Bedtime Fantasies of Daddy


Daddy always fills my day dreams and my night dreams…

I am laying alone in my twin bed, under the soft pink flannel sheets wearing only my nightgown and I can hear him. The room is dimly lit by a nightlight and my door is open. I hear him with her and in her moans, I hear all he is doing to her. I know their routine and I can only hope for my turn later. She will take her sleeping pills and be completely out by the time he is done showering.

Drifting in and out of a light sleep I hear my door close and lock just before my covers are gently pulled down. My heart leaps as my pulse quickens and it takes all I have to lie still as his hungry gaze travels over my thinly veiled body in my dark bedroom. His fingertips trace my jaw line then his hand feigns a grip on my throat before continuing down and tracing around my hardening nipples under the thin fabric. I know my breath has quickened but I try to stay quiet and allow my eyelids to relax and stay closed.

He knows what I want. He knows what I need. I am fulfilled knowing bursa otele gelen escort that tonight again Daddy is going to take me to heaven.

Pulling my nightgown up over my hips, he takes my knees, lifts and spreads before gently blowing air over my swollen hungry pussy lips. I gasp unable to pretend sleep any longer and before the first moan escapes my lips his tongue traces up and down the length of my lips, pressing in deeper with each pass before landing squarely on my clit. His hunger and pleasure are audible. I love the sounds he makes. I can feel them They take me higher.

Tracing circles around my now swollen clit, his motions are intermixed with nibbling and sucking, making my body writhe in response. My hands lower, gripping his thick hair in my hands. Grinding his chin against my hungry cunt he knows I am wet for him as he lowers his tongue to taste. The tip of his tongue travels slowly around, teasing, tempting and making me ache to be filled. Then he pushes bursa eve gelen eskort his tongue inside and I am not sure I can hold back as he trusts it into me repeatedly. I know my moans are getting louder as he pulls a pillow over my mouth helping me to somewhat contain the noise. His growling hunger continues as he moves back to my throbbing clit, wrapping his lips around it while he sucks and flicks his tongue across it at the same time. This is a place I could remain forever, being loved by daddy like this is absolute heaven. My body betrays me as soon as he speaks, “cum baby girl, daddy needs you to cum.”

Ramped up to that place of no return, my breathing nearly stops before my head rises up and my words become comprehensible. Contractions pulse through my cunt and I know he can feel them with his mouth. I am lost in bliss and the orgasm continues as he rises, aims his rock hard cock and thrusts in, penetrating me deep. His deep, long, continuous thrusts keep my orgasm bayan escort bursa going.

Pulling me over on top of him he grips my waist and pulls me down hard, lifts me up and down hard again. He knows this angle makes me gush and that is exactly what he wants. Covering his hips with the warm liquid, the wetness between us is audible as he continues to fuck me up and down his shaft. Gawd he won’t let me stop coming until he does and we are both covered in sweat and my cum. Suddenly his body stiffens and he shoves in even deeper. I feel his cock contract and the explosive bursts of cum shooting inside of me. My cunt contracts to swallow and beckon more from him. Daddy’s cum is so deep inside fills my thoughts as I try to catch my breath.

He holds me tight and kisses my neck and ears before whispering, “don’t clean up, I will be back in the morning for my breakfast.” Oh gawd, I am crazy horny again in an instant and I whimper as he pulls his cock out and rolls me back onto the bed. Pulling up my covers as he rises to leave, he traces the tip of his wet cock over my lips and I lap at him just to have that taste of us. Leaning down he then kisses me goodnight and shares that sweet taste of our sex. “Goodnight my precious princess. See you soon,” he says and leaves. I am smiling as my eyes close and I drift into the most relaxing, content sleep I have ever known.

Thank you daddy, I adore you.

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