All in the Family


Susie Chater ran up the path to her fathers house, She hadn’t heard from him since Sunday and today was Thursday. It was unusual for John Chater not to speak to his daughter almost every day, especially since her mother’s death six years ago. Reaching the door she rang the bell, then remembered her key. She heard noises inside as she opened the door and her fathers footsteps thumped along the landing upstairs. Thinking why was he upstairs, she gasped as he came down the stairs trying to tie the cord on his dressing gown. She gasped and her hand flew to her lips.

“Sorry honey, sorry, I was upstairs and…” he ran out of steam and words, halting on the stairs.

“Johnnie, who is it?” A women’s voice from upstairs. A women, what? Susie’s mind was exploding and her voice was small and frightened.

“It’s OK Dad I’ll… I’ll… you… Perhaps I’ll call back later, yes, that would be…”

She also ran out of conversation and backed out of the doorway, pulling the door shut and running back down the path.

Twenty anxious minutes later she was outside her Brother Jamie’s place having parked nearby. She rang his doorbell and waited. No answer, she found his spare key and let herself in. Walking though the hall she heard the sound of his radio in the bathroom. She walked in without hesitation to find Jamie lying in his bath, a flannel over his face, the radio blaring out the commentary for his favourite football team.

“Jamie I need to talk to you.” She shouted over the radio, then reaching out switched it off. Jamie sat up and looked round at her.

“Hallo sis, what are you doing here?” he grinned, dropping the flannel in the water.

“I went to see Dad and he was upstairs undressed and with bursa eskort bayan a women.”

“Lucky sod!” grinned Jamie wringing the flannel out and starting to wash himself.

“Jamie! That’s not what i wanted from you.”

“OK, OK, so Dad’s found himself a women. Susie, Mum’s been gone six years, surely he deserves a little love that’s not from his daughter.”

“It was Aunty Janet’s voice!” she exclaimed.

“Really? Ha Ha, You’re kidding right?” Jamie stood and absent mindedly began to wash himself.”

“Jamie!, you’re, err.. Jamie I can see all your bits.” Susie blushed furiously but was unable to look away.

“Well usually when I wash I take my clothes off, but I can see the advantage of leaving them on and getting the washing done at the same time.”

“Ahhh! whatever, but listen, I know that voice, it was definitely Aunty Janet.”

Jamie finished washing and stepped out of the bath, Turning Susie reached for the big fluffy towel on the towel rail. Jamie grinned and took it from her and dried off. He walked past her and handed the wet towel to her. She put it back on the towel rail neatly and followed him to his bedroom.

“Are you listening, Aunty Janet was upstairs and Dad was naked. Well?”

“I bet there’s a perfectly obvious explanation and you’ll feel silly afterwards.”

Jamie pulled on his underpants, trousers and hunted for a shirt. Selecting a blue T he pulled it over his lithe frame. He slipped on a pair of loafers.

“Right come on, you clearly need to sort this out, where’s your car, we’ll go over now.” Jamie grabbed her hand and hauled her out the door.

Twenty minutes later, Susie once again parked outside their Father’s house. bursa merkez escort Jamie jumped out and made for the door. Susie darted out and held her arm behind her frantically trying to press the button to lock the car. Jamie rang the bell and searched for his key. As Susie joined him the door opened and her father stood there.

“You’d better come in, I’ve been expecting you.” He turned and walked away, Susie noticed that his shirt was flapping at the back, as though he’d dressed hurriedly.

In the lounge Aunty Janet sat in white blouse and black skirt. She nodded as they came in but stayed in the armchair that their mother had used. John Cater sat and waited for the pair to seat themselves.

“OK, I suspect you’re here because of earlier, well I need to tell you some things. Firstly, when you called Janet and I were upstairs in my bedroom. As you know Janet has been a senior nurse for a number of years and I asked her to come to look at something on my back. Janet had a few days leave and has been staying in the spare room. It took me until today to tell her why I asked her here.”

“I examined your Dad’s back and I think that what he has is probably a non-malignant mole, but and I stress but, I think he should get it looked at and checked.”

“Thank you Janet, Susie I’m so sorry that you had to find us like that, but although Janet’s my sister and a fully qualified nurse, I found it very difficult to tell her my problem.”

“Oh Dad! I’m so sorry, I never meant to cause you a problem, Oh I am such an idiot at times.” Susie moved to sit on her Dad’s lap. As she settled, she raised an eyebrow slightly, a gesture only Jamie noticed. She kissed bursa sınırsız escort bayan his forehead and stood up, Well we’ll leave you to it. Come on Jamie.”

Jamie stood and went to hug Aunty Janet, who leaned up to embrace her nephew. Jamie froze a little as she clasped her to him. He kissed her cheek and squeezed her back. Breaking off he stepped to shake his Dad’s hand. Susie hugged Aunty Janet and again her eyebrow lifted. Murmering goodbyes they went to the hall. Each looked at the other quizzically, then shouting a good bye they opened and banged the front door shut. Quietly they tiptoed back along the hall.

Waiting five minutes, they peeked into the lounge. John Cater looked at his sister and grinned.

“Well that was a close call, but I think they’re satisfied, I feel mean but this is our secret.”

“Certainly is Johnnie my boy. What would they think if they knew we’d been lovers for over forty years.” Giggling Janet stood and removed her blouse revealing her large breasts unbounded by a bra, then slipped her skirt down over her bare body. She walked over to John, as he lowered his trousers to reveal his thickening cock. His shirt was discarded as Janet knelt with a leg either side of his thighs. Lowering herself down she rubbed her pussy over his erect cock, He grinned and scooped her breasts up with his hands, moving to her face he kissed her and their faces melded together. Moving up off him, her hand found his prick and inserted it into her very damp entrance.

In the hall Jamie placed a hand round Susie’s waist and the other over her mouth. Redfaced they listened as their Aunt and Dad enjoyed a frenzy of lovemaking. Finally Aunty Janet leaned back as her hips rocked over their father faster and faster. Her guttural groan preceded a series of short thrusts and their father lifting his back side off the chair to penetrate his sister as deeply as possible when they climaxed.

“Fuck me!” said Jamie loudly as they walked back into the Lounge, seeing Janet and John slumped together in the chair totally spent.

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