“Somehow we pulled it off.”

“Sorry, what?’ asked the bartender.

“Nothing, just excited and talking aloud a bit. Don’t mind me, just happy” I smiled a giddy smile, and checked my watch for the tenth time since the barkeep brought me my drink. “Hey since you’re here, I’ll take another though.”

The bartender in black pants a white apron, efficiently brought me another drink. It was sweet, the bubbles only added to my effervescent mood. You and I agreed to meet at this bar. It was 9:37 and 44 seconds, but who’s counting? I slowly crept towards spontaneous combustion as I waited there, at the bar, for you. Somehow we managed to go to the same state, the same beach, with time to spend together. Now, all I had to do was wait, for you. 9:37 and fifty two seconds.

I turned from the bar to take in the scene. If I had to choose a bar to spend an eternity of slow motion sips and pent up energy, this would be the one. A gentle breeze moved the hanging lights ever so slightly. I looked past the pool to the beach, the eastern sky a cocktail of blue and pink as the sun set behind me. I felt slightly underdressed in my flat front shorts, sandals and my favorite polo with the blue stripes, but my attitude put me beyond reproach. Everyone seemed to understand that for me tonight was special, my world had extra color and flavor and for an evening the whole world would turn to my rhythm.

I took another drink. Fizz tickled my nose, the breeze shifted slightly, and I knew. I turned and from fifty feet away you and I locked eyes. I don’t know if you stopped walking or time itself paused to savor what passed between us. You recovered first, beaming a smile that snapped me from my reverie. I toss a few bills onto the bar; grab my light bag, flying by instinct you and I stop two paces apart.

Suddenly the energy that had drawn us together was trapped between us. Both afraid to ruin the moment, and not daring to touch. We smile sheepishly as the enormous weight of our desires press down on us and pin us to inaction.

“Hey.” You giggle.

“You look great,” I complement “but you didn’t have to wear red. Its not soccer night.”

“Shut up.” you tease back.

“Let’s walk.” We turn in unison and head for the beach.

I still don’t know exactly what we talked about, as we walked along the darkening beach. Your red dress fluttering in the gentle sea breeze. I am sure it was about travel, and excitement, yet danced around what we both really felt. Much like you and I walked together a foot apart, avoiding the pull towards each other.

A wave slowly crept onto the shore, and I took a step away from the water. We bumped shoulders. You stopped in mid sentence and bumped your shoulder back into mine. My arm slid around your waist, it felt natural. We looked at each other; I knew you were ready to progress. I extended my left arm down the shore.

“I want to enjoy this,” I exhale as the tension breaks, “walk with me.”

You and I walk quietly together, a eskort bursa couple, along the beach. The stars dulled only by the pale luminance of the moon. I am intoxicated with your scent and the simple physical proximity denied to me for so long. We are alone, the waves slowly lapping on the shore. My bag slides off my shoulder. I stop and put the slightest pressure on the small of your back, you turn willingly into my arms, our lips inches away. You and I have perfect clarity while the rest of the world is lost in the hiss of translucent bubbles of fizz. Pulled by the tide we come together to kiss.

Our arms tense around each other binding us close as our mouths move in unison. I kiss one lip then the other, paying homage to both the way I dreamed. Our tongues meet and flick playfully before we press our mouths together, exhaling from the release of passion.

We kiss deeply, hands still at first. Then mine slide up your back I begin to feel the contour of your body. I pull my lips from you, and pull your body tightly against mine. I lean forward to whisper into your ear.

“I have waited so long for this” I whisper between kisses along your neck. Your moan and gasp are all the response I need. I look into your eyes and then I am overwhelmed again, I kiss you. I kiss you with all the pent up feelings, I kiss you to show you how I feel, and what I need.

Somewhere in the kissing our hips begin to move. You can feel me press against you. You feel me throb against your body. My hands run down your sides, and under your skirt. I run my fingers along your thighs. I kiss the front of your neck, down to your collarbone. Suddenly it’s on.

My shirt comes off first. Then I pull your dress over your head. We kiss again, uncoordinated as our hands explore each other. You undo my shorts as I take off your bra. I help with my shorts as I take your nipple into my mouth. You reach for my cock, but I brush you away. I fall to my knees in front of you to better lavish attention on your nipples. You grind your hips into me, as I lick one then the other nipple, letting my teeth gently rub against your breast. One had goes to the small of your back, helping you grind yourself into me, the other reaches into my bag and pulls out a blanket. I throw it behind you and then begin to kiss my way down your chest. I lower you onto the blanket, all the while kissing your belly button. As you lay down, I kiss your hip bones and hook my fingers into your red panties. They slowly slide down your legs and I follow them with kisses down your thigh, to your knees and your calves.

Holding one leg, I take my lips from your ankle and look at your naked body, writhing. I begin to kiss my way back down your leg. My right hand holding your leg, my left sliding up and down your sexy body. I lick your inner thigh, and begin to gently kiss your mound. My hands reach up for your breasts. Your move your hips trying to get me to stop teasing you, but I still kiss just around your lips. You can feel bursa ucuz eskort bayan me breathe on you. I watch you wet lips part as you rock your hips, I don’t want to wait. I take one long slow lick up your wet slit. Then another, I put my mouth against your pussy, and slide my tongue inside of you. Rolling my tongue around inside of you, my hands explore your curves. I begin to really focus my attention, using my mouth to give you pleasure. Teasing licks followed by deep probing kisses.

I raise my eyes to watch you writhe in the moonlight, your body glistens and undulates arousing me further, pushing me to bring you closer to release. Gently my tongue flicks your clit. I kiss around it while my hand slides down to rub against your flowering lips. I can hear desperation in your breathing; I lower my mouth and wrap my lips on your clit, sucking it, slowly running my tongue along it. I do this again, enjoying your reaction. As I do it again, I slide my fingers in you, gently rubbing your g-spot. My tongue on your bud, by fingers inside you work in unison, faster. Your hips buck, your thighs squeeze, but I focus on the pleasure, on your sexy body and the sounds of passion. My fingers tease and rub your gspot my tongue dances with your clit. Circles, slowly, then faster again. You are getting close; I slow one more time to tease you, a happy smirk on my face. Then I move quickly, simple motions, harder and faster. You moan and I go faster still till I feel you tense. I slow was the waves of orgasm hit you. Slowing I become more gentle with my touches on your sensitive body. I kiss your thighs, your hips and my hands massage you.

As you come down, I sit up. My boxers finally come off. My hard cock twitches with desire at the site of you. Kneeling between your legs I run my hand along you.

“Do I need to wait?” I ask

You pull me towards you, apparently I do not.

Your lips part as my head slides in you. I stop to enjoy the sensation of you enveloping me then slowly push my shaft into you. I gently grind as my hips reach yours. Then pull slowly back savoring the feel as each inch passes through you. I push into you again, grinding harder. I don’t pull back I just grind my hips while deep inside of you.

I kiss your neck; my hand runs along your sides our hips push against each other, taking me ever deeper.

“I want to watch you,” I whisper into your ear, “I want to watch you ride me, watch you cum.”

We shift positions. You lower yourself on my engorged cock. I press my hips up desperate to be inside you. I smile as you lean forward hands on my chest and begin to ride me. My hips move instinctively, beyond my control, lifting you yet you control the action. Sliding back and forth, the up and down, I move inside of you filling your and pressing into your soft flesh. I put one hand you your hips while the other reaches up to caress a nipple. Your eyes fill with passion, mine with lust. You begin to ride bursa merkez eskort faster with a purpose. Your body heaves and gyrates on me; I slide a hand down and press against your clit. You grind and ride and I rub in time. Suddenly you moan and clench, I am pushed beyond control and spurt into your spasaming body. Every squeeze forces my hips to buck in response, as your body milks me.

You fall forward into my arms and we kiss. Long slow and loving, we hold each other tight our naked bodies entwined, still riding the waves of our pleasure. We roll onto our sides, me still inside of you, not wanting to break the moment. Our kisses are deep and slow; my hands massage your back, run down to your legs and pull you into me. My hips respond to the pressure, and press back into you. You realize that I am still hard. I am kissing you, running my hands over your body and slowly begging to slide in and out of you from below.

We both begin kissing more heatedly as the wonderful sensation of our bodies combined grows. Our hands grope, and the pace changes for a leisurely grind to a more meaningful rhythm. I pull your hair away from your ear, one hand sliding down your back to your cheeks. Squeezing, cupping, enjoying the feel of you. I pull my lips from yours, nibble your ear.

“Oh god, I still want you.” I moan between breaths “I want to watch the arch in your back; I want to see your sexy ass. Mmmm, oh god, get on your knees.”

We break apart and I slide out from under you, I crawl behind your kissing your back as I go. I put both hands on your hips to steady myself, you look back and me and I see that you want this too. I slide the head along your wet hole, it greedily takes the head and then the rest and as I crush my hips against you.

Your hair, the curve of your back, the flow of your hips entice and urge me on beyond what words could. I see drops of sweat on your back. I run my hands along your sides, feel your curves, watch the line of your spine. You feel my urgency and I begin to drive into you. My cock filling you deeper and deeper. I pull your hips back into me with every stroke. The head of my cock pushing your g-spot on every stroke, like a piston.

Suddenly I stop and press against you hard, my hand slides from your hips and reaches your exposed clit. I bury my cock in you as I rub your clit in unison. Our hips move in unison, slow grinding circles. Just watching your ass move tantalizingly drives me crazy. Circles speeding up as our pleasure builds.

The circles get tighter and faster as we change the motion, my dick slides in and out of you furiously as I press my fingers against your clit and we both moan. Skin slaps, we gasp for air and wordlessly express our passion. You lower your head, and I drive into you the length of my dick giving us pleasure. You lift your head and arch your back; again your body squeezes mine involuntarily. I pull you up to kneeling as I kiss your neck from behind. My hips jerk as you feel me cum inside of you. I rub your clit until you stop shaking. We kiss like that before slowly lowering ourselves to the blanket.

We cover ourselves while gently kissing and whispering. We lay like that, the sand stretches an impossible barrier between us and the world. Eventually we will have to rejoin it, but not yet, we kiss again.

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