Aunt Allyn Ch. 01

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****** Meeting Aunt Allyn

I thought I knew the real story of how my mother knew my aunt Allyn. The way I was told, they had both been friends since elementary school, and they both had a crush on my father, who they had both met one summer. Dad was on the varsity football team, class president, eagle scout, voted most likely to succeed, yadda, yadda, yadda. From the way he would tell it every girl had a crush on him.

So obviously mom got dad, as I call her mom, and her best friend Allyn settled on his uninspiring twin. Settled is the running joke. Uncle Tom was not well liked, usually running into some kind if trouble and expecting dad to bail him out. Uncle Tom was one of those guys who always had a big money making scheme that never quite worked out. Anyway, this was the story the way I had heard it growing up.

The last I had seen of my aunt Allyn was when she and uncle Tom moved out to live in California. Tom had finally struck it rich on some kind of business deal that actually panned out, and decided the rest of the family could go blow themselves.

Obviously we stopped thinking so highly of uncle Tom at that point. He got downgraded from “the uninspired brother” to “that worthless assed twin.” Ever since they left I’ve heard what a self-centered ass he was. Aunt Allyn at least had kept in touch with my mom by email, maybe writing once or twice a year. While aunt Allyn apparently always defended him, I didn’t end up holding a lot of respect for Uncle Tom growing up.

I was eighteen when my mom sat me down three months before high school graduation. Aunt Allyn and uncle Tom were finally getting a divorce, she says seriously. As such, Allyn was moving back to the to the southeast, and would be staying with us for a while.

As a middle class family, our house isn’t exactly huge. It’s a two floor, three bedroom house. On the main floor are two bedrooms, one of course being my parent’s bedroom, the other having been converted into my mom’s crafting room. It was filled with yarn and scrap book crap, and I do mean filled. There is a den downstairs with an uncomfortable and awkward fold out couch, and then my bedroom. That is it as far as sleeping rooms go.

So I had to ask, “Where is aunt Allyn going to sleep?”

“That’s… what I wanted to discuss with you Jake. We will need to make her sleep on the couch in the den, unless of course you want to volunteer your room in Allyn’s time of need…?” If that sounded like a question, you don’t know my mom. There was no option here. She was being polite, allowing me to make a noble sacrifice instead of telling me how it would be. If I chose to keep my room, I would still be on the couch, just also an asshole.

Here was the dilemma. My senior year had been pretty awesome up until now. My girlfriend Missy and I had recently given ourselves to each other, if you know what I mean, and do so almost nightly. (I had made her wait until we were both 18, but it was difficult.)

My bedroom door has a sliding glass door that leads out into the backyard. Sometimes I would use that to sneak out and go to her place. Sometimes she would show up at my door and spend a few hours here with me. If auntie Allyn took over my room, it might end up being all but impossible to get laid.

When you are 18 that is a lot to ask.

Still, I didn’t exactly have a choice either. “Of course she can have my room mom. I will take the couch. When does she get here?”

“She called us this morning to tell us that she has been sleeping in a hotel but Tom has cut off her credit cards. We bought her a plane ticket for tomorrow. She will be in tomorrow around two.”

“Then where is she sleeping tonight?” I asked, honestly concerned.

My mother smiled, proud that I was already putting her old best friend first. “Of course we sent her some money dear. She’ll be okay.”

“Uncle Tom is going to be pissed. He’ll see this as picking sides.”

The smile drained from mom’s face as she stood up from the table. “Yes well, we have. Let your father worry about his brother.” And with that the discussion was over.

I told my girlfriend about what was going on that night, while she lay naked in my arms. We were at her place. “Well that really sucks. Is that why you were such an animal tonight?” she asked, kissing my neck.

“A bit. It is going to mean a lot less time like this.”

“You can still come over to my place Jake.”

“It will be really difficult. It’s not like I can just open up the garage door. It’s loud as crap. Mom has warned me how light of a sleeper my aunt is.” My girlfriend did her best to assure me a strained sex life wouldn’t affect our relationship. I could hear the white lie in her voice, the lie she was saying more to herself than to me.

The next day I left school early so that I could meet my aunt at the airport with my parents. I was only eight the last time I had seen her, and I had remembered her as pretty and fun, for an adult at least… My parents have pictures of her of course, all old, and as an adolescent görükle escort bayan adult I’ve thought of her as kinda pretty, at least in the photos. My parents were hot shit too back then I guess too, although now they are both kinda fat. I had no idea what my aunt looked like now.

When we finally saw her, I wasn’t the only one blown away. Allyn was tall, with dark red hair and a deep California tan. She was both thin and fit. Her jeans looked painted onto a pair of long legs and a tight shapely ass. In the pics she had always been small chested, but it looks like Tom had made some renovations in that area. The sweater she wore wasn’t specifically flattering, but it didn’t hide the fact that she was now stacked either.

When she finally saw us, my parents sucked in a breath, and it took a moment to tell why. That is it took a moment for my eyes to climb back up her surprisingly attractive body.

Allyn had what looked like quite a shiner on her. It was healing, but it was obvious that the black eye had taken up half of the right side of her face at one point. We all gasped and winced at the site of it. It is always horrible seeing violence done to women, especially family.

Allyn smiled meekly as she came over, and as we hugged the woman I lost all that was left of any respect I had ever had for my uncle. It was obvious that the smile she gave us hurt her face, as it came out as a half wince.

Despite her killer body, I wasn’t really thinking of her sexually. I mean, she was my aunt after all, and in pain. I thought she was hot as hell, but it was at that point kind of an objective assessment. I couldn’t not notice how sexy she was, but the idea of wanting her sexually didn’t really occur to me.

Things change. My interest in her physically grew slowly over time.

So let’s skip ahead, say…. three months.

******* The Sexual Tension Builds

As far as family drama had progressed, we had decided collectively just to tell Tom that none of us had seen his wife. We didn’t hear from Tom often anyway. Allyn got a lawyer based out of California who agreed to keep her location a secret. She flew to California every few weeks as needed.

My sex life with my girl Missy was mostly dead after Allyn moved in. We started fighting, but I had thought we would make it. I started saving up so that after I graduated high school I could get an apartment for us. I even picked one out and made a down payment.

As her eye healed, Allyn’s confidence grew. She was becoming more like her old self every day, more vibrant, more fun. With her confidence came much sexier clothes. She got a bull shit job at a grocery store, then upgraded to a job at a bank in short order. As such could afford to fill her closet (my closet) with the kinds of clothes she liked, and she liked clothes that showed off that body.

It being winter, and her accustomed to the warm winters and warmer springs of the beach, her clothes were often more tight than revealing, but she could somehow make even the most conservative outfits look like incredibly sexy. She was ready to start a life for herself. She even thought she might be up for a promotion already.

She felt bad about my sleeping on the couch every night, and made every effort to try and build a relationship between us. We had started watching television together after dark.

Early on we would just both sit on either end of the couch, a bowl of popcorn between us. We watched a lot of NCIS.It was shocking how much she looked like Holly Lauren, the now former NCIS director. Allyn didn’t see it. As graduation grew closer, so did aunt Allyn and I. Now we would sit somewhat apart only until we could hear my parents turn in. Then my aunt would get up without a word and get dressed for bed, coming back in her pjs, which half the time consisted of being braless in a long shirt and silky shorts combo, sometimes with only a robe to cover her expensive and fancy looking underwear (yes, I peeked), sometimes in what I think is called nighty? They were silky things with a built in bra. She would always snuggle up next to me under a blanket. I recently started slipping my arm around her shoulder.

She would complain about how cold it was up here in the mountains and how warm it was on the beach. I thought I was smooth rubbing her arm in a way that would let me “accidentally” rub my arm across her fantastic breasts. I would imagine myself getting brave and offering to show her how hot some old fashioned southern heat could be. I mean, we were not really related. And here was this beautiful, sexy mature woman cuddled up to me every night. So many times I imagined moving my hand that extra foot to cup her large breasts in earnest or slide my fingers down along her smooth thighs… or imagine Allyn getting bored with the show and slipping her hand under the blanket to play with my cock.

With my own sex life lacking, I spent an uncomfortably large amount of time masturbating. Often I thought about my girlfriend sure, but of course altıparmak eskort my mind would wonder, and now more often than not my sexy busty aunt would be who I imagined riding my cock as I climaxed.

At one point I grew bold enough not to try and hide the erections that would press against my boxers if I had to get up. It was a futile gesture anyway. She never commented or made any move to wear more at night. I thought she actually found more reasons, to make me get up, like sending me upstairs for water, but I couldn’t convince myself of that. Outside of our cuddle sessions things remained normal. We joked, we hung out with family, and the topic of sex never once came up in conversation.

This is where things were the weekend it all changed.

***** Graduation Day

I graduated on Saturday, and had plans to spend the weekend up in the mountains partying with a big group of friends, including my girl Missy. The fam was going to do their own thing without me. Mom, dad, and Allyn were going out with a bunch of mom and dad’s friends to a local country bar with plans of getting hammered.

When I pulled up to Missy’s house Saturday evening to pick her up for the party, she was sitting on the porch waiting for me. She wasn’t packed. Normally for a night out like this she would pack enough cloths for a small army. She walked slowly up to my window, eyes never leaving her feet, and asked if I would go on a walk with her.


So I walked with her, and she broke up with me. She had decided two weeks ago, but didn’t want to spoil my graduation for me. Apparently an hour after graduation was enough of a separation. She said she wanted to tell me before I actually got the apartment, in case the break up affected my decision. I didn’t tell her that I had already made the down payment.

Instead of going to the party I drove around feeling sorry for myself, and getting mad at my aunt. Surely if Missy had had me inside of her more often, this wouldn’t have happened. If the horny divorcee hadn’t been running game on me every night maybe I could have been more attentive to the girl I had. Maybe I would have been calling her at night instead of running some stupid impossible incestuous fantasy through my mind.

I turned my phone off and drove around for hours. It wasn’t until I was sure that my family would be out of the house with their friends that I went home. The house was empty. I made my way down to my room, not the den but my actual room. I plopped down on my real bed and went to sleep.

I had a dream in which my aunt came back to the house drunk off her ass and climbed into bed with me. As I slept she slipped between the sheets and wrapped those full, beautiful lips around my aching cock.

I woke up around 12:20 am. I felt better. A lot better. And soon I got mad at myself for missing the party. I could have gotten some ass there I was sure. It was too long a drive to go this late. Now I was awake, frustrated, and I suddenly really wanted to get laid.

I knew what club my parents were going to, so I reasoned avoiding them should be simple if I wanted to go out locally. They were going to some country club on the west side of town. There were tons of clubs and bars in this city, one of which I was curious about. All the 18 year old hotties at my school loved it. Toxic? It was on the east side of town. Supposedly it was really easy to score drinks.

I could go out there and maybe run into someone from my school. I was a popular guy after all. I should be able to mention mine and Missy’s break up and be able to score some easy action. And if all the hotties were up at the party? Then maybe I could convince some college girl to take me back to her place, or at the very least seduce some older sexy bar slut or housewife to let me get some ass on the hood of my fancy car.

I wanted some action in a bad way. I wasn’t feeling too picky.

So I showered and got dressed up. I googled Toxic, and within twenty more minutes I had parked and was on my way inside. I had never been to a club before. The door charge didn’t shock me exactly, but I was entirely disappointed with the big X on each hand, marking me as under 21. Not only did this make getting drinks harder, the marks on my hand meant I would have a hard time hooking up with any women who didn’t have them, and maybe a harder time with some of the ones who did too.

I had spent all of five minutes working the crowd, picking out any potential partners, before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and my heart stopped.

“Mom.” I said weekly in greeting. Then more forcefully than I should have I asked “What are you doing here?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing. What happened to your party?”

“Hiya son.” my dad said, appearing out of the crowd behind mom. My heart sank a little further.

“Missy dumped me. I didn’t feel like going to the party, but I didn’t want to be home alone either.”

“That’s wonderful!” my dad yelled over the booming nilüfer escort music. Had he misheard me?

My mom elbowed him and leaned in to speak to me. “A lot of shallow girls dump their boyfriends after graduation. The same thing happened to your father!” That was odd, I had thought he and mom were dated through high school…

Then dad yelled, “We expected a break up was coming. I mean her name is Missy son, how deep did you expect her to be?” I laughed. I think they both knew it was fake. “So listen…” dad began, but mom elbowed him to silence again. He looked annoyed.

“We were at Big Joes like we said,” mom said, answering my earlier question, “but Allyn convinced us to bar hop down here. We hate it. All our friends and went back to the other club already.”

This time dad did cut in, getting to the point. “We want to join them, but your aunt is drunk and refuses to leave, and we can’t leave her alone, and since you are not busy…”

My heart sank yet again. I hate being the good son all the time. “Go ahead. I’ll keep her safe and drive her home.” My aunt didn’t even know I was here and she was still being a fucking cock block. To say I was angry was an understatement. Of all the shitty luck….

My parents thanked me. Mom hugged me and dad slapped me appreciatively on the back. They pointed me in the general direction of my aunt and took any hope I had of having a good night with them as they left.

Me and my attitude made our way out onto the dance floor to find my aunt. I found her behind a wall of guys. I stood behind them, tall enough to see over them and see what they were all looking at.

There danced my beautiful inebriated aunt, her dark red hair swirling about her as she spun. She danced alone, and not specifically well, but no less than nine guys, ranging from my age to forty stood and watched her go.

She wore a black tube top stretched incredibly tight across a pair of tits that didn’t pretend to need a bra for support. As she bounced and spun nothing short of a miracle kept those breasts from bursting out into view. Or I guess a lack of one kept them in, as that was clearly what these wall flowers were praying would happen. Her skirt was black and loose, falling to mid-thigh whenever she would stop spinning, which wasn’t often. On her faster spins a black lace thong would come into view, if only for a second.

I mean damn, as inconvenient as my aunt was, she had a body on her. Feeling both mischievous and disrespectful, I reached out between the two guys in front of me and smacked her ass when she stumbled close enough. I slapped it hard, getting a good hand full before slipping back behind the wall of dudes. It was on impulse, and not well thought out. The two guys between my aunt and I sold me out immediately, parting and pointing me out to the enraged dancer.

Thankfully her eyes shifted from pissed to excited as soon as she saw me. She grabbed me by my black button up and pulled me up to her asking what I was doing here through squeals of excitement. Still miffed, I told her “I got dumped, so I skipped the party and came here. Mom and dad wanted to bail, so I told them I would take care of you tonight.” Even with my lips by her ear I had to shout to be heard as close to the speakers as we were. I tried to sound condescending and annoyed, but that affect must have been lost in translation.

She… purred. Somehow, even over the noise, the sound sent a vibration through me that made me shiver. “Sounds like fun. Now take care of me.” Her lips rubbed against my ear as she spoke. She took my arm and spun away from me, spinning back in and pressing her ass up against me. The circle of men around us looked scandalized.

What the hell? It wasn’t like they knew she was my aunt. Why not try and have a good time? Put on a show?

So I danced with my aunt. I should point out here that I could dance. Missy and I had taken a few classes together (In trade for copious amounts of oral) and I had some talent. My skill combined with Allyn’s ridiculously sexy look resulted in a much larger circle forming around us of both men and women. I am sure some were kind of laughing at the young man trying to seduce an older woman who could have been either his mother or a stripper just as easily, but many people watching were legitimately impressed with the show.

I used my skills to make my aunt look competent, not just hot, and the number of men who wanted her swiftly increased. I was getting similar looks from the women who gathered around. One specific older blonde kept making eye contact with me. I would have to remember this tactic of getting attention the next time I came. That is when I wasn’t babysitting…

My aunt must have been dancing for a while before I got there. As I guided her through swing dancing, ball room dancing, and any other moves I could make up on the fly, my hands slid over her arms, stomach, thighs and ass, which were all lightly covered in a thin layer of sweat.

There was also no mistaking how hard her nipples became. Braless, the black top she wore was far too tight to hide the hard little diamond cutters, and they strained the material even tighter than it already was. I was used to seeing them perk up, but this time there was no cold air to blame their sudden firmness on. Allyn was getting as turned on as I was.

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