An Average Guy Ch. 04

Balls Massage

You know the score with real life etc.

Just want to say thanks for sticking with me.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to read all of the previous chapters.

I was doing 90 on the freeway.

I had no choice, every time the speedometer dipped below that, Alice would yell at me for going too slow.

I couldn’t help but laugh that my sister, who had once been so terrified of my driving that she would barely get into a car with me, could be egging me on to go faster. Then again, I had calmed down with my driving due to the fact that I needed my licence for work. Unfortunately, Alice wouldn’t let me make work one of my priorities.

I didn’t want to push her. I’m afraid of no man, not even Bob, but hell hath no fury…

That pushed me into anger, as I thought about what I would do to him. Wedding day or no wedding day, I’d get him back.

Not that I really owed my sister anything, we were both the reason we were in this mess, but I didn’t see her getting beat up and thrown into the snow. I didn’t see her – our – family turning their backs on her. I wondered about the whitewash Bob had poured over the situation. Alice was raped? His oh so perfect daughter was taken advantage of by her no good brother?

Fortunately for me, the turn for the Airport loomed.

I signalled and rolled to a stop at the bottom of the off-ramp. I signalled again and pulled out, landing us neatly in the airport.

I pulled into the long-term car parking, and paid the attendant.

Then we walked towards the terminal.

Now, I need to sort a few things out. I know I’m coming across as obsessive, and I know that I shouldn’t be doing this for Alice. I shouldn’t be playing happy families, I shouldn’t be rolling over and acting like nothing’s happened. It has, and I’ll never forget. My sister could have my blessing then she could go to hell. I wasn’t playing her games, and I sure as hell wasn’t sticking around. Bob and Mom had made their decision clear. Though they ‘missed me’, I was sure I wasn’t going to have a warm reception. I didn’t care. If he tried anything, I’d show him what happens in a fair fight. I knew that my whole family had decided I was the reason this had happened. I wondered if Alice’s fiancée knew who the father was. And why wasn’t the baby adopted? I had all these questions bouncing around my head, and I knew they needed to be answered.

The plane landed on time, and we disembarked quickly.

I walked to the rental desk after we claimed our baggage, and signed for the usual beige-mobile. I hoped I wouldn’t be here long enough to scream in frustration at it.

I slid in behind the wheel and adjusted the seat for my bulky frame. Alice took the passenger seat. She spent the whole journey bitching and moaning about how she hated being in San Francisco, blah, blah, fucking blah.

You know the feeling of nervousness which builds in the pit of your stomach, until you feel that you may actually vomit from it? That was the only thing I can recall from the blur that was the drive to my hotel. Alice had offered to let me stay at her house, but I liked the freedom of my own place. Added to that the fact that I didn’t particularly want to be in her company all that long, a hotel was definitely the way to go.

I simply dropped her off at her house and left. I was at the end of my patience with her bitching and moaning about everything. I hadn’t noticed before, but it was a gaping character flaw. I reached into my pocket for a smoke, and lit it, inhaling deeply. I wasn’t sure if I should have been smoking in the rental, but like I cared. I just rolled the window and hoped it wouldn’t smell when I handed it back.

Anyway, I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how I was going to play this. I hadn’t been given adequate time to prepare for my ‘wedding present’, and as such I didn’t know how it was going to work.

I relaxed, feeling absolutely stuffed. The beer and food were taking their toll, making me want to fall asleep there and then. There was nothing like a hamburger and chips which was the size of a semi-truck. Well, not quite, but you get the picture. I loved JJ’s, but JJ’s was a place I hadn’t been since I moved out of my parent’s. It brought back memories of my childhood, when Bob used to bring me and Alice here and then later when I used to come here with friends. I’d been in San Francisco for two days now. I hadn’t seen Alice since I dropped her at home. I didn’t care. She’d tried calling a few times, but I wasn’t interested. I was mainly interested in running errands, ahead of my wedding surprise. gorukle escort bayan

First things first, I decided to go see Lewis. He was a good guy, and I wanted to patch things up after everything. I could understand his reaction I suppose; if I’d been in his place I’d probably have reacted to it in the same way.

I rolled to a stop outside his place, my eyes playing over the neat flowerbeds and mowed lawn. The place had definitely seen some else’s touch since I was last here, Lewis was a slob. It was unlikely that his mom had done it since she’d had a stroke not long after I’d last seen Lewis. Maybe his sister, Becca? I wasn’t sure.

I turned the motor off and hopped out, breathing deeply in the fresh air. Rental cars tend to have two smells and two only: the smell of stale sweat and musty fabric or the overpowering “shit I can’t breathe” type of air freshener. Mine was definitely the former.

I walked briskly up the path between two bushes and rapped solidly on the freshly painted door. It was opened and I came face to face with my long-time best friend.

The last time I saw him I’d cussed him out and pinned him against a wall before leaving, so I was unsure what his reaction would be. I mean, sure, we’d had fights before, usually after a few drinks and we’d laughed them off, but never after he’d found out about me and Alice.

I was met with a lopsided grin.

He’d put on 10 or 15 pounds, making him look healthier than ever and shaved the stubble. Hell, he actually looked cared for.

“How’re you doing, bud?” He greeted casually.

“I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for company.” I joked.

He laughed and stepped back, gesturing for me to enter.

I stepped past him, and strolled down the corridor into the kitchen.

“You got coffee?” I asked him.

“Sure, ’bout to make some bacon too if you’re interested?” He replied.

“When there’s bacon involved I’m always interested.” I laughed.

I leaned back after eating the mountain of bacon, sausage, eggs and beans he prepared. See, that’s the thing about Lewis. He has his priorities in order. Food first, talking second.

“So, what’re you doing back in town man?” He asked.

“Alice’s wedding, I guess. Mom and Bob won’t be too happy I’m here but she asked.” I answered.

“Sure that’s a good idea? I mean, I know she’s your sister but Jay’s a real good guy man. I’m not sure what he knows about you and Alice, but you can be damn sure he won’t have a good opinion of you. You should hear the kind of bible-bashing bullshit your mom keeps coming out with. I mean damn, she won’t even talk to me since…” He was cut off by the sound of the door closing, and heavy footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

I tensed slightly. I wasn’t sure what I’d be met by. As it turned out it was a guy around my age, short black hair and a few bags of groceries. Expensive looking jeans and watch, but aside from that he was genuinely unremarkable. The kind of guy you see as an extra in a film set. Don’t remember what the extras look like? You see my point.

“Mike, this is Joe.” Lewis said nervously, “… my partner.”

“No shit.” I laughed. “Nice to meet you man.”

I shook his hand.

“I take it you’re the guy he keeps talkin’ ’bout that’s some big deal up north?” He asked.

“That’s probably me.” I replied.

“Well, it’s good ta meet ya man. Why don’t you guys go sit on the sofa and chat while I put these things away and clean your dishes up? As I understand it ya have a lot ta talk about.” He smiled warmly.

Lewis got up.

“Come on man.” He said and gave Joe a quick kiss.

We went through to the sitting room and sat on a comfy leather couch.

“When did you guys get together? And more importantly when did you decide you were gay?” I asked incredulously. This guy had more pussy than I did in high school.

“I don’t think I am, as such. I’m still attracted to girls, but nowhere near like I am with Joe. I finally get how you felt about her. Anyway, I’ve been with Joe around 8 months now, something like that. I met him not long after you were last here.” He smiled. “You should have seen Becca’s face when she first met him and realised he was into all that shopping shit. You know me, man. I’m just some mechanic with oil under my fingernails, so like I give a fuck about looking good. I only make an effort because I know Joe likes it. Speaking of Becca, have you seen her since you got back? She wants to talk to you.”

“Bec? Why?” I asked, curiously.

“That’s no business of mine, I’m just nilüfer escort bayan the messenger. Tell you the truth, she wouldn’t tell me. Must be good though, she was insistent as hell that I get you to go see her. She’s sure that you’d turn up for Alice’s wedding, so you know how it goes. She was away in college when you left, and she was pretty cut up I think. She was always into you.” He shrugged. “She probably wants another pop.”

“Yeah, because getting murdered by you was on my list of things to do.” I replied.

“Why would I do anything? She’s a big girl and it’s not like you’re an asshole. Anyway man, I’m sorry to kick you out but I have things to do.” He eyed the kitchen door.

“I get it bro, I’ll come by sometime later this week.” I patted him on the shoulder and left.

After another torturous ride in that piece of shit Toyota, I pulled up in front of Bec’s apartment. I figured I’d get through my obligations as I came to them. It was a relatively new block, and remarkably clean. Way I figured it was that Bec would find the nearest, cheapest place to hang her hat and that’d be it.

Apparently not.

I lit another smoke as I sat in the car, waiting until the nicotine hit me, calming my nerves. Truth be told, I’d always known Bec had liked me, but I guess I’d ignored it because of Lewis. Now that I knew I was in the clear I was debating going up there, giving her a stiff one, and getting the fuck out of there. I decided against it, given it was my best friend’s sister after all. Also, given that she’d been a little nerd last time I’d seen her, more interested in Facebook and gaming than reality I figured she’d be spotty as hell with no people skills. Not what I wanted from a lay, in honest terms. I wired my iPhone into the car’s sound system and selected an album. I figured if I was spending any time back home I should at least have good music to relax to. I scrolled the screen, flipping past Architects and Gojira, and finally settled on Pendulum. Some Drum and Bass was what I needed right now, to pump me up and get me in the mood to face Bec. I knew that she knew about me and Alice, and in all honesty I wasn’t sure how she’d react.

As Watercolour finished, I figured it’d be a good time to go up to her apartment. In all honesty I was slightly worried about the reception I’d get. Admittedly, she’d asked to see me, but it’s not like she owed me anything. And I figured that most people with siblings would feel like I was a pervert for what I’d done.

At this moment I felt like a pervert.

I knew that was irrational, of course, but given I hadn’t seen her since we came back to Cali, it wasn’t an insane stretch to believe she’d brought me back here to torture me some more. To see my daughter cared for by another man…

I wrenched myself out of my thoughts and rang the buzzer for number 13. Lewis had tossed the number to me before I left, figuring that I might not be here for long and assuming I’d deal with what I could before I went off to my lonely life back in Forks.

In all honesty, at that moment that was all I wanted to do. I mean, what the hell was I doing here? Giving blessing to a girl that couldn’t give one fuck what I cared about her, and only gave a shit about herself.

“Hello?” The tinny voice resonated from the cheap speaker.

“I hear you wanted to see me!” I responded confidently, knowing my deep voice was relatively recognizable.

“OH MY GOD! COME UP!” She squealed.

So I pushed the door and walked up the stairwell.

The blue door was open as I hit the second floor landing, so I simply rapped twice and walked in.

I immediately did a double take.

I had been confronted by a drop-dead gorgeous girl, with light green eyes and dark brown hair. She almost looked fragile she was that beautiful. I didn’t just look into those eyes; I fell into them and started drowning.

“… holy… ahem… Bec?” I stammered.

“You missed me, honey?” She replied with a mischievous grin.

“I… uh… What the hell happened to you?” I asked, struggling to push the mental visions of me pushing her up against the hallway wall, lifting her skirt and shoving my dick so deep inside her she’d choke on it.

She giggled and didn’t reply, instead spinning on the spot and walking into the sitting room. My eyes, and erection, followed that fantastic ass in the light blue skirt. It was like a magnetic pull. I was powerless to resist walking after her, just to keep that wonderfully shaped and perky ass in front of me. I’m one of those bursa otele gelen escort bayan guys that has a thing for tall women, and at 6 feet she fit the bill perfectly.

I managed to pull my thoughts together long enough to sit on the sofa. She immediately passed me a beer, which I drank gratefully.

“So, I hear you’re back in town to give your blessing to a skank?” She said venomously.

“I guess I am, yeah… I don’t think… I think it’s a way to twist the knife to be honest.” I replied, hoping the strain hadn’t reached my eyes.

“I see. Well, if you’d like a plus one I’ve just bought a new outfit.” She smiled. “I had a feeling you’d want someone that didn’t want to blame you for everything.”

I was hoping that she would blame me for something, and hopefully her punishment to me would involve us both being naked. I pushed the thoughts down and forced myself to answer her question. She’d noticed the bulge in my pants though. I could see her eyes raking the tent in my jeans, and then flicking back up to my face.

“Happy to see me Mike?” She winked.

“In all honesty, yeah. I can’t think when the last time I saw you was, but you’ve changed. A lot…” I tried, and failed, to prevent my eyes from taking in her perfect breasts, with slightly erect nipples and then roving down to take in her tanned, shapely legs that were crossed, with the skirt ending around 5 inches below her pussy. She shifted slightly and I caught a glimpse of black lace.

She whistled to me.

“Mike, my eyes are up here. You have to buy me a drink to get to that.” She laughed, taking the sting out of the first sentence.

“How about dinner?” I asked, hopeful.

“How about you bend me over this coffee table and fuck the shit out of me?” She replied, with a grin.

With that she uncrossed her long legs and stood up. She crossed the floor with one movement and straddled me, lowering her soft, moist lips to mine and lowering her crotch and mashing it against my painfully erect cock. I was momentarily dumbstruck, but when her lips hit mine I responded in earnest, feeling her thrust her tongue into my mouth. She groaned softly, and rubbed her pussy against my swollen cock, restrained in my jeans.

I picked her up and spun her so she was led on the couch underneath me, with me in between her legs. She grabbed my belt and deftly unlatched it, heading immediately for the buttons underneath. In one fluid movement she had my jeans around my knees, and she delicately stroked my balls with her left hand, whilst moving her right hand up and down my shaft. I reached for her pussy and roughly pulled her panties aside, feeling how wet she was already. With that I inserted my middle finger into her dripping, tight pussy, and I toyed with her clit with the ball of my thumb, making her tense up. I pulled away from her and pulled her to her feet, guiding her to the coffee table, bending her over and pulling those panties down to her ankles.

She quickly stepped out of them, turning her head so I could kiss her more. She moved slightly backwards so the head of my cock was lined up with her deliciously hot, wet pussy, and I pushed, bottoming out in the first stroke. She whimpered and started using her right hand to toy with her clit. I pulled back, and then thrust in again, roughly slamming into her. I felt her pussy walls tightening then with a scream she squirted her pussy juice everywhere. I continued fucking her in earnest, but every time I felt her tightening I’d slap her hand away and stop fucking her until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

She pulled herself away from me, turning quickly and roughly forcing her tongue into my mouth. She pushed me into a sitting position on the sofa and straddled me again, allowing my dick to slide into her. She starting fucking me quickly and within seconds I was ready to cum. I felt her walls tightening, and heard her whimper, and she came, squirting her nectar all over me. That was enough to send me over my own cliff and I came, spraying her insides with my hot cum.

We sat for a few seconds, then she kissed me passionately.

“Fuck, I’ve wanted that for almost ten years.” She practically whispered.

“I was always here.” I replied.

“Not like you are now. Today, now, I’m the only girl in the world to you. I can see it in your eyes. That’s what made me decide today. Added to that that you’re now in my house, I can do whatever the fuck I want.” She slowly lifted herself off me. “Now, about this dinner…”

I laughed.

Sure, my sister’s wedding was in two days, but at that moment I couldn’t have given less of a fuck. The only thing in the world was this absolutely stunning brunette that I’d somehow ignored for the last 10 years.

If only I’d known what was coming.

That’s it for Chapter 4 guys.

Chapter 5 is in progress. Thanks for reading, and any feedback/ suggestions/ plot developments are greatly appreciated.


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