Back at the Bakersfield Motel Ch. 02


I phoned my mother and told her we were still stuck. She said a few of the out-of-town relatives weren’t able to make it to the wedding at all, but fortunately most of them – the ones who hadn’t had to plan the trip around college classes like Zoey and me – had shown up a few days early.

The wedding wasn’t until tomorrow evening, and the highway was supposed to be open by tomorrow morning, so we weren’t going to miss it.

Zoey and I decided to explore the town, which didn’t take very long at all. The sun was out, but it was bitterly cold. Zoey leaned her body into mine as we walked, and I took that as an invitation to put my arm around her and hold her close. It felt as if I were with a girlfriend, and I knew that wasn’t right, but I liked it.

And I guess for the next twenty-four hours, she was my girlfriend. Sort of.

We were probably in and out of every store in town before noon, the high point being the fifteen minutes we spent wandering through the 7-11. Zoey picked out a pair of cheap mittens, and insisted on treating me to a pair as well.

We wandered back to the motel, and I wasn’t sure what would happen next: what I wanted to do was go back to the room, strip her down to her yellow panties, and kiss her – but I wasn’t sure she’d go for that. I wasn’t sure what the ground rules were, and in fact we’d never really kissed.

We’d made one another cum, but we hadn’t kissed.

What happened next, though, was as we were walking through the motel lobby, the girl behind the counter – she was a few years older than us, I guess – said “Say, do you guys like to sled?”

Zoey and I looked at one another. “Sure, I guess,” we both said pretty much at the same time.

“There’s a big fucking hill right behind the parking lot,” the girl said, “and my brother’s sled is propped up next to the utility building next to it. You guys are welcome to borrow it.”

“Sure,” I said, and at the same time Zoey said “Thanks.”

“We have to go to the room first,” Zoey said. I wasn’t sure why; but as soon as we got there, she opened her little suitcase, and quickly stripped down to her bra and panties. She saw that I looked confused, and showed me a pair of thermal underwear, tops and bottoms. “It gets insanely cold by Grandma’s in February sometimes,” she told me, pulling on the thermals. “You didn’t bring a pair, just in case?”

I shrugged, mostly thinking I was sorry to see Zoey’s underwear being covered up by thermals.

“Your loss,” she said, layering her jeans and sweater over the thermals. She put her shoes back on, grabbed her jacket, and said “Let’s sled.”

It was a pretty nice sled, sort of a steerable toboggan – I guess when you live in Frostbite Falls, a good sled is a good investment – and there was more than enough room for both of us to ride. She insisted on riding in front, so she could feel the wind on her face, and that left her in charge of steering. I wrapped by arms around her and I guess I had my hands on her breasts: but through a parka, a winter shirt, a thermal top and a bra, it was hard to tell.

The first time down the hill, we just went straight, full speed.

The second time, she made us swerve several times, shouting “Yee-ha!” every time she almost made us capsize.

“Women drivers,” I muttered as I dragged the toboggan back up the gorukle escort hill. And then “Ow!” as she punched me in the arm (though of course I didn’t feel much through my own parka and winter shirt).

I stopped walking and kissed her

“Are you ready for Zoey’s Wild Ride?” she asked me as we got ready for our third run.


“Good,” she said, as we began our nightmare descent.

This time she was too reckless: halfway down the hill the toboggan flipped over. I got thrown off, and she got dragged through the deep snow before she finally came to a stop. It looked like her head was actually under the snow for a few seconds.

I got to me feet and ran over to her. “Zoey, are you okay?”

I helped her to her feet. She was shivering uncontrollably. “I-I think so. The snow was s-soft.” She took a few steps, just to prove to both us us that she could. “So f-f-fucking cold. Donny, I have snow in places, uh, places you haven’t seen seen yet.”

I helped her, half-carried her, up the hill and to our room. She had a few scratches on her face, but seemed otherwise okay. She sat down on one of the beds, depositing a pile of snow on it, and I went into the bathroom to start a hot shower going.

She was still shivering when I came out, fumbling with the zipper of her parka. “I’m going to be s-so black and b-b-blue by tomorrow,” she said.

“Let me do that for you,” I said. I removed her parka, then pulled her sweater and her thermal top over her head. More snow fell to the bed with every layer I removed. No wonder she was still shivering: she was carrying half of last night’s blizzard around with her.

I pulled off her shoes, socks, jeans and thermal bottoms. And I could see she hadn’t been joking: she had managed to get snow inside her panties.

“Go ahead,” I said, nodding at the bathroom.

She started for the bathroom, unclasping and removing her bra as she walked. I couldn’t see anything from behind, of course, but I enjoyed how her ass looked in those small yellow panties. Then she stumbled slightly. “Zoey,” I said, “you okay?”

“My right leg’s a bit wobbly,” she said. “Come into the bathroom while I shower, okay?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid of falling.”

“Sure,” I said, following her in.

She stepped inside the shower stall, still wearing her panties. The shower door was heavily frosted, so I could barely even see her shape. She tossed the panties over the top of the shower door. “I can’t believe the rate at which I’m going through these,” she said.

“Well, you can always go without them. Especially tonight.”

“Donny! Are you being naughty?”

“It depends. How are you feeling?”

“I’m thawing out nicely. And the hot water’s doing wonders for my arms and legs. I think I’m going to be no worse for wear other than a few bruises.”

“In that case yeah, I’m being naughty.”

“In that case,” she said, “come in here with me.”

I didn’t hesitate for a moment: I stripped out of my clothing, opened the shower door, and stepped inside. My cousin was wet, naked, soapy and beautiful.

She pulled me close to kiss me, crushing my hard cock against her belly.

When we separated, I looked down and saw the shower water dripping of of her sparse public hair. I wished I could remember altıparmak eskort bayan my cock pressing into her pussy last night, and wished I could just bend her over right now and fuck her.

She suddenly stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and handed me one. “Come on,” she said, leading me back into the bedroom. Then she took off the towel, spread it out on the bed, and lay her still-wet body on it. Then she grabbed the 7-11 bag, pulled out a small box, and tossed it to me. “The mittens weren’t the only things I bought you to wear,” she said, as I caught the box of condoms. “I was saving them for tonight, but why wait?”

I’m sure I was smiling so widely, my face was in danger of splitting in half. I ripped open the box, and began fumbling with one of the condom packages.

“I was with you when I came for the first time, you know,” she said.

“You were?”

“That night when we watched Brad and Wendy… I was so turned on, even though I had no idea what it was all about… I woke up, it was the middle of the night, and I felt such a strange itch, and I needed to put my fingers there… And now here we are, and Donny, don’t wait, just fuck me right away.”

Condom on, I climbed onto the bed and guided my cock to the entrance to my cousin’s pussy. I’d been fantasizing about this moment for years, of course – but those fantasies never involved Zoey (at least not until last night).

She smiled at me and nodded, and I pushed myself inside of her She winced for just a moment, then relaxed.

“Oh God,” I said softly. Even through the condom, I could feel her warm wetness.

“Mmmm… I’m so glad it was you, Donny.”

“Feels so good,” I said, fucking her slowly. “You feel so good.”

“Go faster, Donny, please. And harder. Oh yeah, like that… it’s okay to be quick this time, I’m already so close to cumming…”

I started pumping her harder, watching her breasts quiver. I was glad she didn’t want me to prolong this because even though I’d cum twice since last night, I didn’t think I’d be able to last very long.

She was pushing up her body to meet each of my thrusts, and finally she said “Cum now, Donny. I want to feel you.”

And I came. Hard. I came so much, I was surprised the condom was still I place.

“Oh shit!” Zoey cried out, her body shaking. After about thirty seconds she settled down, still taking quick, shallow breaths. “Wow. I don’t suppose we can do that again right away, huh?”

“I wish,” I said, holding the condom in place as I carefully slip out of her.

I’d just removed the condom and getting out bed to bring it into the bathroom when the room door flew open and we heard an angry “Hey, what the fuck?” It was Jenny, the girl from the front desk.

Zoey gave a loud, girlish shriek – okay, I probably did too – and we both dashed under the blanket.

“Oh,” Jenny said, a bit embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to interrupt– but I’m pissed off at you two. I told you can use my brother’s toboggan, without his permission, and instead of bringing it back, you left it at the bottom of the hill in a snowdrift. That’s not cool.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I totally forgot about it. We had an accident, the thing overturned, and I thought my cousin was seriously hurt, so I brought nilüfer eskort bayan her back here.”

“Okay,” Jenny said. “I can understan – your cousin??” Uh-oh. I guess she hadn’t missed the part where we were naked and I was holding a used condom.

“Umm…” Zoey said.

“Okay, whatever. Are you okay?” Jenny asked her.

“I think so. Just knocked about.”

“Let me take a look,” Jenny said, approaching the bed.

“What??” Zoey asked.

“Oh,” Jenny said, “I should have mentioned I’m in my last semester of nursing college. My parents own this place, so I help out behind the desk on weekends. Up to you.”

“Okay, I guess.”

Jenny looked at Zoey’s face. “You hit the snow head first?”


“Did you lose consciousness at all? Any dizziness?”

“No. No.”

She peeled back the blanket, exposing Zoey’s naked body, and then touched in turn each of her limbs. “Oh,” Zoey said, when she touched her left leg.

“Okay,” Jenny said, covering her back up, nothing seems to be broken – you can’t always tell these things yourself, believe it or not – but you’re going to look pretty black-and-blue probably by the end of the day. And expect to wake up stiff as hell tomorrow morning, especially that left leg. I suggest you send your –” and here I noticed her raising an eyebrow slightly “– cousin over to the 7-11 or the drugstore for some extra-strength Advil, because you’ll need it. Other than that, you should be fine.”

“Thanks,” we both said.

She gave us a smile and left the room.

“Okay,” Zoey said, “that was so embarrassing on so many levels.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” I agreed.

“Hey, you’re not the one who got an impromptu naked exam. Or maybe… you’d have liked that, wouldn’t you?” She pulled the blanket off my body. “Nurse Jenny was kind of cute, wasn’t she? You’d have liked Nurse Jenny checking out your chest, wouldn’t you?” she asked, running her hands across my chest. “And your thighs?”

“Mmm,” I said.

“Oh dear… my nurse’s training tells me your penis shouldn’t be that swollen. What can we do about that?” And with that she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it.

This was better than anything I’d ever imagined, and it was hard to believe she’d never done this before. Still, while I was somewhat impressed with myself that I’d gotten hard again so quickly, we both quickly realized there was no way I was going to cum this way; so Zoey let my cock fall out of her mouth, opened up another condom, slipped it over my cock, and then mounted me, with a satisfied grin. “This one,” she said, “we take our time.”

“Are you sure this is okay for your leg?” I asked her.

“For now, yeah,” she said. “I have a feeling I’m going to be a mess tomorrow either way, so this is my one chance to be on top like this. So shut up and let me fuck you.”

I did, and she did. And it was wonderful.

We used up two more condoms after dinner and when we finally went to sleep, she decided to keep her panties on so we wouldn’t end up fucking in our sleep like we almost did the night before: the last thing she wanted, she said, was to be safe and careful all day and then get herself knocked up while we were both unconscious.

When we woke up, she was pretty much unable to bend either leg or raise her right arm – and let’s not even discuss how black and blue she was. I had to dress her, and after a lot of frustration she decided to go without her bra for a day. The highway was clear, and we made it where we were going in plenty of time for the wedding.

That night, though, was when things really got interesting…

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