Here to Stay Ch. 08

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“Emmett, you’re a wreck,” Cassidy told him as she shoveled her last large bite of salad into her mouth.

“I know,” he said distantly. His head swam, and the nerves that he had anticipated were already coming on full-force.

“Sweetie, we both know that you’re probably not going to be disappointed by the outcome.”

“I’m nervous, Cass. We haven’t even . . . all the way . . .”

“And look, he’s still around, isn’t he?” Cassidy asked rhetorically. “I think it’s cute, actually,” she went on, “that you want him to be the first to see the ring, besides me, of course.”

“I’m glad it meets your approval,” Emmett shot back.

“Aha! Finally the sarcasm I’ve been waiting for emerges,” she said as the waitress took their plates. Emmett had hardly touched his salad.

“Em, do me a favor,” Cassidy said, leaning in. “Take a few deep breaths and try to relax a little. Everything will be okay.”

“Cass, you don’t understa–“

“You love him, right?”


“You love him, right?” she repeated.

“With everything in me.”

“Well, okay. And he loves you, more than you or I know. So wait! What’s the problem? Oh, there really isn’t one!” Cassidy exclaimed.

“Cass, lower your voice,” Emmett said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Cassidy giggled.

“Thank you for all your help in this, Cass. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Hey, Em, that’s what I’m here for.”

Emmett paid the bill, setting the money in the tray and finding peppermint candy. He put one in his mouth, and he and Cassidy walked out the door.

Emmett put on a nice shirt and what he knew to be Gavin’s favorite jeans on before he started making dinner. Cassidy helped, and by the time they were done, the entire apartment smelled heavenly. Cassidy left once everything was prepared, and everything was staying warm in the oven. Emmett paced around the apartment for a while, checked his pocket one more time, and sat on the counter and took a deep breath.

Gavin walked in a few minutes later to find Emmett still sitting on the counter. He looked comparable to a lost puppy, with a look of nervousness thrown in. Gavin saw the place settings on the counter and inhaled, touched by Emmett’s generosity.

“Mmm. Home smells so much better than the restaurant,” Gavin said. Emmett heard the smile in his voice and was moved that Gavin called the apartment “home” more and more.

Gavin walked over and wrapped his arms around Emmett, giving him a short kiss.

“I missed you,” Gavin said, the smile still playing on his face.

“I missed you, too,” Emmett replied softly. They kissed again, this time a little longer.

“So, what’s cooking?”

“Cassidy helped, since I can’t use knives all that well . . .” Emmett stammered, trying to process what Gavin had just asked.

“That wasn’t the question,” Gavin laughed. He saw the marked stress on Emmett’s face, making his own smile disappear. “Why don’t we start with what’s in the oven staying warm, and then make our way to what’s wrong.”

“Chicken with a lemon-herb sauce, steamed broccoli, seasoned potatoes: all my recipes.”

“Yes, my man does have really good taste, even if simple,” Gavin said, resting his head on Emmett’s shoulder.

“Yeah, being blind does that to your taste,” Emmett said softly.

“Why so quiet today?” Gavin asked. He pulled Emmett even closer. “I can think of something we could do that would make you get really loud.”

Emmett stopped Gavin’s kiss by putting his hands on Gavin’s shoulders, holding him back. Gavin was alarmed.

“Emmett, what’s wrong? You look like you’re about to get sick.”

“Gavin, you know I love you, right?” Emmett asked. Gavin felt his stomach drop.

“Yes,” Gavin said, kissing Emmett, trying to ignore his stomach’s flip-flopping. “I’m afraid of where you’re going with that question, but I have to tell you: I’m addicted to your lips.” He kissed Emmett again, slowly and deliberately. When they finally parted, both were speechless Halkalı Escort and Gavin stared into Emmett’s eyes.

“I love you, Gavin,” Emmett breathed.

“I know, and I love you,” Gavin whispered back.

“Gavin, I didn’t prepare a little speech or anything like that because I thought the words would just come to me, and I’d say what I mean. I should’ve known better, though, because once again, you’ve left me completely speechless. I love you, Gavin, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. I want to be yours and you to be mine.” Emmett paused, taking a deep breath while digging the box out of his pocket and opening it. “Gavin Adams, will you spend the rest of your life as my husband? Or let me spend the rest of my life as your husband? Both? Crap.”

Gavin looked into Emmett’s eyes again and saw, through the frustration with himself, an everlasting love. He couldn’t move his mouth or lips or tongue, making it impossible to speak. Doubt and fear fell over Emmett’s face from the unexpected silence.

“Oh, Gav, I’m sorry. This is too much right now, isn’t it?” Emmett choked, on the verge of tears. He misunderstood the silence.

“No, no, Emmett . . . I mean, yes, I will . . . oh, I can’t talk either,” Gavin said, pulling Emmett off the counter and to his feet. The two kissed with a passion that only the fewest lovers know. Gavin pulled Emmett into a tight embrace.

“I would love to be your husband, Emmett. Always and forever, love.”

Emmett rested his head on Gavin’s shoulder in relief. They stood there, in the middle of the kitchen, holding each other, feeling the heat pass between their bodies.

“Now,” Gavin interrupted, backing away, “let’s see those rings.”

Emmett felt Gavin take the box from his hands, heard him open it, heard the hitch in Gavin’s breathing, but nothing after that. More dreaded silence.

“Emmett, how did you know?” Gavin whispered hoarsely.

“That doesn’t matter,” Emmett said. “They’re ours. I wish I could see them.”

“Emmett, Cassidy suggested these, didn’t she?”

“Gavin, if you don’t like them, we can take–“

“Emmett,” Gavin interrupted, grabbing Emmett’s shoulders in his hands and looking down into Emmett’s eyes, “I love them. I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.”

“To answer, yes, Cassidy helped me. She mentioned that when she got her necklace fixed in that shop three years ago, you mentioned this ring. She told me it was very specific, and that it had a significance, but I don’t need to know that. It will be yours.”

Gavin looked on the inside of the band and one had Gavin inscribed on it, and the other, Emmett. As if reading his mind, Emmett started speaking.

“My name is on the inside of your band,” Emmett told him. Gavin had never felt the emotion he felt in that moment: a mix of love, happiness, and the best part–loved.

“Emmett . . . I don’t know what to say–“

“Then don’t,” Emmett said, putting a finger on Gavin’s lips. “You don’t need to in order to kiss me again, do you?” Emmett asked, moving his finger and brushing Gavin’s lips with his own. Emmett wrapped his arms around Gavin’s neck, and Gavin took the chance and picked Emmett up, a hand on each side of Emmett’s jean-clad butt. Emmett wrapped his legs around Gavin as he transported them to the bedroom. Gavin sat on the bed. Emmett knelt above Gavin with a leg on each side of his torso, nibbling Gavin’s lower lip while unbuttoning his shirt. He ran his hands up and down Gavin’s almost silky chest and stomach, before pinning Gavin’s arms behind him by pushing the shirt off of his shoulders.

“You like this, don’t you?” Emmett asked, the mischief that should have been present in his voice being honest curiosity instead.

“So much,” Gavin gasped.

“Maybe I’ll keep your arms pinned, then,” Emmett said, kissing and sucking the spot behind Gavin’s ear that made him crazy.

“That’s not fair,” Gavin moaned. Emmett felt Gavin’s muscles flex, then heard the Halkalı Escort Bayan shirt rip like a piece of paper. Gavin’s hands were immediately all over Emmett, flipping him onto his back as Gavin covered Emmett’s body and mouth with his own.

Gavin pulled back and sat on Emmett’s thighs, trying to gently unbutton his shirt. Emmett felt Gavin’s hands shaking against his chest.

“Are you okay?” Emmett asked.

“Fuck this,” Gavin muttered, ripping Emmett’s shirt open. Emmett heard the buttons scatter all over the room as Gavin pulled him up to pull both the ruined shirt and his sleeveless undershirt off.

“I liked that shirt, I’ll have you know,” Emmett tried to say seriously, but laughed despite himself.

“I’m sorry,” Gavin half-apologized as he started to kiss Emmett’s chest.

“It’s a good thing I like you a lot more.”

Emmett felt the heat of Gavin’s tongue all over his chest and stomach, and then on his nipples. He cried in pleasure as Gavin bit down gently, running a hand up Emmett’s leg to massage the crotch of Emmett’s pants.

“Gavin,” Emmett sighed.

Gavin persisted, until Emmett found an ounce of strength. He rolled on top of Gavin and kissed, licked, nibbled, and sucked his way all over Gavin’s face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and stomach. He gently undid Gavin’s pants, removing them and Gavin’s underwear, then continuing his assault down Gavin’s body, skipping the area Gavin wanted pleasured most.

“Emmett,” Gavin said amongst his moans as Emmett kissed up his inner thigh. “I need you inside me, now,” he demanded.

“What?” Emmett said, so shocked by the statement that he stopped his journey over Gavin’s body. Gavin pulled him up on top of him and kissed him almost aggressively.

“I need you inside me.”

“I know, I heard, but I just thought–“

“I’m flexible, not just a top. I need it now,” Gavin interrupted, wrapping his legs around Emmett’s waist and groaning from the pressure against his butt and balls.

“Gavin, I don’t know if I can . . . I mean, I don’t know how, and I’ve never done this before–“

“Shut up and kiss me,” Gavin demanded, pulling Emmett down. Gavin grabbed a bottle of lubricant out of his nightstand as Emmett tortured his neck. It slipped out of his hand and into Emmett’s as Gavin screamed in pleasure when he felt Emmett’s mouth around his penis. Emmett’s greased finger soon found its way to Gavin’s hole, and slipped inside easily. Gavin squirmed as Emmett slipped another finger inside, surprised at the warmth and softness. Emmett put a third finger in and stretched Gavin, the line between pain and pleasure driving Gavin quickly to his climax.

“Emmett, stop,” Gavin gasped when he could breathe again.

“Did I do something wrong?” Emmett asked, concerned. “Did I hurt you?” Emmett wriggled his fingers in concern, causing Gavin to sigh in pleasure yet again.

“God, no,” he managed, as not to worry Emmett. “You’re absolutely amazing. I just can’t wait any longer.”


“Emmett, I want to come with you inside me. Please, I need you now,” Gavin begged. Emmett withdrew his fingers, leaving Gavin with a feeling of emptiness. Suddenly, he felt very vulnerable until he felt Emmett rub his slick hands down his chest. Emmett leaned down on top of Gavin.

“How do I do this, Gav?” Emmett whispered into Gavin’s ear.

“Just push in. I’m ready. I need it, now, please, Emmett,” Gavin said, sounding on the verge of tears to Emmett.

Emmett placed his penis at Gavin’s entrance, suddenly having second thoughts.

“Gavin, I need a–“

“Do you trust me?”

“What? Yes–“

“Then just push, Emmett.”

Emmett kissed Gavin as he pushed gently. Gavin felt himself stretch around Emmett’s girth, feeling the twist of pain with the satisfaction of fullness. Emmett sucked air into his lungs, overwhelmed at the pressure around him. He kept sliding in until he was completely embedded inside Gavin a few minutes later. Emmett Escort Halkalı stopped and practically collapsed as Gavin shifted beneath him, taken aback by the overpowering feelings and emotions. He kissed Gavin.

“Oh, my god, Gav,” Emmett sighed into Gavin’s mouth.

“I know,” Gavin said, wrapping his arms around Emmett.

Emmett started to thrust slowly and gently into Gavin, shifting to make them both more comfortable. He didn’t expect Gavin’s scream as his cock pounded Gavin’s prostate, thanks to the change in angle.

“Are you okay?” Emmett asked, stopping.

“I’m more than okay, Emmett,” Gavin sighed, trying his best to smile and talk through the plethora of sensations. “Keep going.”

Emmett resumed his rhythm, feeling Gavin writhe beneath him. As they kissed, they shared bliss together, and both of them realized the difference now between sex and making love. Gavin arched his back, rubbing against Emmett’s chest as they kissed again, only stopping to gasp for air. Emmett moved faster and faster as they both neared their climax, reaching between their bodies to grab Gavin’s penis and stroke it.

“Emmett . . .” Gavin said, moaning with his release. He tightened around Emmett, sending him over the edge. Emmett came inside Gavin, groaning into Gavin’s mouth his pleasure as he felt Gavin’s release smear as they rubbed together.

After his mind-blowing climax, Emmett rested down on Gavin. He began to remove himself, but Gavin stopped him.

“No,” Gavin said, enjoying the fullness that accompanied the love they shared. They were silent for a while, kissing, holding, and caressing each other.

“Gavin, that was incredible,” Emmett said softly after he drew back from a lazy, passionate kiss.

“You are way too good at this for that to be your first time. I think you were pulling my leg,” Gavin smiled, opening his eyes and looking at his lover. He saw the alarm on Emmett’s face.

“Emmett, you were that amazing. I’ve never had anything like that,” Gavin admitted.

“I’d say the same back to you, but I think that’s a given.” Emmett asked, smiling and kissing Gavin again. He pulled away, sniffing the air.

“Gavin, do you smell smo–Shit!” Emmett exclaimed. “Dinner!” Emmett rolled away while Gavin started laughing.

“I’m glad you think it’s funny that we’re about to set off the fire alarms,” Emmett said, not knowing whether he was angry or amused. Gavin continued laughing as he got up, grabbed Emmett’s pants off the chair, and wrapped his arms around Emmett.

“Don’t be mad,” Gavin pleaded. “Besides, are you going to go naked to the kitchen with all of those windows in the family room?”

Emmett felt his favorite pair of lounge pants against his hands.

“Thank you,” Emmett said, putting them on and giving Gavin a chaste kiss, trying to run into the kitchen. Gavin grabbed Emmett’s waistband and held him from going out of the room as he slipped on a pair of shorts himself.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m not letting you burn your precious piano hands on some burnt food,” Gavin said, passing under the waistband and grabbing Emmett’s ass while pulling him close for a long kiss.

They walked into the slightly smoky kitchen, turned off the oven, opened the windows, and started the ceiling fan in the living room. After opening the last window, Emmett turned.

“Well, at least it wasn’t bad enough that the fire department had to come and interrupt our first time,” Emmett half laughed.

‘Our first time’ rang in Gavin’s ears, making him feel a fulfillment he had never known before. He sat on the couch, pulling a nearby Emmett down with him. Emmett leaned back against Gavin’s chest as Gavin wrapped his arms around his man. He held Emmett tightly, fighting the tears that were trying to make their presence known.

“I can’t wait until I can call you my husband,” Gavin said.

“I can’t either,” Emmett replied, sliding over and turning to put his back against the back of the couch, draping an arm and a leg over Gavin’s body.

“I love you, Emmett,” Gavin whispered.

“I know you do,” Emmett said, smiling, giving Gavin a kiss. “And I love you, too.”

They closed their eyes after enjoying another passionate kiss, falling asleep, each wrapped in the other’s arms.

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