Checking Out The Beemer Ch. 02


It had been exactly two weeks since my brother, the Beemer, had come to me to find out if the lump he thought he detected was testicular cancer. That little request had given me the opportunity to manipulate the poor kid into submitting to an over-the-top genital examination, a thorough discussion of his masturbation habits and forcing him to produce a semen sample while I fingered his prostate gland. The outcome was an assignment to work with his girlfriend, Sally, to zip up what appeared to be a very mundane sex life. From what he told me, anything much beyond the missionary position was off limits. He left our little session very much excited about the prospect of taking things to the next level with her.

I had been incredibly turned on by the experience and had been using it as fodder for masturbation at least once a day ever since. I even thought about it during sex with a guy at work and we had by far the most satisfying experience of our relationship. I didn’t have the heart to tell the poor schmuck what had put me in such a “receptive” mood. At any rate, when my phone rang, the last person on earth I expected it to be was Sally. She sounded hesitant from the very beginning of the conversation.

“Hi Mercedes. I’ve been trying to muster the courage to make this call, and I finally decided to do it because I’m desperate. Will you promise you won’t tell anyone if I let you in on what’s going on with the Beemer and me? It’s pretty…well…personal.”

“I guess so, Sally. Is it serious?”

“Well, for the last couple of weeks, the Beemer keeps wanting me to do things I’m just not comfortable with when we’re, you know, fooling around.”

“What kind of stuff, Sally?”

“God this is so hard for me to talk about. Stuff like, well, you know, playing with ourselves while the other one watches.”

“Gee, Sally, that doesn’t sound so strange to me. I love masturbating for someone and then letting them return the favor. I just let the embarrassment wash over me while I do it. It’s a turn on, and makes me feel a little naughty. Why don’t you give it a chance?”

“I just don’t think I could ever do that. I grew up in a really strict church where they warned us over and over again not to do that. They said it was an affront to God and constituted deviant behavior — even when you’re by yourself, let alone with someone else.”

“Sally, do you mean you don’t ever give yourself a little “relief” when there’s no man around?”

“I guess it seems pretty strange to you, huh?”

“I’ve got to tell you Sally, that’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. Lot’s of kids get that message, but I’ve never known of anybody who actually adhered to it. Don’t you ever just want an orgasm so badly you can’t wait for a partner? I couldn’t make it for more than a few days.”

“Well, actually, please don’t tell the Beemer this, but I don’t really get to that point with him either. He really means well, but I don’t think he’s very experienced (not that I am either) and he just doesn’t seem to know what will work for me.”

“Sounds like all the more reason to show him, Sally. Don’t you think so?”

“It sounds so logical when you say it, Mercedes, but I just plain don’t know what to do or what to show him — not only that; the idea scares me silly.”

“Look Sally, I’ve got an idea. If you two have thoughts about a lasting relationship, you’re going to need a little help in the lovemaking department. I guarantee, if we don’t fix this problem, not only may you lose the Beemer, you’re unlikely to have a long-term relationship with anyone. I’m not sex therapist, but I’ve counseled lots of young people on sexual development and I know all about the common hang-ups. Sounds like you (and probably the Beemer) have more than your share. Why don’t we all get together and see if I can help?”

“But what are we going to tell the Beemer?”

“I’m thinking the truth will work as well as anything. Does he know he’s not satisfying you?”

“Well, not exactly.”

“So does that mean you’re faking orgasms when you make love?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Well, the first thing we’re going to have to do is straighten the poor guy out. Continuing this charade isn’t fair to either one of you.”

“I suppose you’re right, but I don’t think I can tell him I’ve been so dishonest this whole time.”

“Don’t worry Sally. You let me take care of the Beemer. So do we have a deal? Are you willing to let me help you two get on the right track?”

After a long hesitation Sally said, “Well, I’ve got to tell you the idea is intimidating as hell, but I don’t really see that I have a choice. Do you really think you can help?”

“Yes, Sally, I really do.”

“OK. So will you set it up with the Beemer?”

“I’ll talk to him right away.”

My heart beat faster as I realized I would once again have the Beemer (and his girlfriend) at my mercy.

The Beemer couldn’t believe it when I clued him in. At first he was really threatened and upset, but bursa escort pretty quickly he agreed to my plan. I had the feeling he’d been using the memory of our session to pleasure himself, just as I had, and the thought of taking it to the next level was too much to resist — no matter how embarrassing it got. We chose the following Saturday at noon for their lesson. I gave the Beemer strict instructions not to ejaculate after his usual morning session on Wednesday. I wanted him to be good and ready. I called Sally to confirm.

Sally and the Beemer arrived at my apartment at about the same time, but separately. I thought it was a good idea that they not see each other without my supervision until our session. Sally looked like shit. On the other hand, the Beemer was practically salivating. He had been a mess before our first encounter, but I could tell he was really looking forward to this one. I had the feeling the poor guy really had followed my abstinence order.

I’m not a big doper, but a little wine and marijuana seemed like just the thing to help us relax. I knew what we were about to attempt would be a real stretch for Sally and I wanted us all to be as comfortable as possible. The Beemer told me Sally and he smoked dope (in fact he said that was part of the problem because he became more disappointed at their lack of sexual inventiveness when he was high). I brought out a bottle of wine, three glasses, and suggested we split a joint. It turned out to be a great idea because we all began to relax and talk about just regular stuff. Movies we had seen, our parents, stuff like that. I think everyone was a little nervous about what was about to happen, and I suspect there was a bit of denial going on. Finally, I decided it was time to get down to business.

“Sally,” I said, “Why don’t you tell the Beemer what you like the most about his body?”

She knew there was no more stalling, and her body stiffened.

“It’s OK,” I said, “He won’t bite. Just tell him.”

“Well, I guess it’s your flat, muscular stomach. I love the way your hard abs look, especially when you’re sweaty.”

I had been worried that Sally would not be able to take the first step, and I was very happy that she had.

“Why don’t you help the Beemer take his shirt off so we can all see?”

Hesitatingly, approached the Beemer and gave him a soft kiss.

“So big,” she said, smiling nervously.

Obediently, the Beemer held up his arms so that Sally could pull his tee-shirt off. Of course, she was right. The Beemer was in great shape.

“OK Beemer. Now why don’t you tell Sally the thing you love most about her body?”

The response he provided was no surprise.

“No question about it, Sally. It’s your breasts. They are exquisite.”

Sally’s blush was almost palpable. We all knew what was supposed to happen next. She stood up when the Beemer approached and helped him pull off her polo shirt. He reached behind and unclasped her bra. Slowly, he slipped the straps down her shoulders and unveiled her spectacular breasts.

“Tell her what you love about them.”

“Everything,” he said. “Sally, you have the most beautiful body I have ever seen. You breasts are perfect in every way. Not too big and not too small. Their firmness and pear shape are two of the things that make them such a turn-on for me. And you nipples are divine. I love the way they are enhanced by you smooth, mounded aureoles. And the way they point slightly upwards is so sexy it always makes me want to kiss them. Whenever I think about your breasts I get happy and excited.”

I had to admit, the Beemer’s speech was not bad. I couldn’t believe he knew the word “aureole” much less was able to use it. It was clearly my turn, and I figured removing my shirt would be a good segue to the next phase. I pulled off my top and exposed my AA-sized breasts. I seldom wear a bra, and never when I’m in my apartment. Even though some guys are disappointed by my body, I’ve grown comfortable (and even proud) of my tiny tits. Nevertheless, I thought I might be able to bolster Sally’s confidence by doing a bit of comparing.

“Wow, Sally. The Beemer’s right. Your breasts are gorgeous. I love the way they move with the motion of your body. That’s not something I’ll ever experience.”

Sally took the bait.

“Oh, but just look at how special your nipples are. You must be very proud of how pronounced and beautiful they are. I’ll bet guys think you’re incredibly sexy. I would never have the courage to walk around without a bra like you do — flaunting your nipples for everyone to admire.”

It was time to move on.

“Why don’t we all get a little more comfortable?”

I instructed them to strip down to their underwear and we all sat facing each other on my king size bed. It was time for me to take charge.

“First of all, I want to commend you guys for coming here today. I just know you’ll be glad you did, but it took real courage, and I’m proud of you both — especially bursa escort you, Sally. Now here’s the plan. As we discussed, you both need to demonstrate what makes your body feel the best. Sally has a real disadvantage because of her lack of experience. On the other hand, the Beemer’s been practicing this for years, so I think we should let him go first. (I shot him a knowing smile). However, before we do, I want to give Sally a little demonstration of some of the things she might want to try when it’s her turn. That way, she’ll be ready to jump right in when the Beemer finishes. I have the feeling she’s going to want to. When Sally is done you can both just enjoy each other until you are ready for the next exercise — supervised intercourse. I will guide you through some of the fundamentals to make sure you’re doing it right. If all goes well, both of you will have two very nice orgasms — one by yourself, and one together. Are you both OK with this plan?”

Two nods.

“OK, then let’s get started. Sally, please slip off your panties and scoot over so I can stretch out and lean against the headboard.”

She complied as I removed my own panties and got into a comfortable position that allowed me to make eye contact while giving them a clear view of my vaginal area.

“Now Sally, in time you’ll find out for yourself what kind of stimulation your body responds to the best, but here are some basic techniques that work for most girls. First of all, you need to relax and savor the anticipation. Don’t go for pay dirt right away. I usually like to give my entire body a bit of attention at the beginning of my sessions.”

I closed my eyes and gently ran my fingertips over my face and ears, down my sides and slowly up my legs and inner thighs. I was feeling the electricity. After a bit of time on my thighs, I moved to my pointed nipples and tweaked them gently. I pressed my athletic breasts to my body; allowing my nipples to protrude through my fingers. My breathing quickened.

“After you’re relaxed and ready to go to the next level, you can move on to your vagina. The most basic technique is to simply slip your middle finger inside. Have you ever tried that?”

“Well, once or twice, but I couldn’t get it in very far because it hurt too much.”

“That need not be a problem, Sally. If that happens, just wet your finger with some saliva.”

A dry vagina was not my problem at the moment, but I demonstrated the technique by sucking on the first two fingers of my right hand and moving them slowly to my awaiting pussy.

“I suggest you start with your middle finger and just ease it gently inside. You will feel the warm softness surrounding it.”

I demonstrated for them both. Sally watched with wide eyes and I began to frig my pink hole. The Beemer was hard already.

“Just keep working it in and out and do what comes naturally. You can add another finger or even more if you want to. I usually avoid my clitoris at this point and concentrate on the nice feeling inside. By now, your body should be making its own lubrication so you won’t need to worry anymore about saliva. Feel free to switch hands if you want to.”

Sally’s breathing appeared to be quickening too. And if I didn’t know better, I’d say her nipples were getting hard.

“About this time I usually decide it’s time to get my clitoris into the act. I like to just rub around on the outside, at the top of my slit where you can stimulate it indirectly through its covering. If you go back and forth you can feel the hood moving around over it. It feels great.”

The Beemer was unconsciously holding onto his penis through his underpants. I made a note to keep an eye on him because it was not yet time for his performance.

“What happens next is really a matter of personal choice, Sally. Some girls just keep providing this indirect stimulation until they cum, but I usually like to move onto something more direct.”

I separated my lips with my left hand and began stimulating my red, wet bud by moving the four fingertips of my other hand up and down over it — making contact from beneath. Up and down, up and down. I knew if I kept this up for more than another 30 seconds I’d cum all over the place, and I desperately wanted to, but that was not my plan. This exercise was not about me, it was about Sally and the Beemer. I made myself stop.

“Does that give you some ideas, Sally?”

From the look on her face, it was obvious that I had accomplished my mission.

“OK, then we’re ready for you, Beemer. Why don’t you take off those shorts and lay down where I was so Sally and I can get a good view.”

His penis was fully erect and I could tell he was feeling basic and proud as he exhibited it to us.

“Sally, I don’t know how many men you’ve seen in this condition, but I can honestly tell you that the Beemer has an exceptionally beautiful penis. It’s longer than most and relatively slender so it will fit beautifully inside of you. And bursa eskort my favorite part is the prominence of his head. See the way his glans protrudes so markedly over the shaft. That ridge will provide a wonderful sensation as it moves in and out of your vagina or over the underside of your clitoris. OK, Beemer, why don’t you show Sally what you do every morning while you think about her?”

“Do you really do that, Beemer?”

“Um, well, yea I guess so. I hope you don’t mind.”

I didn’t want this to go any further so I said, “I’m sure she’s flattered. Now Sally, just as you will learn, the Beemer has discovered what feels the best for his body. So pay close attention because you can use the same techniques on him with your own hands.”

Just as he had done during our previous session, the Beemer began with his two-handed method. Encircling his erection with first one hand and then the other and sliding them down his length.

“This is a very interesting technique, Sally. Most men masturbate with just one hand, but this one is also fairly common. See how he makes a special effort to stimulate the underside of his head, all the way around? That is called the corona, and it’s by far the most sensitive part of his penis. You won’t be able to duplicate this technique unless you are sitting behind him, but that’s OK. You should try it sometime. Just snuggle up, press your fabulous breasts against his back and stroke him like he’s doing. I’ll bet it would work great in the shower. You can use your soapy hands and make him squirt into the tub or onto the wall. I just love it when guys ejaculate while they’re standing up because it makes long, arching streams that fly through the air.”

I could tell the Beemer was taking this all in. His strokes were getting faster.

“Now Sally, sooner or later the Beemer will reach what is called the threshold of inevitability. That’s a fancy way of saying that eventually the stimulation he is providing will build to the point of no return — he’s simply going to ejaculate in the next few seconds, no matter what. That’s a very special time for a man or boy because it’s when his orgasm builds to maximum intensity. If it’s a good one, just before he reaches the threshold, his extremities begin to tingle and a wonderful feeling spreads slowly and gains in intensity as it converges in his genitals. As he passes the threshold, he may feel like everything inside of him is about to gush out through his penis. At this point, every resource at his disposal is dedicated to the forceful ejaculation of as much semen as he can produce. Of course, his body assumes it is ejaculating into is a fertile vagina; and has no way of knowing if it’s a tissue or some soapy bathwater instead. His vision may dim, and most guys lose awareness of their surroundings during those special seconds before the glorious climax. The profound satisfaction guys experience during that fleeting moment cannot be duplicated. Let’s see if we can tell just when Beemer crosses the threshold.”

Sally’s nipples were now definitely hard and I noticed that she had unwittingly slipped one of her fingers inside what appeared to be a very moist vagina.

“The more senses that come into play, the better it is for the man. Would you like to help?”


“Take that smelly finger of yours and put it under his nose.”

The realization that she had been fingering herself took her by surprise. Nevertheless, she smiled at me slyly and placed her wet digit under the Beemer’s nose.

“Smells pretty good, huh Beemer?”

“Oh my God yes.”

“Look at your girlfriend’s tits, Beemer.”

“Why don’t you let him have a taste of that finger, Sally?”

Obediently she parted his lips and let him savor the pungent taste.

“Now all five of his senses are in play. I’ll bet things progress pretty quickly from here.”

“Touch my balls,” the Beemer croaked.

“Go ahead, Sally, but be very gentle. Men love having their testicles caressed; especially when they are aroused like the Beemer is now. Actually, this is a good trick for you to remember. When you are having intercourse and you want to make him cum, just gently fondle his sack and before long I guarantee you’ll see results.”

Sally reached for his scrotum and began to cradle it in her soft hand. I could tell the Beemer was in heaven. He switched to his one-handed method and increased the speed of his stroking.

“See how his scrotum just scrunched up? That means he’s getting close, Sally. And look at how hard he’s rubbing himself. Just keep it up. You’re doing fine.”

She was doing a nice job of caressing his tight sack. The Beemer started to hyperventilate, his eyes closed and a pained expression commandeered his face.

“That’s it, Sally. He just went over the threshold! Go with it Beemer, and make us proud!”

Sure enough, a few seconds later long streams of goo spurted up and landed on his chest. He easily doubled the three to four spurts he told me he usually produces during his morning sessions. He continued to stroke himself gently as his ejaculations diminished, and ended by milking out the last few drops; allowing them to dribble down the back of his fingers.

“Now watch this, Sally. I think it’s really cute.”

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