Control Ch. 04 – Twenty Dollars


No One in this Story is under 18 years of age.


I woke up in TJ’s bed, but he was gone. As was Stephen. I was only awake for a few seconds before thoughts of the day before began to run through my head. Stephen’s cock, TJ’s cock, Daddy’s cock. I pictured them all. I wanted them all. Hell, I wanted any cock.

I started to touch myself. I ran my fingers along my labia, feeling to softness of my lips. I touched my clitoris, which immediately sent a jolt of electricity through my body. I let my fingers linger until I heard my mother coming up the stairs.

I scrambled out of bed, dashing for my room, and settled quickly into my bed before my mother caught me. She was really angry about me fucking Daddy. I wasn’t sure if she was angry because I was fucking him or because she wasn’t. Since he had started fucking me, as with my brothers, he had left her alone.

It was apparent that she was angry because she missed all the cock. I don’t know exactly how long every man in my family had been fucking my mother, but I had started my plan, in part, to get them to leave her alone. Apparently, there was no need. She was as much a cock whore as I was discovering that I was. Apparently, it ran in our family.

“They will grow tired of you eventually” my Mommy said as she walked by my door with venom in her voice.

So, she knew. That was fine. I had not really tried to hide it. As a matter of fact, I sort of paraded the fact that I was fucking my brothers and my father in front of her. She had been getting fucked by them for a while, and it was my turn now.

How my attitude had changed. Initially, I wanted to make them leave Mom alone and eventually exact some sort of revenge, but now I was addicted to their cocks. Even as we spoke, I wanted cock. I wanted their cocks, but any cock would do.

I wanted to watch a mans face as he shot his load into my mouth. I wanted to taste his salty bitter cum. I wanted to be filthy, disgusting. The more depraved something seemed, the more it turned me on. Not because it felt good, necessarily, but because I wasn’t supposed to do it.

I walked away from Mom and went to take a shower. Once under the hot water, I started to explore myself again, but that was short lived. I couldn’t get into playing with myself. I wanted to be used by men. Any man. Any cock.

I quickly showered and got dressed. A low-cut halter that showed lots of cleavage and was easily removed and a pair of ridiculously tight shorts that barely covered my ass.

“Later, Mom” I said as I skipped down the stairs and out the door.

I couldn’t drive. Daddy had never allowed me to learn. It was another way to keep me home. Even after my 18th birthday, once he had started to fuck me, he had made it impossible for me to attend a driver’s education class. I could operate farm machinery, but not a car.

So, down the road I went toward town. I would find cock. And it didn’t take long.

The first car to drive past me on the lonely two-lane road to town was an older mid-eighties K car. Not a spectacular machine. Nor was the man driving it spectacular. He was mid-fifties, with a pot belly and excessive stubble.

“Where’ya headed, sweetheart?” he asked jovially as the passenger window lowered. I leaned into the car, letting my tits cascade over the edge of the window into the car.

I WAS headed into town, but anywhere I can have some fun is good.” I said mischievously.

“What kind of fun were you looking for?” he asked with a lecherous grin on his face.

“I want cock” I said. No need to be coy.

“Well, jump in sweetheart” he said as he watched my tits bounce getting into his car. “How old are you sweetheart?”

“18” I said truthfully. I resisted the urge to lie. I looked young, and if I said too old, he would know I was lying. If I said too young, he might not want to mess with someone he thought to be underage. I suspected he didn’t have any such qualms, but I didn’t want to take a chance.

I buckled up and slid my tits out of my top as soon as I sat down. He leered and smiled.

“Can I touch them?” he asked.

“Do anything you want.” I said with genuine encouragement.

He clumsily grabbed the tit closest to him and gave it an awkward squeeze.


“Drive” I said.

He put the car in gear and started down the road. He started to speak, but I had already placed my hand on his cock and, not wanting to bursa eskort bayan interrupt me, he stopped abruptly. I massaged his hardening cock. I was used to my Daddy and my brothers and he didn’t measure up. But, I pulled it out anyway. He dropped his right arm to the seat and let his left elbow rest on the armrest, holding the wheel with only one hand so as to allow me access to his cock.

Although not big, it was rock hard. I immediately took it down my throat. After Daddy, he was easy.

“Oh, my!” he exclaimed. I began to slide my mouth up and down his cock, shaft to balls in long slow strokes. Each stroke ended at the balls with a slight twist of my head for emphasis. Then I withdrew. It didn’t take him long to shoot a strong stream of cum straight down my throat.

His cock was buried when I felt it start to spasm, so I pumped it ever so slightly with my throat. His free hand went to the back of my head, helping to guide me and keep me on his cock. Just as I began to feel I couldn’t stay any longer, he shot a nice load down my gullet.

I pulled off slowly, lapping at any remaining cum until I reached the tip of his glistening member. I kissed the tip and sat up quickly, covering my tits with my top and buckling my seat belt.

“Missy, can you leave those out?” he asked, shyly.

I obliged without hesitation.

We were closing in on town and he asked where I wanted to go.

“Anywhere here is fine” I replied. “I don’t have any concrete plans. I am just looking for cock.” I replied with a wink. The franker about being a slut I was, the more it turned me on. Just the act of voicing my intent to be perverse turned me on.

“Well, I know the perfect place” he said and accelerated into town. A couple of turns later, we puilled into the parking lot of a non-descript, shady looking building with a sign proclaiming VIDEO BOOTHS. I had heard of these but had never been to one. “You should be good here” he added as I started to get out.

“Wait” he exclaimed. “Here” he said, reaching for his wallet.

“What?” I asked, honestly confused. I hadn’t asked for money. I had sucked his cock with no enticement whatsoever. But, he pulled out a twenty and gave it to me. That was the first time I accepted money for sex. It wouldn’t be the last.

His cock, and the fact that I had just prostituted myself just served to make me hornier. Any concern that I wouldn’t have been interested in this “den of depravity” as Mommy called them was completely unfounded.

I pulled the door open and walked in with an extra bounce in my step. I wanted my tits to bounce. All heads turned to me as I walked in. It was only about ten am, so it was mostly retired men, with no life, perving out in the book store. But, they had cocks, and that was what I wanted.

A glass counter was right by the door. It had dildoes, butt plugs, handcuffs and other sex paraphernalia. There was a cash register in the middle of it, with an older guy manning it.

He nodded in my direction.

I sauntered slowly down the length of the case, studying all the toys and allowing everyone in the store a good view of my merchandise. When I reached the end, I stepped up to a magazine case that contained an assortment of magazines. Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, Gent, D-Cup along with numerous fetish and gay magazines.

I took one off and looked through its pages quickly.

“You gonna buy that?” asked the old guy at the counter gruffly.

“I might” I said as I put it back.

I made my way to the DVD area and started to walk down the aisle. I glanced casually at the endless titles until I came close to a guy who was pretending to look at DVD’s. I stopped right next to him and pulled a DVD entitled “Gangbang Girl” off the shelf. I looked at the front. I turned it over to examine the back cover. There were pictures of a well endowed woman being fucked by 5 or 6 guys.

“MMM” is moaned quietly under my breath. But he heard me. Every time I moved, he moved. I took him, like a little puppy out for a walk, around the store. Stopping when I was near other guys to give them the same treatment.

I soon had a group of 5 or 6 guys following me. None of them were attractive. Some were even disgusting. But, when I got to the area that said “Video Arcade” and led to a dark hallway lined with semi askew doors, I led them all down there. It all turned me on.

They all followed me, trying bursa merkez escort to pretend as if they were not, to the end of the hallway. There, a door to the left and one to the right, both askew, beckoned me. I chose right, as if it mattered. When I went in, the screen begged for tokens or dollar bills, while advertising 40 channels of the best porn.

I had nothing but the twenty the guy on the car had given me, so I used it. It gave no change, of course, so now I was penniless again. I stood facing the screen and began to sway my ass ever so slightly. I knew they were all watching, but none had attempted to make contact yet.

Little did they know I wanted them to. I wanted them all to. I wanted them to give me load after load of cum and make me do things I had never even thought of. I pushed the button that was alight and began to cycle through the channels. A middle aged white woman being fucked by two black guys. A skinny white girl masturbating. A girl with enormous tits being gangbanged. Two girls being used by a bunch of guys. A black guy sucking a white guys cock. Two black guys fucking a white guy. A group of transsexuals. A black guy stroking a huge cock by himself. The dirtier, the tabooer, the more I liked it.

I settled on a group of about ten men fucking a single white girl by a pool. My ass was still gyrating and I began to touch myself. I pulled my shorts to the side so I had access to my pussy and could immediately feel my wetness.

I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down so as to get better access, and as I pulled them down, suddenly a pair of hands grabbed them and assisted me in taking them to the floor. He held them there, looking up at me, as I stepped out of them.

I turned to face this group of men, all older, probably unemployed or retired. Half of them probably couldn’t even maintain a good erection, but they were watching me play with my pussy. I leaned back against the TV screen in the wall and began to finger myself in earnest. The guy on the floor pressed his nose again my wet pussy.

Oh my God, his touch was electric. I started to grind my pussy into his face immediately, and that was the signal for the rest of them.

They descended. I was kissing one guy while another fondles my tit through my top and another realized that it was OK to expose my boob. So he did, sucking my nipple and mauling my big tits. The guy at my pussy went to my asshole. OH MY GOD, it was unbelievable.

Much of this was new to me, and all of it simultaneously was new. I kissed one guy, sucked another guys tongue, gyrated my exposed pussy and ass and could finally take it no longer.

I dropped to my knees and reached for the first cock I could find. I pulled it out and was disappointed. While eating my pussy and fondling me in public, he was not hard. He was also fat and about 60. No surprise. I had hoped for better.

But I sucked him anyway. He smelled musty, like moth balls, and was only marginally hard, but I went to work on him like a champ. It didn’t take long, however, for another cock to show up. This guy was no cuter, but his cock was. Pointing skyward and hard as a rock, it was not the equal of my Daddy’s or even Steve’s, but it was close to TJ size.

I took it in my mouth and began to work on it in earnest. Somebody grabbed my chin between their finger and thumb and squeezed pretty hard, guiding me deeper onto that cock. I almost balked, but the audacity turned me on. I let him guide me deeper on to the cock, where he held me with his hand while he slapped me with the other.

“MMMMMM” I moaned.

“Whore” he said with contempt, repeatedly shoving my face onto the cock I was being impaled with.

I began to stroke another cock that was pressed in toward my face. I couldn’t see who the cock belonged to. The group beside me had gotten pretty large, but I accepted the cock as a good whore would.

It was as it had always been lately. Debauchery, in itself, was encouragement for more debauchery. Being fucked made me more and more horny. Shocking someone encouraged me to go further.

There was a bench in the booth and I climbed up on it. Lifting my skirt, I took the first cock presented and shoved it into my dripping pussy. He began to pound me hard but I wanted more. The door to the booth restricted the number of people in the booth. No one could get around him to let me suck their cock.

I bursa sınırsız escort bayan pulled him out and took his wet cock deep into my mouth, licking with my tongue as I took it deep to the back of my throat. I tasted myself and it was wonderful. I treasured it. I savored it. I took it slowly and deeply, over and over, until I remembered the reason I pulled it out in the first place.

I got up and went around him, completely naked now, in the midst of a group of middle aged and older, primarily disgusting men. But, I didn’t care. They had cocks. I wanted them.

I went through the door and got on my knees against the end wall and beckoned them all to come.

They descended like a horde. They were all fighting to get to my huge tits and to get their cocks to my mouth. I was chaos. I went with it and accepted whatever was desired or done by whomever it was desired or done by. I was completely nondiscriminatory.

I sucked the cock that never got hard as energetically as I sucked the nice long hard dick. When an asshole was presented to me, I took in the aroma and began to kiss it. I licked it. I kissed it. I planted my lips around it and tried to stick my tongue as far up that ass as I could.

I suddenly had an idea. I took the cock that never got hard and held it a few inches away from my face. I looked the old man in the eyes and nodded. He didn’t get what I wanted, so I held it there longer. I nodded again and licked my tongue in the air in front of it.

He got it that time. I saw him straining and finally a drop of piss escaped his tiny helmet. I licked it off and nodded again and took another cock deep into my throat. I bottomed his balls against my chin and pumped and suddenly, I felt a warm stream hitting the side of my face.

I leapt toward it, taking the stream in. I looked to everyone else, encourageing them as I took his piss. It tasted terrible, but the thrill was overwhelming me. I was lost.

I drank piss. I licked assholes. I took cock after cock in my throat. More guys joined in as they came in the store. I paid special attention to the new arrivals, hoping to find a cock as magnificent as my Daddy’s, but it never happened.

What did happen was they lost interest. After there had been so many cumshots, so much piss and so much ass licking, they all seemed to be spent and the group started to disperse until I was left with one old man jerking his semi limp dick over me as I lay in the floor fingering myself to one more orgasm.

I came, spent, and was overcome by a sense of “What am I doing?” I looked for my top and my shorts, put them on, and began to wipe the cum off my face and my body as I quickly exited the store. The proprietor just watched me leave. He had been the older guy that couldn’t get hard so had pissed on me.

I was embarrassed and ashamed. “What had I done?” But at the same time, the thoughts of what I had done began to turn me on again as I I ran them over and over in my mind.

I made it out of town and started down the road to my house. Mommy would be able to tell. My flushed face, marvelously cum stained shirt and matted hair gave me away. That brought a smile to my face. What would I say if someone saw me and stopped? What if a police officer saw me? He would surely think I had been raped and if I convinced him I had not, he would probably think I was insane.

But, it never happened. I made it home and went straight for the stairs, avoiding my Mommy and went straight to my bedroom, grabbed some underwear and went to take a shower.

As the hot water beat down on my skin and my hands gently lathered the soap, my hands inevitably went to my clit as I thought back to my adventures for the day. None of it was enjoyable, but they all looked at me like a whore. A whore they couldn’t believe, going beyond their bounds of decency.

I smiled at the thought. My fingers worked more furiously. I pictured the small, nearly flaccid penis that I sucked, not because it would do anything for me, but because I shouldn’t do it. There was no reason. And that, in itself, was the reason I enjoyed it.

I thought about walking out of there with cum on my face and in my hair, having nearly been gangbanged in the back room. That would have been fun, I thought as an aside. The attendants stare as I walked out. It wasn’t exactly respect, but it was acknowledgement that I had been noticed.

I began to cum, but it was unsatisfying. It was almost obligatory. There was no danger, no disgust, no awe.

I wanted to be fucked and I wanted to be fucked hard. I wanted to be fucked hard by big cocks. Big cocks belonging to someone who shouldn’t be fucking me. Who? Daddy? Stephen? TJ? All three, and better yet, I wanted to get caught by Mommy.

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