Amanda’s Story Ch. 2

Arms Behind

The second day

You may recall from yesterdays encounter with my brother, that I had suddenly become aware of something very significant. My brother was hung like a donkey and was willing to fuck me at a drop of a hat; Mom and Kenneth where going away for the weekend. I was told that under no circumstances was Steven to have a party, and I being the loyal daughter I agreed.

I knew that I had a body that men desired. The more I teased and tempted them, the more they wanted it. My brother was no exception to this. I recalled how powerful I had felt since yesterdays hasty fuck in the games room while flaunting myself in front of my brothers I remembered the look of lust and desire in his face as he peered at me when I sat opposite him at the breakfast table.

Mom was dressed in a white silk kimono that showed of her curves nicely, she had a good body and more than once I had hoped to be as good looking as her when I got to her age. As we sat there Kenneth came in wearing a black kimono that matched moms except for the colour. The first thing he did was kiss me on the top of my head and then went over to mom and rubbed his hands over her rounded arse pulling the kimono up giving us a flash of her soft cheeks, mom stepped away from him and it dropped back into place as she continued to preparer his breakfast.

Steven and I just sat at the table as if nothing had happened but I think Kenneth knew that we had seen it all. He turned around and the bulge in the kimono made me aware he was horny and looking for a piece of arse. I got up and announced I was going to take a shower and walked out of the room swaying my arse as I had done to get Kenneth’s attention the day before and when into my bedroom and removed my night shirt as I walked in. I turned on the shower and stepped into its southing stream and I showered away all of the remnants of the nights sleep.

As I washed I realised my arse was still a bit sore from the pounding it had the day before, so after I dried myself off I rubbed some KY jelly around my arse hole to stop it bruising, I was just pushing some inside my hole when I heard Stevens voice.” Just the right position for what I had in mind.” He said with a sly smile.

“Get the fuck out.” I said but only half meaning It, he took a step into my room and I tried to get up of my bed but he was to quick for me and was holding me face down with me bent over the edge.

“Now you were doing something when I came in let me help you he said.” Picking up the tube of KY and applying a generous amount over my anus.

“Oh dear with all your wriggling I have spilt loads I had better massage it in.” he said as I felt his fingers push on my arse bud and his hands work their magic on my round, peachy arse cheeks, I tantalizingly raise them to allow him better access to my rose bud, but He move his hands all over my bottom. It feels good and I tell him as much.

I turn my head to catch a glimpse of the bulge in his trousers; I knew it wouldn’t be long before escort bayan bursa his meaty length would be pounding into me once again. I reached back and fumbled with the zip on his trousers and pulled his length away from its confines, I pumped it a few times just to get it in the mood then I guided it toward my arse hole where I wanted it to plunder.

“Go on fuck my arse.” I said as I held it against my puckered little hole, I felt him lunge forward and his length began to stretch my ring, I let out a grown as the head of his monster entered my arse for the first time.

I spread my legs wide and pushed back on him as inch by inch he vanished into my personal hole It hurt a bit as the first inch of it went in, but the further it went, the easier it became. I could feel the lubrication lining the walls of my anus as he pushed his prick deep into my anus and began to get into a rhythm.

I began to grown with each forward thrust of my brother’s master full prick I reached underneath me with one hand and began to finger my pussy soon finding my clit. I began to milk it trying to make myself cum; I soon began to feel that nice hot, tingly sensation start to wrack through me. I couldn’t scream, but my body shuddered as orgasmic waves pulsed through me. This caused my arse muscles to contract even tighter and that was enough to send Steven over the edge. He started to groan and then I felt his hot liquid hit my insides. He pumped and pumped at me for ages and at the same time he was calling me, a filthy whore and I knew that exactly what I was.

No one I knew would fuck there own brother but in my case it was worth it. I could feel Stevens semen trickling out of my arse as he pulled his spunk covered prick out of me, then he turned me to face him and I slipped onto my knees on the floor he pushed his prick towards my mouth then grabbed my hair and told me to suck it and I opened my mouth to let him use me as he wished.

I ran my tongue all over his length and then slipped my mouth down over it taking his once again hardening prick into my mouth as soon as it was safely inside he began to pump and it was soon sliding down my throat.

I ran my teeth down over his length and this sent Steven over the edge. He pulled back and slipped out of my gaping mouth just as a jet of white liquid came out of the eye of his penis and straight into my open mouth. “Oh baby, sweet baby, swallow it all down like the cock sucking whore I know you are” Steven pleaded.

“Hey, good shot Steven. None on the lips, all down the hole. Have you two been practising this?” My knees buckled in shock as I swallowed the last of Stevens’s semen, before looking through Stevens’s legs at the door to my bedroom in horror to see Kenneth’s figure standing in the jar.

He walked into my room shutting the door behind him. “Now if you have quite finished it’s my turn.” Steven got up and left the room and Kenneth sat on the edge of the bed opened his kimono and I started to suck on bursa sinirsiz eskort the second my cock of the day.

I looked up at him as he said “Suck it angle.” I began slowly to slurp on his big black semi hard cock it tasted sweet and I wondered if it had come just out of my moms pussy or her arse, all I knew it had been somewhere and with each suck, it was getting harder and harder until it was pushing at the back of my throat.

Stevens cum was leaking from my arse and had now a pool on the floor but he didn’t seem to care about that as he pumped in and out of my mouth.
“It feels so damn good.” He said, But a few pumps later he pulled out of my mouth and told me to get on my hands and knees, and told me to lick the pool of cum up while he takes his pleasure and as I felt his big prick enter my pussy I began to lap at the cum off the floor as if I was the cat at the cream all the time Kenneth steadily pumped away at my love slit.
It felt like he was never going to cum so I tried to push the pace by smacking my arse back towards his thrusts this had the effect of increasing his pace and the force of his assault on my pussy, it felt so good having this man in my sex hole knowing he was fucking my mom as well made the experience only more enjoyable.
Two more thrust an I felt his prick jerk inside me and a torrent of cum splashed into my pussy all three holes filed I felt well and truly fucked and fell forward on to the floor exhausted but happy.

“Where’s mom.” I asked as Kenneth helped me up of the floor.

“She has just gone to the chemist the bitch has just come on, that fucks my plans for the weekend.”

“And they are?” I asked wondering exactly what mom had got us into as we knew nothing about this man except he was loaded and loved to fuck.
“Your mom was going to entertain a couple of clients of mine, they are in town for the night and its worth a lot of money to me, so I need to keep them happy.”

“You say entertain, what do you mean exactly?”
Kenneth then when onto explain exactly what he wanted, I was to join the three men in there room and show them a good time after that we would go for a meal and then Kenneth would complete his business with the two men and then we would go to a club he knew, it was that simple.

“I will do it.” I said without another thought.

“I will need to have a bit of encouragement if you want me to fuck two complete strangers.”

“You will get $300 for the night and that’s it and if you are really good, I will give you a good fuck when we get home, now dress for me.”

“Can I shower first?”

“No I want you to look like a cum filed whore for staining the carpet, you are not to shower till I say so.” I looked in my wardrobe and found the perfect outfit. It was a mix of some of my old clothes and some of the new stuff that we had bought yesterday, I took the outfit in my bedroom and while Kenneth sat on the edge of my bed while I fasten my escort bayan fishnet stockings to the black suspenders, then pull on my new big shiny boots, I called them my fuck me boots and from the look on Kenneth’s face as I pulled them on I think they served their purpose.

They made me feel so powerful. I started doing up the laces, all the way up to just below my knees and then I stood there looking at myself in the mirror for a few moments. Messed up my hair, all the time I was looking at the reactions of Kenneth as I put on a black lace and satin push up bra supporting a my cleavage, down to black fishnet stockings held in place by the black suspender belt, then to finish I put on A black g-string over the suspenders so that it would be easier to take off, and then I said “I look good, even if I do say so myself.” I was amazed that Kenneth had another partial erection and he pulled the kimono apart.

I left the mirror, and returned to where I left him, His cock was already showing appreciation at my attire, but I wanted to tease him. So I ran my hands over the material that covers my breasts, smoothing them down over my stomach, down to my thighs and the tops of the stockings. I move my hands back up to my breasts. He was staring at me silently all the time.

I ran my hands over the material that was covering my breasts, running them down over my stomach, down to my thighs then to the tops of my stockings. My hands moved back up to my breasts.

I pulled my breasts slightly out of the bra, exposing my nipples then I start to play with them. I start to turn myself on; I then remove my bra and take a step closer to him. He opened his mouth and I press my left breast against his mouth; he licked it and sucked at my nipple. I began moaning, I could see that he’s was getting really turned on, so I pull back and stood in front of him again.

I stood there running my hands over my own body and through my hair and I knew the effect I was having on him as his big black prick was standing to attention as if he hadn’t been fucked for a month. I turned to face him again and I placed my legs either side of him I pulled the crotch of the g-string to one side then I slowly lowered my cum filled pussy onto his cock, it slides easily inside me as it had only a short while earlier. He groaned with pleasure, and I move slowly up again, then down hard and fast onto my master’s hard shaft. I do all of the work, he just sat back as I began rubbing my clit against him and pressing my pussy into him. Grinding and bucking against his body, onto his cock, up and down, hard and fast, slow and gentle.

I press my breasts against his chest and he kisses and licks my skin. My movements become more urgent, as I start playing with my clit with one hand, this tips me over the edge and I hold tightly to his body as my orgasm floods through me.

I feel my juices smearing our thighs, making us sticky. This new found wetness does it for him and I feel his cock spasm and just before he cum’s I jump off of him and take his cock between my breasts so he shoots his load all over my chest. I smile, looking up at him. Now that we’re finished I kiss him, then he tells me I’m the greatest fuck in the world.

What happened during the rest of the day? You will just have to wait and see?

Love linnet…

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