Blackmaled Ch. 01


I was scared to death. My stepfather had caught me fucking my boyfriend, and I didn’t know if he was going to tell my mother or not. It would kill her to know that I was gay, not to mention that I was fucking in her house.

“Ken, please, you can’t tell my moms what you saw hear. She would beat my ass.”

“And why is that my problem? Just because you’re 19 doesn’t mean that you don’t to abide by house rules. Deidre has told you not to disrespect her home anymore. First, coming in after 3AM, and now this? I wonder how my wife would feel to know that he baby boy was getting dicked down in the place that she lays her head.”

“Come on, Ken. I know that I fucked up, and it won’t happen again. I will do anything for you not to tell her.”

“Why should I help you, Brian? Since I met your mother, you have been nothing but a rude little shit to me. Now, I have the power to get you thrown out of this house. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t cash in.”

“Please, I will do anything you want, just don’t tell my moms. It would kill me to have her disappointed in me again.”

“Anything, Başakşehir Escort huh?”


“Hmm, well, since you pout it that way, get on your knees and suck my dick.”

“What? I ain’t gone suck shit, nigga! Fuck you!”

“Oh, that’s what I plan on doing. This is the only way that I won’t say shit to your mama. Give up that mouth & ass or give up your home & mama. What’s it gonna be?”

I reluctantly got on my knees and pulled Ken’s dick out. It wasn’t that he was ugly, because that he ain’t. I just didn’t want to do this to my mother.

Ken’s dick plopped out at me. Goddamn, it was long & thick as fuck! It was about 8 inches soft. I felt bad that my mouth watered at the sight of my mother’s husband’s dick. I stroked it and got it fully erect. The son of a bitch was about a good 11 inches hard. I had never sucked a dick that big. Ken laid back on my bed as I engulfed his thick rod.

“Yeah, little nigga. Suck that dick, shit!”

The more I slobbed on his dick, the less guilty I felt. This was the only way to keep Başakşehir Escort Bayan the peace, so I might as well enjoy it, right?

He took the rest of his clothes off and raised his leg onto my bed. I was caught by surprise as Ken started to tea bag me. His huge nuts dipped back and forth into my waiting mouth. I reached into my pants and pulled out my raging 9 inches. I began stroking while Ken shoved his big dick back into my throat. Precum leaked from my dick, making it easier to stroke.

Ken reached down and helped me get out of my pants & boxers. He then started to play with my wet asshole. I moaned on his dick, causing him to fuck my face harder. Ken pulled his dick out of my mouth and forced me to get on the bed. He raised my legs up and started to tongue fuck me. Shit, it was good! I rubbed the back of his head as he grinded his face into my ass. He licked and took both my balls into his mouth. I was shocked by what he did next, he started sucking my dick. Being a bottom, a rarely ever got my dick sucked, but damn, it felt good to get it done. My Escort Başakşehir fat shaft disappeared into his mouth while he played with my ass.

I reached into my nightstand, and got out some lube & condoms. Ken rolled a jimmy on his banana shaped piece and dug right in. He gave me no time to adjust, just went in and fucked me hard & deep.

“Yeah, little nigga. You like this dick? Huh? Say something, bitch! You know you love this dick, quit playing!”

“Ah, yes! I love that dick. Fuck me! Fuuuuuuuuck mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!”

My bed shook as Ken banged me for dear life. It had to be a crime for how much I was enjoying this dick. The juice from my ass & lube ran down my crack onto the bed. Ken took off my sock and put my big toe into his mouth, then fucked me harder than he was already. I braced myself by holding onto his big, muscular arms. His nut was coming, so he pulled out, ripped the condom off, and sprayed all over my face.

The thick, sticky nut felt so warm on my skin. Ken then rubbed the nut in with his dick head and pushed his shit back into my mouth, forcing me to clean it up. I beat my dick and shot on his back.

“What the fuck? Bitch, I didn’t tell you to nut on me. Now lick that shit up, hoe!”

He laid on his stomach and I licked up every drop of my nut off of his back. My stepfather turned me into a nasty ass cum-feigning hoe…and I loved it.

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