An Incredible Mother-in-Law


Hi; my name is Eros and I have developed quite a strange relationship with my prospective mother-in-law Laura: she loves secreting milk so much that she’s never stopped pumping it since her daughter Edna weaned herself off it at the tender age of 6 — now she’s 24, I’m 26, and we’ve been engaged for two years.

Laura’s paraphilia has been favored by her being a columnist — so she can write her articles at home, and she had had made a special bra which keeps the breast pump cups in position (the engine is kept in a pocket in a belt), so she can both write and express her milk at the same time.

I was shown her breasts, her (lacy) bra, and her pump the very evening Edna introduced me to her mom — she knew that it was impossible to be her relative or in-law or friend without seeing them in full glory from time to time, so she wanted me to be weaned on them from the very first moment.

I was somewhat uneasy that evening, but Laura kept smiling at me, and even sat leaning forward, so allowing me to appreciate the full measure of her breasts (36L); as it wasn’t enough, Edna bared her own bosom (38G), thus “legalizing” my gloating at the breasts of both.

Since then the evening went fine: Laura found me very nice, taught me how to put the cups on her areolae, and even allowed to sleep (perhaps it isn’t the right verb) with her daughter at her home — a concession she’d never made to her previous boyfriends, Edna remarked.

Edna loved making love, but she curiously insisted on getting married with hymen intact; so we have always avoided vaginal penetration, but enjoyed oral and anal sex — not to speak about titfuck – a lot.

I used to visit Edna, kiss Laura in the cheek – and more often than not she was going to use the breast pump, so I could help her disrobe and put the special bra and cups in place; Edna apparently didn’t mind, but when I was done with Laura, she bared her breasts and asked me to suckle her as if I were a child.

I willingly did that, and I was trained so well that I always led her to squealing orgasms — one per tit; Laura smiled when she saw us enjoying life so much, and she even noticed that when she saw me nursing from her daughter, her milk yield increased, giving a better chance to the newborns at the local hospital — so she urged us to get married at once.

After gorukle escort nursing, I and Edna went to her room and made love (passionately, but taking care not to tear her hymen); Edna has been unable to secrete milk so far; her ob/gyn told her that she can take hormones in order to start lactating, but she refused, as she didn’t want anybody to think that she was pregnant.

Last month Edna told me that she had won a scholarship to get a PhD overseas, together with her close friend July — so they had to move abroad for three years.

“When I come back”, she told me, “I’ll probably get a good job, and we’ll be able to marry.”

She was right, but I was very sad. Laura told me that I could keep visiting her whenever I saw fit, and Edna assented, but I wondered: “How could I bear the sight of Laura’s tits if nobody’s going to make love with me?”

Laura knew that, and the next time I went to her home, I didn’t find Edna, who was collecting all the documents the university required of her and Julia, but Lola. Actually, I knew her, as she was the escort who had initiated me to sex when I was 18; she was a good (and dear) lover, but her 34E breasts didn’t appeal to me anymore.

I was very polite to her, but she noticed that I wasn’t in the right mood; when I had to go to the john, she whispered at Laura’s ears: “Don’t waste my time anymore — Eros is mad about you.”

When Lola went home, Laura related me her words, and I blushed — her breasts have always aroused me, but I somewhat kept under my radar screen what I actually felt for her.

Laura added that it was not just because I was Edna’s boyfriend that she admitted me to so great intimacy with her breasts and that – as she’s been a widow since Edna was 8 — she often dreamed of making love with me.

I hugged and kissed her in the cheeks — but we didn’t go any further, because I didn’t dare betray Edna’s trust; when breast expression time came, I set the pump cups on Laura’s nipples and sat beside her.

I asked Laura, “Darling, you and your daughter knew that I couldn’t do without regular sex, so you hired Lola …”

“Right, but she’s not coming here anymore. She advises us to do that together.”

“But I wonder — how could Edna withstand the temptation to have sex with altıparmak eskort bayan other men? I don’t think that her hymen will seal her vagina for good — and she could claim she had been raped, she had fallen from the bicycle, an ob/gyn had to make an internal …”

Laura pointed to the library shelves, hosting tens of DVD’s, and she added: “Read the titles aloud.”

“Aimée & Jaguar, The Color Purple, Girls in Uniform, The Children’s Hour, Orlando, The Sea Purple, Lost and Delirious … they are all lesbian movies!”

“Guess who’s bought them and why.”

“Edna? But … how could she make love so passionately with me if she’s lesbian?”

“Passionately? As far as I know, she’d denied you her vagina, which has been, so to say, mortgaged to July.”

“Laura … even if you’re right, you shouldn’t out your daughter!”

“Eros, Edna’s plan is to marry you and only have vaginal sex with you until she gets pregnant. Since you don’t have a ‘gaydar’, you might not have noticed that she and July weren’t just friends.”

“Don’t out July too, please!”

“I’m not slandering, I’m warning the prospective victim of a scam.”

“Laura … you often told us that we should marry at once — why have you changed opinion?”

“Actually, Edna is bisexual, not lesbian.”

“That’s why I found her butthole somewhat larger than expected.”

“Yes. When you got engaged, I thought she was really in love with you, and I was going to keep my unrequited love secret — but when I learnt that Edna and July have applied for a scholarship at the same faculty, even though Edna doesn’t actually like the subject she’s going to study, I saw through her plans. I’m obviously glad that she’s won the scholarship — I wonder if a PhD in economics will actually make a would-be painter happy!”

“So you thought that you and me could become lovers. But don’t you think that I can’t marry a woman 17 years older than me? I’m 26, you’re 43.”

“My husband left me a huge pension. I’m not going to remarry. And I’m not advising you against marrying Edna — I’m pleading you to add me to the equation.”

Her words aroused me, I hugged her and she gave me a French kiss. I had opened her shirt and removed her bra countless times — even blindfolded nilüfer eskort bayan I could do that; I was going to remove her panties, but I found her naked genitalia instead.

She laughed and told me, “In my country women don’t wear panties, but only a petticoat.”

I took her words as an encouragement, and I massaged her labia and clit until she came; then she told me, “My hymen is torn — you can search for the G-Spot.”

Edna had taught me how to stimulate it from the rectum — but the technique was nearly the same, and I could soon drink Laura’s ejaculate; I wanted to suckle her breasts, but Laura told me: “Milk is the ‘afikoman’, the final prize.”

So I had to remove her skirt, while she was lowering my pants, and when we were both naked, I hugged, fondled and kissed her to prepare her body to take mine.

She hadn’t apparently been penetrated for some time — her vagina was somewhat dry, but it soon became wet, and her muscles were so powerful that whenever she came, I felt like my member was being nibbled.

When I came I realized that I had always loved Laura, even as a child — even though I couldn’t sexually desire her, I’ve always coveted her, and I often wondered why I didn’t deserve her as a mother — actually, had she been my mother, I couldn’t have made love with her.

After vaginal sex, she hugged me and told me, “I can’t volunteer my butt — but you can drink my milk and be merry.”

It was the first time I drank breastmilk after weaning — I loved it a lot, and I noticed that Laura too could be led to orgasm by nipple suction.

So we had to decide: to start living together, thus defying public opinion, or to meet in secret.

Laura told me: “What has noticed Lola Edna knows as well. We needn’t play games with her — we can arrange your marriage in a couple weeks; it won’t be as sumptuous as mine, but you already have the essentials, and we can make the excuse that all our money was needed for Edna’s studies, so the marriage trappings will be kept to the bare minimum.”

“And after marrying her, nobody would object if I lived with my mother-in-law.”

“Right — what will you do when Edna and July will come home?”

“If we are happy, I can be frubbly — I’ll let them live and love together. Can we make an excuse to let July live with us?”

“They may incorporate a company, with our home as its headquarters and joint homestead — so they may spare a lot of money until they really get rich. Don’t forget that, if Edna really gets rich, you’ll enjoy her riches — so do the utmost to help her!”

“What makes you happy makes me happy, Laura!”

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