Carla and Paul and Nancy


Paul Davis loved his daughter Nancy. He was 42 to her 20. He enjoyed watching her with her girlfriends when they came over to their house. One 19-year-old friend in particular, named Carla Lewis, had been Nancy’s best friend for a dozen years. Whenever she came for a visit Carla paid a lot of attention to Paul, who was like a second father to her.

Shortly after they had become friends Nancy and Carla had a sleepover at the Davis house for six of their other friends. After most of the girls had drifted off to sleep on the living room carpet, Nancy sought out her father who had stayed awake with a bad cold. Paul’s leaking sinuses caused him to go through facial tissues at a rapid rate. He had just used a tissue when Nancy approached him in tears.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” he asked her.

“Just hold me, Daddy,” she replied. “Carla is upsetting the other girls because she now has breasts, and the rest of us don’t. I don’t understand why she is acting so mean.”

“I’ll take care of this,” Paul promised her. She nodded, and when Paul told his daughter to send Carla to him, Nancy did as she was told.

When Carla came to him a few minutes later, she looked afraid. “Carla, the way you are treating the other girls is not right. It is an accident of biology that you are maturing physically faster than Nancy or the other girls. One day their maturity may exceed yours. Try to understand and be nicer to your friends, or one day you may not have any.”

From that point onward Carla dreamed of being Paul Davis’ lover. At first she didn’t truly understand what this meant. But within three years she understood enough to start trying to figure out how to seduce him. But Nancy had no clue about Carla’s private fantasies about her father. The girls remained friends even after Nancy had graduated from high school a year before Carla did.

Carla’s father Ira Lewis, was a successful electrical engineer, and Carla wanted to follow in his footsteps. But some of the mathematical studies made no sense to her. So she sought help from Paul Davis, who was a math professor at the local campus of the state university system.

On the second time she came to him for help Carla knew just what to do to seduce Paul. Part of her plan involved dressing as provocatively as she could, to visually distract him.

When she arrived for her lesson Paul couldn’t stop staring at Carla’s openly displayed anatomy. As she sat down next to him she pulled herself within an inch of touching Paul’s side. As he was pointing out an error in an exercise he had given her with his right hand, Carla pulled his left hand around her back and placed it on her left breast.

When he realized what had happened Paul tried to pull his hand off. Carla looked at him and asked him: “Don’t you want to play with my tit, Paul? I deliberately did not wear a bra so that you could.”

“It doesn’t matter, Carla. This is not right since I am old enough to be your father. And since when do you call me by my name? I did not give you permission to do so,” Paul replied. But he also did not stop holding her tit.

“Look, Paul, you are an adult, and I am an adult. I’ve wanted you for the last six years. Now I need you to fuck me or make love to me, your choice,” she told him. “I know that we are alone here for the next two hours. Only we will know what happens here.”

Paul thought about what Carla had said. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, and he had raised Nancy by himself since his wife had died in a car accident twelve years ago, just before his daughter and Carla had met. And he certainly could not deny the pleasure that holding the young woman’s breast gave him.

Nevertheless he removed his hand, and then he pulled her into an embrace and kissed her mouth. They kissed for a few minutes and then he asked her what she thought would happen after they made love, assuming that they would do so.

She looked deeply into his brown eyes with her blue eyes. Then she spoke: “Paul, darling, once you have me, you can have me again whenever you desire. If you wish to tell Nancy, I will move in with you, even marry you. If you choose not to tell her then we will have to meet in discrete locations where we can be alone for 24 hours bursa escort bayan at a time.”

Paul asked her what she thought Nancy would think if she found out that they had become lovers. “I think she’d be upset that she hadn’t thought of it first. She has told me more than once that if you weren’t her father she’d try to seduce you. And, since you did not ask but probably were about to do so, if we were to marry Nancy would think it hilarious that her best friend was now her step-mom.”

Paul then said, “Let’s go to my bedroom and try this. Since we only have a little more than an hour we’ll have to fuck, this time. But I will most definitely make love to you the next time, as you deserve.”

Once they were in Paul’s bedroom Carla stripped him first, taking time to caress his seven-inch, fully erect cock. Then he stripped her pausing briefly to kiss her from her forehead to her cunt. Then they lay down on the bed together. Paul used his hand to squeeze her tits, then moved it down to her sex. After she achieved an orgasm by his manipulation of her clitoris, he kissed her again, long and hard, as they swapped tongues.

Carla pulled back for a moment. “Paul, I am not a virgin, and I am wearing an intra-uterine device, so I cannot become pregnant today,” she said, stroking his sex shaft to keep him hard until he entered her vagina.

Paul suggested she climb onto his cock so that she could control how much of him was in her tight channel. When the lips of her cunt surrounded the head of his organ, she asked him to help prevent her from dropping onto him too fast. She slowly took just the head inside her vagina before moaning with pleasure at his size. As she took another inch of his love muscle inside her she leaned forward to kiss him again.

For his part, Paul was also enjoying his slow entry into her quim. About half way into her she froze as an orgasm ran through her body. For the rest of his penetration of Carla’s cunt he maintained a steady pressure on her clit. Once she had all of him inside her she paused to adjust to his oversized penis, which stretched her walls so delightfully.

While waiting for her to begin fucking him Paul latched onto her left tit with his mouth, using his tongue to stroke her dark pink nipple before beginning to suck on it like a baby nursing at her breast.

This caused Carla to have yet another orgasm before she began to pull off of him, and then lowering herself again until he was fully inside her love chamber, the tip of his cock pressed against her cervix where he would soon deposit his seed. After her vaginal walls tightened around him again in yet another orgasm, Paul rolled them over so that she was now beneath him.

He placed her legs on his shoulders and pushed them back until her pussy was directly below him as he began fucking straight down into her. As they had turned over his hand slipped off of her clitoris, so she deftly wrapped her thumb and forefinger around his shaft so that her thumb maintained the pressure on her button.

Paul enjoyed the presence of her fingers on his shaft that he immediately picked up the speed of his strokes into Carla’s vagina until he felt his balls discharge his cum into her. Her orgasm met his and they both screamed out in joy.

Paul pulled his rapidly shrinking cock out of her, then he picked Carla up in his arms, and carried her to his en-suite bathroom. He placed her gently into his bathtub where he ran warm water over her body and cleaned her body with a soapy loofa, then washed himself off as well.

Then he pulled her from the tub, wrapped her now clean body in a towel, got another towel for himself, and then carried her back to the bedroom where they dressed and went out to his kitchen where he made her a bowl of granola and fresh fruit with vanilla yogurt to restore her energy. Then, kissing her goodbye, he escorted her to the front door.

When the door opened they saw a very startled Nancy, who had just returned from working as a cashier in the local grocery store, which was how she obtained money for her incidental expenses at college. “Back for another math lesson I see,” Nancy said to Carla and her father.

“I’ll talk to you later,” Carla told her. gorukle escort Then, she got into her car and drove home. Nancy went into her room and dropped her things onto her bed before going to the kitchen to help her father make dinner.

After eating and cleaning up they sat in the den and Paul asked her not to turn on the television just yet.

“What’s up, Dad?” she asked him.

“Nancy, I have been very lonely since your mother died, but I have been so busy taking care of you that I haven’t thought of dating. Would it upset you if I started dating now?” he asked.

Nancy replied, “Not at all Dad. I think you should have done so before now; so I’m glad that you are going to date. Do you have anyone in mind, or are you going to play the field?”

“Actually, I have someone in mind. I’m considering a woman who is a bit younger than you, though. Will that make you uncomfortable?” he sought her opinion.

“Well, if you want to date someone younger then me you should consider Cheryl. She has had a thing for you for years. I wouldn’t mind you dating her at all. You deserve to be happy, and she might just be the one to make you so,” Nancy told him.

“And if I did date someone Cheryl’s age, do you think that might be too young? After all, I’m 23 years older than Cheryl. Wouldn’t that be too much of an age difference?” Paul inquired further.

“Look, Dad, if I weren’t your daughter I’d date you myself. Cheryl is the next best thing, and I think you would love dating her. And if things progressed to marriage, I wouldn’t be the first child with a younger step-mom. I’d love to be even closer to Cheryl. If you married her that would do it,” Nancy replied.

“But what if you found us making love to each other? Wouldn’t that creep you out?” Paul also asked.

“Not if you love her. You always told me that good sex helps make for a good marriage. If you date Cheryl, and eventually marry her, I would certainly expect you to have sex with each other. The only thing that would bother me was if you ever hurt her. But you aren’t that kind of person, Dad,” she said.

With that Paul pulled his daughter into his arms and hugged her. “Thank you for your words. It is Cheryl that I want to date. And, if things work out that way, I would be very happy to marry her. But enough about my love life; how are things with you? Do you have a boyfriend? Clue your father in, kiddo,” he told her.

“Actually Dad, there isn’t anyone yet. The boys I dated in high school and the ones I date now are just looking for sex. I’m not a virgin, but I am picky about who I choose. He has to be older than me, and experienced in matters of love, sex and relationships. In other words, father of mine, I want someone just like you, since I can’t have you,” she told him.

Then she blew her father’s mind when she said, “Dad, I know we can’t date or marry, but is there any reason why we could not at least fuck? If you married Cheryl I don’t believe she would mind if you and I had sex. And as long as we kept it between the three of us, I don’t think there would be a problem. We might have to move to somewhere remote if I became pregnant by you. But the three of us could be very happy together, and any children born to either Cheryl or me would have a superb father. Don’t answer now; just think about it,” she told him.

“Well, Nancy, I am certainly stunned by your request, and I will think about it. But we would have to ask Cheryl before we did that, because she’s the one that I want to marry, if she’ll have me. Invite her to dinner tomorrow night. We’ll make a great meal and then we can talk to her about a three-way relationship,” Paul told her.

“It would be more three-way than you think, Dad,” Nancy replied. “Cheryl and I have had sex with each other when we are sexually frustrated. We are not lesbians; but we consider ourselves to be bi-sexual.”

“Okay,” Paul said; “That would certainly be an aspect to the discussion that we will have.”

The next night Cheryl, Nancy and Paul had a very nice dinner. Then they adjourned to the den where Paul poured a glass of desert wine for each of them. Paul told Nancy that he and Cheryl had already fucked each other. Nancy approved bursa merkez escort bayan that and then told her best friend, “I hope you marry my Dad. A) You two make a great couple in my mind; and B) I know that if you did I would absolutely love my step-mother.”

“Cheryl,” Paul said, cautiously, “Nancy has asked me to have sex with her as well as with you. How would you feel about that?” he asked.

Cheryl smiled at her best friend and at her new lover and said, “I think that would be fine. I just hope that you will be able to satisfy us both. I suppose that Nancy has told you that she and I have had sex with each other. For this three-way relationship to thrive, we would have to have each other from time to time.”

Then Paul said, “I’m perfectly willing to fuck my own daughter as well as you, Cheryl. And I see no problem with you two enjoying each other. Legally I will be married to Cheryl, if she’ll have me. Any children born to each of you will be my children, so we will all raise them together.”

With that said, Cheryl said she would like to watch Paul fuck Nancy, and then have Nancy watch her and Paul do the same. So they all went to Paul’s bedroom where they all disrobed. Paul noticed, when both women were naked, that their bodies were almost identical. Although Nancy was an inch taller than Cheryl, Nancy wore an A-cup bra while Cheryl wore a B-cup. They told Paul that because of the similarities, they often swapped clothing.

“Paul,” Cheryl said, “Why don’t you let me suck your cock so it is ready for Nancy, while you eat her cunt?” Both Nancy and Paul liked that idea.

When Cheryl placed Paul’s penis in her mouth, she licked up and down his shaft. Then she sucked each of his testicles into her mouth, and then, returning to the head of his cock, she proceeded to suck until he was fully erect. Then using her hand and her mouth she kept him rigid.

Paul had placed Nancy with her knees on the edge of the bed with her lower legs hanging off that edge. Then, spreading her thighs as wide open as he could, he then moved in between them. Kneeling in front of his gorgeous daughter, and placing her lower legs on his shoulders, he brought his face to her pussy. He could smell her arousal already, and when he licked her slit from the bottom to the top with the flat of his tongue, he found her taste to be sweet and salty.

Eventually his tongue contacted his daughter’s clit, and the tip of his tongue circled her button several times, as his hands played with her tiny breasts that had very long and fat nipples. All this stimulation produced Nancy’s first orgasm by her father. Next he slipped two fingers of his right hand into her hot and wet tightness. Nancy’s canal started loosening and juiced like crazy as he stroked her g-spot with a ‘come hither’ motion that quickly led to her next two orgasms.

After they had paused to recover their normal breathing, Nancy turned to her best friend and future step-mom and said, “Carla, please place Dad’s cock at my entrance.”

Carla did as requested; and then sat back to watch Paul fuck his daughter. Ten minutes later Carla saw him explode his cum into Nancy’s willing womb, as she had a major orgasm. Even Carla came because of the intensity of their release. Then the three of them collapsed together in a tangle of limbs. They drifted off to sleep for two hours before waking up so that Nancy could watch her father and his future bride.

The next day was a workday; but after the women finished their work they both drove to Carla’s house to gather some of her things for her initial move-in to the Davis house. Paul, meanwhile, stopped at a jewelry store and bought Carla an engagement ring. On his way home he bought a bottle of champagne and a cake. After dinner he knelt in front of Carla, presented her with the ring, and asked: “Carla Diane Lewis, will you marry me?”

Tears gushed from Carla’s eyes as she stammered her reply: “P-paul W-william D-davis, n-nothing would p-please me m-more.”

Nancy beamed with happiness as she gazed at them, then she spoke. “Dad and Carla-Mom, this is the happiest I have ever seen either of you. This is very good for all of us.” Then they ate some cake and drank some champagne.

Following their wedding, a month later, Carla and Paul looked for and found an available large piece of farmland complete with trees and a private pond. They built a house on it where they and Nancy, the three of them, and eventually the women’s respective daughters lived in love and joy with each other.

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