Choices: Revisited Ch. 03


Choices revisited is a series that follows “Choices” which tells the story of a relationship that is build between three people. Brother, Brandon Jenson. Sister, Monica Jenson and Kimberly Chambers a long time friend of Monica. Choices Revisited will tell the story of their lives directly after they all claim one another in greater detail. We hope you enjoy.

~{Part 5}~ Surprises can be wonderful, or they can kill…


We slept that night in marital bliss. I felt so safe in Brandon’s big strong arms that I only woke up once in the middle of the night. I looked over and saw his handsome face staring at me in the darkness. He was sleeping so peacefully. “I love you.” I whispered as I kissed his forehead softly. It may have been a trick of the light, but I swear I saw him smile.

No sooner than I had slid out of bed to use the bathroom then the pain began. Even walking hurt right now and when I sat down in the bathroom, I winced. I didn’t regret giving Brandon my anal virginity but I’ll be damned if it didn’t hurt. The bleeding was minimal, thank god for that.

When I laid back down with him I curled up facing him and pulled his arms around me. It would be awhile before I tried anal again. We get to heated with one another and lose track of being gentle by the time the passion claims us both.

It took awhile before I could get back to sleep. No matter what I did I couldn’t get comfortable. When I woke up late the next morning, or early the next afternoon I was alone. Spread out across the bed and cuddling tight to Brandon’s pillow. Brandon walked into the room holding a silver plate of cut strawberries and slid them onto the bed in front of my head. “Good morning beautiful.” He said with a smile.

“Awe, is this for me?” I asked Brandon with a smile. “You are so sweet.”

Brandon slid into the bed beside me and plopped one of the cut strawberries into his mouth, then held one out for me. I leaned forward and took the berry into my mouth without touching it. I heard Brandon suck in a breath as his fingers slid into my mouth.

“You should stop that?” Brandon whispered as I slid my tongue over the length of his finger.

“Why baby?” I whispered and gently flicked the tip of his finger with my tongue. “I am just showing you what I want to do to you baby.”

“God you have a talented mouth.” Brandon purred and lifted another berry.

I leaned forward and again took the berry into my mouth, but this time I swallowed both his fingers to the knuckle and ran my tongue over them. Usually people said saved by the hell, but when the knock on the door sounded I was anything but happy.

Brandon got up to answer to door and I shifted trying to ease the pressure on my abused back door. It had been nearly 14 hours since my virginal sexcapade but it was still sore. I ate the strawberries happily and hummed to myself. I couldn’t remember when the last time I had been this happy. As I ate another berry I swear I heard Brandon gasp and then nothing. After a few moments of silence I slid off the bed and walked forward the turn into the hallway leading to the hotel room door. “Brandon honey, everything okay?”

Just before I reached the hallway leading to the door someone came around the corner. She was wearing a pink sun dress and her reddish blond hair hung down over her face. I saw her and my heart felt like it would burst. “MONNIE!” I yelled and ran to her.

Monica’s face was shining with glee as I leapt into her arms. Her slender arms slid around me and held me tight as I began to kiss every inch of her face. When I reached her lips I felt her mouth open and she kissed me back. I stood on my tiptoes and moaned into her mouth as our tongues intertwined. Brandon, unknown to either of us was standing behind us with a little smile on his lips.

After the kiss was over Monica leaned back into Brandon’s chest and smiled. “Monnie, baby what are you doing here?” I asked still trying to catch my breath.

“I…was lonely.” Monica admitted.

“You were lonely?” Brandon asked from behind her with a chuckle. “We were only gone two days love.”

“That was enough okay?” Monica snapped defensively. “You two left me alone, like I didn’t matter. Like you two were happy to be away from me. ” I watched as Monica began to cry and hugged herself. She shouldn’t be so upset, but she was and I felt my heart break.

“Monnie.” Brandon whispered softly and turned her around. To add to whatever he was about to say I pressed my half naked body into her back and wrapped my arms around her waist. Brandon had his arms wrapped around the top half of her body and had his forehead touching her own. “Monica you know I love you. You know Kim loves you. We agreed to this.”

“Please don’t make me leave.” Monica whispered. “Please baby you don’t understand…”

“Baby.” I said softly into the side of her throat. “You don’t have to leave. The only reason we all agreed to do it this way was so you could have your own bursa eskort honeymoon with him. We had to leave alone to make the neighbors think it was just Brandon and I who were married.”

“You mean it?” Monica asked as she turned her head to the side to try and look at me.

Before I could answer Monica let out a surprised squeal. Her head turning to the side like that had exposed her throat to him and he was suckling it softly. “I think Brandon agrees baby.” I cooed happily. “And since your here, and we have six more days of this honeymoon maybe we should…”

“Oh…god…” I heard Monica whisper. “I think Brandon is one step ahead of y…y..ou…” I saw that our husband had his hand up her dress and was playing two fingers back and forth across her panty covered pussy. I took his lead and leaned forward running my tongue back and forth across the length of her ear.

“Brandon baby don’t forget about…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence before Monica’s hand reached back and her palm started to run up and down the crotch of my panties. “Oh Monnie…” I whimpered.

“Don’t you think we’d be happier on the bed?” Brandon asked.

“NO!” Monica said quickly. “I want you both, now! Please, I feel dirty…tainted…please touch me!”

“No.” Brandon said firmly and I watched as he lifted Monica up the same way he had me on our first day. “You and Kim are not idol amusements.” With me holding her hands we walked toward the bed. “You two are my loves, my whole world.”

“Brandon…Kim please make love to me. Please…wash away the hands of anyone who touched me.” Monica pleaded. As Brandon laid her on the bed she pulled off her sun dress and tossed it on the floor. With her wearing only a pink bra and a pair of pink panties and held her arms out to me and our husband. “Please!” She pleaded on the verge of tears.

I looked at Brandon and both of us knew something wasn’t right. Brandon knelt on the bed at her side and leaned down claiming her lips as his own. As he kissed her passionately I slid up her her toned, slender legs and placed a firm kiss to the center of her panties.

I couldn’t hear her moans and pants over the kissing of my wife and husband, but when I pulled her panties to the side and began to lick up and down the length of her opening she reached down and grabbed my hair.

She pulled me into her with such forcefulness that I let out a little squeak of surprise. My lips were mashed to her slit and I forced my tongue into her as deeply as it could go. Monica had not taken on this kind of dominate persona since the first night she had claimed me. It was almost like she felt she needed to claim me again.

From where I laid between her legs I heard Brandon gasp and heard the telltale sounds of her suctioning. It was noisy and by the faint sounds of her gagging I heard she was trying her best to claim him, as well as me.

I wasn’t about to complain. I loved to taste my wife and when she got like this it drove us both crazy. I could feel the juice from my pussy running down my thighs. I looked up through the mass of tangled brown hair and saw her wealth of strawberry blond hair shifting up and down Brandon’s glistening cock.

For a few moments I was memorized by the sight. Even after all of this time the sight was still extremely erotic. The sight of my lifetime best friend sliding her mouth up and down her stunning little brother’s magnificent cock still caught my breath in my throat every time. Seeing the way Monica was worshiping his beautiful hog and the way Brandon was looking at her with love and devotion in his eyes made me the slightest bit jealous. I wanted my wife’s attention on me!

I held the panties to the side with one hand and then with the other I pulled those tight lips apart. The thin little nub hidden beneath those folds exposed itself and I attacked it with my tongue and lips. Flicked it twice with the length of my tongue and then sucked it hard into my mouth. It got the desired result.

I heard Brandon’s cock come free from Monica’s mouth with a loud suctioned POP. It showed she hadn’t wanted to let go of it. “FUCK!” She yelled and threw her head back. I heard multiple bones in her body pop as her back arched in pleasure.

“Monnie, baby you were doing something?” Brandon whimpered with need.

“Give me…just…a minute.” Monica panted as my lips left her clit just long enough to begin to flick the top of my tongue back and forth across it.

“Why would I need to wait a minute?” Brandon asked. I could tell by his tone he meant, your mouth isn’t being used by Kim.

“Because my beautiful, talented…oh god…heavenly wife is reminding me how much of an idiot I would be to risk losing her.” Monica moaned out happily and began to claw at the sheets.

Brandon got the hint and slid off the bed leaving his wives alone on the bed. With Brandon on the chair next to the bed it gave us a chance to stretch out. Monica spread her legs wider and put one of her legs up on my shoulder. bursa escort bayan I moaned happily and slid my hand up her stomach. Brandon was toned, solid and sleek but Monica was soft and smooth. Even the curve of her breasts was baby smooth. My palm cupped the soft flesh of her breast and she thrust her chest out at me.

In all my life I had never found a single thing that tasted better then my Monnie’s pussy. The way she bathed and the sweet little flower pedals she puts with her panties. Even the skin around her tight little opening tastes like heaven. As she began to scoot around the bed I snaked my tongue into her tight opening.

“Oh god baby…MORE!” Monica pleaded.

I knew what I wanted. Brandon had reminded me just last night. With each hand I grabbed her hips and rolled. Monica let out a surprised squeal and found herself sitting up straddling my face. Monica resettled herself up on her knees and reached down grabbing two handful’s of my brown hair and pulled my head up into her pussy.

“God…that’s hot.” Brandon whispered from next to the bed.

“Oh god…this is why…” Monica hummed. Her hips were gyrating on my face and my tongue was darting in and out of her pussy, licking her clit for all I was worth. I could feel my own pussy juices running down my ass. “God I will never let you go! I love you…i love you…OH GOD…”

I was just about to shift us and talk to her. She was starting to worry me, but then I felt my own panties being pulled off. Monica must want to return the favor. She was riding my face cowgirl style but she could still finger my gushing slit. I felt my panties slid off my feet and eagerly spread my legs for my loving wife. What I felt next wasn’t her fingers, it was my handsome husband’s beautiful cock.

My tight pussy parted little by little as he eased his cock into me. As wet as I was it went in without a problem. More and more of my velvet opening stretched around the length of cock that was being stuffed into me. The more of his cock he forced into my tight pussy, the harder I licked.

“My god baby…our wife is so tight.” I heard Brandon snarl and felt the weight shift on my face as Monica leaned back into Brandon. She had wrapped her arms backwards around his neck, turned her head to the side and kissed him.

I found myself the meat in their sandwich all the sudden. Monica on my face and riding it for all she was worth and now that I was used to his cock Brandon was forcing his length into me as hard as he could. All I wanted to do one second was lay there and lap at my wife’s beautiful pussy but then Brandon would thrust his cock in deeper then usual and make me squeal. The next second all I wanted to do was lay back and let my husband show me why he was the only make who could scratch that itch deep inside me and then Monica would lean forward and drag her pussy over my tongue to remind me how amazing she tasted. I was torn between wanting to enjoy my wife and wanting to be enjoyed by my wonderful husband.

I felt for the next ten minutes like I was a volleyball. Brandon slammed into me and then Monica thrust her hips backwards dragging her pussy over my mouth and tongue but also driving me back into Brandon’s thrusts. Monica was screaming into Brandon’s mouth as they kissed and Brandon was panting into her own. I felt like I was in heaven and couldn’t have been happier.

I knew Monica was going to go over the top by the way her hips began to gyrate. My mouth and face was covered by a thin layer of her previous smaller orgasms but when her whole body went rigid I felt her sweet juices flood over my tongue and heard her shrieking into Brandon’s mouth.

As she came hard on my mouth my own body reacted. Brandon’s cock was pistoning in and out of my tight opening and Monica was writhing on my face I couldn’t stop it. My tight pussy began to twitch and then to spasm. By the time I was screaming my own orgasm into Monica’s pussy my pussy was a quivering mess that he continued to pound into mercilessly.

“Don’t you dare!” I heard Monica snarl. “I want it!”

“But Monnie, this is technically Kim’s honeymoon.” Brandon answered through clenched teeth.

“No! It’s mine! I need it!” Monica yelled frantically.

“Monnie stop it!” Brandon hissed and his thrusts slowed down. I knew his patterns by now. He would slow down and take long, hard strokes as deep as he could go and then he would explode. He was trying to cum deep inside me, god I love it when he cums deep inside me.

Monica began to sob and slid off of me. She looked down at her hands and then into my eyes. Her face was flushed from cumming so hard and she smiled, but I could tell it was a forced smile. “…take it Kimmy…you deserve him.”

I don’t know what made me realize it, but I knew she needed this. Perhaps it was her statement that she didn’t deserve him. “No Monnie, you take him.” I told her and pushed at Brandon’s stomach.

“No, you deserve him.” Monica whispered. görükle escort

“Someone…please.” Brandon said through clenched teeth holding the base of his cock. “I need to cum…bad baby. Please Monnie…your husband needs to cum…”

“My husband…” Monica whispered and began to crawl across the bed like a lioness toward him. “My beautiful…sexy…insanely hot brother.”

I watched as Monica slid up his body like a sleek, blond sexy serpent and drove herself down on his hard throbbing cock. From where Brandon was, he couldn’t see Monica’s face, but I could. As she rode him as hard and deep as she could, silent tears were running down her face. She was moaning, more heated by the second, but I could see her crying.

Her face was buried in Brandon’s shoulder and her mouth was around the rounded curve of the bone of his shoulder. Her teeth were pressing into the flesh, biting but not hard enough to draw blood. Brandon was holding her full hips and the amazing mounds of flesh that were her ass were bouncing with each slamming thrust.

“Oh…so good…so full. I love you Brandon…god I love you so much…” Monica was moaning into his shoulder and then she looked up at me and I saw her eyes. In her beautiful eyes was a intense expression of hopelessness and such pain. Pain the likes of which I had only seen in them once before, when we told Brandon who the deviless had been and he left her standing there in his bedroom.

“Oh god Monnie.” Brandon moaned and once again his thrusts slowed down. Monica’s moans turned from high pitched shrieks to long drawn out moans of pleasure so intense it was almost painful. Brandon’s thrusts slowed down to a crawl, but became harder, longer and immensely deeper.

“I love you…oh god I love you.” Monica moaned as her orgasm began to explode through her again. “Oh god i’m so so sorry!” She wailed as she came.

Brandon was too lost in his own sudden orgasm to hear her, but I did. Brandon let out that sexy growl that even from across the bed made me shiver and made my pussy immediately began to drool then he exploded inside Monica’s depths.

The two of them held one another in silence as they came down from their orgasms. Monica climbed off him and collapsed to the bed. She curled into a little ball and held herself. Brandon looked at her and was about to question her when I grabbed him and pulled him away from the bed and across the room. She didn’t even notice.

“What?” Brandon asked with a irritated tone to his voice.

“Something is wrong with Monnie.” I explained. “Will you go down to the lobby and get another bowl of cut strawberries and she loves cherries, so see if you can get some pitted cherries.”

“Wait…” Brandon said sharply as I began to try and force him toward the door. Not even realizing he was naked. “Wait a minute, what do you mean something is wrong with my sister?!”

“Brandon something happened.” I explained in a hushed tone and thrust his robe out at him. “I noticed it just before I told you to give it to her.”

“But you haven’t explained to me what’s wrong.” He snapped quietly and threw his robe on.

“I don’t know yet, that’s why I asked you to go baby. All I know is that something happened back at home. Something that made her leave without packing a bag, in the middle of the night, in a panic and think she doesn’t deserve you anymore.”

Brandon’s eyes widened suddenly as he understood. I thought she had been raped the day we left. He nodded, crossed the room, pulled on his boxers and leaned down kissing Monica softly on the temple. “I love you Monnie.”

I watched as Brandon threw on his robe and left then crossed the room and slid into bed next to Monica. She refused to look at me and whimpered when I got close. “Monnie…baby your Kim is here.”

“My Kim.” Monica wailed, buried her face in her hands and cried. “I don’t deserve to call you that…My Kim. Oh god…i love you so much.”

The force of her words took me by surprise, but when she looked up and took my face gently in her hands I was completely taken back. She looked so sad.”Kim…i love you so much. You and Brandon are my world. Please tell me you love me.”

“Monnie what is going on?” This was sounding less and less like a rape now.

“Please Kim I will tell you everything…” Monica whispered and then pleaded. “Please, just tell me you love me. I will tell you whatever you want…but please just tell me one last time that you love me baby.”

“Stop it.” I whispered suddenly very scared. “Don’t say this is the last time I get to say it to you…” My lip began to quiver and I felt my eyes sting. “Please Monnie…don’t leave me…please don’t take Brandon and you away…I love you Monica Summers. I love you so much the thought of losing you is killing me…”

“Oh Kimmy.” She cried and kissed me gently. Her lips felt so soft ageist mine. When she broke the kiss she kept her face hovering in front of mine. “The day you left I was shopping and I ran into Jason Tryce.”

“Oh god.” I knew her and Jason’s history. She loved him more then life itself once upon a time and when he left to join the military it had all but crushed her. She had slept with four guys her first year of college just to get back at Jason. “What happened?” I asked gently.

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