They say that no one is 100% straight. I like to think that I’m 99% straight, and that one percent was a very special circumstance. His name was Chris. I know him in high school and he and I were very good friends, almost the best of friends. He also lived two streets over from me. We hung out together all the time and in the time we spent together, I grew to love him.

I never let him know how much I was attracted to him, because I knew he wouldn’t be interested in doing anything. But boy, he was something. He was 6′ 5” and in amazing shape. He was fairly skinny, but what bulk he did have was all muscle. He had the broad shoulders and lean face of a man, even from the time he was a freshman. I loved when he wore tight shirts and I could see his pecs stretching the fabric. His nose was prominent, but made him look very noble. He had ear length dirty blond hair that framed his face perfectly.

All throughout high school, my affection for him grew. However, it was an unrequited love for our whole school career. He fueled many of my fantasies, but that’s all Yenibosna Escort they were: fantasies. I never acted on them even though every fiber of my being cried for him. And so it went like this for four years: me secretly yearning for him and him being seemingly oblivious. Finally, graduation came. I was torn about this. Part of me didn’t want to leave but another part of me was glad that I didn’t have to be tortured by Chris’ presence. One day near the end of school, Chris asked me to come by his house. I assumed this was just to say goodbye, and it was, in a way.

When I got there, he asked if I wanted to take a walk in his backyard. He had a fair amount of property. I consented and we walked around to the back. At first, our conversation was just the average buddy kind of talk. Soon, we soon found ourselves talking about our future and graduation. He divulged how he was going to be leaving the state to go to college a few weeks after school let out.

“So we won’t see each other pretty much ever again?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’ll Yenibosna Escort Bayan miss you. However, before we part. I need to talk to you about something. I know how you feel about me…” I could feel my face flush red in embarrassment. He must’ve noticed, because he said “It’s ok. I feel the same.”

He grabbed my head and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Our tongues moved around each other in a dance of desire. He pulled off his shirt and revealed the chest and six-pack abs which I had fantasized over many times. I, being a little shorter than he, started to lick his chest and take his nipples in my mouth. With my hands, I felt his firm shoulders and moved down to his rock hard biceps. He looked down at me and he looked like an angel, strong yet caring, noble yet passionate. I undid his pants and pulled them down revealing his hard cock. It was bigger than I had even imagined, a full uncut 9”.

I took it in my mouth and started to suck it and play with it with my tongue. With one hand I cupped his balls and with the other Escort Yenibosna I continued to grope his chest. He rocked in and out. I loved the feeling of his soft yet firm flesh against my lips. I could feel he was about to cum, but he pulled out. He picked me up, his muscles flexing a bit with the effort. He undressed me. While I was not in as good a shape as Chris, I certainly wasn’t bad looking and my cock was about 7” and also uncut. He and I kissed again while he started to fondle my cock and balls. Soon he bent me over and entered me. It felt amazing to be so connected to him, to be one flesh with him. It was euphoria. He went in slowly and I screamed from the pain, having never had anything in my ass except my own finger. Soon, however the pain subsided and all I could feel was the immense pleasure, both physical and spiritual. He started to rock in and out. It felt so good. I started to stroke my cock, our rhythms in perfect sync. Soon he could take it no longer and he came, shooting his huge, warm load into me. The feeling made me come too. We collapsed, entirely spent. We just lay together enjoying the feeling of the other’s warm body next to ours.

That was the last time he and I saw each other outside of school. We never brought it up again, but it didn’t need to be. It was this quiet understanding between us. It was our way of saying goodbye.

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