When I think of Alisha only one word comes to my mind- ‘divine’. As soon as I think the name I get transported to la-la land. Let me start from the beginning.

My name is Danny. I live with my parents. I turned eighteen a few months ago (the feeling is as though you are receiving the President award which by the way is a huge feat.)

I am tall at 6’3 with a slightly tanned complexion. I am a gym freak and so am proud of my toned stomach with a six pack and my muscles. I am not what you call ripped with muscles all over but can hold my weight in a fight. I am average in all ways but am rather outgoing with all of my fellow mates. I am a part of a huge group and am friends with almost whole of my class.

I have no problems getting a girlfriend but I am not a player as for me relationship is all about feelings and seriousness. I have heard I have a charming smile and that my eyes has an intensity in them which conveys my true feelings.

After turning eighteen I thought I would have no restrictions at all but sadly I was mistaken! I still had curfew, if I planned a stay over I had to call and let my parents know, go to the movies let them know(you get the idea).

One day I came home from college feeling pretty good since it was the weekend and I was looking forward to watching movies and lazing around with my friends. But soon I found a note from mom stating that dad had an emergency meeting.

Since the meeting was in the same city as her sister lived in, my mom wanted to visit her sister and it was a 2 day trip. Thus it was agreed she would accompany my father.(Now you might be thinking parties, loud music and whatnot but again due to my parents all of them were squashed in the next two sentences).

She had written that my aunt and my cousin would come over to take care of the house and me and I had to call and promise her that I won’t cause any trouble to my aunt. Pretty pathetic right?

The worst thing was my aunt was much stricter than my mum and so my weekend plans went down the drains. So while wallowing in self-pity I went upstairs to change and freshen up. I was thinking on ways to enjoy the weekend without breaking any of her restrictions which I am sure would be written down and given to me to follow.

Taking my towel and razor I went into the bathroom to shave and shower and came out half an hour later with no bursa escort bayan clue at all. Finally I said fuck it and laid down to take a short nap since they wouldn’t be arriving till 9 pm.

Suddenly, I woke up to the loud ring tone of my cell phone. After checking the caller id I saw it was mom. She had called to confirm that I knew when my aunt was going to arrive and if she needed any help around the house that I should provide it without any issues. I assured her I would and hanged up. It was 7 p.m and I had no homework which required my immediate attention.

Since I was feeling horny and knowing I won’t be getting any private time due to my nosy aunt I decided to wank to relieve the stress. I scrolled down the videos on my mobile( they are well hidden I am not a fool) and after finding my favourite video I connected the headset and started masturbating. Knowing I had a lot of time I decided to tease myself and so I was masturbating slowly and leisurely with the volume high up.

I was so engrossed in my private session that I didn’t hear the front door open (my aunt has a key). My cousin Alisha came in ahead of my aunt since she (aunt)had some work to do. I was on the verge of climaxing when Alisha entered the bedroom and stopped in her tracks.

I was too far gone in my climax to do anything except cover up and scream at her to leave. After she had left, I jumped up from my bed and picked up a discarded shirt from the hamper and wiped the semen away, went to the cupboard and pulled a shirt to wear. I knew I was in trouble.

This was the leverage I had given to my cousin and knowing her it was impossible to guess what she would do next. I was thinking all kinds of things such as what my friends would say? Will she ask from me my allowance to spend? Will she boss me around? I was a wreak. I couldn’t think and so decided to go and face the music.

Alisha was sitting on the sofa still in a daze. She did not even hear me enter the hall. I called her name but she did not respond. I wondered whether she was plotting her move and called out to her again, this time she raised her head and blinked her eyes as if it was hard to focus. Before I could speak Alisha shocked me by saying,

“I am sorry”.

I was stumped. Here I was planning to beg her not to say anything and Alisha was apologising to me? What the gorukle escort hell? My mind was jumbled. I couldn’t form a coherent thought and replied in a typical male fashion,


This broke some of the tension we were feeling and Alisha started laughing, her laughter is contagious and pretty soon I too joined her. After some time we both relaxed and started speaking at the same time. So we stopped and she indicated that I speak first. I gulped thinking what to say or how to explain my previous slipup. So I just kept quiet.

Sensing I was conflicted Alisha excused me by saying,

“I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.”

Again she left me speechless, I was like what is she saying? Why would I tell someone my cousin caught me wanking. I guess she could read me pretty well when she said,

“I know you have caught me kissing in the past. My friend saw you and she informed me, I was so scared you would tell mom that I ignored you in college too.”

Now I realised what she was talking about. Of course I had caught her, how could I forget such a big story? But now I realised Alisha was offering me a way out. The choice was either I forget what I saw or don’t tell about the incident to anyone and Alisha won’t as well. It was a win-win.

I smiled and replied,


Alisha become visibly relaxed as if she were holding her breath and she in turn could see ‘relief’ written over my face. Now me and Alisha were not always close but I think this situation brought us closer than we were. We started talking.

She asked me whether I had a girlfriend since we did not run in the same circle and I replied;

“Not at the moment’.

I then asked her why she was so scared of me catching her kissing her boy friend. Alisha was quiet and I could see her blush. She lowered her head and so I told her,

“It’s all right if you don’t answer it. I was just curious.”

She said,

“It’s ok, he was not my boy friend. I was angry at my boy friend and so, kissed his enemy to get back at him. That day we had broken up.”

All this time I was subtly looking her up. I have always had a crush on Alisha but didn’t know whether it was a two way thing or not. Alisha is what we boys like to call smoking 10. Yes I am not exaggerating she is 5’9 has long, silky black hair, bursa merkez escort bayan fair complexion, her eyes are so black you could literally lose yourself in those depths.

She has a flat stomach since I know she jogs regularly, her legs are just delicious and when in skirt oh yeah! I have noticed so many boys and even my friends check her out. And being the typical male the first thing I noticed is her boobs. They are just perfect, Alisha was one of the few who has a developed chest.

I thought I was being covert but Alisha caught me sneaking peeks at her. She asked me,

“What are you looking at?”

I had a ‘caught with the cookies look’ and I am sure she noticed it too. I just shrugged it off replying,


Alisha is someone who won’t stop till she gets her answer and she gave me the look ‘you better not mess with me.’ I had no choice and so half lied,

“I was thinking why did he let you go just like that? I mean you look pretty good. He is an idiot!”

“Thank you.”

Alisha smiled her genuine smile. I exhaled having dodged a bullet but alas if life was so easy.

“Do you think I am beautiful?” she asked.

Now my mind was in over drive, was it a trick question, do I have to tell the truth, what if she thinks I am a freak? I remembered a very correct phrase ‘Women. Cannot live with them and cannot live without them.’

I replied “You are beautiful. I just told you before, your ex was an idiot to let you go.”

Alisha was gazing at me with scepticism, but she seemed satisfied with my answer. We both leaned forwards and my thoughts were ‘oh my god! I am going to kiss her!’

The moment our lips touched I was happy. I had such a long crush on my cousin and she too felt the same way. The kiss was nothing short of magical, I felt her mouth open slightly and so I pushed my tongue inside and our tongues were rolling in a dance (We were virgins but we knew how to kiss).

I don’t remember who broke the kiss first but we both were panting as if we had run a marathon. I looked in her eyes and found her passion as strong as mine. We leaned in for a second kiss but heard the knock on the door indicating my aunt was home. Alisha rushed to the bathroom and I straightened myself and opened the door to greet my aunt.

That night while lying in bed I was thinking what if my aunt hadn’t come when she had? How far would we have gone? I mean I was pretty sure it was not just my hormones speaking. I had feelings for my cousin and the kiss had opened up Pandora’s box. I was too tired from the physical as well as mental stress of the whole day and fell asleep hoping I would dream of my cousin Alisha.

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