Beach House Ch. 03


I kissed Tony after making the sweetest love ever. It had been almost two months since we had seen each other and now we were in college and roommates. We laid there naked just touching each other’s chest and kissing.

“So what are we,” I asked.

“We are dating, I’m your boyfriend and you are my boyfriend. We are gonna have a monogamous relationship babe. I also wanna go and buy some lingerie for you and some bras and panties. Would you mind,” he asked.

“No I wouldn’t,” I said smiling at him.

I got up and went in the shower to get clean for my man. As the water hit me I began to think how much my life had changed in these last few months. I was now out of the closet and in love with my cousin. I began to wash myself all over. My hands went across my ass, as I felt my asshole I felt how wide it had gotten from all the fucking I had been doing. Then I felt hands slide across my stomach and a cock scraping on my ass. Warm, soft lips kissed my neck as warm, rough, manly hands caressed me stomach.

“I love you,” a familiar voice said as he continued to kiss my neck.

I turned around to face him and admired his naked body and his huge eight inch cock. I grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off. He purred like a house cat with each pull of his cock. Then he slowly grabbed my cock and slowly went down to his knees. From there he wrapped his wide, wet mouth all over my cock and began to give me head. His mouth slipped up and down my cock, I could feel his saliva around my cock as his tongue did quick swipes of my cock. I looked down and saw Tony’s beautiful blue eyes looking at me while his mouth continued to give me head. My orgasm was growing even more when he said:

“Turn around honey.”

As I turned around to give him my ass the water continued to hit me all over. I felt his hands rub my ass as his cock slowly penetrated my large asshole. Now that my asshole was wide enough to take his cock without a problem, we didn’t have to use any lube. His cock was now fully in my asshole, he slid his cock in and out with a nice rhythm to it as I jerked myself off to each push he gave gorukle escort bayan my ass.

“Do you like that babe,” he asked.

“Yes I fucking do go faster,” I demanded.

He pounded my ass as hard as he could.

“Yes fuck me make me cum Tony. Harder! Harder! Harder!” I shouted.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he shouted as he came in my ass.

He had pounded my ass so hard that I had also cummed too. He rocked my g-spot until I orgasmed all over the shower. After that we turned the water off and dried off each other.

“How was that hun,” I asked him.

“Excellent I see that your asshole has gotten bigger from all the fucking we have been doing and I really like it,” he said to me.

“So are we gonna go to the mall to get me that lingerie,” I said.

“Sure let’s go,” he replied.

He drove us to the mall and from there we held hands around the store. Some people did look at us like there was something wrong with us, but we did not care. We were just two young souls so deeply in love with each other. Not just with our bodies, but also with each other’s soul and personalities. We found our way to Victoria’s Secret and found so much for me to wear. We bought a pink bra and matching panties with lace to wear for my love in the bed room.

That was the last fun we would have for awhile. It seems like after that weekend things started to really pick up with school. We were staying up til like three doing homework and not each other, and Tony had to get a job at Hollister just to support us. Everything was going really well until one night Tony had been working all day and I had thought if I laid there in that bra and panties he bought me it would cheer him up. He came in tired as ever, he came into the bedroom and sat down and took off his shoes and just sat down on the bed with his hands on his head. I went up to him and started to massage his back.

“How was work baby,” I asked.

“Terrible I had a bad day, too many people were on my ass for everything and I just got so fed up,” he replied.

“You want me to help you relax babe,” I asked nilüfer escort bayan him.

“I don’t know if you could help me,” he said.

I kissed him on the lips and moved his hands so he could feel my chest in that bra we had picked out. Then I grabbed his hand and moved it to my cock so he could feel it growing.

“Not now babe I just wanna go to bed,” he said.

He crawled into bed and turned out the lights. I was left there horny and upset with him for being so rude with me. I pulled the sheets over myself and went to bed too hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

I woke up the next morning alone Tony was gone. He had left a note saying work called him in and he might work all day leaving me alone to do what ever I wanted. I removed the bra and panties I had been wearing all night and went to the coffee shop down the street to gather my ideas on what I was going to do for Tony. I paid for my coffee and went to sit down at a table and just think to myself. Then from out of nowhere a young handsome man around the age of twenty was sitting down next to me. He had blonde hair with big brown eyes and was buff. I stared at him in awe and when he finally spoke I was hanging on every word he said.

“Hello my name is Tom,” he said.

“Oh hey. What’s up dude,” I asked staring into his eyes.

“I noticed you as soon as you walked in. You have a cute body and a nice butt,” he said smiling.

We were back at my dorm room where we were kissing until we walked in to the bed room. I broke the kiss and told him to hold on for just a second while I changed into something more comfortable. In that time I changed into the bra and panties Tony had bought for me, and at this point I did not care I just need to be shown that I was important and that someone cared for me. I came back into the bedroom to find Tom already naked. He was admiring my bra and panties and he signaled me to go over to him. I laid in the bed kissing him until he said:

“I like your bra and panties. Did you get them yourself?”

“No my boyfriend got them for bursa otele gelen escort bayan me, but lately he hasn’t been showing me he cares about me or loves me,” I said.

He kissed me and said:

“Let me show you.”

We kissed passionately, each one more exciting than the other. I grabbed hold of his cock and with each tug I gave it grew harder. His big rough hands ran through my back as he unhooked my bra to reveal my chest. He placed his hands on my chest and rubbed my nipples. Tom started to suck on my nipples as his hand began to massage my cock. Then I laid him down on his back and began to kiss his abs. They were rock hard which was such a turn on for me. I gazed at his amazing hard on and slowly put my mouth on his cock. I sucked on his tip until pre cum started oozing out, and then I licked his shaft to further moisten his dick finally, with a big smile began to give him a blow job. I concentrated on my style I wanted his whole dick in my mouth. Yet this was the biggest cock I had ever seen it stood a whole eleven inches when he was hard and to get in all in my mouth was no easy task but I did. Suddenly I felt a stream of juices fill my mouth; I took his cock out of my mouth to see that he had cummed all in my mouth. I thought it was disgusting at first, but then it turned out to taste amazing.

“Now I want you to fuck me missionary position,” he said breathing hard.

I removed my pink panties and my cock fell out it was not hard yet, but at its normal size of five inches. Tom began to suck to my cock. He was going until I was fully hard and ready to fuck his ass.

“Okay now you’re ready,” he said smiling.

I got on top of him as he spread his legs, and I slowly inserted my cock into his ass. He gave a little moan at first then it got heavier as I started to go faster. We interlocked in many kisses as I fucked him in the ass.

“Give it to me harder. Show me all you got big boy,” moaned Tom.

“You asked for it,” I said.

With that being said I went as fast and as hard as I could. I pounded Tom’s ass as hard as I could until I finally cummed in his firm ass. I took my dick out slowly and kissed him. I laid in bed in just thinking about what I had done. I had cheated on Tony betrayed his trust, but I found something. A lover who would not just use me, but who shows me passion and love. I do not know how far we will go or if me and Tony will end our relationship, but only time will tell.

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