Aunt Raven


Tim sat at the table, listening to all the lies, bullshit stories wishing they’d all just shut up or die. It was like this every time the family got together and he never knew why. The only reason they bothered coming was to score points with Grandfather, hoping he’d leave them a larger portion of his vast estate and millions of dollars.

Grandfather was a master at playing the stock market and over the span of his very long life; he was one of the richest men in the county. His estate was over one thousand ackers and next to the biggest wildlife park in the state. That, with his large amount of money, brought the entire family out of the woodwork every 4th of July without fail.

Grandfather had three children, Jen, Becky and Carl. Each child had six or more kids of there own and they were spoiled rotten. It could be very hectic around the house with kids whining about this, that or the other, but Tim always ran off with Raven.

He truly hated coming because of the family, but loved his Grandfather and liked getting out of the smelly city for a week. Being at Grandfathers was like being in another world. It was so quiet at night; it was hard to sleep the first night or two. No police sirens, gunfire or boomboxs rattling the house, it was so nice. Tim always hated to leave.

‘So, Tim. You’re done with high school, what’s next?’ Grandfather asked Tim with a large smile as he puffed on his cigar.

Tim smiled with pride looking back to the man he admired so much, hoping his life would turn out just as well. ‘I’m off to college next fall,’ he smiled looking to see a few of his spoiled, snobby cousins giving him dirty looks. ‘I’ll be coming down here,’ he smiled bigger, making sure to look at each cousin. ‘I’m going to state. I got a scholarship.’ Tim smiled bigger, knowing that not one single cousin had the brains to go to college, let alone get a scholarship.

Grandfather slapped the table and the biggest smile covered his wrinkled face. ‘Damn good! I’m proud of you, boy. I knew you’d be the one with the brains in the family!’ he laughed out, seeing so many looks of envy, he had to laugh harder. Not one of his spoiled grandchildren, were half as good as Tim.

‘Thank you, sir.’ Tim smiled back to Grandfather. ‘With me being this close, I’ll be able to come by on the weekends to see you and Raven,’ he added, wondering where she was. They’d been there all morning and not sign of her yet.

‘That will be nice.’ Grandfather replied, knowing the real reason that Tim would be coming by and it wouldn’t be to see him. ‘I’m sure Raven will be very, very happy to find that out. She’s been talking about you day and night for the past two weeks and the things she has planned for you and her to do,’ the old man smiled, thinking of his grandson Tim with his daughter Raven and all the fun they had together.

Raven was the product of an affair Grandfather had many years ago and hated by every single person in the family, except for Tim. She was half the age of grandfathers other children and acted as if she was still a teenager. Raven was different; everyone said she had a mild case of brain damage and thought that her mother was on drugs while carrying her. But it didn’t matter; Tim loved her so much and always looked forward to spending a week hanging out with her.

Tim just smiled thinking of his beautiful Aunt, and couldn’t wait to see her. They always had so much fun exploring the woods, talking and just being together, but the last three summers things started to change. She’d sneak into his room after everyone went to bed, wearing nothing but a small shirt and a very tiny pair of panties. They’d talk long into the night, hugging each other, sometimes talking about their dreams and other times, nothing particular, just enjoying each other. Many times, they’d fall asleep in each others arms. Sometimes Tim wondered about his feelings for her. He knew that she was his Aunt and that they had the same blood running through their bodies, but she excited him so much.

‘Where is she? I can’t wait to see her.’ Tim said giving his mother a quick look, seeing her scowl at him. He knew his mother hated him running through the woods and spending so much time with Raven, but he didn’t care. She was the only reason he liked coming here.

Grandfather laughed, took a drink of his whiskey and reached to give Tim a slap on the back. ‘She was up before the sun and said she had to get a few more things ready for you. I haven’t seen her since,’ the old man smiled, watching Tim’s mother, his daughter, giving the boy a dirty look. ‘I’m sure she’ll be back soon. She’s supposed to check in by noon and it’s about that time,’ he added pouring him another glass of whiskey and relit his cigar.

‘I don’t want you disappearing all week, Tim. Every time we come down you spend every waking hour with her,’ Tim’s mother said with a cool voice, thinking of him running through the woods with Raven, doing who knows what with her.

‘Oh hell, Jen! bursa escort bayan Leave him alone. You know damn well those two love each other more than all of you people put together!’ Grandfather snapped at his daughter, knowing what she was thinking and it pissed him off. He wasn’t absolutely sure about it, but if Tim and Raven were messing around, it didn’t bother him. He’d never seen two people love each other so much in his life.

‘Don’t yell at me,’ Tim’s mother said looking to her father. ‘It’s up to me what he does and where he goes,’ she added thinking of Tim with the woman she hated so much and if they were doing the unthinkable.

‘Well, let me think,’ Grandfather said with a smile, scratching his chin, giving Tim a wink. ‘Isn’t he eighteen now?’ he asked watching his daughter getting angrier with each word. ‘And, I do believe this is my place and I make the rules,’ he smiled bigger as he looked at everyone sitting at the massive table, knowing they were only there for his money and couldn’t wait for the day that he died. ‘If he wants to run wild with Raven all week, he will and there will be nothing said about it!’ Grandfather said in a voice everyone one knew very well and that the conversation was now over.

‘Tim, I went and got her a new toy a few months back.’ Grandfather said with a laugh. ‘I got her one of them 4-wheelers. I’ve never seen her have so much before. She hasn’t put her cute little ass on that ol’ motorcycle since and I’m so glad,’ he added with a long sigh of relief. He hated her riding the motorcycle, but didn’t have the heart to take it from her.

‘Oh cool!’ Tim replied thinking of how much fun they were going to have. He didn’t like riding the motorcycle either, but it was fun holding on to his very beautiful Aunt. ‘I bet she loves it,’ he added remembering all the commercials he’d seen on the TV.

‘Dad!’ Jen yelled looking to her father in shock. ‘I don’t think you should be talking about your daughters’ ass being cute. That’s not normal,’ she said shaking her head in disgust at his words.

He just laughed at her. ‘Why not? She has the cutest, little ass I’ve ever seen in my life, you’re just jealous of her, and you know it.’ Grandfather laughed, giving Tim another slap, wondering if he’d been with Raven.

Jen looked to her father, wishing he’d just die, so they could get on with their lives. She was sick of coming here each summer, listening to his rude comments and now she worried about Tim trying to screw his own Aunt. ‘Why do you have to be so rude to us? We come down here to be with you and every time, you treat us like crap, Dad,’ she said watching Tim holding back a laugh, but knew better to say anything to him in front of her Dad.

‘What’s rude? I said she has a cute, little ass. You’re the one that’s making a big deal out of it.’ Grandfather replied looking at Jen, wishing he could just reach over and slap the shit out of his oldest daughter. ‘You ask any of the men here and they’ll say the same damn thing,’ he added watching all the other men looking away, all but Tim and he was shaking his head to agree. ‘If they weren’t a bunch of pussies!’ he laughed taking a large drink of his whiskey and a sound filled his ears. ‘Ahhh, speak of the cute, little ass,’ he laughed, giving Tim a wink and enjoyed the look covering his grandsons face. ‘Here comes your girl.’ Grandfather teased turning to watch his favorite daughter riding from the woods.

Tim watched the beautiful woman coming towards them and his heart skipped a beat. Raven looked so fresh and alive as the wind blew through her silky, black hair and a warm smile covering her pretty face and he had a very good idea that it was all for him.

‘Hot damn, Tim! She hasn’t smiled like that since I bought her that contraption.’ Grandfather laughed, seeing that Tim hadn’t heard a single word he’d just said.

She turned off the machine, looked at Tim, lifted her right leg high over the handlebars, up to her chin, and jumped off, making sure that her skintight, camouflaged pants were strait. She knew how much Tim loved seeing her ability to flex and Raven wanted him to know that she had been practicing every day, just for him.

‘Come here and let me rub that cute, little ass of yours!’ Grandfather laughed again, watching Jen’s face turning so red, he wondered if she’d die right there.

‘Oh Daddy.’ Raven smiled walking her five foot eleven inch body towards him and looked to the one person that owned her heart, Tim. She moved beside her Daddy, wiggling her butt against him, keeping her pretty, brown eyes on Tim all the time. She hoped they would pick up right where they left off last year. They had become so close and she knew this would be the best summer of all.

‘I was telling everyone here that you had a cute, little ass and I got yelled at by Jen. Tim was the only man here that had the balls to agree with me, so you let him give it a feel, too.’ Grandfather smiled at her and dearly hoped gorukle escort that Raven would do it. ‘You glad to see your boyfriend?’ he asked giving Raven a big hug.

‘Daddy!’ Raven giggled feeling her face turning bright red and that strange feeling between her legs again. Most times, it only came at night, when she thought of Tim, but all this week, it seemed to come on at any time. ‘He’s not my boyfriend, he my best friend,’ she said in a soft voice that she only used when talking to her Daddy, or when she and Tim were alone.

Jen made an evil hiss at what the retarded girl said and couldn’t believe her ears. ‘If I may speak,’ she said giving her half sister a cynical sneer before going on. ‘This may be a shook, but in reality, he is your nephew and you, are supposed to be his Aunt and not his girlfriend,’ she added watching a hurt look covering the pretty women’s face and it truly warmed Jen’s heart, knowing that she hurt Raven.

‘God mom!’ Tim said quickly standing up to hug Raven. ‘It’s ok. You don’t listen to her,’ he whispered in her ear and couldn’t wait to give his friend a real hug, well, his Aunt. Neither of them considered her his Aunt, because Aunt’s weren’t supposed to be any fun and Raven was a blast to be around.

Raven felt like she was on fire between her legs and didn’t know why. Every time she and Tim hugged, touched each other or were alone, that same wonderful feeling came over her and she never knew why. ‘I missed you,’ she whispered to him and couldn’t wait to get away from those people. She knew they were family, but they never gave her any reason to like them. ‘Ask Daddy if we can leave,’ she whispered again, hoping her father would tell them to go and have fun.

He pulled from Raven having a good feeling that his mother was only seconds away from having a stroke or heart attack. ‘Hey Grandfather, can we go now?’ Tim asked watching his mom looking like she was about to blow up.

‘Well hell, I don’t see why not. No sense in you two sitting around here being subjected to all this abuse,’ the old man said watching Jen giving Tim one of her evil looks, but Tim was older now and wasn’t bullied by her anymore. ‘Get on out of here, but,’ he added in a very firm voice. ‘I want you both back here by 7:30. We having us an old fashioned, southern bar-bee-cue,’ he smiled thinking that the fire needed built soon.

‘We will, Daddy!’ Raven said giving him a kiss, ran to the 4-wheeler as fast as she could, with Tim right behind her and off they went.


Raven kept the throttle wide open, wanting to get away from those evil people as fast as she possible could and to give Tim a ‘real’ hug. She drove wide open until she knew they were far away from the house. Raven let off the gas and let the machine coast to a stop. Just as before, she lifted her right leg high in the air, wanting to showoff for Tim, but this time, it went over her head, she turned and jumped from the 4-wheeler.

She stood, hands on her very slender hips, her legs slightly spread, and looking to the one person, she loved so much. Raven’s heart pounded out of control as she watched Tim looking up and down her body, wondering what he was thinking and all at once, that strange feeling swept between her long legs. ‘Are you going to give me a ‘real’ hug or just sit there staring at me?’ she asked in a soft, loving voice that she’d never used until this very second.

Tim stood up, looked into her pretty, brown eyes and felt his cock coming to life. He wasn’t sure if it would be right to hug her in this condition or not, but if he didn’t, it would break her innocent little heart in two. He took a step towards her, reached out his arms and Raven flew into his arms and against his body. He hugged as tight as he could, enjoying the feel of the sexy woman, his friend and his Aunt.

‘I missed you so much,’ he panted, trying to catch his breath and hoped his cock would behave for just a few more minutes. There was no way in hell he wanted to try explain his cock or why it was so hard to his innocent friend… Aunt. Tim’s head rested on Raven’s shoulder, he could feel her heart beating faster than his and it made him feel so good knowing just how much this beautiful woman loved him.

Raven melted in his arms, enjoying her favorite guy hugging her. She couldn’t help wondering why that strange feeling always went between her legs when she thought about Tim. But, it always seemed to be at its very worse, when he touched her and Raven never knew what caused it. Later, Raven had to ask him. He was sure to know.

‘So, other than riding through the woods, what you been up to?’ he asked looking up to see a strange, new look on her pretty face. He couldn’t help but caressing over every last inch of her back, enjoying the feel of her warm body under his fingers, hoping Raven would remember just how close they were last year. Tim knew deep down that it was wrong touching her this way, but she was his bursa merkez escort bayan girl, not his Aunt.

‘I don’t know,’ she giggled feeling his hands touching her, making her tingle all over and it made her feel so good. ‘I’ve been missing you a whole bunch, I know that,’ she added, knowing her face was turning red. She always felt so funny when Tim was anywhere near her.

‘I missed you too!’ he replied hugging her more, letting his hands slowly move to her butt and couldn’t help squeezing each of her very firm cheeks. ‘Your Daddy said I could rub your cute, little butt,’ he said looking up to see her eyes squeezed shut and a blissful look on Raven’s face. ‘Is it ok with you?’ Tim asked, hearing a soft moan coming from somewhere deep inside her. He had a good idea she liked it very much and had no objections.

Raven was helpless as Tim’s hands slid over her butt. That strange, wonderful feeling rushed over her so fast, she couldn’t even breath. She could only manage a weak moan, as he touched one of her ‘special’ places. Daddy always told her if someone touched her boobies or below her belly, she was to tell him, but this Tim. Her guy and she loved him touching her and wished that he’d touch her everywhere, even on her very, very ‘special’ place.

‘I better stop before I do something bad.’ Tim said starting to pull away, but she held him close.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked with a big smile, wondering what Tim wanted to do that was so bad. Raven knew that he’d never, ever do anything that would hurt her and she couldn’t understand this.

‘I might do something I shouldn’t,’ he said hoping she’d stop and just let him go, but Raven wasn’t like that. She might be a little slow, but if she didn’t understand something, she didn’t stop asking questions until she did.

‘You gotta tell me what you mean.’

‘I shouldn’t even be touching your butt,’ he said caressing her more, digging his fingers into her flesh, feeling Raven pushing to his hips.

‘You can do anything to me. I don’t care if it’s bad or not,’ she whispered, as that feeling between her legs was worse than it had ever been in her life. ‘I’ll like anything you do to me,’ she whispered again watching a smile covering his face. Raven loved Tim so much and she wished he could be her boyfriend. She never had one before and knew Tim would be the best boyfriend in the whole, wide world.

Tim didn’t know what to do, he wanted to do so many things with Raven, but she wasn’t a normal girl. She was special and he didn’t want to scare or hurt her in any way. ‘I can’t,’ he said with hurt, wishing so badly that he could grab her, kiss her and make love to this wonderful lady he’d been madly in love with for as long as he could remember.

‘Why not?’ Raven asked in an innocent voice, wondering why Tim didn’t want to do the bad thing to her, when she told him it was fine. ‘You can do anything to me,’ she whispered, hoping so much that he’d touch her and do the bad thing. She didn’t care. It was Tim, he could do anything he wanted to her and Raven knew she’d love it no matter what.

Tim just let out a long and very slow sigh, wishing this wasn’t so hard. How could he could he even start to explain his feelings for her, when he didn’t even understand them. She was his Aunt, his best friend ever and her mind was only that of a young teenager. He continued to hug her, as she slowly rocked back and forth, something she knew that he loved very much.

‘Let’s go down by the fort and I’ll try my best to explain it to you,’ he said running his hands over her butt, enjoying her rocking him so carefully in her loving arms. Tim knew it was wrong, but she made it so hard to resist her and the poor, little thing didn’t even have a clue what she did to him.

She looked him in the eyes and made her ‘special’ mean face. ‘You had better tell me or,’ she paused to put both hands on her gorgeous hips. ‘I will be forced to beat you up,’ she said in a serious voice, not wanting to let this drop. She had to know what ‘bad’ thing Tim wanted to do. What really made her mad, Tim was her best friend ever, and he still wouldn’t tell her.

‘I will, baby,’ he smiled giving the butt he loved to touch a tiny slap.

‘Ouch!’ she giggled rubbing her butt, making sure that it was pointed towards him. She had a feeling that he liked seeing it and now she really knew that he loved touching it. ‘Do you like my butt, Tim? You CAN answer that, I hope!’ Raven teased in a voice that sounded like a preppy.

He looked at her and couldn’t believe it. His sweet, little friend had just made her first, ever smart ass remark. ‘You booger!’ he laughed grabbing her in his arms, wishing so bad that she wasn’t his 35 year old Aunt and that her mind was right. ‘I’m going to spank you when we get to the river,’ he smiled rubbing her great, little ass more, enjoying her pushing forward, against his growing cock.

‘Ok!’ she jerked from him, jumped on the 4-wheeler and was ready to go. She wanted to hear just why Tim wouldn’t tell her the ‘bad’ thing and now, she wanted him touching her butt again, even if it meant a playful spanking.


After riding a few more minutes, Raven used the machine down a deep sloop and they were at the junction, where the river and lake joined.

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