Becky and Robbie Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Jenny & Abbie

Jenny just knew something major had happened between Becky and I. She smelled our intimacy, but couldn’t understand what it really meant, that we were full on lovers, that we were engaging in every sex act imaginable and loving every minute of it.

Since she was so inexperienced, it was beyond Jenny’s capacity to figure it out, but it really bothered her to know something big was going on and she wasn’t in on it. After all, we are all family, right?

So, she and Abbie asked Sharon in a clever way as if they knew what was going on. “Look, I know Becky and Robbie have a major thing going on and I want to know what happened. How did this happen? Where did it start?”

Sharon was fooled for once in her life and basically tricked into telling the two girls the most thrilling story of their lives.

Sharon figured that they already knew what was going on, so might as well let them know the whole story. And she loved telling it to her little sister and best friend. She wanted to educate them, now that they were so curious about sex.

They were blown away, but far more than that they became overwhelmed with sex desire. Their hormones were raging, and hearing of all the sex action between the other sisters and brothers turned them into lusty vampires, with only sucking and fucking on their minds.

Or, at the very least, they thought that they really wanted to try some of these wonderful things and were very excited and eager for this great fun. After all, if it was that good for her siblings, it would be good for her also. And as we all know there is nothing more unstoppable than a horny teenager who gets the scent of sex.

Jenny said that she wanted to know everything and Abbie added, “Yeah, we also need to experience the real thing, with a real boy with a real dick. Do you think Becky would let Robbie show us? Um, do us.”

Sharon didn’t like the idea of pairing up Robbie with Abbey. This is where the trouble started to begin with and that’s the last thing she wanted to flare up again. Sharon said that they had to wait for their birthdays. She wasn’t going to help them until they turned eighteen, which wasn’t so far away anyway. It would be so much more meaningful that way, she said. They didn’t see it that way, but didn’t have any other options.

Sharon did think that Becky might not mind if she had Robbie initiate their little sister Jenny into sex, so long as Abbie wasn’t involved. After all, Sharon had initiated Robbie and Becky into the best sex they could ever have and they owed her big time. And it really wasn’t a problem anyway, no biggie. It was all in the family.

She formed a plan in her mind, maybe she would give her boyfriend Terry the special honor of taking the foxy little Abbie’s cherry on her birthday. He was the only one she could trust to do it right and besides he would really love fucking this cute nymphette.

What an incredible turn on for her boyfriend. Sharon just knew Terry would love her for giving him a ripe cherry to pop and probably be a better lover for her afterwards, being so turned on by this really hot and tight fresh pussy.

Abbie would literally get the best fuck of her life, since Terry had the biggest cock that Sharon had ever seen, felt or heard of. The stories were true about Terry and Sharon loved his cock. She was spoiled, no one else could even come close to satisfying her after fucking Terry’s huge cock. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea.

Surely Terry would be blown away by Sharon’s liberality and unconventional arrangement. ‘Yeah, I like this idea,’ she thought, ‘Real kinky and hot.’

Abbie still had the hots for Robbie but knew she didn’t have a choice in the matter, so she accepted the offer and when she heard about Terry’s huge cock she really started getting excited, although she wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to handle his size. After all she was without any practical experience and a virgin to boot.

But Sharon convinced Abbie that she would help her and not to worry, it would fit. “You would do that? You want to be there when your boyfriend fucks me?”

Sharon replied cooly, “Sure, why not? It’s cool. Look, he is just having sex with you, so you can have a good first experience with someone who will be gentle. But he is my boyfriend and we are lovers, so this is just a one time thing to help you out.

“After that, you are on your own to find it. But anytime you want to come for advice or just to talk about things, I am here for you, because you are my dear sister’s good friend.” Abbie hugged Sharon and thanked her, tingling in anticipation.

Time passed slowly for these two eager teens as Robbie and Becky found their lives joyful beyond comprehension. They continuously relished their incredible love for each other and spent many hours every day making wonderful love together. They felt truly blessed in their happiness.

Finally the day approached and Sharon thought that it was best to separate bursa eskort bayan the two young girls for their deflowering, mostly for Becky’s sake, and arranged for Terry to come over later that night.

She told Jenny that she had to have a talk with Becky and Robbie before she knew how it would go for her and that she would talk with them this afternoon before Terry came over, so would certainly have it all set up for Jenny by tonight. Sharon had it all figured out.

Becky surprisingly agreed to let Robbie initiate their younger sister into sex and take her virginity. It actually made her feel really good to think that someone so caring and wonderful as her lover, her brother, would break in her little sister, whom Becky had always really been close with.

She admired Jenny’s sparkling personality and her body was killer also. She deserved Robbie, well, once anyway. After that, she better not touch him. Because they were family, she knew she didn’t have to worry so much.

Besides she totally trusted Robbie. If she couldn’t trust Robbie, then what was their relationship anyway?

The trouble earlier was all a mistake, it didn’t mean anything now that she and Robbie were together as a couple.

Sharon then said, “Ok then Robbie, we will do this later tonight, after we get Terry and Abbie together.”

The two girls were excited beyond words and giggled and fussed around in Jenny’s room all day, bathing and dressing and redressing and doing all the things that teen girls do to make themselves irresistible and hot looking.

The time finally arrived and when Terry walked into Sharons’ room, little Abbie was overcome with lust for this hunk that was there to fuck her. He was famous at the university and so popular. Abbie was a little scared but mostly excited to be on the brink of a wonderful new experience and new chapter in her teen life.

She couldn’t believe that Sharon had actually arranged for her sexy boyfriend to fuck her. Abbie was really shy in front of Terry.

Seeing Sharon’s amazingly sexy little sister really excited Terry. He understood that it was pretty much all in the family and basically a one night stand, so he wasn’t worried, as long as he didn’t knock her up.

Sharon was just so cool to do this for him. This made him love her all the more as he thought of their future together. What a special woman and her family was special too.

Sharon wanted to get things started right away, so she asked Abbie to sit next to her on the bed. She said that she was going to start things with Abbie so she wouldn’t be nervous. “I know we are both girls, but just relax and enjoy, I am your good friend and am only trying to help you.”

So, she hugged Abbie and started to rub her back and then kissed her lightly as she ground their breasts together. This was such a new experience for Abbie, to be with another girl like this, that she started to get really excited. She never would have thought she would ever do this, much less that it would feel so good.

Sharon then cupped Abbie’s breasts firmly and squeezed them, tweaking the nipples thru her bra. Sharon fell backwards on the bed pulling Abbie with her and she then cupped Abbies ass cheeks, squeezing them hard and grinding their cunt mounds together. This really shot Abbie into a entirely new and unfamiliar realm of sexual frenzy, getting it on with another female, a hot one at that. She swooned in sexual bliss.

Terry just sat next to these two very hot women, as they groped each other, getting really turned on himself.

Sharon, then said to Terry, “Hey Terry, please rub Abbie’s mound. I think she would like that.

Abbie barely heard this, being so much turned on already, so Terry started to take over for Sharon and rubbed Abbie’s cunt lips making sure to pinch her clitoris thru her wet panties.

He rubbed her hard, drawing his thick fingers over her sex again and again, as Abbey’s pussy flowed with her moisture. With his other hand he took hold of her breasts and softly kneaded them as Sharon removed Abbie’s shirt and bra.

Next, while Abbie was moaning with her eyes shut, relishing all the attention to her body, Sharon removed her pants and thong quickly. Then Terry leaned down to take her swollen cunt lips into his mouth, inserting a finger into her love canal and ravishing her slit with his tongue.

He was expert, long on experience and special training. He had Abbie moaning like a banshee as she had her first orgasm followed by one after another.

She just kept going off again and again without a break, as Terry expertly slurped her sloppy cunt, pinched her clitoris and kept his fingers firmly working her tight cunt hole. Terry inserted a second and then a third finger into her very tight little pussy as she writhed in the wonderful new feelings of her passion.

It was so good, better than she had imagined in her wildest thoughts. But this just whetted her passion for more and the desire to feel Terry bursa otele gelen eskort bayan inside her became overwhelming.

She really needed to get fucked, she really wanted him now, excited far beyond anything she had ever experienced before. As Terry loosened her up, she also was becoming very wet, providing the necessary lubrication for the next step.

Terry ground the tip of his massive sex organ on the lips of Abbie’s hot pulsing pussy, paving the way to enter her.

Slowly with great effort he pushed his huge cock into Abby’s tiny and very tight cunt, slowly slowly, as she whimpered in ecstasy and emotion.

As he reached her hymen he felt the resistance and whispering softly to her that, “This will hurt a little bit Abbie,” he pulled out and rammed his swollen cock as far as it would go into her tight box.

Abbie felt like she was split in two, but even the sharp pain of her cherry breaking was nothing in comparison with her intense pleasure, as she felt this gigantic organ stuffed into her tiny cunt.

She gasped, “Oh, gawd, oh, oh, oh… Oh, my god,” as she climaxed again, soaring in ecstasy.

It hurt so much, but simultaneously pleasured so much, that the pain only added to the intensity of the pleasure. It was the greatest experience of her life.

Terry speeded up and pumped with great force, stroking his entire length in and out of her vise like pussy with long hard strokes, as Abbie continued having orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, Terry couldn’t last any longer and he spewed his load of semen into Abbie, again causing her to orgasm. He just laid still hugging Abbie as she came down from her high and his cock deflated inside her.

Abbie didn’t want it to end, it was so fantastic, and literally begged Sharon to please let them do it again, “I need more, please Sharon. This is so good. I need it again, please.”

Sharon said she had no objection and thought it to be a real turn on, so she let them go again. Terry, of course, was all for it. He thought she was the best fuck ever, ahh, besides Sharon of course.

The second time Terry really humped her with great passion, plowing into her without mercy. But she loved it even more, it was so wild, so animalistic and so unlimited.

She realized she liked it that way. God he was huge. Oh, did she love it. She didn’t know it then, but she would be a long time finding anyone who could really satisfy her, after having the greatest fuck of her life from such a huge cock.

Finally it was over and it was hinted that Abbie should leave. She walked slowly up to Jenny’s room because she was so sore from getting the shit fucked out of her for the first and best time of her life. Yes, it was truly wonderful, she thought. It was all she had ever heard it would be and lots more.

Jenny knew right away that her best friend was in seventh heaven and had literally the time of her life.

Jenny made Abbie tell her every detail and this made her really hot and too impatient to wait any longer for her turn. She told Abbie that she was going down to see Sharon, now that it was her turn to get hers.

As she knocked and turned the doorknob, entering Sharon’s room, she realized that she shouldn’t have entered, because she saw Sharon getting her cunt licked by Terry, whose very large and very hard cock was staring Jenny right in the face as it plunged in and out of Sharon’s mouth.

God, did Abbie get fucked with that? She wondered how it had fit inside her. Wow, no wonder she was ecstatic. It is huge.

She was so surprised that she just stood there in a trance staring at them in their frenzy. She was so turned on by this, that she couldn’t move.

Sharon and Terry didn’t notice Jenny and just continued their lovemaking, Terry slurping on Sharon’s totally smooth cunt and she on his very large and very hard cock.

After about ten minutes they both came and then noticed Jenny and invited her over to the bed to sit. “Jenny dear, Terry and I are going to make love now, so please just watch and after we finish you and I will go to see Robbie and you can have your turn.

Jenny was amazed that her hot sister and hot boyfriend would just fuck in front of her, not that she minded. They had already done that other thing, she thought. She was just really surprised and so turned on after watching their intense passion for the first time in her life. She had never seen anything even remotely like this. ‘This is so cool,’ she thought, ‘I get to watch. This is so hot.’

Terry and Sharon then proceeded to make love with great passion, as Jenny sat right next to them and basked in their loving exchanges. She started to rub her mound as she watched, getting more and more turned on. As they climaxed, so did she.

This wasn’t her first orgasm, she had done it last week when she had watched her parents through their bedroom window making love. It was an accident that she was there, going into bursa eve gelen escort the backyard to get her towel and she had heard them and just been drawn like a magnet to watch their sex session through their window.

She knew it was wrong to watch her parents fuck, but she just had to, it was so exciting.

That had turned her on so much that she couldn’t help rubbing her cunt and finally orgasmed twice while watching her parents. That was her very first sexual experience and she really liked it, all the more reason to request her turn from Sharon.

Sharon and Terry fucked for about forty minutes, surprising Jenny with the roughness and passion of their sex. They were screaming and pumping hard and groaning so much that Jenny almost thought it hurt, but could see that they were enjoying it like anything.

Their climax was so intense that Jenny came again herself. After that, Terry and Sharon hugged for awhile and spoke some intimate words, then got up and dressed.

Sharon told Jenny as she took her hand and pulled her up, “Come on, little sister, time for you to become a woman.”

Sharon held Jenny’s hand tightly and led her upstairs to Robbie and Becky’s room and knocked. As they entered, Robbie asked Becky again if it is alright with her for him to take Jenny’s virginity.

Becky said that, “It’s all in the family and this family is so cool. No problem brother. I want Jenny’s first sex to be as wonderful as mine was. And I am happy to share our dear brother Robbie with you for this.”

Jenny was really turned on, but also shy and didn’t know what to do. She was flushed and super excited because of watching all the sex earlier between Sharon and Terry.

But Sharon knew just what to do, and pulled Jenny into the room and sat her on the bed. She then asked Becky to help Jenny relax and the two sisters started to fondle and kiss Jenny everywhere. Sharon massaged Jenny’s legs as Becky ran her fingers lightly over Jenny’s excited breasts.

Jenny just swooned, overwhelmed with her intense sexual feelings and love for her sisters and also the knowledge that her sisters and brother were right there doing this to her. Because it was her first time for any sexual experience, it was all devouring and absolutely wonderful.

It was just so nice that they loved her so much and took the care to treat her like this with so much love. Sharon then motioned for Robbie to take her place and start to fondle Jenny.

It took a while for Jenny to notice that Robbie was the one so nicely fondling her pert breasts, but she was so high she just kept floating along on her cloud, enjoying the sensations. Sharon helped remove Jenny’s clothes as Robbie moved down and rubbed Jenny’s slick pussy with great attention.

He ground his fingers and palm into her cunt mound so strongly that she pushed back hard, lifting her mound up, wanting more. She needed to feel more, to get more, oh God, she was really getting off on this.

As her blouse and bra were removed by Becky, Robbie suckled her erect nipples, while squeezing her firm breasts strongly with one hand. With his other hand he continued his assault on her very eager vagina.

Sharon removed Jenny’s panties and the last barrier being removed, Robbie dove into Jenny’s muff, his tongue slurping her sex and his fingers tweaking her clitoris and entering her hot hole.

‘This is the best,’ Jenny thought, thoroughly enjoying it. She was ready for the real thing now, bring it on she thought, even though she still had some fear, having heard so many stories about losing your virginity. But they were stories, this was the real thing and the fear along with the intense pleasure surging through her ripe boy brought her to an incredible level of excitement.

Seeing that she was ready, Robbie lined up his hard on with her slippery slit and started to slide it in. ‘Man, was she tight.’ he thought, ‘What a great fuck. Oh, man, my cock will be sore tomorrow.’

He pushed his dick firmly into Jenny’s tightness, popping her cherry. He went all the way in with one stroke, as he grasped and pulled her ass cheeks towards him, impaling her with his engorged cock. ‘Oh, wow, I love it. I hope I can last.’

He did last for quite a while as Jenny relished her first ever fuck. She loved it, it felt so good, orgasming again and again. Jenny was in ecstasy. ‘Finally, I have been fucked and it was so good. Oh, I need this a lot.’

As they finished up, Jenny cleverly said that Abbie had gotten to do it twice with Terry, so she should also get to fuck Robbie twice. Everyone laughed at that, and Robbie quickly got hard again without even leaving Jenny’s still tight cunt.

They just kept right on pounding away at each other, finally climaxing and holding each other tightly, not wanting the incredible feelings and their bond to end.

Finally, Jenny got up and gave everyone a big kiss, thanking her siblings again and again for the best experience of her life. ‘I owe you all a really big debt and I won’t every forget this. Thank you again.”

Becky and Robbie had a softball game to go to, so they headed out feeling pretty good about their existence. Jenny then bounced downstairs to tell all to Abbie, who was ecstatic to hear each and every detail. They snuggled together on Jenny’s bed going over and over their wonderful experiences.

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