Amor Prohibetur Ch. 08


The Double Trouble

Dear Literotica Forums,

So let me tell you a story. You can believe it or not, but this is the way it happened. I’m a forty years young mom, and I have three kids. My oldest is my daughter Angie, age twenty, and my other two are what I call my Double Trouble. That would be Mark and Matt, who are eighteen, and who just happen to be twins. All of my kids are good looking. They got their looks from me, and certainly not from that jerk that I was married to when I had them.

I’m one of those women that you hear about, that holds out for a Prince Charming who has it all: the looks, the career, and money in the bank. And why not? I have all those things, so why shouldn’t I want a man that has the same? I worked hard for what I have, and I’m not about to share it with some slouch who’s looking for an easy sheep to fleece. I can be opinionated, and I can be outright pushy when I have to be. I’m not one of those women with no self-esteem that has to follow a man around like a dog. It’s either my way or the highway, take it or leave it, buster. I’d rather be happy and single than have a shitty boyfriend and be pissed off all the time.

My Angie, she’s fairly quiet and reserved, but let me tell you about my boys. They’re the type that used to get chased around by the neighbors when they were kids, and who gave me all kinds of headaches from the principals at every single one of the schools they’ve gone to. Don’t get me wrong, because they’re not bad kids. I taught them how to stand up for themselves and how they shouldn’t take shit from anybody. They may be eighteen, but they’re not boys; they’re men.

I may have started this whole mess, without intending to. One day we were all sitting around the kitchen table and having dinner, when one of my boys asked me why I hadn’t had a boyfriend in a while. I said that I didn’t need just any man, but if I found a good one, he would probably be a lot like my sons. I meant that as a compliment to their character, but now that I look back on it, they both might have taken it the wrong way.

I already told you that my twins are good looking. Hardly a week would pass by before they were talking about some new girls they’d met at school. My two boys always managed to get these girls to take off their shirts for them. They had picture album full of topless girls. I was always after them not to be jerks to all these young ladies. They said they weren’t, and I believed them because while they had strong characters, they also had good characters. They weren’t out breaking hearts, but they did have a little flock of girls after them all the time. Basically, I taught them to live life to the fullest today because tomorrow is guaranteed to nobody, and that’s exactly what they did. With all of those girls around, you’d think they would have had enough on their hands. Apparently, they did not, because they came along and started messing around with me.

I get out of work at about the same time they get out of school. I used to pick them up all the time, but since they’ve gotten older they either walk home together, or they’ll get a ride from one of their friends. Sometimes I’m tired enough that I’ll take a nap in the afternoon. When I get up I’ll start dinner. My boys know that and they respect that, so I have the quiet time I need. They know better than to get loud while I’m sleeping, because I can fly off the handle if they get me in a mood. My oldest daughter usually isn’t home until later, because she works during the day and goes to school at night.

Well, on this one occasion, I was taking a nap on my bed when I heard somebody in my room. I turned around to see who it was, and I saw both Matt and Mark. One of them had a video camera, and both of them were laughing. I asked them what the hell they were doing in my room, and they said they were recording me while I was sleeping. I asked them what the hell for, and they said I had a nice, fat ass. That’s when I told them to get the hell out. I thought they were just screwing around, but as it turns out that was just the beginning.

While I was making dinner, Matt came by with that same stupid camera. He told me he was going to record my ass again. As a joke, I stuck my ass out for him and told him to get a good shot so he could frame it, before I shook my head and went back to getting dinner ready.

Now, I couldn’t tell you if they came by and recorded me all the time while I was taking a nap. I just know that a few days later, I woke up, and both of my sons were in my bedroom. Like the last time, one of them had the camera in his hand. I asked them if they hadn’t gotten enough video the first time, and they both thought this was a big joke.

Mark came and sat on the edge of my bed. He said he was going to massage my legs. I was not about to turn away any kind of massage, not even if my other son Matt was holding the camera and recording it.

When I take my naps, I usually lie down with either my shorts or my sweats on, and I end up sleeping on my stomach. escort bayan bursa Mark was no masseuse, but he was decent enough that I was lulled while he was doing it. He massaged my feet, my calves and my thighs. I was happy enough with the service that I let Mark choose what he wanted for dinner.

The following day, I took my nap while wearing my shorts. My sons let me sleep near to the end of the usual time, but they did come into my room before I’d gotten up. This time, Mark was holding the camera, and it was Matt who volunteered to give me a massage. I said sure, what the hell, I’ll take another one, because for me those massages don’t come but few and far between.

Matt worked his way up in the same way that his brother had the day before, from my calves up to my thighs. He went up higher on my thighs than I expected, and I was getting good and ready to stop him. It was a toss-up, because I was enjoying what my son was doing. I kept myself prone on the bed, and I let him knead my thighs up really close to my ass. I could feel him inching closer, and I remembered that whole infatuation they’d been having with my ass recently. I thought that maybe they dared each other to do it. I wondered if the price I’d have to pay for that massage was for my son to cop a feel on me, while my other son got it all on video.

Matt did put his hands on my ass. He worked it just like he’d been working my legs. It felt nice enough that I let him keep going. Like I said, I hadn’t had a boyfriend in a good while. Nobody had been paying attention to my body that way. I held my pillow tight and I closed my eyes and took it all in.

I almost lost it when Matt’s hands went under my shorts. My son was feeling me up through my panties! I’d buried my head into my pillow by then. I was moaning into my pillow. I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t stop him except there had been no man in my life recently.

When Matt’s fingers pushed my panties aside, I braced myself tight. When he pushed them into my pussy I did lose it and I started moaning out loud. I either forgot or ignored that my other son was still in the room with the camera. I hadn’t had anything in my pussy for so long. I was trying to rationalize to myself that my son had earned it by giving me the massage in the first place.

He did a good job with his fingers too, because I ended up pushing my ass back into his hand, until I went through an orgasm. I let him keep doing that until I’d calmed down again. When I finally reached back to stop him, Matt simply went back to giving me the massage. He went up my back and did my shoulders. If there was going to be any complaining from my end, it vanished after that extra effort.

My sons weren’t shy about it either. They were teasing me later by telling me that they were going to put the video online. I warned them not to do it. They thought it was all a big joke, but they did clam up when my daughter got home.

I had sweats on the next day, and they let me get most of my sleep. When it was almost time for me to get up, you guessed it; my Double Trouble came into my bedroom again. When they asked me if I wanted another special massage, I said bring it on.

I guess it was Mark’s turn, because he came over to the bed while his brother was standing there holding the camera. I asked them if they were going to record everything, and they said it came with the massage. Fine, I said. I turned onto my stomach so Mark could get started.

Mark had a tougher time because I was wearing sweats. He did his massage over the fabric. He went from my feet all the way up to my neck, before he started his way down again.

I was in some kind of mood when he pulled my sweats down and started massaging my panties. I wanted magic fingers, and I really clenched my pillow when Mark began tugging at my panties. He got my sweats and my panties down to my knees, which kept my legs close together. I expected that he would be pulling them further down in a minute.

Instead, Mark got off the bed. I turned back to look, watching him take off his shorts and boxers, before I saw how hard his cock was. It wasn’t right, I thought, for a son to do to his mother what my Mark was about to do to me. He got back into the bed with me. I told myself that I should stop him, as he drew his body over me. I didn’t do anything except grab my pillow as his thighs pressed down on mine. His cock brushed past my ass while it went to my middle.

You could say I was dripping wet when his cock went inside of me. I started squirming and moaning my head off. I felt my ass bouncing from his movements. My son was fucking me, really fucking me, right there on my bed while my other son got it all on video.

He must have been as worked up as I was, because it didn’t take him all that long to start groaning and pounding into me. He gave me one really good thrust, before he came unglued and shuddered over me, while his cock shook itself out inside of me.

They said that this time they were bursa sinirsiz eskort really going to put the video online, before they ran out of my bedroom laughing up a storm. I didn’t bother chasing after them, because after being alone for so long, I really had needed that fuck. The toss up was that the eighteen year-old stud that had given it to me was my own flesh and blood, but I was willing to overlook that part.

I had both of them hovering around me for the rest of the afternoon, flirting with me and petting me, but they never disrespected me because I would not have tolerated it. We are all adults, and we were acting like adults. Again, when my daughter got home my sons went back to being their normal selves.

The next day I was so wound up from work, that I wasn’t able to take my nap right away. My sons were already home. I told them that I wanted one of them to come into my room and get me to relax. Of course you know I was pushing for another massage, and to emphasize this I stripped down to my underwear and lay down on my stomach. Matt gave me that massage. While he was doing it he unhooked my bra and pulled my panties off. At the end of it, he prodded me up on my hands and knees. He massaged my back and my ass until I was worked up and ready for more.

Matt left the bed while Mark walked around with the video camera in his hand. The fact that what we had done and what we were about to do was being recorded didn’t really bother me anymore. You could even say that it was getting me even hotter. Matt got back into bed with me, naked. He gave me a good feel-up, before he got behind me. When he put his cock in me, I really cut loose. I bucked back into him and gave him a real ride, if you know what I mean.

If I gave you the impression that I’m one of those docile women that just lies there and lets a man do whatever he wants to me, you’d be wrong. The first couple of times, I hadn’t done much because I couldn’t believe that my own sons were doing this to me. Now that we’d gotten past the initial intros, there was no reason for me to hold back.

My Matt had his little orgasm, much too early for my tastes, but what can I say? My pussy is just that good. LOL! Besides, I still had Mark around to take care of me later.

I’m also the kind of woman that likes a little cuddling after sex. So I kept Matt with me and I kissed him and cuddled with him until he got fed up with it. He finally got off my bed and left the room. I was satisfied enough to take my nap.

When it was around the usual time for me to get up, my Double Trouble came back into my room. Mark was itching to get to me. Since I was good and ready after my earlier romp, I pretty much ordered him to get on my bed. Matt was in charge of the camera. I didn’t need any foreplay this time, and so I pulled Mark right up next to me.

Now, he was expecting me to turn around and put my ass up for him, but I like to vary my lovemaking more than most women. I stayed there on my back and I spread my thighs out so my son could see how I wanted him. This made Mark nervous, I could see it in his face. I guess this was because he’d have to look in my face while he was fucking me.

I wasn’t going to have any of that! I pulled him over me, but I didn’t push him into action right away. Instead, I ran my hands over his arms and back, and I squeezed his butt a few times. I was seducing him by warming him up first. I let him savor the feel of his chest on mine. I went on to start kissing him on the cheeks and neck, and I ran my hands through his hair.

He warmed up, all right. He started kissing me back like he meant it. Then he pushed his cock into me and he looked down on my face, and he started kissing me again. I have to tell you, that was one of the best fucks of my life, with my son’s cock pushed all the way into me, and him not moving at all but kissing me and caressing me. When my son did start moving, he held himself up on his arms and looked down at me, while I kept my hands on his chest and stared back at him. I held him really tight to me when he had his orgasm, and it came much too quick for my sexual appetite. I would have to get them to work on their stamina, I thought, but for the moment I wasn’t complaining!

Oh, and since they’d both done a good job for me, I ordered their favorite pizzas for them later as a reward. My daughter couldn’t understand why we were all laughs and giggles when she got home.

So, yes, the next day this playtime had to continue. My twins were no longer hanging out with their buddies or talking to girls after school. Instead, they came home right away to be with me.

My two young men were both in the living room when I walked in. One of the first things Matt asked me was if I’d like a massage. I said maybe, but I especially wanted some cock. I stripped right there in front of them both before I motioned for Matt to follow me into my bedroom.

I told my son that if he paid some attention to my tits, escort bayan and if he ate out my pussy, I would give him the best blowjob of his young life. He wasn’t as shy as his brother had been the day before, so he agreed. Well, my son went on to give a pretty good licking. Not only did he pay attention to my tits, but he did my stomach and my sides, too. He wasn’t what would you would call proficient at oral sex. That was okay, because I didn’t mind it so much if he learned that art at my expense.

He did get me pretty hot, enough that I knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied with only giving him a blowjob. I settled him down on my bed. Before I began to service him, I told Mark that if he didn’t mind putting that damned camera down for once, he could join the party. I even wiggled my ass at him so he would get the hint.

He didn’t put the camera down at all; he got video of me the entire time, with him pushing into me from behind and making my ass ripple, while I was busy taking care of his brother. I got the one to cum in my mouth, while the other one came in my pussy just a few minutes later. Then I watched the video of it. I got turned on so much I could hardly take my nap. There was one unexpected surprise. Matt was tired enough that he took a nap with me. I cuddled and spooned with him while I slept.

Later, Mark came by and woke us up. He asked me if I wanted a deluxe massage, which I thought was hilarious. I told him that since his brother had been nice enough to let me hold him while I slept, I was going to nail him first. This got us all to laughing again.

Just to be sure Mark wouldn’t get jealous, I went over to him and got down on my knees. I gave him a… a deluxe blowjob if you want to call it that. He had the camera on me while I did it, and this was enough for me to make like a porn star. I stared into the camera while I worked him. I licked around his cock with my tongue, and I deep-throated him, too. When I felt him getting close to his orgasm, I milked him off until he came all over my face, just like the sluts in the porn movies do. I told you I went farther than most women would, even with my own sons. I wasn’t going to stop there, either.

I went into my bathroom to clean up my face. While I was in there I got my little jar of lube out. I told Mark he was going to want to record this, because I wanted to watch it later. I put the jelly on his brother’s cock. Then I went and leaned over on the side of my bed and told Matt to come and get some ass.

Now, I guess he was a little nervous, because he took his time in getting up behind me. I knew this was his first time doing it this way. For a moment I thought he wouldn’t go through with it. He did, though. He pushed right up against me. I felt his cock push in between my ass and start going up my butt. I’d done it this way before, but only with a couple of guys. It made it that much more thrilling for me to have my own son doing it.

It was wild, for me to feel him bounce up against my ass like that, and for his cock to be where it was. I guess I started moaning so loud that none of us heard my daughter come into the house. Angie came in all right. She must have heard me right away because she walked over to my bedroom door and looked inside. What she saw was Mark with the video camera, and Matt fucking me in the ass.

We didn’t even know she was there, until Matt had his orgasm and lay panting on my back. Mark walked around us to get a different angle. When Mark paused and looked toward my door, I looked over too, and that’s when we saw Angie. You could say that my daughter was shocked, as she quietly left and went into her bedroom.

Now, my Angie is a very well grounded, very conservative girl. She has her college, and her job and boyfriend. Angie doesn’t like it very much when her plans deviate from exactly how she wants things to go. She’s the type of person who foregoes fun for work. You can imagine how my conversation went with her later. She wouldn’t even leave her room! I had to take dinner over to her. She felt betrayed, she said. I asked her, who the hell is betraying you? I just told her that I needed a man in my life, and my twins had volunteered. If I didn’t see anything wrong with that, Angie would just have to get over her own hang-up and grow up.

I wasn’t ready to call it quits just yet, so I ended up inviting Matt to spend the night with me, as long as I could cuddle with him when we were done.

The next morning, nobody had to go anywhere, thank goodness, because it was Saturday. I got up bright and early and made omelets for everyone. Since I was on such intimate terms with my young men now, I wore only a long tee shirt and thong panties. Smelling breakfast, my Double Trouble drifted into the kitchen, where they pinched my butt and kissed me a few times before they settled down to eat. I ate with them. As we looked at each other it was understood that we were all going to have a fun day together.

When breakfast was over, the three of us went into the living room, where I sat on the couch with my sons on either side of me. I took turns kissing them. We were all petting one another, and it was only a matter of time before things got really heated up between us. Since Matt had spent the night with me, Mark wanted me first. I said all right, bucko, how do you want me?

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