Cruel Intentions Ch. 05

Big Dicks

I had tried to have a normal life in spite of what my stepfamily was doing to me. I tried dating but that was even short-circuited.

Bonnie, a pretty girl with a terrific body and nice personality and I had hit it off in school and I finally asked her for a date. She agreed and suggested dinner and a movie. I readily agreed, with fantasies of wild passion to follow dinner. At least that was the fantasy.

Faye had seen me talking to her and in her usual style, started asking questions. I told her we had a date. To my surprise, Faye thought that was an excellent idea and suggested that she cook dinner for the three of us, and then we could go to whatever movie we liked. I was suspicious but could not poke any holes in the idea. I knew Faye could cook. Friday would be perfect, she’d told me. The folks would be out again for the evening, it was the help’s night off and it would just be the three of us. She said she had not met Bonnie but wanted to, and this would provide a perfect setting.

Friday arrived and I was looking forward to the evening. As I started out the door to go get Bonnie, Faye called to me.

“Here, why don’t you use my Beamer” as she tossed me the keys.

That sure beat my old Chevy. I had no problem accepting the offer. As I got in the car and started it, I wondered why she was going out of her way on this. This was unlike her.

It was a short drive to Bonnie’s house in an upper middle class neighborhood that was walking distance to the school. She answered the door as I knocked. I told her Faye was cooking for us and that she wanted to meet Bonnie. She told me her parents were out for the evening and would not be home till late and that she had no set curfew. I thought how perfect everything was coming together.

On the drive home, she sat close to me, at least as close as the floor shift in the Beamer would permit. She placed her hand on my thigh and as I looked to see if she was fastened in, she gave me a smile that said volumes. She even arched her back as if to stretch, but was really just to show off her 36C breasts beneath a silk blouse. I imagined what it would be like to unbutton that blouse. As we started to drive, once we were in fourth gear, Bonnie took my hand off the shift knob and placed in on her thigh. Her skirt had ridden up so my hand felt her nylon covered thigh and I almost jerked it back. She held it in place, and gave me a wink. Her slip had not ridden as high as her skirt and I could tell it was a very good one, white with about three inches of lace. I figured her for a full slip girl but wondered what I’d find later. The material above the lace shined in the soft light from the cars instruments. I ached to touch it but thought I better not push things too far for right now. Her perfume was filling the car and I was enjoying filling my lungs with it as we drove. She had me in the palm of her hand and we hadn’t even gotten to the house yet.

I pulled up to the front of the house and got out to open the car door for her. When I opened the door, I was greeted with legs, long silky legs. Her skirt was hiked up to her crotch (tell me it wasn’t on purpose) and she swung them out to the pavement. As I took her hand and helped her to her feet, she gave me that “Like what you see?” looks.

I opened the door to the house and was greeted by the heavenly smells of Faye’s cooking. She liked to do Northern Italian and it made the house smell wonderful. I brought Bonnie back to the kitchen and introduced the two to each other. In a few minutes it seemed that they were hitting it off fairly well, so I got the wine ready for dinner. Bonnie jumped right in and found ways to make herself useful and in no time the three of us were all getting along famously. We decided to eat at one end of the dinning room table.

Since the veal had to simmer for about 30 minutes we adjourned to the living room for some small talk and a drink before dinner. Our folks didn’t want us drinking hard liquor but had not problem with wine, so I served a nice white wine that would also go with the veal.

There were two sofas in the living room forming a conversation group. I sat on one and Faye across from me on the other. I was surprised when Bonnie sat down next to Faye but really didn’t think a whole lot of it other than that. Their conversation became very animated and there was a lot of casual touching going on between them. I was still not alarmed. Had I known what was coming, I would have had cause to be.

Dinner was soon served and we found ourselves at the dinning room table. It was very intimate with all three of us at one end, complete with candles. I sat at the end with the two girls on either side of me. As I ate, I felt a nylon-clad foot rubbing my calf on both sides. I wondered if either girl knew what the other was doing.

The three of us killed two bottles of white wine by the time we finished dinner. It was just enough to loosen things up a bit.

Bonnie was complementing Faye on her cooking when Fay said “Ken knows how to make the best Parfait you have ever escort bayan eaten. You will absolutely love it and it will finish this meal just perfectly.”

Bonnie could scarcely contain herself. “Ken, you must make us Parfait’s. PLEASE.”

Faye joined her in her plea. “I got all the makings for it today. Be a dear and make us one.” She had that evil smile. What was she up to?

I agreed, partly because of their request and partly because I wanted one too. Faye was right. It would round the meal out perfectly.

“And while you are at it, put on some coffee”

“Yes, coffee would be great.”

Well, it did give me a chance to show off a bit. The passion would be sweeter once we finally got to it.

It took me about a half an hour to put together the parfaits and get the coffee going. I loaded everything on a tray and started back to the dinning room. When I got there I got quite a shock.

The girls were in an embrace and I could tell were eagerly exploring each others mouth’s with their tongues. Both were purring and I could see that both blouses were unbuttoned. At first they were too lost in each other to notice me and I watched with envy as my stepsister’s hand caressed the lace-covered breast of my date. Yes, she wore a full slip and a half-cup bra. The straps of the slip had slid off her shoulders, allowing the slip to slide down to reveal the creamy flesh filling those half cups.

It was clear to me that Faye did not seduce Bonnie. Bonnie was obviously leading the kiss.

“Faye, I have wanted to kiss you like that since I first saw you in school. You are so beautiful. Your breasts are full and firm, your legs, oh I want to make love with you.” Bonnie was speaking softly but I heard every word.

“Wow” Faye replied, “You’re not so bad yourself. And your kiss is to die for.” With that she resumed the kiss. It was so hot I could feel myself beginning to stir.

I managed to get the tray with desert and coffee on the table without spilling it but it was touch and go for a minute. When I put it down there was a slight clink as the china hit.

They heard the clink and broke the kiss, immediately embarrassed. Then they did the oddest thing. Both acted like nothing had happened. They simply re-arranged their clothes and buttoned their blouses.

“I see desert is here” Faye said, very matter of fact. “He makes it with Crème de Menthe. You will love it.” Said all as if nothing had happened and I had not witnessed anything.

As they sat back down at the table, facing each other, each ate the parfait in the most erotic fashion they could. Not for my benefit, for each other. It was as if I was not there. Their eyes never left each other until they were finished.

After we finished desert, The girls thanked me and said, almost in unison “If you will clean up the dishes, we’ll go pick a movie for tonight.” With that they left the room for the entertainment room.

It didn’t take me long to clean up and load and start the dishwasher. I was done in about ten minutes. I was wondering what was going to happen next as I walked into the entertainment room.

Both girls had taken off their skirts and blouses. Both were in beautiful full slips. Faye was wearing the ivory slip with the antique lace. I remembered the first time I saw that slip and the pleasure she gave me with it. They were talking softly and petting each other as I walked in. They turned to face me with smiles.

Bonnie started. “I guess I owe you an explanation since it seems I ruined your plans for this evening. The truth is I was using you to get to meet and be close to Faye. Since I came to this school in mid term, I wanted her from the moment I saw her. You were the best way to her.

Faye was next. “I thought I saw a look in your eye at school. She is so hot, isn’t she, Ken?”

Bonnie continued, “I guess it was mean of me to do this but I really like girls more than guys. I guess I owe you.” With that, she came over, took my face in her hands and kissed me. It was electric. Even before her tongue entered my mouth I could feel the current running from her lips to mine as if she were hooked up to a generator.

Then she broke the kiss. “I’m sorry but you are out of luck tonight.”

“Don’t be so hasty, Bonnie” Faye retorted, “You and I can have some fun and so can he.”

“I’m not into threesomes, especially with a guy. Besides, I want you to myself. Get lost, Ken.”

“Oh the least we can do is let him watch. You did tease him pretty good tonight you know.”


“Ken, strip. Bonnie, If he is naked then its an even playing field, isn’t it? Except he won’t have anyone to play with. I guess that means he will have to play with himself. Would you like to watch that in exchange for him watching us?”

“Now there is an idea. You can eat your heart out while you watch.”

I started to disrobe. I knew better than to disobey her.

“I’ve always wanted to see a guy stroke his own cock. Sounds interesting,” she said with a reflective altıparmak escort bayan smile and a sideward glance to me.

“Good, now take off your slip and give it to him.”


“He really likes slips. You’ll see. I know you will enjoy watching as we play. He will give you a very good show and will even wash your slip when he is done so you can wear it home. Won’t you, Ken?”

By now I was naked on the sectional, waiting. I nodded, sheepishly.

Faye then got a large quilt out of a chest and pulled the table from the middle of the pit, as they called it, a u-shaped sectional sofa with a big plasma screen TV on the far wall. She spread the quilt out and it became a king size pad. She knelt down and pulled her slip over her head then tossed it to me.

Bonnie followed suit.

Then Faye reached over to Bonnie and said, “Let me unhook you. It’ll be like unwrapping a present.”

Bonnie’s bra was the hook in front kind and Faye reached slowly for the clasp, savoring the anticipation. Using both hands, she slowly unhooked the top hook, then the second, licking her lips with desire. Once the second hook was unfastened, she took her time letting the bra open. She glanced into Bonnie’s eyes. Both girls were aflame with desire. Her gaze returned to the present about to be revealed.

Bonnie smiled when she heard Faye gasp, as her breasts were exposed.

“I’d hoped you’d like them” she said, raising her hand to Faye’s cheek, and gently stroking it then fondling her hair. Then her hand went around to the nape of Faye’s neck, but guidance wasn’t necessary.

Her lips parted from the gasp, she leaned forward and gently kissed first the right nipple, then gently sucked it, then repeated the process with the left.

Now it was Bonnie’s turn to gasp.

As Faye broke the kiss and straightened back up, Bonnie reached around behind Faye to unhook her bra. As she released the straps in back, Faye hunched her shoulders to let the bra fall free.

Then Bonnie repeated the ritual Faye had done to her, taking a little more time to tongue Faye’s nipples to fully erect. Faye closed her eyes and softly moaned when Bonnie’s lips sucked in each nipple.

As they parted, Faye said to Bonnie “We are going to have so much fun.”

I had taken both slips to my naked body while I was watching them. They each had their own feel. Both were of the filmy, clingy nylon that would have me quickly if I weren’t careful. I had one slip in each hand and was just getting fully erect when Faye turned to me.

“Let her see you, stud. Stand up so she can see you naked.”

I did as instructed. I had to pull my hands away from my cock to get up, so there was no use even attempting modesty. I stood with a slip in each hand at my side. My cock, now fully erect pointed in their direction, slightly above their heads.

“I know you like mine. Now tell us how you like her slip. Caress yourself with it while you tell us.”

As she said this, Faye reached over and kissed Bonnie tenderly. I knew that kiss and could almost taste it as I watched. That was making me as hot as the nylon in my hands.

I draped Faye’s slip around my neck like a shawl so I could use both hands with Bonnie’s slip. It was beautiful. It was white shinny, filmy Antron III nylon. It had a shadow panel in front and the lace trimming the breasts was lined with nylon tricot. I wanted to rub every inch of the slip on my belly, my thighs, and my cock. I wanted my cock to know the feel of every bit of that silky slip; even the cups that held those beautiful C cup breasts.

Bonnie then pulled a couple of pillows from the sectional and propped her head up while she lied back. While Bonnie watched my show, Faye lowered her head to Bonnie’s breasts and began kissing them. She spoke between kisses.

“Come stand a little closer. Let her see your cock. “

I obeyed. Two steps closer put me within reach of both the girls. I could see the lust in Bonnie’s eyes as she watched me feeling the slip across my chest, lingering on my nipples. They hardened at the caress. My cock was standing erect, pointing up to the far end of the room.

“Do you like the feel of her slip? Your nipples got hard quick when you rubbed them with it. Now down to your belly. Your cock is waiting to meet its lover. Go ahead, embrace it with the slip.” She never actually looked up from exploring Bonnie’s body when she said it.

Bonnie watched in detached fascination as I did what Faye told me. A smile was growing on her lips.

“Does a slip really turn guys on?” she asked

“Some don’t get the kick out it others do. But if you find a guy that does, you can make him your pet. All guys masturbate. Most guys do it to get off. But with a slip lover, you can tease for as long as you want. And if you don’t want to get laid, he’ll enjoy the slip just as much. Right, Ken? With a slip lover, getting there is half the fun.

“OOOOOHHHHH” was all I could manage as the slip seduced me.

“Come nilüfer eskort join us on the quilt and lay down between us. You know you can enjoy the slip more if you are laying down with it on you.”

She had me lay down between them, facing them and they facing me. As I lay down, Faye took the slip by the straps and pulled it free from my hands. It snaked around my cock as she pulled it till it was free and hanging from her fingers by the straps. Then Bonnie pulled down three more throw pillows and propped me up.

After I had laid down Faye got up on her knees and draped the slip over my body, so that it was in the same position as if I were wearing it. She let go of the straps and adjusted the slip for maximum effect. Her slip, the shawl, had slid off my shoulders. She retrieved it and put it on the pillow so I would feel it on my back and neck as I lay there.

Faye noticed the wet spot at the tip of the apex formed by my cock under the slip. Then she lifted the skirt of the slip and took my cock in her hands. I knew she’d milk me. She always did. She always got pleasure doing that to me.

With one hand, she gently but firmly squeezed my sacks, then brought an index finger under the base of my cock in the groove that held the precum. As she brought her finger up, I could feel the precum oozing up with it, until a large drop of honey textured liquid escaped “his” lips. She collected the liquid on her fingers and with the look of one taking pleasure with a pet, brought it to my lips. My lips parted and I accepted her gift to me, sucking all the liquid from her fingers.

“Good Boy, she exclaimed. I saw a smile on Bonnie’s face as she watched.

Faye’s hand came down from my lips and caressed the slip against me all the way down my body. She knew just where to touch me.

Faye continued. “I know you have never done this, Bonnie, so we’ll both play with him for a while and you can learn.”

Then she took the hem of the skirt, the lacy part, and gently wrapped it around my cock and held it there.

“You can use the lace to scratch and slightly irritate his cock. It will make it more sensitive when you switch back to the nylon. Tell her, Ken. Tell her what it feels like.”

I told her. It was futile to fight it. “She strokes my cock for a while with the lace, then she starts on me again with the nylon. Every stroke sends waves through me almost like a mild electric shock.”

To illustrate “our” point, Faye then repositioned the slip so that nylon was now between her hand and my cock. She stroked down. My body arched into it as my head went back and my eyes closed.

Then she stroked up to the head. I gasped as she drug the nylon across my now very sensitive head. More precum appeared. Again, she collected it and fed it to me.

“Go ahead, try it.” She offered the nylon covered shaft to Bonnie. Feel his cock through it. Experiment and watch his reaction.”

Bonnie took my nylon-covered shaft in her hand and hesitantly at first, then catching on very quickly, full long strokes. All the while she watched me. I reacted to the downward stroke just as I had with Faye. Her touch was just as gentle.

“I bet this isn’t what you had in mind when you picked me up tonight,” she giggled. “Having fun?”

“Yes” I said as I looked in her eyes, pleading.

Faye recognized my writhing as my climax building and intervened. She reached under my sacks and with one finger killed my impending orgasm and most of the erection in Bonnie’s hand and slip.

“Not yet, Baby. We still have things to show her,” she said pursing her lips in a mock kiss.

“Let him cool down for a minute then you can experiment some more” she said to Bonnie, and then reaching over, lips slightly parted, kissed her.

Bonnie returned the kiss. She brought up one hand and fondled Faye’s breast as if it were made of china and would break if she were rough. It was easy to see the tongues wrestling for dominance, each trying to out-please the other.

Bonnie’s other hand had not left my body. That hand traveled all over my belly and thighs, making the slip caress. I was quickly getting hard again. When she felt my cock rise, her hand returned to it, wrapping it in nylon and gently stroking it, as the kiss broke. She looked at me and smiled. My cock twitched in her hand and I heard her coo.

As my cock returned to its original hardness, she said, “I need to try the lace thing. I want to know just how much pressure to use. Ken, you will have to tell me” she said as she shifted the slip to the lace on the breasts.

It felt different in her hands. Maybe it was her touch, or maybe it was the nylon under the lace that made it more intense.

“Am I holding it too tight?” Her strokes were longer and slower than Faye’s and there was something else. I couldn’t tell what but it seemed there was no meanness in her touch. Faye could be almost demonic, enjoying my pain.

“No,” I gasped. “Just right.” I squirmed as I was beginning to ache from all the teasing and the scratching of the lace.

She eased the lace up to my nipples and worked them until they were hard and ached as well. Then her hand wrapped the nylon around my shaft again. The first downward stroke was absolutely devastating. My body arched upward, and a stifled moan escaped my lips. She was a natural.

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