Cousins Alone Ch. 04


“Oh Hannah! Oh yes! Fuck! That’s it! Yeah, your ass is so tight!” I said as Hannah bounced up and down as fast as she could while I fucked her in the ass. We were in my room having another great round of sex on the squeaky bed. “Oh shit! Get ready babe! I’m about to fill your hole up with the good shit!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Hannah and I were both breathing heavily and moaning.

“What the hell is that noise?” I heard my uncle’s voice from the closed door. “What the hell is going on in there?”

“Oh shit,” I screamed to Hannah, “I can’t stop-I’m gonna come!” I was frantically thinking of a way out of this situation without embarrassing myself, but I was so close to an orgasm that I couldn’t think; I just kept fucking her ass.

“That’s it! I’m breaking down this damn door!” my uncle screamed as he tried his best to turn the locked knob.

“Jason, he’s going to see us! We have to stop, he’s serious!” Hannah managed to mutter through her heavy gasps for air.

“I can’t stop, I’ll come all over the place if I do.” I noted to her. I wasn’t thinking clearly, but if I had jumped up at that point, I probably could have hidden in the closet and held off coming.

Suddenly, the door flew forward, off of its hinges and my uncle, with the glare of a grizzly bear, stood staring at us in a raging mad disbelief. Hannah jumped off of my cock and ran around frantically covering herself and looking for clothes, and I squirted my load high in the air. I was so embarrassed to come like that, but then I realized I had bigger problems than that.

“That’s it boy,” my uncle screamed as my load splattered the sheets and me, “I’m going to kill you.” I had heard that expression used lots of times in my life, but that was the only time I believed the person saying it. As my uncle took off like a football player through the hall towards his room, I jumped up from the bed, dripping come all over the floor as I motioned for Hannah to hand me some shorts. I put them on as fast as I could and took off out the hallway and into the living room where my aunt and mother were waddling around like confused hens. “What’s going on?” my aunt asked me as I stopped for a moment to think of a getaway.

“Oh nothing,” I sarcastically announced while I ran out of air, “just that your husband is going to kill me.”

“What’d you do?” my mom asked.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough” I said as I looked around the room like a hawk, searching for an escape route.

From the hallway I heard Hannah’s voice scream, “No, Dad! You can’t do that! You’re crazy!” Then, Hannah came sprinting out of my room, down the hallway, and into the living room with nothing on but a sexy little thong.

Before görükle escort bayan Hannah could say anything my aunt said, “Hannah! Go put some clothes on! Why aren’t you dressed?”

Hannah couldn’t bother to answer because she was on a mission to protect me. She finished her run face to face with me, slouched over, gasping for air. When she caught a few breaths she looked up at me and very somberly said, “run.”

Her advice scared me shitless, and I did what she said. I dashed out the back door and into the back yard. Then, through the open door I had just run through, I heard a shotgun blast behind me as I felt shrouds of the shot buzz my hair. My uncle was chasing me with a shotgun! I did the only thing I could, which was run as fast as I’ve ever run.

I wove through the neighbors’ backyards, desperately searching for a hiding place. My uncle wasn’t running after me, but his stride kept up a pretty good follow. Somehow I managed to get out of his sight, and I very carefully and very quietly made my way to the old shed Hannah showed me the night before.

I sat down in the darkest corner I could find and began to shiver with fear and guilt. In the distance I could hear my uncle’s voice yell, “Come out, boy! Face your destiny! You fucked your cousin, now I’m gonna fuck you up.” I couldn’t see, but I imagined all the neighbors’ yards I had run through were now looking at my uncle from their homes, thinking he must be crazy, screaming incest things to an unseen person. Or maybe they had seen me, and maybe they were thinking I was the crazy one.

“You fucked your cousin.” Those words echoed over and over through my mind, as if it was a cave that the words kept bouncing off the walls, never going away completely. I rocked back and forth, thinking of the incest deeds I had done, knowing that it all started with me jacking off to my cousin. If I had just put my thoughts away and not pulled my cock out the afternoon before, I would have never degraded myself this far. I was fucked in another sense, as Hannah warned the previous night.

For what seemed to be an hour, I sat thinking with the echoing words as strong as ever. Then, I suddenly saw a light through the cracks in the walls. It illuminated all the rusted farm tools hanging from the ceiling. Oh no, did Hannah sell me out? I thought of her betrayal for a moment but remembered that I had another problem to deal with first. The light was approaching much closer, headed right for the door.

The rusty hinges creaked as the metal door opened slowly, with the large grizzly-like figure of my uncle holding a flashlight in one hand and a shotgun in the other. “Come out, boy,” he eerily spoke, as if he were some altıparmak eskort kind of crazed serial killer, “I know you’re in here.”

The flashlight made its way around the shack, searching every corner of the walls. The light made its way closer, but as it approached, I became less scared. I knew that there was no way out of this, so what was there to be scared of anymore? I can’t do anything, and I’ve been found. The light found my face as my uncle said, “Hello, boy. Let’s talk.”

Before I knew it, he was standing above me with a double shotgun barrel aimed right at my forehead. He kept the light in my eyes, blinding me for the most part. “My beautiful daughter is eighteen, so I know I can’t prevent her from having sex if she wants to” he began. “In fact, I was prepared for her to someday sneak in a boy, and I wouldn’t kill him, just scare him. But to find my daughter humping her own cousin in her brother’s bed! I can understand teen hormones because I was one once, too, but your own cousin? I’m very disappointed in her, and she’ll get what’s coming to her, but you! I can’t believe you would have the nerve to fuck your cousin! You’re just sick! In fact, you’re dead to me, and to this family. So, I’m going to do the only thing that will make everything right. You’re dead to us, so you might as well be dead. Any last words?”

Of course I was sweating bullets and shaking at this point, but I wasn’t about to try and run. I sputtered out some last words, “I just want you to know, if it makes you feel any little bit better, that it was entirely mutual. I didn’t pressure her into anything. In fact, she came on to me. We both agreed to do what we did, and we considered ourselves two peers who were family, helping each other understand sex.”

“Oh, how cute,” my uncle said sarcastically, “but you’re still dead.”

He loaded two shells into his shotgun and removed the trigger safety. He placed the muzzle of the gun right between my eyes and I could feel the cold, steel circles on my eyebrows. I closed my eyes and awaited my death, and then my uncle said very softly, “Wake up.”

I thought that his words were about the oddest thing he could say at a time like this, so I was compelled to open my eyes. I looked up at him with a curious look, and he said it again. My next thought was that maybe he wanted me to have my eyes open, so he had succeeded by making me curious. I stared at the black tunnels of the barrels, and he said it yet again.

The next thing I knew, the gun hadn’t been fired, but my body was shaking rapidly, as if some unknown force was shaking it uncontrollably. My uncle said, “wake up” again, but this time, his voice was different. nilüfer escort It was his voice with the added voice of a woman. Again he said it, but his voice had less power and the woman’s voice gained power. The shaking also increased. The voice sounded like Hannah. I looked around to see if I could see Hannah anywhere, but she wasn’t there.

I woke up disoriented to find Hannah knelt beside my bed, shaking me and whispering, “Wake up.”

“Finally!” she whispered, “What were you dreaming about?”

I didn’t answer right away because I was very confused. I was back in Ron’s room, lying in the bed. It was still completely dark inside and out. I looked around and found the clock on the dresser, which reported the time as 3:31 am. I scratched my head and realized the entire ass fucking, chasing, and killing was a dream. I remembered Hannah’s question and answered nervously, “That was the worst dream I’ve ever had. I dreamt that we were having sex on this very bed and your dad caught us. He chased me around with a shotgun and I hid in the shed, but he found me.”

Hannah giggled in her throat and said, “I guess that would explain the nervous, cold sweat and the talking.”

“Good grief!” I exclaimed, “How long have you been watching me?”

“Well, I tried waking you up for at least five minutes. I heard you talking in your sleep and I came in here to try and keep you quiet before you started screaming and waking everybody up” Hannah said.

I was a little embarrassed, but guilt overshadowed embarrassment. “I know what will calm you down” Hannah said, “How about a nice BJ?”

I jumped up into a sitting position as she tried reaching for my crotch. I grabbed her hand in mine and said, “No, not right now. It’s just too weird.”

She smiled slyly and looked up with the familiar flare in her eyes and said, “Oh, don’t be silly. It was just a dream.”

She reached for my crotch again and I grabbed her hand a little more violently and stated, “I know, but it’s just not right. I’m not even horny after that nightmare.”

“Whatever.” she replied, “I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.” As a last effort to get my cock, she stood up with no panties on, trying to remind me of that great snatch I’d had earlier, but I really wasn’t at all turned on. She pulled her panties up and crept back to her room.

I was confused, I was scared, I was nervous, and I was tired. I went to sleep thinking of Hannah, but not in a sexual way. I thought of her as a relative I shouldn’t be boning. Just before I drifted back off into Dream Land, I realized I’d be going across the lake with her tomorrow, into a secluded lagoon, with no parents around for hours. With any other girl, or even with her before my dream, I’d be turned on by such a thought. But because of the earlier nightmare, I didn’t look onto the future with much enthusiasm.

Will the sexual escapades end for Jason and Hannah? Will the boat trip be just a fun ride, or a sex trip? Find out in CHAPTER FIVE – HIDDEN LAGOON.

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