Aunt Lapine Ch. 02


I stayed with Auntie Lapine at her mountain farm for a few years. I’d missed my opportunity to go to college, but she ran a quite successful herb and vegetable farm and I slowly learned not only how to dig in the earth and care for living things, but the business, how to handle customers and how to work.

That’s not all I learned.

As an eighteen year old hard bundle of lusts, I’d never had an outlet for passion. I was horny as they came and every girl I’d come in contact with seemed to sense that and had avoided me like the plague. The girls I had known were expert in giving hints of promises, but when the flower of desire they had teased bloomed into full blown lust they had run like startled deer.

That first early morning I had arrived, a suffering, skinny, and hungry eighteen year old kid, she had stroked my cock and was warm-hearted and tender and accepting at how I felt. After such blessed relief I had finally slept, dreaming of impossible pleasures with her.

I awakened long after. I heard, out the screened window, a stream tumbling over rocks. Though the rain of the night before had stopped, the scent of rain lingered in the air.

As I tried to think about what had happened, her touch on my cock felt more and more like a dream. I’d never felt such acceptance and frankly, didn’t know how to handle it. That kind of acceptance was so far out of my experience that the only possible thought that made any sense was that she had probably caressed me out of pity. That meant I had no right to ever expect it was to ever happen again. A one-time deal. I was such a pent-up bundle of lust that I thought that no female could or would ever truly accept it or take joy in it. I resolved to take care of my own passions, to take my unrepentant cock in hand. I could dream of my sweet Auntie Lap in my youthful lust, but not to burden her with it.

She proved me wrong.

So very wrong.

Clothes were laid out for me on the chair beside the bed. Jeans and work shirt, but no underwear. I’d always worn underwear, but there was nothing else in the room and no sign of my other clothes. I pulled on the jeans. It felt a little strange not to have my briefs holding everything tightly in place. Good, but strangely cool and free and my cock swelled a little. No, I thought, I cannot think like that, I can’t go around with a hard throbbing cock in front of Auntie Lap all the time. I forced my mind away from lust and padded barefoot downstairs to the living room.

Her house was a two story rustic log cabin, filled with strong furniture and warm furnishing. A stone fireplace dominated the room and books lined the walls.

I followed the sound of her voice into the kitchen.

She was leaning against the kitchen counter, talking on the phone. “Yes, Jean, we have plenty of rosemary for you, just finished weeding it today. Now much do you need?” She smiled at me then turned and leaned over the counter to write out details on an order pad.

My heart stopped in my throat at the sight of her bottom stretching the material of her work jeans and her full breasts swinging under her loose thin shirt. She was backlit from the sun streaming in through the windows behind and I thought I could see her nipples lightly dragging against the countertop.

I couldn’t breathe. I’d never seen anything like her; she had the loveliest figure I’d ever bursa eskort seen. Beautifully curved hips, tiny waist encircled by a wide leather belt and the thin work shirt, shirtsleeves rolled up just past her elbows.

My heart started jumping so hard I thought my chest was going to explode. I didn’t know … or didn’t want to admit to myself … that I had just fallen deeply in love.

She turned to me and smiled, her eyes dancing. “Hi there, Sleepyhead. Come on in and sit down, your eggs are ready.”

I padded over to the table and sat. “What time is it?”

“After ten, Honey. I’ve already been up and fed the animals and weeded the rosemary.” She reached over and rumpled my hair. “You’re gonna earn your keep around here y’know.”

When she brought me the eggs and leaned over me to set down the plate I could not help but look down her open shirt collar at her full smooth breasts, hanging free, her nipples standing and perfect. My cock immediately throbbed and I was glad to be sitting down at the table with it safely hidden from view. I could smell the rosemary on her, breathed deeply and remembered, actual tactile memory of her touch, how her hands had felt that morning, how she had squeezed my cock.


“What?” I jerked up out of my reverie and looked at her, which could have been a mistake, because I was instantly lost in her deep blue eyes.

Her dimples appeared. “This morning wasn’t enough for you, was it? Not enough to diminish your desires?”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to do with it.” I looked down, ashamed. “I just don’t know what to do.”

“I’ll just have to teach you then. The eggs will keep.” She grasped my hand. “Come on.”

She led me back up the stairs and up the second set of stairs out to a sleeping porch on the top floor. It was an open screened room, complete with bed and desk and chair.

I stepped up behind her and slid my arms around her slender waist but she grasped my hands and pushed my hands back, and held them back behind me. “No, keep your hands behind you. Let me, Honey.” She released my hands then turned and smiled. “Always let Auntie.”

My heart swelled at her smile, but I was confused as I’d ever been as she leaned back against the table. She looked at me, up and down, her eyes coming to rest on my tented jeans. Her hand rubbed her stomach.

I could not take my eyes off her.

“I was going to wait until tonight, but since you very apparently need more attention than you got this morning, this will be your first lesson.”


“Yes. You see, Honey, there’s nothing wrong with the lust you feel. I feel it too, it’s just that … ” her hands unbuttoned her thin cotton shirt, “you just need a little training.” Her hand slid under the thin material and hefted her breast. Her fingers slowly passed back and forth across her nipples and they grew larger under her touch. “You need … private lessons. You must do exactly as I say, how I say to do it and when I say to do it. I won’t hurt you in any way, though you may be … frustrated at times. And no one must ever know. Understand?”

“No.” I shook my head. “But I’ll do as you say.”

“Good boy. Now take off your trousers.”

“But I don’t have on any underwear. There wasn’t any on the chair this morning.”

“There wasn’t supposed to be.” Her voice dropped bursa escort bayan half an octave. “I’m sure you noticed … I never wear any. You did notice, didn’t you?”

It was true. I had seen her full curves and beautiful nipples when I’d looked down her blouse. I nodded, slowly.

“Good boy. Now, take them down. I want to watch you. It’s not often I get a leggy young lion like you to watch. Take them down.” She inhaled and I saw her nipples push hard against the blue cloth of her shirt. “Take them down now.”

I fumbled at my belt, let my jeans fall and stepped clear of them. My cock stuck out hard, rampant and already dripping. My face was, I’m sure, as red as it could be, because I felt it burning hot at my Auntie Lap’s eyes glued to my cock.

She unbuttoned the front of her jeans and slid her hand down the front. Her fingers dug down between her legs. “Now, sweet boy, take that hard cock of yours in hand. I want to watch you, do you understand that? It excites me to watch you, hard, in all your glory, standing up like that because I know it’s for me. Look at me, Darling. Don’t take your eyes off mine, just … grip your cock and look at me.”

I did. An involuntary moan escaped my lips at the sight of her eyes boring into me, her eyes lit and burning as her gaze traveled down to my hand on my cock.

She dug deeper with her hand and moaned. “Yesss, that’s my young man.” Her hips ground at her fingers as she watched me. “There will be times when I’ll make you stop … make you hold back until you think you just won’t be able to stand it … ” her voice took on a quiet husky ethereal quality. “Times I’ll make my young man hold back his cum until he thinks he’s going to explode. Times like,” Her eyes half closed as she gazed at my cock. “Now. Stop. Stop and grab your bottom. Grip it hard.”

I moaned but I did as she asked. My cock stuck out, rampant. Clear sticky liquid oozed from the head and dripped on the wooden floor.

“Oh yes. Stay like that, stay just like that.” Her voice trailed off and her fingers dug in deeper and her voice hardened a bit. “Graham honey … such a beautiful sight, your hard cock dripping on my floor … but I should not torture you too much too soon … so,” she lifted her eyes to mine, “I want to watch you cum.”

I gasped, not believing what I was hearing.

“But I want you to cum … in this.” She sat in the chair at the desk, reached into the drawer behind her and drew out what I can only describe as a device. It had a squeeze bulb, a conical funnel and a bottle attached to it. She squeezed the bulb on it. “It’s originally made to express milk, to suck milk out of a woman’s breasts … ” she held the funnel part up to her breast to illustrate, “I even use it on myself sometimes, but … I’ve found it useful for … young men … who are eager to give me their cream. You are eager, aren’t you, my Graham?”

A stone statue would have nodded then. “Oh yes, Auntie. Where … how … do you want me?” My voice croaked, undependable.

She smiled. “Right in front of Auntie. Come here, stand right in front of Auntie and pump your hard young cock. And,” she almost purred as she said it, “make sure you tell me when you’re going to cum.”

I did just as she asked. I stepped up close to her and squeezed my cock right in front of her face. görükle escort

“Oh my, Graham. You are growing into such a … fine man.” Her hand between her legs dug deeper and her hips ground into her own fingers. “Yes, that’s it, my young one … pump your cock for your Auntie Lap.”

I did. I gripped and pumped and moaned. My balls slapped against my hands and thighs, clear liquid oozed from the head of my cock. I could feel cum boil in my balls. “Oh Auntie, I’m so close …”

“Now stop. Hold you hand very, very still. Squeeze him real hard right behind the head, don’t let go but don’t move.”

I stopped and gripped my cock as hard as possible. I could feel the precum slick on my fingers. I could not catch my breath; my moans came out in short primal staccato bursts.

She smiled at me, her hand stopped moving and I could see her nipples pushing out strong against the blue fabric of her shirt. “Just feel that, baby. Feel the edge, feel how good that feels just to hang there on the edge with all that beautiful lust coursing through your body.”

“Oh god, Auntie …” were the only words I could gasp. I burned inside, liquid lava bursting in my balls all the way up through my stoppered cockhead.

She smiled more widely, lifted the pumping device up to the head of my cock and pumped the bulb. Suction pulled at my cockhead.

“Now baby … put your hands behind you and grip your bottom.” She gripped the head of my cock herself to hold it to the funnel while she pumped the bulb again. “Now cum for me … give your cum to Auntie … you can cum now.” Her eyes bored into mine. “Now, Graham. Now.”

I let go.

It surged from me, gushing into the bottle. She pumped the bulb as hard as she could but some of it still dripped down onto her jeans. She pumped harder, gripped my cock harder to maintain the seal.

I moaned, long and loud, the flow a fresh fountain streaming, coursing through and out of me. After more spurts and pumps than I could count, I ran out of cum, out of energy … and sank to the floor.

She gracefully slid of the chair and followed, still gripping my cock, still pumping until there was no more flow.

Then she laughed. I had been laughed at by girls before, but this was different, so different. I could tell from the delicious musical sound that it wasn’t at me: it was not a laugh of ridicule. It was a laugh of pure joy. “Oh honey, we are going to have lots of fun, you and I. See how much you came?” She held up the bottle and swirled it. My white cum slid thickly around the bottom of the jar. “You have quite a capacity, my young nephew. I’ll bet you’ve been pumping yourself for a long time, haven’t you? When was the first time? How long?”

“I … don’t remember. I mean ever since I can remember.”

“I’ll just bet you have.” She rubbed my spilled cum into the denim on her jean clad knees, then licked the tips of her fingers. “But now, you need breakfast.” She swirled my cum in the bottle again. “And now that I have cream, I need coffee,” She smiled wide, brilliant and beautiful and caressed my cheek. I could smell something sweet and exotic and realized it was her juice on her fingers. Even drained as I was, my cock still throbbed at the scent.

“I have a lot of work for you to do, young man. This isn’t the only exercise you’ll get around here. Come on, let’s get to it.” She stood, closed up her clothes and strode out of the room.

I was satiated, so empty I could barely manage to stumble to my feet. This living with my Auntie was going to either make me stronger and happier than I’d ever been … or it was going to kill me.

I couldn’t wait to find out which.

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