before I had a chance to answer, Phil pulled up his shorts and grabbed the plate of food. Andy slid over behind me and lifted my ass up for access. I was so horny, I took Andy in without any kind of lube. His cock slid right into my ass with no effort. I could feel every vein of him as he started to thrust his hardness in and out. I sucked and swallowed Mark as Andy pounded away.

“You guys better hurry up,” Phil said from the house. “A cars coming up the driveway.”

“Shit, Sean’s home,” I said. Mark grabbed my head like I did to him earlier. He fucked my throat as hard as he could. Andy started pumping my ass faster and faster. They leaned over my body and started kissing each other passionately as I tasted the beginning of Mark’s semen hit the back of my throat. At the same time I could feel the warmth of Andy’s load as it started to fill me up. As they both came in my holes, I suddenly realized that in the heat of the moment, Andy never put a condom on. I heard a car door slam shut and the front door open.

Mark and Andy finished filling my holes and pulled out to get dressed. I could hear Phil in the house introducing himself to Sean as I stood up to get dressed myself. Andy must have read the concern on my face. He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear not to worry. They were just tested and neither one of them have any diseases. Also, since they met me, they have had no real desire to be with anyone else.

I breathed in a huge sigh of relief. I slid my shorts on just as the door opened and Sean came out of the house. Luckily my cock had deflated and wasn’t showing through the gym shorts. “Let’s go eat,” I said. “I’m starving.”

As I walked by Mark he looked at me and asked, “Still?”

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