Avalon Ch. 03


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


September 13, 1992 Santa Catalina and Los Angeles, CA


When the Peri and Trish woke up, within moments of each other, they heard Carter whistling a nondescript tune somewhere in the bungalow. Tumbling out of the big four-poster, they wandered, as they were, out of the bedroom following the sound.

In the kitchen, Carter had bacon frying and coffee brewing. Randomly interrupting his own whistling, he sang, slightly off-key:

Pat, pat here

Pat, pat there

And a couple of brand new straws

That’s how we keep you young and fair

In the merry old land of Oz

Whistling, then singing again,

Rub, rub here

Rub, rub there

Whether you’re tin or bronze

That’s how we keep you in repair

In the merry old land of Oz

The co-eds silently slipped onto the bar stools and watched Carter, his back to them, as he moved around the stove and cupboards. He was wearing a black silk kimono with glittering copper dragon stitchery, identical to the crimson-and-gold kimono he had given Peri.

The whistling resumed and then Carter again paused and sang,

Uhn! Uhn! here

Uhn! Uhn! there

And a couple of O My Gods!

That’s how I fuck them as a pair

In the merry old land of Oz

Peri and Trish startled Carter by clapping and cheering when he trilled this modified lyric. He whipped around, robe flying open, exposing his salt-and-pepper hair trailing down his overhanging belly and disappearing into his boxers. His large circumsized bell was partially visible through the open vent and his hanging scrotum and heavy balls displayed their shape against the thin, loose cotton.

“Oh, good morning, girls!” he said, beaming happily at their pulchritude. “I’ll have something for you to eat soon.”

“Yay!” exclaimed Trish, staring at his bobbing cock.

“My head hurts,” Peri complained, “Is the coffee ready yet?”

“I’m not surprised, Sweetie, you drank that big old Mai Tai pretty quick.” He put a mug of black coffee on the counter in front of Peri and said, “Here you go.”

“So how about Trish? She doesn’t seem to be very bad off…” Peri pursued, “And you’re chipper! didn’t we all eat and drink the same thing?”

“Well, yes and no, Peri,” Carter explained, “Alcohol effects different people in different ways. Some of it has to do with body weight. You are a little bit lighter than either Trish or me. Some of it has to do with speed of consumption and I DID advise ‘nursing’ the drinks but you pretty much sucked yours right down on an empty stomach. That made a difference I am sure.” Carter turned back to the stove and pulled the bacon out of the pan, draining it on paper towels, and then stepped around the counter. Standing behind the teenagers he put his left hand on Trish’s far shoulder and slipped his right hand inside the back waistband of Peri’s briefs. Tapping lightly, with his hands in place, he ad-libbed his first verse:

Pat, pat here

Pat, pat there

And a finger inside your drawers

That’s how we keep you young and fair

In the merry old land of Oz

He turned and kissed both girls on their cheeks and said, “There’s packages on the dining table. Why don’t you open them and see what’s in them?”

The teens squealed with glee in unison and spun around on the stools. Surveying the table they saw two shirtbox-sized packages in pink foil with dark rose ribbon bows. “How the heck did I not see THOSE?” Peri asked, amazed.

“Yeah, like, me neither!” Trish joined, “I guess I was still half-asleep!”

Trish pulled the ribbon on the package with her name on its tag and tore the paper off. Carter, while she was distracted, shot a look at Peri and held up a finger in a warning sign which Peri recognized but did not fully comprehend. As the box lid popped, Trish pulled out a flowing electric-blue silk kimono, like Carter’s, with silver dragons and stitching. She held it up against her body and gasped, “OOO!” Now Peri understood and she quickly opened her own box, pulling her old kimono out and holding it up for show.

“Thank you, Uncle Bill!” Peri said, sincerely, as if she had never seen the robe before.

“Wow!” Trish bubbled, “They are just like… like… “

“…uniforms?” Peri suggested.

“Yes, like uniforms… like… we’re a TEAM! but each of us has our own color!” She stepped into her robe and belted it around her waist, although the flimsy silk was an inadequate fence for her large breasts. When she turned suddenly and stepped over to Carter, her left boob pushed itself through the overlap. “Thank you, Dr. C.!” she said, giving him a big smooch.

Peri put her robe on and came over to Carter, sliding her left arm around his waist inside his black kimono. “You are the sweetest man,” she said softly, pushing her hand up the loose leg of his shorts. Smiling, she sang back to him,

Rub, rub here

Rub, rub there

We’ll fuck you just because

That’s how you keep us bursa eskort bayan young and fair

In the merry old land of Oz

Then they all burst out laughing. Carter grabbed them in a group hug and slid his hands over their silky, nubile, round, features.

“OK, Dears,” he said, panting slightly in his excitement, “Don’t derail me, I have omlettes to make.” He walked back to the kitchen and began whisking the egg mixture he had sitting in a bowl near the stove. “We have a lazy Sunday morning and a noon appointment to go para-sailing. IF, that is, you aren’t afraid of heights!”

“We went down in Twin Harbors, didn’t we?” Trish giggled.

“Yes,” chirped Peri, “Why not touch the sky?” She winked at Trish, “Will you keep it up for us?” Without waiting for an answer she said, “Come on, Trish, I want a shower before breakfast.”

“Oh, me TOO!” Trish agreed quickly and rushed out of the dining room after Peri.


Carter set a table on the deck and the three lovers enjoyed a relaxed, sunny, breakfast in the privacy of the walled, postage-stamp, yard behind the cottage. The quiet, colorful, fragrant ambience was, indeed, perfect for a ‘lazy Sunday’ and they made the most of it until youth overcame indolence.

Peri broke their silent reverie, “I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t feel so ‘young and fair’… Can we do something about that?” She asked with a sly snicker, tickling Carter’s arm in the sleeve of his robe.

Trish immediately offered her support. “Yeah, Dr. C.” she giggled, “All song and no dance? What have you got for us in your pants?” She poked his ribs and said, “You are, like, our muse… You already turned ME into a POET!”

Carter groaned slightly but did not shrink from their touches. “Funny you should mention that,” he said, “I was just sitting here, looking at the flower beds and thinking: Wheelbarrow.”

“Huh? Peri asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Yeah, I don’t get it, either,” Trish admitted.

Carter rose and picked up his plate. “Well, help me clear the dishes and then I’ll show you what I was thinking about,” he replied cryptically as he walked into the house.

The girls tidied the kitchen and noticed Carter was nowhere to be seen. Calling his name, they heard him answer, “Front room!” As they walked through the dining room they saw him on the love seat with his arms spread on the back and a grin spread on his face. Their kimonos rustled as they swished across the main room. “Come on, kids! Squeeze in, let’s be cozy while we talk,” he said, enjoying their undulating forms under the colorful silk.

Dubious, yet determined, Peri and Trish assumed their favored left and right orientations. They sat, half on Carter’s legs, squished against the enveloping arms of the small sofa, with their arms draped around his neck and their own shoulders. Carter’s hands naturally cupped their outer breasts, distractedly rubbing their sensitive nipples under the soft, smooth robes, as he pulled the teens’ inner breasts firmly against his own silk-clad chest.

“There, now!” Carter declared, satisfied with the arrangement. He kissed Peri first, and then Trish, and began. “Perhaps you recall, Friday afternoon, after a play period…”

“You mean when you fucked us both and broke my cherry…” Trish interrupted, rubbing her left index fingertip lightly across Carter’s lips.

“…yes, that’s right,” Carter continued, “Anyway, Trish, you said something about ‘fucking whenever,’ and Peri,” he turned to his right, looked into her hazel eyes and kissed her gently, “Peri, suggested we all could live together and thus, empower ourselves to ‘really fuck whenever’ we wanted to.” He looked back to Trish and sucked the tip of her finger which was still in the neighborhood, tracing his chin, cheeks and nose as he spoke. “Or words to that effect, anyway. Of course,” he went on, still casually twiddling the teens’ nipples, “I already was thinking along those lines myself, which is why I got a pretty blue kimono…” he lifted the edge of the loose front of Trish’s robe and slid his hand across her left boob to seize the newly exposed white flesh of her right one. Palping this mound in his hand, he went on, “…To match my own black one, and the crimson robe I gave to Peri, here.” He dropped his right hand to Peri’s lap and burrowed into the kimono’s folds until his long middle digit found her moistened slit below the three light-brown curly circles on her mons.

Humming the tune of the day, he improvised a variation on the lyrics:

Tweak, tweak here

Tweak, tweak there

And soon they’re seeping sauce

That’s how I like them: Young and Fair

In the merry old land of Oz

Peri and Trish were both squirming and making small noises as Carter’s touches jolted their juice-making message centers into action. “So, Trish, the weekend is coming…” he paused and let the word hang, “…to a close and I wonder.” Carter tugged on Trish’s puffed areola and twisted her thick, square nipple. “Have you considered Peri’s kind invitation?” bursa merkez escort Releasing her tit, he lowered his left hand and probed Trish’s deep navel with his index finger. “I would LOVE to have your company and would certainly try to fuck you ‘whenever’ if you were to move in.”

“Uhhnn, uhmmm, ooo,” Peri whimpered, as Carter pushed his middle and ring fingers in and out of her slick pussy while softly pinching her clit between his thumb and index fingertip.

Peri’s orgasm began as Trish, tormented by Carter’s titillation, stuttered her reply, “ohh…y-yesss, Doc-tor C… uhn, y-y-yess I… WANT…want to COME… uhn, can I… come live with you?” She finished in a rush of words and gasps as she sympathetically climaxed with Peri on Carter’s lap.

Carter, very pleased with the results of his fiddling, kissed each teen in turn and continued talking as their bodies’ tremulations peaked and ebbed. “You spoke yesterday of how you liked to share, and indeed, we have shared some very fun and intimate moments. What I was thinking, earlier in the garden, over coffee,” Carter lifted his right hand from Peri’s slick cunt and sucked her stickiness from his fingers, “and… juice,” he popped them from his lips and returned his hand to her kimono and her covered right breast, “was, could I fuck you both at the same time?” He patted Trish’s plump tummy. “I don’t mean serially, but actually fuck you both, together. How could I DO that?” He pushed his left hand down across Trish’s curly mons and into her sopping twat. Retrieving her thick lubricants on his fingers, he licked them and resumed massaging her breast. “And then I saw the little wheelbarrow in the flower bed…”

Abruptly, Carter pushed the girls off his lap and stood with them in front of the love seat. His mighty cock, rigidly reactive to the stimulations he had successfully delivered to the teens, peered attentively out from his robe. The plum knob’s slit glistened with pre-cum. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to see if my idea is workable. Would you like me to fuck you both, together, at the same time? Share and share alike, and all that?” He asked, smiling and winking.

“Oh, please! Yes!” Trish answered, excitedly as Peri pulled on Carter’s kimono and started for the bedroom, nodding her vigorous assent.

On the unmade bed the teens saw Carter had placed, a large, triangular, wedge-shaped cushion, sloping down and away to the king-size mattress’ center. The pillow’s perpendicular, short side was even with the edge of the mattress, in the middle between the headboard and footboard of the four-poster’s frame.

Carter untied Trish’s belt and took her silk robe away, hanging it carefully in the closet. He returned, removed Peri’s kimono and hung it similarly. Appreciatively studying their nude, tantalizing, teen-age bodies, he gave them their directions. “Trish, please lay on your back on the bed with your bottom on the wedge pillow.” Trish arranged herself, legs dangling over the pillow and arms out flat. “Now scoot up on the pillow as far as you can. I want to see your pussy lined up with the pillow seams.” As Trish complied, Carter stepped up to the bed and pushed her legs apart. “Keep your knees wide and your feet on the floor. It may help if you balance on the balls, or even your toes.” Trish extended her legs and arched her feet, her toes on the floor and her heels high in the air. “Perfect!” Carter complimented her. “You have lovely calves, don’t you know? Now, HOLD it THERE.”

Turning to Peri he said, “OK, Sweetie, get up on the bed and straddle Trish. Lay down on her. Nipple to nipple, navel to navel, Mouse to Fox. Got it?” He stepped back and watched as Peri climbed up and lay, as directed, in full body contact upon her naked friend. As soon as their pussies touched, Peri and Trish both felt renewed wetness in them. They could not help themselves and kissed ardently as each rolled her pelvis against the other’s. Peri braced herself with her forearms flat along Trish’s ribs against the mattress. Trish lifted her arms to hold Peri, pulling their tits tight against each other.

Carter shed his kimono and stepped in between the bouquet of white and cream legs. Trish’s conch was quivering and Peri’s sweet slice winked at him from above her.

Carter, lining up his rampant dick with the targets, put his right hand on Peri’s rocking hips and steered his cock with his left hand. Raising and lowering it, he slid his slick knob up and down the two cunts from Peri’s os to her clit to Trish’s clit to her os and back, slipping deeper between their combined lips with each pass. He chanted softly to himself, “Eenie Meenie Minie Moe, Catch A Teenie By Her Toe…Pick A Hole And In I Go… I Will Choose This Very One!” He lunged, blindly, not knowing, or caring, which pussy he punctured first.

“UHN!” cried Trish, revealing the answer. Carter pulled back, out, and thrust again, raising his angle and nailing Peri. “OOHHHH!” she yelped, surprised by the entry. Out. Down. IN. UHN! Out. Up. IN. OOHH! With bursa sınırsız escort bayan each repetition the exercise was easier. The girls’ channels expected him. Muscle memory replaced conscious thought. Carter pulled his left hand away and gripped Peri’s left hip, holding her gyrating bottom in place against him and pushing her down tighter onto Trish. Out. Down. IN. UHN! Out. Up. IN. OOHH! Carter increased the pace without missing a beat.

Trish’s legs bounced up and down uncontrollably and Peri’s legs, scissored around Carter’s waist, as the handles of the wheelbarrow, exerted vise-like pressure while he pounded away at their cunts. He grinned as he stared down at Peri’s bottom. Her toned, concave ass cheeks twitched as she ground her pussy against Trish in time with his thrusts. Carter’s balls tensed. He grunted, “AARGHH!” and shot into someone.


“OhMyGosh! OhMYGOSH!” Peri shouted in Trish’s face, “Uuncle Bill!”

“AAAHHHH!” Screeched Trish back at her, “I’m COMMING TOO!”

Carter did not stop punching and pulling, even after his dick quit squirting its load. Out. Down. IN. Out. Up. IN. He pushed and pressed and pounded until the girls were climaxing together a second time on top of their first orgasms in an agonized crescendo.

“OH! Stop! No! Don’t Stop! OH! OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH MY GOD! OH UNNNNCLE!” The teens’ chorus rang in Carter’s ears and still he was relentless. Out. Down. IN. Out. Up. IN.

At last, worn and wasted, the trio folded in on themselves and collapsed in a jumble on the rumpled covers. The girls’ hair was lank and matted. They all were drenched in sweat. Carter’s flaccid dick shone with spent seed and juices. The teens’ cunts leaked and their topiaries were drizzled with jism which had missed as Carter thrust while his dick pulsed wildly.

“Nice… wheel… barrow, Uncle… Bill,” Peri panted, slowly recovering her speech. She grinned, laughed and patted his stomach. “You are SO AMAZING!”

Trish lolled her head to the right and smiled at Peri. “You can say that again. Oh my god! I am SO glad Dr. Llewellyn referred me for counseling!

Carter looked at his Bulova and noted it was 11:15. He raised up on his left shoulder and forearm. The sprawled, cum-filled, co-eds glowed. “If we’re going para-sailing, we should probably get up and get dressed. Who wants to shower first?” he asked.

Trish said, “Go ahead, Dr. C. I just want to lay still for a while, yet.”

“Yes, Uncle Bill,” Peri agreed, “You go. We’ll be ready, I promise,” then she rolled to her left and hugged and kissed Trish warmly. Carter left them cuddling and stepped into the bathroom.


Carter rinsed his razor under the shower stream and scraped the last bit of lathered whiskers from his chin. Rinsing the blade once more he made a final turn under the needle spray and stepped out of the stall.

Peri and Trish stood waiting for him, towels in their hands and sparkles in their eyes. “Look who’s ready to go and who’s the slowpoke!” Peri chuckled. Her teeth flashed and her cheeks dimpled as she grinned at Carter. The teens were in their new khaki shorts, crew socks, Reeboks and white scuba trophy T-shirts.

“I like a slow poke!” Trish giggled mischievously, bumping her hip against Peri and stepping forward. She squatted in front of Carter and began drying his ankles and calves.

“Well, yeah!” agreed Peri, moving in with her towel and rubbing Carter’s chest, “Who doesn’t?” She slid the terry cloth briskly over Carter’s arms and kissed him. “We laid out your clothes on the bed.”

“We decided, since we already had a shower this morning before breakfast,” Trish said, moving her towel past his knees and his thighs, “we didn’t need another one. We like keeping your fresh cream in us,” she explained with a wicked grin. Rubbing the towel corner under Carter’s eggs, she pulled lightly on his cock. “Peri says sometimes you hold back a reserve,” she added, huskily and kissed the fat head.

Carter groaned into Peri’s mouth as her lips covered his and her tongue tripped along his teeth. His dick stiffened in Trish’s hand and he leaned back against the shower door as her hot tongue flicked and dipped into his slot.

“Mmmm, pwt!” Trish hummed, popping his bulb out of her mouth, “Peri, I think you’re right. I think Dr. C. has more to give!” She dropped her towel and squeezed Carter’s sack at the base of his erect root, tickling him with her nails, like Peri had described what she had seen Ruth do in Idyllwild. Carter moaned as he felt his nuts compress.

Peri broke her kiss and looked down at Trish. “Go for it! Hurry! See how fast you can get it!” she urged her friend and then resumed her passionate attack on Carter’s mouth, scratching her fingernails into his chest hairs and pinching his small nipples.

Trish hardly needed encouragement. She was a demon for Carter’s seed. She shoved his thick spearhead back into her mouth and briskly, lightly, stroked his staff with her left fist while her right hand manipulated his ballsack and teased his base.

She felt him tense up and involuntarily thrust his hips forward. “NNNNggghh!” Carter groaned, stifled by Peri’s active kissing. SPLOOT! Sploot! Sploot. Trish sucked the remaining, weakly spurting, spew from his stalk, swallowing the warm gobs with delight.

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