Another Visit With Son


This is your old friend Cheryl, writing again about something that may be a turn-off to many. If so, please skip on to something else.

I’m a recently 50 year old married woman, but my friends say that I’m still attractive to the opposite sex as I’m 5’2″ tall, weigh 115 pounds and have dark brunette hair which is currently cut short.

Most of my stories have been in the loving wives section, but as I get older it seems that my appeal to casual sex with strangers gets harder and harder to set up as most men prefer younger women.

Not so, however, with my oldest son who lives out of town and still visits two or more times a year, and always wants to get into his mother’s pants. I should mention that he is adopted as we didn’t have children and didn’t think we could conceive at the time he was adopted. As a result he is nothing like my husband or me as he is over 6′ tall and weighs around 200 pounds. At 27 he is considered quite a catch by the young women in his area, but for some reason he doesn’t have a girlfriend now and hasn’t for a long time.

A few years ago my husband Jerry and I decided that we would have me seduce him to reassure ourselves that he wasn’t homosexual, and did we ever find out that he definitely is not! That is an old story so I won’t go into it here.

He has just returned home from his Thanksgiving visit with us and I’m sitting here thinking bursa escort bayanlar about how nice it was to have him, (literally) and wishing that he lived closer.

When he first arrived last Wednesday, he seemed to be concerned about something and needed to talk to his mother. As most mothers know, that is something we do best, just listen. Nevertheless, when I knocked on his bedroom door, he said, “Come in Mom” and I found him lying on his bed stroking his large erection with a knowing smile on his face. I backed out of the room and tried to come back later, but he wouldn’t have it.

He jumped up, closed the door and took me in his arms and escape was impossible.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” I said as he held me close and began to undo the buttons on my blouse.

“Is Dad home yet?” he asked and when I told him that his Dad was not due home until later, he let me know without saying a word that he wanted to have sex with me again. I guess I knew that I was going to give in eventually, but I wanted to try to resist as much as possible. Sadly that wasn’t possible as he stripped me of my clothes, removing his at the same time, or so it seemed and laid me on his bed on my back as he began to kiss, suck and lick my nipples until they began to get as hard as pencil erasers, but a lot larger. Moving down my body with bayan sarisin escort bursa warm wet kisses he was getting me aroused and he knew it. When he got to my pussy it was wet and ready, but he licked it and sucked on my clit until I had my first orgasm of the day and by that time my resistance was gone.

He rose up over me and offered me his 9″ dick to suck and while I merely kissed the end of it, that wasn’t enough for him and he pushed it into my mouth until I started to eagerly suck him. This had the effect of making his dick seem even larger and after a few minutes he pulled out, moved down over me and began to tease my vagina lips with the head of his dick until I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Come on Dan and stick that thing in while I’m hot and ready for you”, I pleaded.

Slowly he rubbed the head up and down and up and down until the head of his dick slipped easily into my waiting pussy. Now I was a goner for sure as there was no way I was going to stop until I was filled with that enormous and magnificent tool of his.

As he slid the length of himself into me and I arched up to meet him, our pubic bones met and a loud and squishy sound was ringing in my ears. This soon became a headboard banging noise as he slammed his meat home again and again with vigor.Now for a young man he has amazing staying power and he bursa evi olan eskort kept fucking me for 30 minutes or more and by that time I had cum at least twice more and he was still holding out on me.

Finally, as I was almost worn out but happily satiated, he shot his load of hot cum into my waiting vagina and then laid on his side while I began to feel him soften and relax. He didn’t take his dick out, however, and I knew that he had been storing up a load for me.

The two of us actually fell asleep in this position, and I only awoke to find him hard and ready to go again. He raised my legs over my head and getting maximum penetration he fucked me again and again until I had to beg him to stop.

“you’ll be here for a week”, I said, “let’s save something for later.” I was actually glad that he did stop then as it was almost time for my husband to get home and I needed a shower and a change of clothes.

“Dad doesn’t have a big one like I do, does he my son asked?

“You know he doesn’t you devil”, now get dressed and I need to shower dress and get dinner on the table. “You could stand a shower yourself you sweaty horndog”. With that I walked out and he took a quick shower.

When my husband got home he was none the wiser, and that went on for several days until I’m sitting here today, missing my horndog son and wishing he lived closer.

I don’t have any regrets at all as my son loves me in many different ways and I love him as well as my husband. I just need a little variety from time to time and this was a welcome change of pace.

Dan won’t be back for Christmas but he is planning to be here for New Year’s Eve so we’ll have to schedule a repeat during that time. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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