Breakfast in Bed


{This is my first attempt at erotic writing. I wrote something I am familiar with. This story is 98% true with only a few embellishments to round out the story.}

The early morning sunlight starts my day by creeping in the bedroom windows. As I awake I become aware of the faint cheerful sounds of birds outside in the trees. My body is alive with a tingling sensation and I can feel a familiar throbbing in my groin. I must have had one of those dreams as my cock is fully erect and very hard. I love the feeling of that twitching throbbing sensation coming from my very aroused cock.

I reach under the covers and strip off the t-shirt and boxers that I slept in. Then I roll over and snuggle up to my wife. I gently stroke her arm and her side. As she awakes, I kiss her gently. Her eyes opens, she looks at me and smiles. She is aware of my intent this morning. Raising her head and shoulders off the bed, she removes the oversized t-shirt that she slept in. She wore nothing else to bed.

Under the covers she reaches for, and finds, my engorged, rock hard cock. She gently fondles my hard member causing it to twitch and tingle with greater anticipation. God, I love that feeling coming from my loins and my wife knows just how to maximize the sensations.

We are laying on our sides facing each other. She is on her right side and I am facing her lying on my left side. As she continues her gentle play with my cock with her left hand, I reach around her and slowly stroke her back with my large warm hand starting at her shoulder and continuing down her backside until I reach the roundness of her ass. We continue to kiss lightly on the lips as I stroke her back and she fondles my cock.

After several moments of stroking her back, I reach lower on her backside and begin fondling the cheeks of her ass. {I have learned that she loves for me to play with her ass.} As my fingers kneed her flesh, I sense that both our pulses have quicken. Our bodies are getting warmer and our kisses are become more passionate. Soon our tongues are playing with each other and we are licking lips. Our breathing has become quicker. Our lips are pressed together and our tongues are wrestling inside her mouth, then inside mine.

Her hand is now firmly wrapped around my cock and is now stroking it to ensure that maximum erection is maintained. This action, while very pleasurable, is probably not necessary as I will stay very hard anyway. But I am not going to tell her that. As she continues her attentions to my cock, I continue my play with her ass. She lifts her left knee, spreading her legs so that I can have better access to those tender sensitive spots she desires that I give my attention. With my arm wrapped around her ass, I can fondle both her anus and pussy with my finger tips. She moans to express her approval of my touch. Our kissing continues.

She rolls onto her back and splays her legs a bit more for me. I am still laying on my left side, using my left arm and elbow to support my body and to raise my head up off the pillow. My right hand fingers gently stroke her mons-pubis and then move upward toward and around her breasts. So much succulent flesh that needs attention. This may take some time, but I am not rushing. These are moments to savor, to give pleasure, to enjoy.

It is time to enlist more of my resources. As my right hand begins a slow decent down her body, with my finger tips lightly touching her skin, I move my mouth over to her right breast (closest to me) and I begin to gently lick the warm soft flesh, working from the outside edges toward her nipple.

My right hand is now approaching the juncture of her legs. I lightly stoke her mons, then drag my fingertips over her labia, and then down the sensitive flesh of the inside of her leg. Her leg twitches, ever so lightly, in response to my touch. I slowly run my fingers just a few inches down the inside of one leg, then up that leg and over and down the inside of the other leg. She is still fondling my cock and my tongue is still licking her right nipple. She takes small gasps of air as her body responds to this dual attack on her sensitive parts. She spreads her legs a bit more for me. Inviting me to her pleasure zone.

For me to properly give attention to her left breast, I need to rise up higher so that I can reach over her. I turn my body and lift myself to a kneeling position with my knees next to her right hip. I hold my body up with my left hand, maintaining the soft stoking action of my right hand in her crotch, and I can now easily reach her left (far side) breast with my tongue and lips. Her hand never leaves my cock.

My mouth begins paying attention to her left breast, starting with soft licks around the outer edges and working toward her nipple in the center of her breast. I suckle the nipple between my lips and roll it with my tongue. The nipple begins to harden.

I begin two different motions at the same time. First I move my mouth from her nipple to her mouth and I give her a deep French kiss — my tongue teasing her tongue inside her mouth. This activity eskort bayan stimulates her desires for something warm (and probably very hard) in her mouth. At the same time, the index finger of my right hand begins a wiggling and pressing action between her labia, searching for signs of wetness at the opening of her love canal.

My mouth moves back and forth between kissing her mouth with full tongue action, and licking her breasts and sucking her nipples. Her nipples are hard and erect. Her chest rises and falls with her heavy breathing. As my right hand continues to explore the folds of her labia I can detect her wetness.

Following our usual foreplay tendencies, about this point one of us will say something to the effect of “Would you like breakfast in bed?” or if late at night “Want a midnight snack?” To which the other responds “I have a something for you.” Today she starts the discussion with “Are you ready for breakfast?” And I know she is not talking about anything from the kitchen. As she lays on her back with legs splayed, and I kneel next to her, it is easy for me to rotate my position toward a head-to-foot orientation (or more of a mouth to groin position), then I raise my left leg over her shoulder, and then I lower myself into a 69 position — me on top. I know she prefers the bottom position.

She guides the tip of my cock toward her mouth while I lower my mouth toward her lovely lower lips. Her lips touch the head of my cock. She drags her lips over the ridge of my cockhead. Her tongue teases the opening at the end of my cock. I moan from the sensations that radiate from my cock.

I try to focus my attentions on the loveliness directly in front of my mouth. I open my mouth and extend the tip of my tongue. I drag it teasingly over her labia. They respond and part to the touch of my tongue. With each swipe of my tongue, the lips spread a bit further. Her lubricant is beginning to seep onto her lips. I can taste her and her aroma fills my nostrils. Ah, the sweet smell of her sex. It is wonderful. My cock twitches as I taste her fluids and smell the aroma. If possible my cock becomes even harder.

Next I fully extend my tongue and take a long lick from her anus, up the bottom of her slit and then on up to her clit. I can taste her girl juice on my tongue. It is light in taste and texture but very slippery. Yum! My tongue work becomes more active. I am taking long, slow licks at her opening — pushing my tongue into her recesses, deeper and deeper with each swipe. Her girly parts are reacting to the attention. Her lips swell and spread. Her love canal is opening up to me. Fluids are flowing everywhere and my mouth and face are becoming wet. My tongue work increases in speed. This is one part of our “meals in bed” I really enjoy. I am able to pull her fluids into my mouth, swish them around with my tongue, taste her sweetness, and swallow her. My head is buzzing with excitement, arousal, and anticipation.

Down at the other end, she is likewise stepping up her ministrations on my cock. Her lips and tongue are working their magic all over my cock. She reaches up with a hand and begins to lightly cup my balls and stroke my perineum. Arrrgghh. The sensations are overwhelming and I feel certain that I am about to blow my load of cum right then into her mouth. The feelings are soooo wonderful. Somehow I manage to contain the cumming climax.

I am losing my focus of my oral play on her pussy. It is time to change the activities.

I push myself up and off of her. She protests, but ever so slightly as I pull my cock out of her mouth. She knows what is cumming next and she is not actually disappointed at all. I swing my body around, move down the bed and position myself between her widely spread legs for a more direct oral assault on her pussy. Before I start, I grab two bed pillows. She raises her hips off the bed and I shove the pillows under her ass. This raises her lower body up and provides me much better access for my oral activities and later for the fucking she will be receiving.

Quickly I return my mouth to her pussy. She is awash in wetness which I gobble up with my tongue. From this position, I am able to shove my tongue far deeper into her. She likes this. She likes this a lot. The tip of my tongue can almost reach her G-spot and then I slide it forward up along the roof of her vaginal opening toward her clit. I swirl my tongue around her clit and the surrounding sensitive flesh. I press my tongue against her labia and take long licks along each of her lips. God I love kissing her this way. By her moans and body motion I am certain that she likes this also.

I continue my oral assault by taking more long luxurious licks of her canal, lips and clit. My speed is ever increasing as I press my tongue more firmly into her flesh. Some of my licks are targeted at her anus which is easier to access with her ass raised up on the pillows. Sometimes I even press the tip of my tongue into her ass. Then my tongue drags back up to her wet succulent lips, into her canal, reaching for her altıparmak eskort G-spot again. I can easily spend 5-10 minutes at this stage of our love-making. Using only my mouth and tongue on her tender, sensitive and very wet girly parts.

{The changes in a woman’s pussy which results from the proper attention is really quite amazing. From a dry, pair of lips which hold tight the secrets hidden within, to an open flower of luscious wet flesh, the lips swelling, the fluids flowing, the love canal opening. The intoxicating aroma that comes forth. It is such a wonderful sensory experience. I never get tired or bored experiencing this transformation.}

Once again it is time to bring more resources to play. I reach my left hand up to her breast and begin lightly squeezing her breast and playing with her nipple. Fortunately I have long arms and can make the reach. This additional stimulation upon her nipples furthers heightens the sensory assault on her body. She is moaning more. Her breathing is quicker. Her body twitches uncontrollably.

My right hand begins by stroking the insides of her legs from mid thigh up to her pussy. I repeat several times this delicate light stroking up one leg and then up the other leg. This heightens her arousal from the anticipation of knowing where my fingers are going next. My tongue is still on her clit and my left hand is on a nipple.

The tip of my right index finger reaches the entrance to her love canal. I play some with her slippery wet lips and then slowly slip the finger inside of her. By the change in her breathing pattern, I sense her enjoyment. The feeling side of my finger tip runs up along the top of her canal, searching for her G-spot. I can feel the change in the texture of her slick wall when I hit the spot. She moans a low guttural moan.

I settle into a rhythm of my finger working inside her and my tongue licking her entrance from as far inside it can reach up to her clit. Slowly the pace increases. I twist and turn my finger inside her as I continue an in-and-out stroke. I mash my tongue against her labia and slurp up and down. Her breath quickens.

Without a hesitation, I slip a second finger inside. Another gasp as she clearly feels and enjoys this. I continue pumping these two fingers in and out, twisting as they move so as to cause different touching pressure to different points inside. I frequently stroke her G-spot. Sometimes I turn the fingers over, touch-pad side down and drive the fingers deep inside. This method allows me to touch and feel her cervix. It is a smooth round mound deep inside her love canal. My tongue continues its assault on her labia and clit. Fluids are flowing everywhere and we are already creating quite a wet spot on the pillows and bed sheets.

As I quicken my pace, she is moaning, gasping for air and her body is trembling uncontrollably. The build up to a climax is a long slow process for her. She does not have a quick trigger. But I have discovered that if I attempt to rush her to orgasm too quickly, the rush of intense stimulation can overtake her and actually prevent a climax. It is a strange paradox which I still do not understand, but have learned to accommodate. Like driving a car, there are skills necessary to reach the intended destination.

To extend the experience, I change the pace by slowing down a bit. My tongue backs off a bit so that I am just barely touching her sensitive spots with very light flicks on the tongue tip. I avoid direct contact with her clit and lick circles in the flesh around that spot. I slow the action of my two fingers to gentler long slides in and out.

On an out stroke, I switch fingers. Instead of using my index and middle fingers, I switch to my middle and ring fingers. I don’t know if she notices the quick line-up change. My intents are to lubricate my ring finger as it will soon have a different destination.

The slower pace has allowed her to regain some composure. Her breathing becomes more normal. I can feel her body relax a bit. I continue a slower, measured pace of stimulation inside and outside her love canal. My hand on her breast is now slowly massaging her soft fleshy mound.

Once I have properly lubricated my ring finger, I once again switch back to index and middle finger inside her vagina. Now my slippery wet ring finger is at the entrance of her anus. Because of the flood of girl juice that had been flowing out of her, there is a stream of slippery juices from her vagina, down to her anus, and onto the pillows below. It is easy for me to begin sliding my finger into her ass. A gasp comes from her mouth.

With slow delicate motions, my ring finger slides in and out of her ass, a tiny bit deeper with each forward thrust. Likewise the index and middle fingers slid in and out of her vagina with each of these movements. Within a minute or two I am able to fully bury one finger into her ass and the other two into her sopping wet pussy.

As I begin to rebuild speed with the penetrations into her two holes, I also intensify bursa otele gelen eskort my oral assault on her clit and upper vaginal wall. With my other hand I again more forcefully attack her nipple. Her body quickly responds. Her breath quickens. The moans become more frequent and her body begins to twitch and tremor.

It is becoming time to close in on the kill. I can feel my own heart pumping. My actions with my fingers and tongue become fast, hard and intense. Her fluids flow so rapidly that at time I have to come up for air. Her hips are now bucking in response to my assault on all her sensitive spots.

As the last straw I pop my finger out of her ass. This action frees my other two fingers for deeper penetration along with a twisting turning action within her vagina. My fingers are fucking her mightily. My tongue is assaulting her clit with maximum pressure and speed. My finger tips are hitting her cervix and the larger third knuckle of my index finger is deep enough inside her to stimulate her G-spot.

Her orgasm hits her with a wallop. It is sudden and intense. She releases a quick scream. Her vaginal walls clinch on my fingers. Her body bucks, shakes and twists almost as if a bucking bronco attempting to dismount its rider. I struggle to hold her in place, keeping my mouth on her pussy.

She squirts. Not a big squirt, but it is a squirt. I am not sure she is fully aware that she has squirted. However, I know it for sure. Her squirt has a musky tasting, and is a thicker liquid than her normal vaginal girl-juice. (It is definitely not urine, I know that taste as well.) The moment that heavenly, musky taste hits my tongue, I know I have reached my first goal. I smile and have a warm feeling inside.

My cock twitches between my legs. Although my cock has been without direct stimulation for over 15 minutes while administering this oral assault on her pussy, my cock is still rock hard and ready for action. The tangy, musky taste of her squirt on my tongue sends a direct signal to my cock to be prepared for action, and soon. My cock is ready.

My wife’s orgasms are not a sudden spike and then over. Once I had gotten her to that height of stimulation, I keep her there for minutes with continued work by my fingers and tongue. I dial back some on the speed and intensity so as to allow her to enjoy this rolling orgasm.

But I know she wants more.

= = = = = = = = = = =

After a few minutes of continued oral and finger stimulation, I back off and rise up on my knees. I bring my cock to the entrance of her love canal and slide the cock-head up and down her sopping wet labia and clit. She bucks her hips at me, attempting to draw my cock into her as quickly as possible. I do not tease her for long.

With a long, slow deliberate movement, I slide the full length of my cock into her slippery wet pussy. It feels sooo good. The intense sensitivity of my cock, the tingling feeling inside, makes me believe that a premature ejaculation is about to happen. But I am able to hold back. Even with the intense stimulation to my cock, I am not ready for my balls to release their load of cum.

I lower my head so I can kiss my wife. We hold this position for a moment. Then I begin my lower body movement, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy with long, slow deliberate movements.

I pick up the speed a bit and we enjoy the intensity of the stimulation within our bodies. The feeling of her very wet, slippery pussy wrapped around my cock is just exquisite. Occasionally I use a hand to play with her nipple, or I reach lower and touch her clit with my thumb. We are having fun and a luxurious time. My thrusts became harder and deeper. I can feel my cock head at the back of her vagina barely touching her cervix.

Our position is her lying on her back, her head and shoulders on the bed. Two pillows support her ass, so she is tilted up toward me. Her feet are still on the bed. I am kneeling between her legs and my cock is buried in her pussy. I am leaning over her body, kissing and touching her in various sensitive places. {I just wish somehow that I could be flexible enough to have my cock in her pussy and still be able to lick her clit with my tongue.}

I rise up into a more upright position over her and grab both her legs behind the knee, and lift them up over her body. Using my hands on the back of her thighs, I spread her legs with her knees nearly touching her shoulders.

I start plowing into her. My cock is taking long strokes from outside her vagina to a point fully buried within her. As the angle of penetration has changed, my cock-head is now banging against her cervix. My thrusting pace has quickened significantly. The bed is banging against the wall. Our breathing is hard and fast. We are both sweating profusely from all parts of our bodies.

I continue plowing into her.

I shift my body position to create new points on pressure contact with her pussy. Some strokes are against the top of her pussy, against her G-Spot. Then some strokes on one side or the other of the walls inside her vagina. Some stokes have a downward slant, bringing pressure near her anus. I am mindful that my stokes from a fully withdrawn position back into her are on target for her pussy and do not go off target into her ass. {That has happened before but that is another story for another time.}

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