Barry’s Sluts Ch. 02: Emily


For new readers, know that this story is a sequel to both “Ariadne’s Dreams” and “Barry’s Sluts: Suzanna”, which are available on my authors’ page. I do my best to make each story stand on its own, but if you want to understand some of the slight references or know the history of the characters, I suggest reading those stories first. For those who read and enjoyed those series, know that this story bounces perspectives a lot; I have accumulated such a large cast of characters that I sometimes feel compelled to flesh out more than one point-of-view. Of course, I always make sure I keep things clear and understandable for my audience.

As always, I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome all ratings, comments and suggestions. I tend to listen to every ounce of feedback I receive.


“Fuck no.”

Barry’s voice hesitated on the other line, his breath calm and clear, but heavy with confustion, even before he answered. “Say what?”

“Essentially, I said ‘Fuck no, I won’t marry you, Shithead.’ But I abridged it to just ‘Fuck no’.”

Rather than seeming offended, his next response was more bewilderment than anything. “And why the hell not?”

“Are you a retard or something?” Suzanna snapped. “You disappear on me for months, you get some old cougar pregnant with two of your kids in the meantime, you buy my business of employment—effectively making yourself my boss—and then just ask me to marry you? Over the phone, no less? What the fuck do you think I am, stupid?”

The line was silent on both ends for a heartbeat. Then, Suzanna continued.

“You owe me at least another fuck first. You’ve been fucking your sweet old momma ever since you left me, and what is she? Over forty now? Hmph. Not much challenge for a fit young boy like you is it? You might be out of practice, so how do I even know you can keep up with a girl my age?”

“Hah. You’ve got a point there,” Barry agreed.

“Fuck right I do,” Suzanna said triumphantly.

By the next morning, Barry had cleared up that little misunderstanding with a third load of cum into Suzanna’s holes.


Though he hadn’t even announced his visit, that didn’t stop Suzanna from expecting him. After picking up his car from a garage near the airport, Barry had driven straight to her place, directly after a 1700-mile flight. The moment he opened her door with his spare key, Suzanna was already eagerly waiting in bed . . . the bed they had once shared together for months . . . dressed in little beside a translucent pink teddy. Barry shed his clothes as he made a beeline for the room, slammed the door behind him and pointed to the floor. An instant later, Suzanna was on her knees, slobbering over his erect cock, ravenously devouring it like a starving child who hadn’t eaten in weeks.

“God, I’ve needed this,” she purred desperately. “Don’t you ever make me go this long without this again!”

As always, she took the length his of shaft into her throat with no trouble, and the feeling of his head lightly stabbing her tonsils made her cum. Barry groaned pleasurably as he emptied himself in Suzanna’s mouth, and she swallowed every drop of it. She then sucked and licked him back to hardness within minutes, and in mere nanoseconds, he ripped the teddy right off, threw the tattered rags to the floor, slammed Suzanna onto the bed with Herculean might, and plunked his cock into her pussy.

She wrapped her arms and legs around his body, clinging to him with all her might, never letting him escape her again. She was moaning fiercely as Barry fucked her hard and mercilessly, exploring her mouth with his tongue even as his hips hammered their bodies into her mattress. Tasting his own cum inside of her mouth seemed to make him even more excited, and Barry fucked her with a fervor that was unsual—even for him. The bed quaked with the intensity of their fucking—no, of their love-making. Suzanna was hopelessly in love with this man, and his cock . . . his body . . . was the only one she couldn’t live without. She may have fucked strangers on camera for a living, but only Barry satisfied her on both physical and emotional levels.

Within minutes, he’d cum a second time, deep inside of her cunt.

The fact that Suzanna hadn’t even had her second orgasm yet would have been a problem with any other man, but not with Barry. The second he pulled his cock out of her oozing cunt, he flipped her body onto all fours with her ass raised toward him. Then his cock was right back inside and pounding away, without an ounce of hardness or stamina lost. In fact, the intensity of the fucking left her gasping for breath desperately, but Barry didn’t even seem slightly winded.

She clawed at the wall like an animal in heat while her lover slammed his hips into her again and again. She felt the entire length of his shaft as it slid effortlessly in and out of her narrow tunnel, stimulating every inch of her cunt. Barry grabbed her hips with ferocity, and quickly forewent any tenderness escort bayan or mercy. He pounded her aggressively, roughly, forcing her to try and balance herself to avoid having her body slammed against the wall. The sudden violent thrusts caused her to begin screaming “Oh yes! Oh yes! Barry, my God, Barry!” as she let him do with her body what he wished.

Finally, they both came at the same time, and Suzanna found herself so winded that she had to reluctantly deny Barry a fourth run.

“Fuck! Hold up a minute,” she gasped. “I . . . I at least need to catch my breath.”

Barry laughed. “Who can’t keep up with who now, Ms. Chain-Smoker?”

She clawed him playfully, her nails only creating a minor scratch on his chiseled, adamantine body. “Oh fuck you. I’m not that bad.” But quickly she considered. “But, I can see that the way you fuck, I might have to quit. I refuse to have any excuse that’ll keep your cock outside my pussy.”

As she stroked his handsome face, Suzanna purred lustfully, pleased that his time in Chicago hadn’t affected his physical performance. No, that wasn’t quite true—he was different . . . better. Even Barry used to get a bit winded after cumming twice in short succession, but now, he was able to continue fucking heartily even after that. She hated to admit it, but somehow, all of that incestuous fucking he’d done in the past year had actually improved him as a lover. For the first time in months, Suzanna found herself feeling envious of Barry’s mother. How dare that slut get more out of Barry’s magnificent cock than she did?

She noted that he’d certainly put on some extra muscle—he not only boasted the cut physique that had made her mouth water months ago, but he was even more massive than before. He’d obviously been doing some lifting and training in his time away, and it only made her that much more excited to have him slamming his mass against hers over and over.

He felt her hands exploring the extra pounds of muscle and smiled. “I’ve been taking to the gym lately. Building mass and taking up some boxing. Not surprising, considering how much I’ve always liked rough contact.”

He wasn’t kidding—she knew Barry had played football in high school, and the best thing about when he fucked her was t that he treated her body roughly, but at the same time, knew exactly how to attend to all her most tender needs. His thrusting wasn’t sweet or gentle; Barry fucked her like an animal fucked its bitch, with his hands gripped her body like claws holding her in place, not daring to let her go until he was finished with her. And yet, Barry picked up on her body language—he noticed when Suzanna’s moaning increased, or when she shook as his head touched her g-spot. He knew how to make subtle adjustments to give her just what she needed to climax intensely, all the while fucking with pure reckless abandon.

He knew just how to make her putty in his hands, and his ego wasn’t hurt if she rubbed her clit and made herself cum while he penetrated her. Suzanna couldn’t help but smile at the fact that this meant all of his “studying” had paid off. Barry had first met Suzanna because he wanted to learn “everything” there was to know about sex, and he was determined to become a sexologist—a professional expert in every field related to sex. He had begun to devote his entire life to exploring the fathoms of carnal pleasure, and unlocking the maximum experience to be gained from sensuality.

As thought back on her long, hard climax, she could see that he was well on his way to doing just that.

Finally, Suzanna pounced on top of him again, ready to ride him in a long, slow grind. As she gazed down at him, she took his hand gently and slipped each of his fingers into her mouth, one by one. Barry’s other hand reached around and took a firm grip of her ass, pinching her flesh hard, until the pain made her moan.

“Yes, Barry. I will.”

“You will, what?” he asked confusedly.

“God, what do you think? I’ll marry you, you idiot,” she barked. Just saying those words electrified her, making her whole body tingle. “Uhgn . . . I don’t ever want to lose you again.”

“To lose me, or my cock?” Barry questioned.

“I don’t want to lose either,” she admitted. “I love to fuck you, Barry, but I love to be with you even more. I’ve missed you all this time, and I can’t ever see you out of my life again.”

Tenderly, Barry reached up and drew her close to him, allowing her to lay her naked body against his, until her tits were smashed tightly against his chest. He kissed her lovingly, wrapping his arms around her waist as he came inside her a third time.


“So . . . what about your mother . . .?” Suzanna asked in the afterglow, their bodies pressed together, sharing mutual warmth.

“This was her idea,” he explained. “Ma doesn’t want to be my wife. She just wants to be my slut.”

“Not that I can’t see how they differ, but . . . why couldn’t she just be both? altıparmak escort bayan Not legally because of your relation of course, but at least in spirit? Why would she want to share you with me?”

“Well, it’s a bit . . . complicated. Crazy as it sounds, Ma likes being just ‘property’. She loves it when I refer to her only as ‘Slut’, and she likes having me parade her around as my slave, especially with a leash or something equally dehumanizing. She really gets off on the objectification. Ma enjoys believing that she’s surrendered herself to me, heart and soul, her body nothing except a receptacle for my cum.”

Suzanna ran a sensual finger along the curves of his chest. “Now that last part, I understand.”

He smiled at her, and his cock began springing back to life.

“So how do you want this to work?” she asked him, “I want you to move back to Fresno with me, but . . . you’ve lived in Chicago all your life.”

“Well, now that I own Stallion Productions, I’ll have to be in California regularly anyway. I’ve got the dough now, so, I’m considering renting a house somewhere nearby.”

Her mouth fell. Barry was that wealthy? “Really—?”

“Yeah,” Barry said with a smile. “But first, I think we should all do some traveling for a while. Now that we’ll have the money and I’m close to graduation, there’s a Sexology school I want to study at in Germany for a little bit, and I know I’ll stay focused better if I have you there with me. You always knew how to help manage my time and . . . motivate me to be at my best.”

“Sounds good, honey,” Suzanna agreed. “Maybe I can study there, too. I’ve already finished my Masters, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next.”

“I figured you’d say that. And it’ll be fun, especially since Germany’s sorta lax on nudism laws. I’ve enjoyed the fact that my Ma and I live in the middle of nowhere inside a little bumblefuckian Chicagoland suburb where we can go natural all day, every day. And I know it’ll only get better with you there, love.”

“Mmmm . . . I’m getting wet just thinking about it, darling,” Suzanna purred. “So what about my job? I mean, now that you own the studio, you technically get to tell me what to do, but . . .”

Barry grinned fiendishly. He obviously knew that this question would come up. “I’ve been working out some ideas for streaming live porn events on the internet.”

Suzanna’s eyes sparkled. “You’ll . . . let me keep doing what I’m doing?”

He seemed shocked by her response. “Of course I will.”

“I just mean . . . Baby, you basically want to take me as your wife, but you’re willing to let me be fucked by strangers on camera. Wouldn’t you feel jealous . . .?”

He chuckled. “Do you plan to bring any of your co-stars home and spend months rehabilitating them from a shot to the leg, or wherever?”

She scoffed. “Of course not.”

“Then what the fuck do I have to be jealous of? You proved your love a long time ago, and now it’s time for me to do the same.”

She kissed him tenderly. “And you did that when you saved me, my love.”

“That’s old hat. Time for me to step it up,” Barry nodded. “Besides, you love it, so I have no right to ask you to stop. You were doing it long before you met me, and it makes you happy. It wouldn’t be fair for me to try and take it away from you.”

Tenderly, Suzanna cooed, “I would stop in an instant. If you asked.”

“So you say, but I think that’s puppy love talking, and you’d eventually come to regret it, even if you never said so. But anyway, I won’t. If it’s something you feel you want to give up some day, then you’re free to do so. But, I’ll never ask you to. As long as it makes you happy, it makes me happy.”

He grinned evilly. “Besides, I like the idea of having a damn hot slut for a wife, getting her legs spread for the entire world to see but crawling into my bed and begging for me to fuck her. So, to put it bluntly: you’re free to get all of the fucking you want and be paid for it, and of course, you’ll always have my cock to come home to.”

“Then that’s all I care about.” She lovingly laid her head on his chest.

“When we get to Germany, I’ll see what we can do to set up that whole live stream idea. It’s not easy to implement, but I think I’ve got it figured out. I’ve already done a few . . . er . . . test runs myself just to see how feasible an idea this is.”

“‘Test runs’?”

“Heh . . . yeah. Ma and I have already done a few live incest fuck sessions online. We’ve gotten a few thousand followings. But we keep our identities secret, of course.”

Suzanna frowned. “You bastard. I told you that if you ever fucked on camera, I got first dibs!”

“Aw, sorry, baby. But technically it wasn’t even ‘on camera’. Just shitty webcam.”

Her frown didn’t dissipate, but her voice softened. “But still . . .”

“I promise, I’ll make it up to you,” he said with a kiss. She smiled, satisfied nilüfer eskort because she knew Barry always kept his promises. “And of course, when we return to the States,we’ll stay in the new house. I don’t want you living TOO far from L.A.—after all, it’s where you’re going to be shooting and stuff.”

“And what about your Mom? What will she do?”

“Officially, she’ll stay in our current home, but when it’s possible, she’ll go where I go, just to provide me with a little pussy here and there. If it’s alright with—”

“I don’t mind,” Suzanna said, cutting him off.

“For real . . .?”

She turned her head to look into his eyes. “Honey, if you don’t mind letting your wife get fucked by random porn jobbers, then I surely don’t mind you having a lover on the side. Or hell, twenty if you want.” She licked her lips eagerly. “You’re way too much hunk for little old me to contain. And besides, if your Momma stayed with us . . . I could think of all sorts of fun activities for the three of us.”

A sly, lustful smile appeared once more on Barry’s face. “Like what?”

Suzanna sat upward, returning his lusty gaze with her own. Her hand slid over to his cock and gripped it tightly. Slowly, she began to stroke it, using her delicate fingers to massage his meat.

“Hurry up and put this thing back inside me, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Less than two seconds later, Suzanna was on her back again, with her feet resting on Barry’s shoulders while he stuffed his rod into her juicy and eager cunt.


Barry and Suzanna were wedded in Las Vegas in a quick, non-event ceremony. Both of them wanted things this way—neither of them were especially interested in spectacle, and Suzanna had always found girls’ obsessions with “perfect wedding days” and whatnot to be huge wastes of time and money. So she, Barry and Ariadne drove to Nevada, where one of Suzanna’s co-stars knew a judge who could have them properly married in only a few minutes. After saying their vows, the two of them spent the rest of the night on the town dining, gambling, and taking in the sights. Afterwards, they returned to the hotel where Ariadne waited, and the night ended with all three of them fucking each other like rabbits.

After that, Barry was as good as his word. All three of the Garretts—four if you included baby Lyrica and five if you considered Ariadne’s unborn son—went to Germany, where they would be taking residence for the next year or however long it took Barry and Suzanna to further their studies. In the meantime, the three of them took in the sights and enjoyed the freedom of Germany’s many nude parks and beaches.

Both Barry and Suzanna turned a lot of heads when they strode around in the buff, what with his athletic physique and her perfect figure, magnificent tits, and shapely ass. Ariadne’s body was a little plumper, especially because she was with-child again, but the extra pounds only made her look more fuckable than usual.

Barry had been right—being clothes-free was an addicting lifestyle, as Suzanna soon came to see.

Of course, it’s not like she had much time to wear clothing around the home anyway, since random, spontaneous fucking occurred at random hours of each day.

Everyone was happy with this arrangement. Suzanna felt a guilty, obscene thrill watching her husband fuck his own mother—pregnant with his child—right in front of her, and Ariadne felt an equally obscene pleasure at being paraded in front of her son’s wife and all of Las Vegas and Germany as a common slut, collared and pregnant so that everyone could see her true purpose.

And of course, Barry was happy having two very hot women to fuck whenever he wanted to.

Suzanna still had sex on camera when possible. German porn directors were giddy at having an American starlet to work with . . . especially one as gorgeous and insatiably slutty as Suzanna. Barry himself occasionally took a foreign lover or two, and he was utterly amazed at how kinky German women were compared to Americans. Barry had been a porn producer for a year, and fucking his own mom in the meantime, so he had developed quite a ‘seen it all’ attitude. But he felt naïve and innocent all over again when it came to these women and the sheer number of kinks and fetishes they eagerly displayed. The best thing, though, was that Suzanna and Ariadne willingly, eagerly, enjoyed taking suggestions. Some things stuck, and some didn’t, but all three of them felt their sexuality deepen during their stay.

In the meantime, the porn business was booming. The studio was already enjoying large success even before Barry bought it, and under Barry’s leadership, it only thrived. After about six months, Barry had purchased a few small but promising studios in Germany and established a subsidiary company there. Also, the live streaming idea was a tremendous success. They had already amassed a pretty substantial following from the people who liked watching the “Mystery Mom and Son” fuck their brains out on the internet, and their audience only grew when Suzanna and several other Stallion stars started their own streams. The money started pouring in, and Barry quickly knew that it was only a matter of time before Stallion Productions became one of the most influential names in pornography.

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