Internet Hook-Up Ch. 04


Cleaned and dressed in shorts and tee, I came downstairs for dinner. My wife was telling me how busy she was at work and that her boss wanted her to attend a meeting with him at their corporate office in Los Angeles. This was somewhat unusual. She would leave tomorrow morning. The meeting was Monday and she wouldn’t be home until Wednesday. I asked her why she had to spend the weekend there?

Kathy told me “Well, Bill, my boss, wants me to be there for the cocktail parties on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the sightseeing activities both days. He wants to meet with me and go over some strategies for the meeting Monday. Tuesday, will be follow up reports and back home on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be travel and settling in my hotel room.”

Today was Thursday…and my mind started to drift to Damon and Sam. Wow, I thought, the whole weekend with the two of them…MMMMmmmmm.

After eating dinner, we were both pretty tired, me from all my sexual activity, and Kathy from the anxiety of going to the west coast for some high profile meetings her company was having. We went to bed early and I dosed off for a short while before waking up.

After tossing and turning for what seemed like an eternity, trying to fall asleep, but too excited about the prospect of spending so much time with Damon and Sam, I got out of bed and went downstairs to my office. I turned the computer on, and logged on to AIM. I was quite surprised to see Damon was online so late. It was already 1:30 in the morning. I sent Damon a message.

“Hi Damon, I’m surprised to see you online so late.”

“Hey slut, back at ya.”

“Couldn’t sleep…so I decided to go online for a while.”

“Can you come over now?”

“NO…wife is upstairs sleeping and I’m afraid if I open the garage door, it would wake her and she would interrogate me as to where I was going so late. But, I have some very good news.”

“What’s that slut?”

“Kathy has a business trip coming up tomorrow and she won’t be home until Wednesday.”

A happy face popped up in the IM window. “I’ll get back to you tomorrow afternoon while you’re at work. Are you wearing the panties?”

“NO…my wife is home and in bed.”

“Put them on and get to sleep…You’re going to need your rest for this weekend.”

Then a message popped up on the screen that Damon signed off. I turned my computer off and got my panties. I pulled my sleep shorts off, put my pink panties on, and then put my sleep shorts back on. I had an erection with the panties on…but went back to bed and fell asleep.

Kathy woke me as she was getting ready to leave for the airport. I kissed her goodbye and wished her a safe and pleasant trip. She said, “Be a good boy while I’m gone. I’ll call you later when I get checked in my hotel room. I love you Bob. Have fun while I’m gone.”

“I will dear…talk with you later.”

It was about 3:15 when my cell rang…it was Kathy. “Hi, I’m here. The flight was smooth, and I slept most of the way. How are you doing?”

“I’m ok, at work…I’m going to miss you this weekend.” Yeah right, I said to myself…I’m going to get my brains fucked out by two big black cocks.

“I know…I’m sorry, it wasn’t my idea to do this, but I’m happy my boss thought so much of me to want me here for the big meeting.”

“You’ll be great…and I’ll be fine alone. Don’t worry about me and concentrate on your work. Have fun. I’ll probably be in and Bomonti Escort out all weekend, so you may miss me if you try to call.”

“Ok…no problem, I’m not sure when or if I’ll have a chance anyway. I love you and if I don’t talk with you over the weekend, I’ll talk with you late Monday night.”

“OK….enjoy yourself.”

As I closed the phone and went back to work, 3:30 in the afternoon, my IM window came to life. It was Damon. “Hi…can u chat?”


“Good. Did your wife leave yet?”

“Yes, just got a call from her telling me she’s arrived in LA and already checked into her hotel room.”

A happy face popped up on the screen…and Damon wrote. “So, you’re going to be my slut for the weekend?”

“MMMMmmmm…I’m your slut always. Are you telling me I’ll be spending the weekend at your house?”

“No…I’m not telling you you’ll be spending the weekend with me at MY house…I’M GOING to spend the weekend with you…but in YOUR house. I’m going to fuck you in the same bed that you fuck your wife.”

Now I really panicked. I thought, oh no!! Here I am trying to maintain anonymity and discretion…and now my black Master Damon is telling me he’s going to spend the weekend at my house…in our marriage bed.

“Damon…that really scares me…I don’t think that’s a really good idea.”

“Don’t you want to be my slut white pussy boy?”

“You know I do…but in MY house?”

“YES…in YOUR house slut.”

I didn’t respond hoping he would reconsider and tell me he was only kidding. After a few minutes he wrote back, “OK…guess you really don’t want my black cock anymore…bye.” And with that, his message screen said he signed off.

Panic set in again…what was I going to do??? I didn’t think I could survive without being with him…sucking that big fat black cock…or having him breed me. I was beside myself. How could I make this right. Here I have the whole weekend…and then some, and I’ve fucked things up.

Just before I was ready to shut my computer down for the night…and sadly go home to an empty house for the weekend, my AIM showed Damon signed back on. I sent him a message, “I’m sorry for before Sir. Please forgive me.”

He wrote back, “Have you had a change of heart about my being at your house?”

“Yes” I replied.

“I don’t know.”

“Please Damon…I was wrong. You’re more than welcome to spend the weekend at my house.”

“You’ll let me come to your house, use you as a slut…for the entire weekend?”

“Yes…anything you want, just please don’t abandon me…I need your cock…I’m addicted to your Black Cock….PLEASE???”

“When will you be home?”

“Half an hour.”

“Are you wearing the Panties?”


“OK slut…you’ve persuaded me to give you another chance. It’s 5:00 now….I’ll see you around 6. Answer the door wearing your panties…and if your wife has a sexy robe, wear that too. You are my slut…right?”

“I’m totally your slut Sir….and thank you for giving me another chance to redeem myself. I will do as you wish.”

I went home…stripped…showered…shaved my face, and even shaved my legs and ass and trimmed my pubes. I dried off…and took some lubricant and lubricated my ‘pussy’ in case. I put my panties on and looked at myself in the mirror. The smooth legs looked really nice, but I felt I needed something else to complete the look. Bomonti Escort Bayan I decided to put on a pair of my wife’s white thigh highs to go along with my panties. Then I went into her closet and took out a sheer silky wrap that reached the floor. It was white…and really transparent. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as I said to myself, “This will get Damon really excited and hard.”

Just then, the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs to answer it…swinging the door completely open. Damon just stood there. I moved aside for him to come in…but he remained in place…with a totally wicked smile on his face. He then moved his hands to the front of his pants and slowly unzipped them…as he reached in and tugged out his huge black cock. He looked me in the eyes and said, “You know what you need to do slut…so, get on your knees and get at it.”

I knew what he was doing…and I didn’t care anymore…I had to have his cock. I fell to my knees right there in the open doorway and gobbled his cock into my mouth and down my throat…gagging as I did…coughing, I came off for air and spit on his cock…making it slick for my next move…I moved forward and sank completely down on him until my nose hit the zipper of his pants…and I held him there…making swallowing motions to stimulate his cock. He rewarded me with a load of his cum…spitting 3, 4, 5 jets of cum down my throat…before he pulled completely out and shot 6 & 7 all over my face…he then took his cock and smeared his cum all over my nose, eyes, forehead, cheeks and lips and said, “Now slut, finish sucking any cum that’s sill in my black pipe.”

I did and was rewarded with a few chunky strands. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. His cock was still rock hard…What a man.

He pulled me to my feet and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply…tasting the remains of his cum in my mouth…then he licked the rest off my face. I couldn’t believe what he just did…and it had me wanting to impale myself on his cock all the more. I looked around to make sure I hadn’t been seen doing what I just did.

We moved into the house…the kitchen after closing and locking the door behind us. He told me he was hungry and wanted me to make him something to eat. I whipped up some salad and sandwiches and we ate together. He told me how sexy I looked and handed me the choker. I asked him if he would put it on me and he did…and while he did that, he kissed and nibbled the back of my neck…while his still exposed cock pressed against my ass. This was all so exciting to have him in my house…in my kitchen…while I was wearing panties…my wife’s stockings…and my wife’s robe…with him putting a choker on that said ‘Damon’s Slut’. I was in a place I never could’ve imagined…and I was loving it.

When he finished, he took his clothes off and sat naked on the kitchen chair. He said, “You look very sexy…and I want you to know I love your contribution to your outfit…the stockings are a very nice touch…and the completely transparent robe is truly making you look sluttish.”

I smiled demurely and he said, “You probably need something to wash down that sandwich.”

I replied, “I have soda, juice, and beer in the fridge”.

He said, “I have something you’re going to enjoy even more.”

With that he slid his chair out from the table…and turned slightly as he spread his legs wide. I dropped Escort Bomonti to my knees and crawled to him…reaching him, I opened my mouth and took just the head of his cock between my lips…and looked up into his eyes and nodded for him to let loose. He started filling my mouth with his piss in a very controlled stream, and I swallowed everything his bladder had to offer…licking him clean after the last squirt. He then told me he wanted to do it again and again….in fact, he said, “You will be my urinal all weekend…and I intend to use you a lot as I will be drinking water all weekend.”

I thought to myself…NICE.

He then said, “OK…it’s time we invaded your bedroom and I fucked you in the bed you sleep and fuck your wife in”.

I led the way…and while he followed me up the stairs, he was playing with my ass through the robe and panties. We reached the top of the stairs and entered the bedroom. I had previously pulled the bedspread down and folded the top sheet back in a welcome gesture for his arrival.

He said, “I see you’re all ready to get started.” He picked me up in his arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He carried me to the bed and placed me down on it telling me, “take the robe and panties off…leave the choker and stockings on. Get on your hands and knees and get me ready”.

I stripped off what he told me to and got on my hands and knees while he stood beside the bed with his cock aimed at my face. I moved forward and took him in my mouth sucking him until he was as hard steel and as shiny as black onyx. I spit several times on his cock lubricating him and he turned me around and lined himself up with my man pussy. As soon as I felt his cockhead I pushed back as hard as I could. I moaned as his cockhead entered my sphincter…and with his size…it felt so wonderful as he filled me with his black snake. I was thankful that I lubed myself up before he came…and it wasn’t too long before I was feeling his rigid black cock sliding in and out of me. The pleasure he was giving me was amazing and I began moaning loudly and twitching uncontrollably as he continued to fuck me. I loved the incredible feeling I was getting from his beautiful black cock…claiming me as his slut as he exploded his seed deep inside me…breeding me and marking me once again as his.

I was lost in a sea of lust…lust for his black cock. I slumped down on the bed…and he lay on top of me…still deep inside me…and still hard as ever. He began licking my neck and then my ear…he put his tongue in my ear as his mouth completely covered it. It sent shivers down my entire body…and I began to wiggle my ass. I moaned in pleasure…and he then began nibbling on my neck again…this time sucking on it while taking little bites. I knew he was marking me with a hickey…and I didn’t care. If my wife saw it, I’d come up with some kind of explanation…but now, I didn’t care, I was his.

He fucked me three more time that night and filled my stomach with his piss once before we fell asleep in each others arms. He awoke once during the night and woke me too.

He said, “I need my urinal now.” I crawled between his legs and he filled me again with his piss.

He said, “MMMMmmm…that’s nice. I didn’t even have to get out of bed to relieve myself. Keep my cock in your mouth until I fall asleep.”

I kept his cock in my mouth thinking to myself how lucky I am to have become his property. I actually fell asleep with his cock in my mouth…and slept like a baby with a pacifier.


Hope you liked it…and I’m always looking for feedback.

Please write and tell me if you want to hear more about what took place that weekend…and beyond.

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