Ash Gets Caught Pt. 02


Ash could not believe her day so far. She had just given herself an amazing orgasm while her father and brother watched her without her knowledge. Now, they wanted her! She had always loved her Daddy and Randy, her big brother; they had been her whole world since her Mom had passed away in an accident years ago.

Ash licked her lips, now that she had made her declaration that she would masturbate for them again, and if more happened, she would agree to it, she wondered how to proceed.

She was not sure what to do, how to ask, and even though she had just gotten off, the desire inside her was ramped back up to a full on five alarm fire that she wanted extinguished as soon as possible.

Daddy still had his hands on her arms, and could read the thoughts on her face. He chuckled; his baby girl had always been easy to read, like an open book. He knew what he had proposed to her was wrong, but damn it, they lived in the open country by themselves, and no major prospects in their love lives. Why not have a little fun for a while?

Daddy looked down at his daughter, “Would you take off your clothes for us?” He asked her gently, after all, he did not want her to change her mind.

Ash nodded, and glancing back and forth between Randy and her Daddy, she reached down and grasped the hem of her shirt. She lifted it and pulled it off her head. She had laid it down on the counter, and crossed her arms self-consciously over her chest. She bit her lip in fear that they would reject her, momentarily forgetting that they just saw her naked not a half hour ago.

Randy stepped closer to her, coming up behind her. He was not touching her, but she could feel the heat of his body radiating towards her. She felt his hands on her back, and knew that he was unhooking her bra. She kept her eyes lowered as her bra fell away, letting her big breasts fall.

Ash felt her nipples grow harder with the cool air swirling around them, and felt her areolas pucker under the scrutiny of her Daddy and Randy. She could feel her neck and face growing red with embarrassment as they studied her.

“Well, say something, anything!” Ash demanded of them. It was one thing to make a proclamation of agreeing to masturbate for them, but now that she stood topless in front of them, she was growing more nervous with each passing second.

“Oh baby girl, you are so beautiful” her Daddy breathed, as he seemed to break out of the trance he had found himself in.

Daddy reached up and cupped her breasts, his large hands not quite big enough to hold them, as Randy leaned in closer, his front touching her back. Ash leaned her head back onto Randy’s shoulder, she could feel his breath on her neck.

Randy whispered, “Oh Sis, you are amazing.”

Ash smiled softly, enjoying the feel of her Daddy’s hands on her breasts. She reached up with one hand and held her brother’s head to her shoulder, ruffing up his hair with her fingers.

Daddy continued to massage her breasts, coming close to touching her nipples, teasing her.

She whimpered softly with need, but Daddy chose to resist for the moment. She arched her back more into her brother, causing her breasts to lift more into the air.

Randy’s hands caressed down her sides leaving a hot trail along her skin. He grasped her sweatpants to pull them down when she froze.

“I’m not wearing anything under those,” she spoke softly, fearful of breaking the spell the three of them were weaving over each other.

She heard Randy’s chuckle and saw the sparkle in her Daddy’s eyes as Randy tugged on her sweatpants, pulling away from her enough to pull her pants to the floor. She could already smell the aroma of her wantonness.

Daddy glanced down, looking past her rounded tummy to her shaved pussy. He couldn’t believe his baby girl shaved her pussy. He wondered when she learned to do that.

Ash watched her Daddy’s eyes travel to her womanhood. bursa bayan eskort She saw him stare at it openly, before he looked deep into her eyes again. She saw the sparkle of amusement replaced with something more, something deeper, desire. The look in his eyes gave her the courage she needed.

“Let me sit on the table,” she said not as a request, nor as a command.

Daddy and Randy moved away from her as she kicked the sweatpants off her ankles. She handed the salt and pepper shakers to Randy and climbed on the table, sitting in the center of it. Randy put the shakers on the counter out of the way.

Ash leaned back; using one hand to keep her propped up, and spread her legs. She felt her hair, secured in its ponytail, swaying against her back. She had to admit, she loved the look on both her Daddy and Randy’s faces as she sat there spread out for them to see.

Ash used her free hand; she reached up and cupped her breast, enjoying the weight of it in her hand. Her breasts were just big enough that if she lifted one up high enough and tilted her head low enough while sticking out her tongue, she could just lick her nipple.

She thought her audience may enjoy that, so she lifted her breast, keeping her eyes on Daddy and Randy, and lowered her chin. She stuck out her wet tongue and began to circle her nipple.

She heard Randy gasp in surprise.

“Wow Sis!” Randy exclaimed.

Randy could not take the sight of his little sister licking her nipple. He unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and underwear down slightly so that his massive eight inch cock sprang free.

Jack could not believe the spectacle in front of him. His baby girl was acting like a wanton slut on his kitchen table. She was licking her own nipple, her legs spread wide, and he could smell her sex. His son had just busted his cock free from the confines of his jeans. He glanced down at his son’s cock. It was a bit bigger than his own, maybe by an inch or so, but the same thickness.

“Daddy, please, pull yours out too,” Ash whimpered, having let her breast back down as she flicked her nipple with her fingertips.

Never one to let a lady down, Jack did as he was asked. He unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped his fly, and pulled his jeans down, letting his own huge cock free.

Ash watched her Daddy’s cock stand straight up, pointing right at her. She had watched her brother’s cock do the same thing. She still couldn’t believe this was happening. They wanted her! The average plump girl! None of the boys in high school or college would have anything to do with her, but here, these two handsome studs who just happened to be her Daddy and her big brother, wanted her!

Ash let go of her nipple and slid her hand down her belly to her shaved pussy. She knew learning that trick would come in handy someday. She could feel the heat coming off of her body.

“Sis, scoot closer to the edge of table, closer to us,” Randy commanded suddenly.

Ash did as she was told, and scooted closer to them. Her legs were dangling off the edge of table, and she worried for a second of the table falling over.

“Lean over and spit on my cock, please Sis,” her brother begged her.

She leaned slightly, and Daddy reached up to steady her. Randy stepped closer, so that his cock was resting on the inside of her knee. She worked a ball a spit in her mouth and leaning forward a bit more, she spit onto his cock.

“Ohhhh,” Randy groaned, and wrapped his hand around his own cock, beginning to stroke it.

“My turn,” Daddy said and tapped her on the shoulder.

Ash saw that Daddy was about a step too far away, and pulled him a step closer. Daddy and Randy’s hips were touching, but they did not seem to care.

Daddy’s cock was resting against her other knee. She leaned down and worked a ball of spit in her mouth a bursa evi olan escort second time. She tried to spit on Daddy’s cock like she had Randy’s, but it came out more like drool, dripping down onto Daddy’s cock.

Daddy groaned with pleasure, “Do that again and play with your nipples while you do it.”

She could feel their eyes burning holes into her as she stayed leaned over slightly, and letting her mouth stay open, she continued to drool onto Daddy’s cock while she pinched and pulled at her nipples.

Whether Daddy or Randy realized it or not, they moved even closer to her. Daddy reached up with one hand, placing it on her shoulder, while using his other hand to stroke his hard cock.

“My turn Sis,” Randy commanded, still stroking his hard cock.

She tilted her head, and began to drool on her brother’s cock. She was so turned on, watching her saliva get caught in their hands as they stroked their own cocks. She could feel her wetness leaking out of her pussy.

Her pussy was aching with need; her body felt like it was on fire. She pushed back against Daddy’s hand on her shoulder, leaning backwards slightly and slipped her hands down to her pussy.

“Yes Baby girl, open that pussy for us,” Daddy moaned, as he continued to stroke his cock.

Ash used spread her pussy lips with one hand, using two fingers to keep it apart. She felt the cool air engulf her clit and she moaned. She was drenched in her own juices and had barely begun to masturbate yet.

Daddy and Randy were not stroking at a frenzied pace yet, but were doing a steady job on their cocks, as she used her other hand and with one finger, found her clit. She gasped as it was already swollen and soaking wet.

“Oh Daddy, Randy,” Ash moaned wantonly.

Randy, obviously experienced, and definitely the most eager, watched in fascination as her finger began to move in circles on her swollen in clit. He couldn’t believe his baby sister was fingering her clit for him and his Dad. He wanted to taste it, to fuck her, but didn’t dare push her yet.

“Oh Sis, you slut, finger that clit,” Randy moaned, not even realizing he had just called his sister a slut.

Jack almost said something, because he recognized immediately that Randy had just called his sister a slut. He stopped stroking his cock momentarily to say something when Ash moaned.

“Yes, Randy, oh fuck yes, I’m your slut!” Ash moaned harshly, rubbing her clit a bit faster.

Jack glanced at Randy in shock, as Randy glanced at his Dad in shock. They spoke volumes without speaking a word. Jack began to stroke his cock faster, as did Randy.

“Yes my slutty baby girl, finger fuck that clit,” Daddy groaned.

“Oh Daddy,” Ash moaned louder.

Ash’s tits began to bounce a bit more against her body as she began to gyrate on the table. Her juices were soaking up her fingers, covering her hand, and dripping down onto the table. Her body felt like it was on fire with need and desire.

“I’m taking those juices Baby Girl…keep them cumming!” Daddy exclaimed, reaching for her pussy and scooping up some of her juices before smearing them all over his cock for lubrication.

Ash froze as her Daddy touched her pussy, his fingers right at the entrance to her hole, as he scooped up her juices. She could not believe he had just touched her and she wanted more.

“Yes, yes, yes, take your slut’s juices, take my cum!” Ash exclaimed as she began to gyrate faster on the table.

“Give me some too, you slut,” Randy moaned as he reached forward and got some of her hot juices for himself. He smeared the juice all over his cock before he began to stroke more and more.

Ash felt the fire inside burning hotter than it ever had before. Here were the two men in her life getting off to her masturbating, and they were calling her a filthy name. This was hotter than bursa rus escort any of the fantasies she had ever had in her life.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum soon,” Ash moaned as she wiggled her hips on the table.

“Not yet, our slut, not yet,” Daddy commanded.

Daddy and Randy each reached up and took more of her juices, which were pouring out of her. They smeared their cocks up, lathering them in her juices. Each of them began to stroke faster and faster. Daddy’s own breath was becoming ragged and he heard Randy wheezing slightly as well.

“Daddy! Please!” Ash whined loudly.

“Now! Baby Girl, cum now!” Jack commanded of his daughter.

Ash screamed as she let go. Her whole body shook as she rubbed her clit faster for just a moment before removing her hand as her cum poured from her body onto the table.

“Look at that, the slut is like fucking Niagara Falls,” Randy moaned in awe.

Jack couldn’t believe his eyes either. He also knew he couldn’t last much longer, and by the way Randy was acting, Jack knew he wouldn’t last long either.

Ash was trying to catch her breath. Her body continued in minor aftershocks after the explosion of her orgasm. She watched from lowered eyes as Daddy and Randy stroke themselves into a frenzy.

“Lay down Slut,” Daddy commanded roughly.

Ash did not hesitate, but she wondered what would come next as she laid back against the table, the cool wood a welcome respite to her over-heated body.

Daddy moved to the other side of the table, leaving room for Randy to stand between her legs. She lifted her head up, partially in fear that Randy would try to fuck her, and partially in wanton display of her body begging for it as her legs spread further apart.

Randy reached down to his sister’s pussy and took more juice, slapping it onto his hard cock. He could feel his nuts tighten, and knew that he was going to shoot his load. He was grateful Dad had thought of this, because he was going to shoot his cum all over his slutty sister’s pussy.

Jack stood at the other end of the table, where he could watch his son stroke off to his daughter’s pussy, and where he could cum all over her breasts and face. He had always wanted to do that to a woman, and now was his chance.

“Baby Girl, I’m gonna cum all over you!” Daddy exclaimed.

Ash had watched enough Internet porn in her life to know what she should do. She reached up and cupped her tits, making a proper target for his cum.

“Cum on me Daddy, cum on my big tits,” she cried out.

Jack groaned as she cried out to him. He felt his balls tighten and knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“I’m cumming my slut,” he cried out as his cock shot ribbons of hot cum all over her breasts and onto her face, some of it landing on her lips.

“Sis, oh fuck, I’m cumming too!” Randy exclaimed, as his cock shot ribbons of hot cum all over her pussy and thighs.

She laid there covered in her father and brother’s cum, still trying to catch her breath. She licked her lips, tasting her father’s cum on them. It was a salty taste, but she loved it.

Ash reached down to her breasts, scooping up some of her Daddy’s cum. Her eyes locked with his, as he stood over her, trying to catch his breath too. She licked his cum from the palm of her hand. His eyes widened as she did.

Jack did not say anything, but watched as his daughter, his baby girl, licked his cum, the seed that made her off her hand. He knew he should have been disgusted, repulsed, and regretful of everything that just happened. But, to his surprise, he was not any of those things. He was glad.

Ash, not wanting to leave her brother out, reached down to her pussy, scooping up both her and her brother’s cum, where it had mixed on her pussy lips, brought her hand up to her mouth. She watched her brother’s face as she licked her hand clean of their combined juices. She had to admit, the two of them together, tasted pretty good too.

Daddy pulled out a chair and sat down. He watched his daughter just resting on the table, and his son sat down opposite him. He knew he had to make this continue. Now that he had done this, he only wanted more. He also knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his son and daughter did too.

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