Angela’s Desires Ch. 01


This how it all began. Russ had just got home from school that afternoon. He had just started to attend a college that was not too far from his location, so his mother Angela agreed that he could still live in their house while he attended college. She had been divorced for the past twelve years and since he had no siblings, it was just the two of them in their small house.

At 43 Angela is a very attractive woman with long jet black and a voluptuous build. She has had many offers from dates from men, but she focused on her career as a real estate agent and all her hard work and dedication help her prosper in her career.

Being a single mother was not the easiest at times and Russ could be a handful, but she was always a stubborn and determined woman and she managed just fine.

Russ’s friends often made comments on how attractive his mom was and he just ignored them. Secretly however he knew how hot she is and there had been many nights when he masturbated thinking about her. Dreaming and fantasying that she would come into his room one night and take him. Making him more then a son, but her lover. He knew that this was a forbidden fantasy and one that he never shared with anyone. He couldn’t help himself. The idea of a hot passionate encounter with her turned him on to no end.

When he got home that afternoon he noticed that the curtains had been drawn in the living room. That’s when he saw his mother, as she lay on the couch asleep. bursa otele gelen eskort There was a bottle of tequila on the coffee table, and Russ knew that she was out cold. She sometimes had a few shots after a hard say, and she had a few shots to help her unwind. Since she was not a heavy drinker, she would usually pass out on the couch. She was usually a heavy sleeper, so she would not wake up until the early morning hours.

He looked at her and decided not to disturb her and go and get something to eat from the kitchen. Before he did he noticed the way that she was on the couch. As she lay on her back, her legs were spread apart and he could see all the way up her skirt to her panties. This got him excited and he could not look away.

Past incestuous fantasies filled his mind as he looked at her silky smooth legs in her nylons. He could see where they started from her thigh and the skin that was exposed between her nylons and her panties. His cock got hard as he thought about how he would love to get a whiff of her panties and pussy. Perhaps even have a taste of her.

From past experience he knew that she would not wake up very easily. His excitement grew as he slowly moved towards her. The sight of her on the couch was too much for him and he could not stop himself even if he wanted to. This was a rare opportunity for him to have a taste of forbidden pleasure.

He bursa eve gelen escort bayan then got down on his knees and very carefully raised her skirt further up. He grew hornier at the site of her thighs and panties. He then bent down to take a sniff of her crotch area. As soon as he got a good smell of her, he became almost light headed with excitement as his cock throbbed in his jeans.

He knew what he wanted to do next, knew what he had to do. Very carefully, he took his hands brought them up to her panties and then very slowly pulled them down. He breathed harder as he pulled them down and exposed pubic hairs. He pulled down further and saw the lips of her cunt.

He knew then that there was no turning back. He unbuckled his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock and began to stroke it. As he played with himself, he leaned closer to her pussy. The aroma was heavenly to him and he wanted to taste her so bad. So without any hesitation, he gave her pussy a kiss. He licked his lips and tasted her and loved it. He then took his tongue and began to slide them carefully on her lips.

He then heard her stir in her sleep and he stopped for a moment. Then when he felt it was safe, he started to lick her pussy again. Tasting her succulent lips on his tongue was pure ecstasy for him. Feeling his excitement build up, he slid hi tongue in to her pussy, and he felt her get wetter bayan eskort bursa and wetter as he licked.

She began to stir and moan and he ate her out, and he could not stopped himself. He didn’t know what he would do if she woke up and at that moment, he really didn’t care. All he wanted to do was keep licking her.

She then moaned in pleasure and he felt her mover her pussy against his face and her hips moved as she enjoyed the sensation of his tongue. He began to lick a bit faster and he had been with enough women to know what was about to happen. Within moments she cried out in pleasure as she came. He felt her hot juices come out of her and he lick up her pussy. He felt his own climax build and he jacked himself off faster. He then has his own orgasm as his hot semen shot out of his cock and onto the couch and rug.

He slowly pulled away from her and he was sure that she would be looking at him and wanting an explanation of what had just happened. To his surprise, she was still asleep on the couch, as she had been before. The only thing that was different was a pleasant smile that was on her face.

He got up and pulled up and his jeans as he went to the kitchen. He got a few paper towels and went back into the living room to clean up his come and his mom’s pussy. He did this chore very slowly and carefully and took just as much care as he pulled her panties back on her and drew down her skirt to where is had been before.

When he got up and inspected his work, he was satisfied. He was sure that she would not know what had just happened and it would be as if it had never happened. But he would know the truth. And he would think about it later that night in his bed. He would play out what happened in his mind as he played with himself and wonder if he would ever such and encounter with her again.

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