I Made Him Cum!!!


This particular evening I found myself alone again. You know that lonesome, I need to be with people feeling that you can only fully appreciate if you’ve ever been in a loving relationship and suddenly it’s over, and you are truly alone. That deep longing for a touch, an acknowledgment of being wanted by somebody, at this point, anybody? Yeah, that feeling.

It was a couple of hours before sunset on a beautiful South Florida evening and I was uncontrollably horny as hell! I had, almost subconsciously, decided to go out tonight, but I had no idea where.

I found myself in the closet trying to decide what to wear. Standing naked in front of the full length mirror, I thought to myself. “I wish I could wear THIS out in public tonight!”

Well that did it! Now I’m not only lonely, I’m naked, horny and lonely; a dangerous combination. I quickly decided not to wear any underwear, followed by the decision to wear the thinnest, tightest pair of pants I could find. Although not naked, I wanted my cock and my anticipated forthcoming erection, to be unquestionably obvious to even the most casual observer. I was going to be as nearly naked as possible today without the risk of being arrested. Well, without too much risk.

I found a pair of Columbia pants that are a very thin material designed to dry quickly when wet. They had the added benefit of being clingy and they nearly had a shrink-wrapped effect on my cock and balls. They sucked tightly into the crack of my ass and with no underwear, my tight ass looked nearly nude. Honestly, a lot of women, and more than few men, have complimented my ass. Women are usually more discrete, but gay men have literally begged me to let them fuck my ass.

The look of my ass in these pants reminded me of my ex wife, Denise, who had an anal fetish of her own. She loved giving me rim jobs and fucking me with her biggest strap-on. The first time she fucked my ass she said “OH my word! You can take more up your ass than I can take in my pussy! That is so fucking hot!” She was slamming my ass deep, hard and fast, as she said that. I was so proud! She couldn’t get enough of my ass after that and made me share it any of her lovers whom she could talk into it. But those are other stories. This one is about that day years later, when I was alone and horny.

In addition to the very revealing slacks, I chose a shirt that didn’t interfere with the public display of my my cock and ass. It was short enough that it didn’t cover the assets I was trying to accentuate. I chose a shirt shirt that was also easily removable in case I got brave during the night and did decide to actually get naked in public. That possibility was getting more and more real as my testosterone count and my cock were increasing in volume!

Quite honestly, I looked pretty damn good! I was hoping to be seen by several unsuspecting ladies and catching a glimpse of the surprise on their faces as they do a double-take looking at my cock. I thought to myself that I actually looked more gay than straight in this outfit. That thought made me smile as it made me feel that much more desirable and kinky. Looking gay may not be a bad thing at all.

Without much further thought, I found myself in my car driving North toward Tampa. I felt so sexy, I couldn’t help but stroke my cock through my silk feeling pants as I drove. My mind was wandering so I’m not sure if anyone noticed my cockstrokeing while I was driving, but I paced every trucker I passed.

I hadn’t driven far when I saw the exit for the Ellenton Outlet Mall. OMG! What a perfect place to walk around and be seen by tons of unsuspecting women! I wheeled in and had trouble locating a parking space because it was so busy. This was GREAT! I’m going to have lots of opportunities to show off. I was way more than half hard as I got out of my car adjusting my cock. Suddenly I had a great idea and got back into my car. Half hard wasn’t good enough. I rummaged around in my car until I found a very substantial rubber band. I pulled my cock out right there in the crowded parking lot and began masturbating until I was totally hard. I paid absolutely no attention to who might be watching because right now it just didn’t matter who saw me. Then I wrapped the rubber band around the base of my cock as tight as I could get it. My purple cock felt like a hot steel rod as I attempted to tuck it back into my pants.

Now I was ready and started my walk across this huge parking lot.

I had no sooner gotten out of my car when I saw two 40 something MILF women walking toward me. My heartbeat sped up and I know my erection was twitching. Sure enough, I saw their eyes lock onto my cock. I can’t describe how exciting this is. I felt like I was completely naked standing in that parking lot. I know now what a woman means when she says “He was undressing me with his eyes.” That’s exactly what these ladies were doing Mecidiyeköy Escort to me. They leaned in close to each other and whispered as they both visually locked on to my crotch. They were quite literally and unabashedly gawking. My cock was standing straight up and out as if pointing directly at them. They stopped walking and were gawking and talking as I approached them.

Wanting to make this moment last as long as I could, I too stopped right there in the drive of the parking lot, not 20 feet from these two lovely voyeurs. I put my cell phone to my ear as if I had stopped to answer it, trying to increase the time of my quick little act of exhibiting, to the max.

After what was probably just a few seconds, I started walking again, right toward the gawkers. As I got within hearing distance, their eyes firmly fixed of my fully erect cock; I said “Good evening, ladies.” There was a look of shock on their faces as they realized that they had been caught in the act. I smiled and continued walking past them. They giggled out loud as I heard one of them say, “Check that out!”

I looked back over my shoulder in time to see them checking out my ass. This was a great start to my lonely afternoon excursion. I had no idea where it would go from here but I knew that I would soon masturbate recalling this brief encounter.

Little did I know at the time, but my adventure was just beginning. I was so hard by now that I think my cock would have stayed hard without the rubber band, but now, with every throb to my penis, it got even harder and thicker and never dwindled. The sensation was nearly pain but totally exhilarating.

I walked on to the maze of buildings and sidewalks. The Ellenton Outlet Mall is composed of about 100 individual retailers connected by outdoor sidewalks, much like the downtown area of a small villlage. The outdoors, crowded sidewalks was the perfect venue for my exhibitionistic escapade!

There were so many people that it was difficult to watch all the faces to see who might be glancing at me. I noticed my reflection in the front glass of one of the stores. I stopped as if looking at the store display. That’s when I noticed the effect of the sunshine. With the sun at this exact angle and my erection at its current engorged state, my trousers had become nearly transparent! OMGoodnees! This was better than I could have planned! Through the light khaki pants I could clearly see the veins of my cock! The fat purple head shone through to the extent that not only could you see every detail, but I could even see the color. And it was obviously tenting for all to see. I felt like I was naked and erect in the town square with nowhere to hide. But of course hiding my dick was the furthest thing from my mind!

While looking at myself in the makeshift mirror, I became aware of the reflections of the passersby also. This was a great vantage point to watch them watching me. I turned to just the right angle that my cock and my ass could be seen in the penetrating, exposing beam of sunlight.

I saw a man sitting on a bench outside a store, apparently waiting for his wife. He was glancing at me tentatively. He appeared to be more disgusted with me than excited, but he kept stealing glances.

Then there was a group of 5 or 6 college age girls who walked by quickly, giggling and pointing. They turned around about 100 feet past me and chatted, and then walked back by me more slowly and quietly this time. As they got within 10 feet of me, I turned toward them to make sure they got a good look. One of them actually jumped in surprise and another one mumbled, ” Oh HELL yeah!” For egos sake I deduced that she was commenting about her approval of my erection. The gang all giggled again and sped off chattering. I thought I was going to cum right then and there! I may have too, if the rubber band hadn’t been doing its job so well.

The rubber band was so tight that I had to adjust it soon. I headed towards the restrooms. As I walked down the long hallway I became conscious of footsteps behind me growing nearer.. I looked over my shoulder, more out of self defense than anything, and saw a 50ish year old man behind me. His eyes met mine and he smiled reassuringly and spoke. “Oh My!” He said, “what a beautiful…” He paused and made quite a show of devouring my ass with his eyes as he finished, “…day for a stroll.”

To which I replied, “Yes. It’s absolutely marvelous!”

He now got a clear view of my erection as we entered the men’s room.

He replied to me, “Oh my gracious, YES! It is absolutely marvelous.” as he stared right at my cock.

I went into the stall to adjust my rubber band. I managed to adjust everything so that it felt better. Now it was actually harder and bigger than before.

As I checked myself out, I noticed a drop or two of pre cum pressing through my pants Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan making them invisible where they pressed against the slick head of my swollen cock. Oh well. There was no hiding it now, so I stepped out of the stall. My new friend was at the sink and turned to face me.

Obviously he noticed my condition. He took a step toward me and reached out and took my erection in his hand without saying a word. I was caught off guard. He withdrew his hand from the wet spot and licked his palm. He put his wet palm back on my cock, squeezed it a couple of times and then put his other hand on the back of my neck. In one move, with no hesitation, he firmly pulled me to his face and forced a hot wet kiss on me. Our tongues intertwined and he was pumping me slowly as we kissed. I sucked His tongue as I would His Dick. He pulled back and said, “I’ve never kissed a guy before. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You’re just so…” His hand was still on my cock for what seemed a long millisecond. “You are so fucking hard!” He almost yelled. He pulled his hand back to his face, smelled it, took a deep breath and licked my cum from his hand again. “I wish I could do what you’re doing. I’ve been watching you out there and following you…”

I heard the bathroom door open. My friend backed away and said, “Damn it, I gotta go. My wife’s waiting for me.”

Just like that he was gone. The man who entered the men’s room looked at me and shook his head in total disdain and said, “I think you need to get the fuck outta here while you can still walk, Faggot Boy.” I heeded that sage advice and walked back out into the warm sunshine and crowds of people…with my dick as hard as week old concrete and my pants wet and clearly transparent all along the length and head of my cock.

I couldn’t even count the number of times I saw people glancing or even staring at my stiff cock. This was amazing fun! My heart wouldn’t stop racing.

At this point I was walking through the crowd light-headed and oblivious to reality. A couple of times I felt my cock rubbing up against somebody. Or did I do that intentionally? The translucent wetness of my pants made me feel so exposed. I was watching my stiff cock in every storefront I walked past. I bet well over a hundred people saw my cock on this excursion.

I finally made my way back to my car. I couldn’t wait to unbelt, unbutton and unzip! I had to get my hard on out of those tight pants. As it was freed, I took a deep breath, laid my head back and slowly stroked my beautiful cock. Once again, it didn’t matter who saw me. I wanted to be seen.

I rolled down both front windows to cool off a little from my adventure and from the hot, Southwest Florida summer sun. With my pants below my knees and my cock still standing proud, I put the car in gear and started to drive.

As I was leaving the parking lot I saw a young girl walking alone a couple of rows over. I couldn’t help myself; I drove up from behind her and slowly passed her as she walked toward her car. I paced her for a couple of seconds, almost forcing her to look over. She did. Her head jerked toward me, her hand went to her chest in a motion displaying that she had been caught off guard. She stopped walking for a second. I stopped the car. I started stroking my cock. She froze and watched. She didn’t scream, she didn’t run. She didn’t make a sound. She glanced around, apparently looking for other people. Then just as quickly, her head turned back toward me. Our eyes met for a second and then she averted her gaze back to my lap as I continued to stroke my cock with long strokes, pulling down as far as possible so she could get a good look at the full length of it. She raised her hand and I saw her cell phone. About that time a car approached from the rear. No doubt it was time for me to bid a hasty retreat! I still wonder if she took that picture…

With my pants still at half mast and my cock at full mast, I headed for the exit. With no opportunity to safely pull up my pants, I was quite exposed in the long line of traffic exiting the parking lot and was delayed by the traffic signals. Embarrassed and excited, I simply had no choice but to wait it out. Even so, I could not stop slowly stroking my dick as I patiently and excitedly waited in traffic.

Eventually I made my way to I-75 Northbound and headed toward the adult sex shops and theaters along Lois Ave. in Tampa. I have never been there when I didn’t get at least one mouth full of fresh cum. I was determined today! I was ultra horny!

As I drove past the rest stop just North of Bradenton, I recalled one night of sucking a truckers cock there. (I wrote about that in “Rest Stop Big Rig Blow Job”. That story is posted here on Literotica, so I won’t go into details).

Suffice it to say that on this trip I flashed every trucker I passed. I kept my widows Escort Mecidiyeköy down so they would have an unobstructed view. There were enough pacers and horn blowers to keep me excited for the entire 45 minute drive.

Finally I found myself at Fantasyland in Tampa. I paid my theater admittance fee and went straight to the big public movie room. I got immediately nude and started jerking off. Soon enough there were about six guys in there of all ages and races. I dropped to my knees in front of the first one I saw with his cock out and engulfed him in one stroke! As I was sucking him another cock rubbed my cheek and I saw a big black cock forcing his way in. For the first time in my life I got two hard cocks in my mouth at one time! They seemed to enjoy pumping against each other in my mouth. One came in my mouth and all over the other cock. The other one withdrew and jerked off all over my face. I had cum in my hair, my beard, and on my cheeks.

I got dressed and went to the men’s room to clean up. When I saw myself covered in cum and realized that I had just walked through the store like that; I got so excited! I decided not to clean up and to walk around the store looking like this. I felt like such a shameless slut!

After parading around like that for a few minutes, I needed more. I went to the glory hole booth and waited. Shortly a really big black cock came through the hole at full attention. I gobbled him up and deep throated him as if I was afraid he might pull it out before I got to swallow him. It was a beautiful cock. He must have been over 8 inches long and as thick as my wrist. The deep dark red head was larger than the shaft. Just on the underside, the skin was so tight it felt like silk on my tongue. The veins were so pronounced that not only could you clearly see them, I could feel each vein with my wet tongue, could feel their detail as he slid in and out over my lips. I have dreamed about this cock a lot since then and he always brings me to ejaculation.

Usually I picture him slamming that fat rod all the way inside my 5 foot tall, blonde haired, blue eyed wife and watching her 36C’s bounce as he pummels her giant wet we’ll experienced pussy! Then he rolls her over and slams her equally experienced and well used ass! It is so hot to watch her ass jiggle when she’s being fucked hard and fast. I have seen that so many times. OMG she is such an amazing slut! Then I get to clean their juices off of his beauty with my mouth; savor the taste, look and feel of it. Then, in my dream, she straddles my face and force feeds me his cream pie as he zips up and leaves, laughing at me. Although I have watched this scene many times, unfortunately never with this, the most beautiful of cocks!

On this night, in reality, not more than two minutes later he swelled so quickly and so fat that he completely stretched my mouth wide. He filled my mouth with cum and pulled out and finished all over my face. He yelled “Damn it!” as he stompted out of the store.

As soon as he was gone, another guy looked through the hole at me as I was dripping with cum and asked “Did you make him cum? Did he just cum?”

I didn’t say anything, it was obvious he had. Then the guy announced to the whole store “Hey, this white dude made him cum!” He looked back at me and said “Dude’s been coming here every day forever and nobody has ever made him cum! Shit, you must be good!” At which point he stuck his dick through the hole and left the booth door open so everybody could watch him fucking my face through the hole. He came quickly and another guy pushed him out of the way and shoved his hard cock in my mouth. He came pretty quickly too.

I had a quick break as the one guy looked back through the hole and said “Damn, Dude, you can come back here anytime.

I asked “So where did the black guy go?”

He replied “He got in the car with three white chicks and drove off. But you already spoiled it for them!” He chuckled and explained that the black guy likes to come to the glory hole and work up a big load so he can cum really powerfully for his young white high society girlfriends. I was the only guy there to have ever made him cum, although several of the regulars had tried to no avail.

I left the booth with their cum still on my beard and on my cheek and forehead. I walked around the store feeling proud while everybody could see the cum on my face for the second time tonight. That is always a huge turn on.

I sucked one more that night at the glory hole and then drove home naked on I-275 stroking and flashing truckers.

Before getting home, I slipped on my pants and stopped at the local convince store. I noticed the cute little teenage cashier staring at my face and I saw hers turn red. I instinctively brushed my face and beard to check what was wrong. I found myself with cum all over my beard and now on my hand. I smiled at her and said “What can I say? It’s been a good night. I hope you have as much fun as I did.”

I wiped the cum from my hand onto the $10.00 bill, handed it to her and said “Keep the change.”

I drove the rest of the way home totally nude. It was an adventurous day. It was a very good night.

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