His First Speedo Ordeal


I drove to his flat in a state of unbelievable excitement – my first chance to dominate a man, his first time with a male dom too, with the bonus that he had so many fetishes I shared and we had agreed to explore. To save time and to increase my excitement I had dressed in rubber before the journey, with my tightest latex shorts and top hidden beneath my jeans and t-shirt. When I got there I sent him to the shower and took off my outer clothes, coated the latex with silicone shine and put on a tight latex hood. I sat smoking while I waited for him to return naked and ready for his initiation into male-male BDSM.

It took a couple of hours of preparation before I finally had him ready for play. Still wet from the shower, I laid him naked on the massage table which I had covered with a latex sheet and used a razor to shave his whole body from neck to toe, paying particular attention to his chest around the nipples, his ass cheeks and anus, pubic region, cock and balls. I sent him back to the shower and then repeated the bodyshave again. Now for the electrodes. I lubricated the conductive rubber plug and inserted it into his anus. The second electrode took the form of a rubber ring through which I eased his cock and balls. Finally I pulled back his foreskin and coated the glans generously with anaesthetic teething gel, to ensure that, for the first hour at least, there was no risk of premature orgasm. The final rubber electrode consisted of a rubber ring that encircled his cock tightly just behind the glans, with a crosspiece fitted with gold plated balls that stretched across the front of his cock – one ball pressed against the opening of his urethra and another against the frenum. Next I dressed him in a pair of shiny rubberised speedos so tight he struggled to pull them on. A seam at the back was pulled tight between his ass cheeks and at the front every contour of his uncut cock, and the electrodes attached to it, strained against the fabric. A matching shiny crop top, equally tight, did nothing to conceal the hardness of his nipples. He wore a black latex swim cap with a pair of blacked-out goggles across his forehead, ready to cut off his vision.

I handed him leather wrist and ankle cuffs and watched him buckle them on tightly, then gestured to the massage table, covered with a glistening rubber sheet. He lay down and I secured him spread eagled with his cuffs tightly bound to the corners of the table. I took a spray bottle of lube and pumped the trigger, coating his whole body until his skin glistened, then poured a generous amount of the viscous liquid over his speedos until the fabric was glossier than the shiniest PVC.

I picked up the camera and walked around him taking numerous shots of his shiny predicament, aware Bahçeşehir Escort that my cock had grown to a state of incredible hardness with the excitement of it all.

“I’m going to gag and blindfold you now” I told him. “After this you won’t be able to stop the scene with a safe word, but I promise to stay within the limits we have discussed. I expect this scene will last about three hours – may I begin?” Not only was this his first scene, he had agreed that it could be conducted under conditions of “consensual non consent”.

As soon as I had his agreement to proceed, I placed a blue Viagra tablet on his tongue and got him to swallow it, snapped on latex gloves, opened the refrigerator and took out the condom he had filled the previous day. I squeezed its contents onto the inflatable butterfly gag and asked him to open his mouth, which he did. The gag had two inflatable parts, one a ball which filled his mouth and the second an oval section that fitted between his teeth and his lips. I slowly inflated the gag until his cheeks were bulging, then experimentally squeezed his nostrils shut, watching the mixture of panic and arousal in his eyes before finally letting him breathe again. I pulled the goggles over his eyes and lit a cigarette, exhaling smoke over his face for a few minutes before pressing the mask over his face and blowing smoke into the breathing tube, blocking the tube to prevent him from breathing between lungfuls of smoke. I held the glowing tip of the cigarette close to one of his nipples until he sensed what I was doing and started to struggle, kept the cigarette there for a few more seconds, then moved to the other nipple, waited for a response, then finally held the cigarette close to the fabric covering his cock until that, too, elicited a response.

Pausing to pour some more lube onto his speedos and take more photographs with him gagged and blindfolded, I began torturing his nipples in earnest, first just rolling them between index fingers and thumbs, then increasing the intensity with thumbnails pressed hard against them. Ice cubes pressed against each nipple for a few seconds, then transferred to his cock, nettle stings through the lycra covering nipples and cock, building up to a whole leaf crushed against each nipple simultaneously.

I pulled up his Lycra top, placed a suction tube over one nipple, attached a hand operated vacuum pump and pumped the trigger until his nipple was sucked an inch into the tube. After repeating this with a second tube over his other nipple, I installed a tight rubber elastrator ring around the base of each nipple using the special pliers. Replacing his shiny top, I admired and photographed his now absurdly enlarged, erect and sensitive nipples. Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan Time for another smoke, placing the breathing mask over his face and exhaling, removing the mask and squeezing his nostrils shut for a minute at a time.

Time to bring out a pair of new, ultrasharp wartenburg pinwheels. I ran them down his arms and legs, gradually increasing the pressure, then his belly and navel, chest and nipples (the latter producing grunts of pain). Finally ten minutes of cock and ball torture with the sharp prickly wheels, starting with the shaft of his cock, then his balls and finally delivering exquisite torture to his glans, meticulously running the spiked wheel around the corona as he struggled and groaned. Then I deflated and removed his gag and pulled up his goggles.

“Well done slave, you have performed very well so far. I am now going to reward you with some electrical stimulation. You will find this is the most intense stimulation your cock has ever felt and it’s quite possible to force orgasms using this. However, I will be trying to keep the stimulation just painful enough to prevent you cumming, WHICH YOU MUST NOT DO. And to keep you distracted you are going to have my cock in your mouth. Do you consent?”

“Yes Sir” he agreed and I set about preparing him for his first experience of fellatio. I released and reattached his wrists, adjusting his position so that his head was tilted back over edge of the couch, conveniently at waist level. A leather collar was used to secure him even more firmly before I asked him to open his mouth and I inserted a metal jaw spreader gag, clicking the ratchet until his mouth was forced open wide enough to take my cock. Unzipping my latex shorts, I took out my cock, dripping with precum, and slid it into his mouth. “Suck and lick, pretend my glans is a clitoris, but don’t make me cum yet”.

As his tongue set to work, I unfolded a heavy latex sheet and used it to wrap his head and my cock, pulling it tight so he struggled to breathe. Then I clamped his nipples and turned on the electrostim device, gradually turning up the intensity and waiting for him to sense the rhythmic tingling sensation, which would initially feel like the touch of a gentle vibrator. I felt him tensing and knew that he had begun to feel the sensations of electrostim for the first time. As I turned up the strength of the stimulation I watched and imagined the sensations he was feeling..first like a strong vibrator, then stronger than any stimulation he had ever felt before, on the boundary between pleasure and pain, something he would not be able to bear without being helpless in bondage, the stimulation contracting the muscles of his anal ring so that the electrified butt plug Escort Bahçeşehir was pulled in and out of his ass, fucking him.

After keeping him on the edge for half an hour (which must have seemed like a lifetime to him) I decided it was time for the endgame. After turning off the e-stim, removing my cock from his mouth and discarding the latex sheet, I readjusted his position so his head was supported on the table again, then pulled down his speedos to reveal his engorged cock, dripping with precum. I removed the electrodes on his cock, unzipped my shorts and put them on myself before preparing soap, water and a large square of chamois leather.

“Now you’re going to learn what torture is really like” I murmured, lubricating his cock with silicone lube and pulling a tight cock sleeve onto his shaft, leaving only the glans exposed. Arranging the chamois leather around the base of his cock, I removed my latex gloves and worked up a thick creamy lather of soap on my hands. Then I placed the palm of one hand against the upper side of his glans and began to circle slowly with firm pressure.

“You’ve done this to yourself, but it’s so much more intense when you are tied up and at the mercy of someone who enjoys torturing uncut cocks” I commented, watching him gasp and squirm until first rivulets and then a steady stream of liquid emerged from his cock, gradually soaking the leather with his urine until,after 5 minutes or so, his bladder was drained and he was shivering with pain and frustration.

Now for a little breath play while I make you cum” I said, draping the slippery wet leather over his face so that every breath required effort and was perfumed with his piss. Slathering my hands with silicone lube and enclosing the tip of his cock in my hands as if it was a gearstick, I started work on his cock, alternating periods of exquisite intensity with “rest periods” when I could sense he was close to orgasm. “You are going to cum in twenty minutes” I announced after a particularly cruel assault on his glans. And so I went on edging him, counting the minutes “nineteen minutes”, sometimes pressing a hand against the wet chamois to cut off his breathing, one or twice replacing my hand with my tongue for a few seconds.

“Two minutes” I announced. “I am turning on the e-stim now and that should bring me to orgasm in about 5 minutes. But you have agreed to post orgasm torture, so after you have cum I am going to go on working your cock as vigorously as ever. The combination of watching your suffering and the electro stim should make me cum, and only then. I will stop.

And so it came to pass that,exactly on schedule, I made him squirt an enormous load onto the Lycra of his speedos and then continued cruelly torturing his cock until the sight of it made me cum……on his speedos too.

The speedos ended up in the freezer and every time he came after that, his ejaculate was collected on the Lycra. The next time we met, he thawed the cum-soaked speedos and wore them beneath a new ultratight pair of latex shorts.

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