Amy’s Urges


My name is Amanda Bonnerman, a mother of three beautiful girls, and a hard working secretary of a wonderful man known as Mr. Summers. Nothing sexual of course, seeing as I have always looked up to him as a second father figure. He was a family friend to my own father and has been there for me through a lot. Ever since I had lost my husband, he has gone above and beyond to help support myself and my family when needed. He has even provided me a job with flexible hours. Which I couldn’t be more thankful for.

He pays me well and hasn’t made the stereotypical advances on me as you hear about in the news off and on of bosses screwing their assistant’s only to end up blackmailing them later on. However, despite all his wonderful help and a stable job, I can’t help but feel a bit empty inside. It feels as if something was missing, and has been missing for quite some time now. I sit at my desk, run errands for Mr. Summers, and get off at 4 o’clock every day. I am given plenty of time to spend with my girls, even getting the weekends off to do with it as I please. But no matter what I do, from scheduling games, and going to practices, and doing all sorts of activities I still feel as if I am missing a big piece in my life.

Excitement, Curiosity, Wonder, all of these things are non-existent to me. But I still am grateful for everything I have so I make sure to work hard, such as now while I sit at my desk as my fingers dance across the keyboard clicking of the keys echo around me at my desk outside my boss’s office.

Finishing up typing up a rather extensive file into the computer I clicked the final period key before saving it away in the company files. I reach my arms above my head stretching outwards giving a slight yawn. As I look down the hall, I see my coworker and best friend Sam walk towards me with the everlasting smile upon her face.

“Hey, you ready for our lunch break?” I stare at her awkwardly for a moment not quite understanding why she might be asking to go to lunch so early.

“Oh, is it that time already?!” I asked and would look down at my computer screen, astonished to see that it had already was 12:32pm. I chuckled ever so lightly, giving a small smirk. “I have been trying to get all these files copied into the computer that time must have just flown right on by without me even noticing.”

I looked up finally ungluing my eyes from the clock only to see Sam waiting for me to answer if I wanted to go get lunch. Sam was a bit taller than me with long, brown hair. Her and I met on my first day here, she had been working for Mr. Summers and was to teach me everything I would need to know since she had been moved up to work with someone higher up. I quickly gathered my purse, and pushed the call button on my desk to connect with Mr. Summers office.

“Mr. Summers, I am going to be taking my lunch now if that is alright.” I asked figuring he wouldn’t have a problem with it as this was my normal lunch hour.

“Not at all, go on ahead, I will call if I need you.” He told me. Standing up with a smile I stretched out a bit sore from sitting for such a long period of time, straightening my blouse up a bit I headed towards the doors to go out for lunch with Sam.

Sitting down at a local cafe, I ordered a simple BLT sandwich and a small glass of water. As a mother of three I don’t have much time for the gym, so I try to watch what I eat. Though it doesn’t seem to work so well as my ass just seems to get fatter and fatter lately. Sam sitting across from me leaned in forward. “Did you see that new guy on the third floor?” I shook my head at her.

“He is so hot; I feel like I could break a rock on his ass!” I giggled at Sam. This has become quite normal thing for her and I, as she is going through a stage in her life which includes several different men. Her husband had recently divorced her, after she found him in bed sleeping with a girl old enough looking to be a college student.

So when she starts to talk about a different guy, I try to play along and listen to her tales or as she calls it “slut gossip.”

“So, tell me. What has been happening in the life of Amy?” She asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders holding my glass of water in my hands. “Not much, you know the same. My ten-year-old is doing good in school. My six-year-old just only started school, and really seems to love it. Then my eighteen-year-old is quite a handful. She has been more aggressive lately and of course I could tell her to move out, but I don’t want to lose my girls. I love them too much.” Sam escort bayan smirks. “You mean you love looking at her college ass.” I go wide eyed. “Sam!” I yell but quickly go quite as the waitress walks up and hands us our meals.

After she left I leaned in forward closer to Sam, scowling. “Sam, Don’t talk like that about my daughter.” I scold her. only to have her shrug slightly. “You can’t tell me that Ally doesn’t have that large ass you had when you were her age.”

I blush a little in my cheeks. “I still don’t look at her that way.” Sam picks up her ham sandwich, taking a small bite before speaking again. “Well, all I am saying is she just looks a lot like you at that age.” I nod to her, knowing full well she has snooped through family photo albums and have gotten glimpses of me in my youth. “Well, I will admit she is beautiful, but I do not look at her or her ass that way.”

Sam tries hard only to fail hiding a large smirk spreading across her lips. I pick up my sandwich and begin eating a bit of it trying my best to ignore the ever growing smirk. “What’s with the smirk?” Sam shrugs giving a slight giggle. “What? Come on spill it.” I demand of her.

“Well, I won’t lie. I have checked your daughter out quite a few times when you’ve had me over for dinner.” I nearly choked on my sandwich as I reached for my water to take a few gulps. “You do what?” I ask in a loud whisper.

“Amy, come on. She is a young adult and I just happen to notice her ass jiggle. Especially when its right in front of me! And those gym shorts she wears all the time, it is hard not to look at what is very thinly covered.” I stare at her in disbelief. “I wasn’t even aware you liked girls!” I tell her, having been completely thrown off by this conversation.

“Well, at first I didn’t. Not really. But then everything happened with Chuck. I… I mean women have always been beautiful to me. But after Chuck left me. I decided to hit the bars, and one night there was a drunken college girl dancing all over me. With a few shots too many on my behalf, I decided why not try what my ex-husband did.”

I leaned forward slightly curious myself now. Never having told Sam of my days in college where I too had my own sexual explorations with women. I was even a submissive pet to this one girl named Victoria, who owned me and used me for a year before dumping me. A while after that I had met my future husband.

So the idea of other women was an actual turn on for me. And to hear my best friend, and coworker Sam, come out to me and is now a carpet muncher too, I grew ecstatic.

Sitting back, I tried to act calm but my pussy was slightly wet as Sam finished telling the story of her one-night stand. “I see, Well… I guess whatever makes you happy Sam.” She smiles seemingly pleased that I was accepting of her life-style.

After finishing our sandwiches, I headed back to work. Sitting at my desk now was a much harder thing to do as every time I began to type. My mind would day dream of Sam in bed with me. Her head between my legs, as her tongue darted between the lips of my pussy. Even the very own thought of my tongue in her pussy sent chills down to my clit.

The rest of my time at work was nothing but sexual frustration, and fantasies of being a submissive again like I was in college. Perhaps that is what I was missing from my life. The sexual adventure that I once had in college.

Without getting a lick of much work as I could have done, I finally clocked out at four and got in my car. Heading home letting the music fill the air all around me as I tried to combat all the early thoughts I had let fill my head at work. When I arrived I was greeted at the door by my two youngest daughters. I bent down giving Savannah, my six-year-old a kiss on the cheek. “Ah! How was mama’s little girl today?” I asked stepping inside the door and closing it behind me.

“It was great mama! I got to finger paint, and play on the monkey bars on the playground! Jimmy pushed me down, but it was okay. I told on him and he got a time out!” I made a sad pouty face at her. “Aww. He pushed you down? I sowwie baby.” I cooed at her.

“As long as you are okay though.” She nodded her head with a big smile. I gave her one more kiss on the cheek before letting go of my soft embrace with her. “Go watch some T.V. honey, and I will be in shortly to join you.”

My twelve-year-old followed right behind me. “I got an A on my science test!” She shouted. Turning around I gave her a big surprised face. “An A?! That’s altıparmak escort bayan wonderful Rin!” I told her. Rin being the short brown haired tom boy of the three. I was surprised to hear she was actually doing good in science. She more than often spends her time enjoying the athletics department rather than hitting the books.

“I am proud of you baby!” I told her walking up and giving her a kiss on her forehead. She smiled brightly. “So if I get another A. Will I be able to get ice cream as a treat?”

I cocked a brow at her with a smirk. “So, you are trying to bribe your mama huh?” She giggled innocently. “Alright alright, if you get another A, I will get you ice cream.” Rin threw her hands in the air and shouted a joyful “Yay!” as she ran off.

Taking a breather, I set my purse on the counter in the kitchen and leaned against the counter. My eldest daughter Ally made her way in. Having thought about what Sam said before. She was right. Ally did look a lot like me when I was that age. Wearing nothing but sporty navy blue elastic shorts and a tight t-shirt you could definitely see what Sam was talking about with her clothes thinly covering her body. Her tits were as big as mine but firmer, and her ass was very large and jiggled with each step. God how I would love to bury my face into ass’s like that.

With my cheeks a blush I shook my head to get those thoughts out of my head about my own daughter. She of course looked at me curiously. “You okay mom?” She asked. I nodded my head. “Yeah, I’m okay. Just a long day, and I am feeling a bit light headed.”

She walked up giving me a hug. Her breasts pushed into mine as she wrapped her arms firmly around my back and squeezed. Taking in her smell, she smelled wonderful like always. Our Pomegranate shampoo fragrance in her hair just made me want to stay there and melt in her arms.

Pushing back a little bit I closed my eyes and forced those thoughts out of my head. “No, I can’t be having these thoughts about my daughter. She is my daughter for crying out loud.” I told myself.

She pulled back. “Oh the girls got their homework done, and I just finished mine. Would you like me too cook for you and you can go lay down and try to feel a bit better?” I smiled and placed my palm against her cheek. “I would love that sweetie.” She nodded and walked over to the cabinet’s grabbing some pots and pans. “I am going to head up stairs and take a shower instead, and see if that helps.” I told her. A long shower is exactly what I needed right now. Not only for my head but to hopefully cleanse my mind from the vile thoughts I was having of my daughter. She nodded to me. “Take your time.”

Surprisingly to hear that from her, seeing as she had been so rebellious lately. Usually fighting with me and arguing over the littlest of things. But I really appreciated the help. Especially now since my head was in the gutter and dragging my mind through taboo places.

After my long shower I made my way down stairs. Having thrown on a loose shirt long enough to double as a sun dress and some panties. I sat next to my two youngest, they were watching SpongeBob Square Pants on the T.V. After a few moments of watching with them I got the strong smell of the food Ally was cooking.

Smelling the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen, I decided to get up and see what she was cooking. In the kitchen she was busy making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. As I watched her stir the pot I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. She hadn’t noticed me yet. When she moved left or right to grab something her large ass just bounced and jiggled in her navy blue shorts. I licked my lips lightly as I let myself wonder what it would be like to just pull those down right now and dive straight for her.

When she turned around I sat up straight. Blushing a bit, I cleared my throat. “Hey sweetie. Uh I was checking to see what you were cooking.” She smirked. “Just spaghetti.” I nodded to her. “Smells divine! I can’t wait.” She chuckled and continued to cook. “It will be done in a few. I will let you know as soon as it is.”

With a nod I headed back into the living room. Sitting back on the couch I stared at the T.V. screen. Not really watching what was on I just loved spending time with my youngest girls even if it meant watching their cartoons. While I was zoned out from the T.V. I couldn’t help but get caught up in my own head. “What is wrong with me? Why am I picturing my daughter and I together? That is sick. Who does such nilüfer eskort a thing?”

Slightly disgusted with myself I pushed the thoughts into the back of my mind and tried to focus on the television for most of the evening until dinner was done.

After having climbed in bed exhausted by now. I laid there in the dark of the night. I couldn’t help but think about Sam. What she might be doing, or rather whom she might be doing right now. With images of Sam and another woman flooding my mind one after another it was finally too much for me to just try and sleep off.

I got up out of bed walked over to my dresser and pulled out a vibrating pink dildo. Quickly getting back into bed I placed the vibrator against my panties and turned it on. Feeling the buzz against my already wet panties felt wonderful. I began to sink back into my mind once again enjoying the feeling that was reverberating through my entire body.

I couldn’t help but picture Sam spread wide open with my tongue darting in and out of her pussy. Even envisioning the taste knowing she had to taste quite delicious with how many men, and women she has been with. And oh the sounds she would make, moans filling the room as I ate out my best friend. “Oh that’s it slut. Eat my cunt. Just like you have always wanted to. You filthy little bitch.”

Slowly moving my vibrator into my panties I eased it into my pussy. I bit my lip to keep from screaming out in excitement, as I pictured more of Sam and I. Slowly pumping my pussy with my dildo imagining it was her tongue sent shivers down my spine and chills to my clit.

I couldn’t help but imagine Sam now on all fours. Her tight ass sticking straight up at me, with a black collar around my neck I leaned forward sticking my tongue, she grabbed onto my collar and buried my face straight into her pink puckered little hole. Moving my tongue vigorously back and forth enjoying being held in place right between her tanned firm ass cheeks.

“Oh that’s it you slut. Devourer my asshole.” She demanded of me. Of course I enjoyed every moment of it. Picturing the taste of her ass on my tongue. Shoving it as far as I could get it.

Sam groaned and moaned as I bounced my face between her ass. Tongue fucking her shitter for all I was worth. After a few moments she pulled away. Turning around and grabbed my hair, throwing me back onto my back.

I began pumping my dildo harder and harder into my cunt. Keeping my eyes closed focusing hard on my fantasy. My orgasm getting closer but I needed more… Dirtier even.

Picturing my daughter now as I was on my back. Ally had a black strap-on attached around her waist. Her perfect plump and firm tits hanging out for me to see. “Is this what my mother wants?” I whimpered and pleaded as best as I could with my eyes as I slide my hands under my thighs and spread wide open for her.

“Yes baby! Shove your cock into mommy. She hasn’t had any for a long time and I want you to take me. Use me like a rag doll baby girl! Make mommy feel good. I want to be yours, please take me.” Without another word she plunged the hard plastic cock deep into my cunt. I could almost feel her breath upon my skin just as I fucked myself to the rhythm I fantasized about.

My daughter fucking me harder and harder. Pounding me relentlessly. I watched her breasts bounce wildly as her pink nipples hardened up with each thrust she plunged into her mother’s cunt, my cunt. My body jiggled with each massive slam into my pussy. “Be my little bitch mommy! Say you are mine!” My daughter shouted. “Be my lesbian fuck slut!” Oh god those words I envisioned were all that I needed.

Picturing just my daughter fucking me. I slammed my dildo as deep as it would go. The vibrator directly against my G-Spot. I lifted my ass off the bed, biting harshly upon my lip as I burst, with an orgasm so hard it caused my eyes to roll into the back of my skull. The most glorious sensation coursed through my body like a rapid river washing over me.

With my warm juice squirted all over my sheets I let go finally over my vibrator and collapsed into a heap on my bed. My dildo pushed out of my cunt as wave after still slowly rolling through my body I laid there on the bed motionless from my blissful experience.

Panting heavily with sweat beaming down my forehead and a small glistening of sweat shining ever so lightly on my shoulders in the moon light that had been able to penetrate the ever so blackened state of my room. I have never cum so hard in my life or at least that I can remember in the longest of time that I have been alone.

The very taboo of it being my daughter, that sent me over the edge into a world unknown to me. For those few moments. Nothing matter to me, mind numb. I sat there thinking about my daughter and me. Not caring how wrong it was. Just how good it felt to want it.

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