Cuckolding My Son Ch. 04


It had been months since I’d last seen my son; after he snapped and allowed his friends to sexually destroy me for his viewing pleasure, he moved out of my house and we haven’t spoken since. Every time I build up the courage to call him, I’m reminded of that day; the way he spoke to me. The way he saw me; I was nothing in his eyes.

I spent weeks on end teasing my poor son; flaunting my ass in front of him. Fucking strangers in our house, in his bed while he watched. I’m ashamed of myself and I’ve learned my lesson. All I want in life is to fix things between us and to taste his sweet cum on my lips once more.

I decided fuck it; I might as well text him.

“Matthew, it’s your mother. I’m sorry things got so out of hand between us, please come home. I haven’t been with anyone since that day.. You know the one. Please forgive me.”

A week went by and I heard nothing and all of sudden one day I come home from work to find my son’s car in the driveway.

“Matthew, are you home?” I called out; he was nowhere to be found.

I continued on throughout the house; Matthew was waiting for me in my room. He was holding one of my solid white thongs; one of the first pairs of underwear I ever wore in front of him.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting you.” I told him; he continued to twirl the thong between his fingers as if I wasn’t even in the room. “You look good..” I continued attempting to break the awkward silence.

“I got your text.” Matthew finally responded as he turned his attention towards me.

“Are you going to move back in?” I asked him.

Matthew looked annoyed by the question and opted not to respond; instead he called me over using his finger. I walked over to the bedside as he looked up at me; I could feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins.

“Get on your knees.” He instructed me, “Put your hands behind your back.”

I listened to every last word; I was desperate. All I wanted was to finally have my son back.. And inside of me.

“I understand what you want.” Matthew began, “I know exactly what you want from me.. But as of right now I cannot allow myself to give it to you.” He continued.

“But.. What do I have to do–” He interrupted me.

“Quiet. Speak only when I allow you.” He said; I nodded my head in agreement. “You’re going to have to prove yourself to me, got it?” He asked.

“May I speak now, sir?” I asked, playing along with his demands; he nodded. “How can I prove myself to you?”

“Well, to start.. You’re going to have to wear this collar.” He stood up from the bed and removed a collar from his pocket; it was hot pink and had words attached to it but I couldn’t read them. “24/7. Even at work.” He continued as he lifted my hair and wrapped the collar around my throat tightly.

“If I find out you’ve removed the collar for any reason, that’s it. I’m going to walk out again. Understand?” He asked.

I nodded again.

“Alright, good. I’ll be back tomorrow and we can really get started..” He told me as he walked out the door leaving on my knees.

I got up from the floor and entered the bathroom; I looked at myself in the mirror, the collar read “SLAVE” in large silver letters. I had no idea how I was going to get away with wearing this at work but I had to listen.

The next day I decided to wear a turtleneck to work to hide the collar; despite it being the summer in Los Angeles. Luckily it’s pretty breezy in the morning when I leave for work and it’s cold in the office so no one should ask questions. I was anxious and couldn’t wait for the work day to be over; I was nervous to see what Matthew might have in store for me when I returned home.

“Matthew, are you home?” I called out as I entered the house.

“In here, slave.” He shouted back.

Once again he was kicked back on my bed waiting for me.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” He asked annoyed at my appearance.

“I..” I started to explain.

“Stop.” He commanded. “You wore that to hide the collar, didn’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” I responded.

“You fucking whore.” He said, sternly. “Take that off.” He instructed, “In fact, take everything off, I want to see what lingerie you wore to work.”

I lifted the turtleneck over my head and slowly exposed myself for my son’s viewing pleasure; his expression did not change when my large fake breast bounced out of my sweater.

“Pants.” He continued to instruct me.

I unzipped and dropped my pants to the floor; they hooked around my ankle as I kicked them off. Underneath my pants I wore a silk black thong with a string so thin you could barely tell it was there; my bra was a silky smooth blue with black lace outline. Matthew looked a little more impressed as I stood before him almost nude; he signaled with his finger for me to twirl around so he could get a good look.

“Stop.” He commanded just as I had done a 180; I looked back at him to try and gauge his reaction. “Face forward.” He yelled.

I did as I was told.

“Not bad, slave. gorukle escort I’m impressed.” He started, “But that won’t do, we’ve got a guest coming over so you need to look your best.”

I did another 180 and turned to face him with my hands behind my back.

“Take that thong off.” He instructed; I quickly dropped the thong to the ground. “Bring it here.” He continued; I began to walk towards him. “ON your knees.” He shouted.

I dropped to my knees and crawled my way over to my son; I arched my back as much as I could so that my ass was popping out for him to see. When I reached the edge of the bed I slowly looked up from the ground and made eye contact with him; I bit my lip and tried my best to be sexy.

“Give it to me.” He said, holding his hand out; I placed the thong in his hand and he quickly place it to his nose and took a deep breath. “Ahh, just how I remember you.” He added.

He continued to sniff the crotch of my thong and placed it in his mouth; he wrapped his arms around me and reached behind my back to undo the strap on my bra. He shoved my head down so that it was resting against his hard cock as he slid the strap down each shoulder; I sat on my knees with my hands behind my back as he looked my up and down.

“Now, I know you wore that turtleneck to work to hide the collar. If you do that again, you will be punished.” He explained; I nodded in agreement. “I’ve left a dress in the bathroom for you to wear tonight. You’ll also wear it to work tomorrow. Go get dressed.”

I quickly hurried to the bathroom; there was a bright red dress hanging on the shower curtain and a garter belt and stockings were lying on the sink. The dress was beautiful; it was skin tight and extremely short. It had a deep plunging neckline that went below my tits and accentuate my cleavage.. The only problem was I would never be able to wear this work. I slid the garter belt and stockings on underneath the dress and exited the bathroom.

“Matthew, I can’t wear this to work.” I told him.

He sat silent on the bed and stared a hole completely through me.

“You will wear that dress to work tomorrow or you will suffer the consequences.” He said in a very sincere tone. “Now, get over here. Our guest should arrive any minute.”

I approached the bed and my heart began to race as Matthew attached a leash to my collar; who was our guest going to be? I was so nervous it was going to be another man that Matthew was going to pimp me out to. I didn’t want anyone else anymore; I was serious about that. I only wanted my son.

Matthew led me down to the basement; though it was starting to look more like a dungeon. He must have been busy while I was at work because there was an assortment of whips and chains, bondage devices, chairs and tables. Even a little cage; similar to one for a dog but much larger. The walls were covered by a chain link fence which also covered the tiny escape windows; this wasn’t my basement anymore. This was my master’s dungeon.

“Sit.” Matthew pointed to a tiny twin size bed.

Just as I sat down the doorbell rang.

“That must be our guest. Wait here.” Matthew said leaving the room just after securely tying the least to the chair.

I was so anxious I could hardly sit still.

Matthew slowly came down the stairs with someone trailing behind him; the basement was dimly lit and I couldn’t tell who it was. He led the person by the hand down the stairs and as they approached closer I could finally make out a face. Matthew’s guest was one the most beautiful women I’d ever seen; she had light brown caramel skin, she was covered in tattoos, and had short brown hair. Her body was slim and fit but she had a certain thickness to her hips and ass; I was intimidated to say the least.

“This is our guest for the night, Jen.” Matthew introduced her.

“It’s nice to mee-” I began.

“Silence.” Matthew snapped. “You shall only speak when I allow you to speak.”

Matthew began to untie my leash from the chair.

“Jen, this is my mother.” He explained to the girl.

“Matthew!” I blurted out, shocked that he had just admitted that; I was met with a swift slap to the face.

“Silence!” Matthew said as he slapped me across the face. “You see, Jen here is just as fucked up as you and I. There isn’t anything she isn’t willing to do for me.. You could learn a thing or two from her.”

Matthew went over to a box he had moved into the basement and pulled out a long brown rope; he wrapped it around a few times at the bottom of my breast and then went around my back and looped it around the top of my breasts, then he twisted and tied a knot in the middle of my chest and took the two remaining pieces of slack from the rope and tied them around my neck. It was almost like a harness to accentuate my tits, though I was still wearing my red dress the harness did make them look much bigger.

Jen had disappeared behind me as Matthew took my hands and placed them behind my back and tied them together, in altıparmak eskort bayan the same position as if I was praying; only behind my back. Everything above my waist was now bound tightly and I couldn’t move an inch; before I knew it, Jen was standing directly behind me and was tilting my head back. In her hands she held a moderately large red ball gag with black leather straps; she placed it in my mouth and strapped it tightly around the back of my neck.

As Matthew continued to subdue my lower body with more ropes; Jen began to take advantage of my helpless body. She pulled the already low cut plunging neckline of my dress down below my tits and began groping them by the handful; Matthew had already wrapped a new rope around the back of one my thighs underneath the curve of my ass and was pulling it through my crotch to work on the other side.

“Well, you won’t be needing these anyway.” Matthew said as he ripped the thong from my body; exposing my moist cunt. He finished tying the other half of my lower body with the rope and took a step back almost as if he was admiring his handy work.

Jen continued to tease and taunt me face to face; licking around my nipples and softly biting them. She made her way up my neck sliding her tongue along my breasts until she reached my face; she looked me directly in the eyes and stuck her tongue out and placed it on my bottom lip. She slowly slid her tongue up and over the ball gag to my top lip before placing her entire mouth around the ball of the gag and kissed me through it; I was more than turned on at this point.

“You like that, don’t you whore?” Matthew asked.

I attempted to speak but all that came out was a muffled hum through the rubber gag; I quickly nodded my head up and down to respond appropriately. Matthew took one of my breasts in his hand and massaged it as if he was kneading bread; he leaned down and gave my nipple a quick lick before pulling his hand back and swatting me in the tit. I squealed but only out of surprise; the sting sent a shiver over pleasure throughout my body and I started to feel cold chills rising on my arms and legs.

“Jen, go sit on the bed.” Matthew instructed her.

Jen took her seat on the edge of the bed and Matthew followed behind her; he kissed her deeply before sliding his hands down to the waist line of her shorts and pulled them off. Jen wasn’t wearing anything beneath her shorts except the black fishnet stockings that covered her leg all the way up to her ass; Matthew ripped them in the crotch and exposed her vagina for me to see clearly.

Matthew grabbed me by the hair and shoved me out of the chair and into the floor onto my knees.

“Crawl over to her.” Matthew said, as he placed his foot flat against my back and pushed me over onto my side; I struggled like an infant. Attempting to kick my legs and wiggle over to the bed to no avail.

Matthew wrapped his arm around my waist and picked me up as if I really was an infant and walked me over to the edge of the bed; he carefully placed me in front of Jen on my knees. Jen was sitting on the edge of the bed with both of her legs pulled back as far as she could; they were almost wrapped around the back of her head. She smiled as she looked up to Matthew whilst tightly holding both of her ankles so that her legs wouldn’t move.

Once again Matthew grabbed me by the hair and tilted my head back; he undid the ball gag and threw it to the floor. Within an instant he shoved my face into Jen’s pussy; my nose slipped directly inside of her wet hole. He held a handful of my hair tightly and used his other hand to grab me under the chin; he yanked my face out of her cunt and used his hands to guide my face up and down her slit.

“Stick your fucking tongue out.” He ordered.

I did as I was told and Matthew shoved my face deep into her cunt once again; my tongue penetrated her hole and I tasted everything she had to offer. I haven’t been with many women in my life but she had the sweetest pussy I’d ever tasted; sweeter than my own.

“Don’t fucking stop.” Matthew shouted as he placed Jen’s hand on the top of my head and disappeared behind me.

Seconds later I felt Matthew’s foot between my legs; he pressed it hard against my inner thigh and pushed my legs until I was sitting with a wide stance on my knees. The ropes he had tied between my legs were so tight, I could feel them beginning to rub and chafe the inside of my thighs.

“Remember how you used to tell me you liked black cock, whore?” Matthew asked. “Well, I’ve got just the thing for you.”

Matthew held out a wooden pole in front of my face; attached to the end of it was a thick black dildo. Matthew reached behind me and spread my ass as wide as the ropes would allow him; he reached closer to my pussy and pulled my lips apart attempting to stretch me out. The pressure the ropes were placing on my pussy was incredible, I was so tight. With one hand spreading my ass, Matthew used the other hand to shove nilüfer eskort bayan the dildo rod into my tight pussy.. Which just so happened to be dripping with moisture.

It took several seconds for him to fully penetrate me with the rod; my tight hole slowly stretching wide. Before I knew it Matthew was forcefully fucking me with it; he’d jam it deep and slowly pull it all the way out to allow my hole to gape for his viewing pleasure all while I was chowing down on his mistresses cunt. Jen was holding my face in her pussy as Matthew fucked me with the black cock rod; she was getting pleasure out of my moans and screams. My face was a wet sticky mess mixed with her juices and my spit.

Matthew shoved the rod as far as he could inside me and wedged the opposite end of it on the floor; I was essentially squatting over top of the rod and it wouldn’t budge an inch. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back away from Jen’s pussy; which also shoved me backwards onto the rod which went deeper inside of me.

“Open your mouth.” Matthew instructed.

He placed a silver smooth metal butt plug into my mouth; it had a hoop on the end of it that went around his finger.

“Get it nice and wet.” He continued.

I figured when it was all said and done that plug was going to go in my ass but to my surprise Matthew took it out of my mouth and inserted it into Jen’s ass. Matthew shoved my face back into Jen’s pussy as he plotted his next move. He dropped his pants and removed the rod from my cunt, which was now extremely sore; he pulled Jen from the bed and onto her knees directly in front of me.

Matthew waved his cock in front of our faces; teasing me with it.

“You want this cock?” He asked.I was afraid to answer; I nodded my head in silence. “Open wide.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could; Matthew grabbed me by the chin and held my head back. Rather than putting his cock inside my mouth.. He spit directly into my mouth and slammed it shut and spit in my face immediately after. He took one step to the side and gently allowed Jen to suckle the tip of his cock all the way down her throat; Matthew was completely opposite while dealing with Jen. He kept his hands at his side and allowed her to suck his cock as she pleased; without hesitation she was swallowing his cock whole and gagging on it.

The mascara and eye liner began to stream down her face as she repeatedly choked down his cock. Matthew grabbed me once more and shoved my face until it was inches away from Jen’s face.. And his cock. I could feel my mouth begin to water; I was literally salivating. I wanted to taste my son’s cock.. His precum.

Matthew lifted Jen from her knees and tossed her on the bed; she hung upside so with her head hanging off the side. He shoved me to the ground until I laid flat on my back and instructed me to open my mouth once more; he began to fuck Jen’s throat as if it was her pussy. The spit began to build in the back of her throat and she started to cough and gag every time Matthew pumped his cock into her mouth; she turned her head to the side and the spit beginning to drip from her mouth into my mouth.

When he was finished Matthew tossed me on the bed beside Jen in the same position, so that I was laying flat on my back with my head against the edge. He had Jen take her place over top of my on all fours doggy style; my nose brushed against her clit. Matthew carefully removed the butt plug from her ass and placed it back into my mouth. He lubed his cock up and slowly slipped it inside Jen’s tight ass.

Matthew fucked Jen’s ass until she climaxed and when she did, she squirted all over my face. Her pussy juice shot up my nose and I began to feel choked up so I spit the butt plug onto the floor; Matthew was not happy with that. He pushed Jen to the side and grabbed my by the throat; with one hand around my throat and the other around the harness of my waist he picked me up, spun me around, and tossed me onto the bed.

Jen took her place on the floor once again on her knees; Matthew pulled me to the edge of the bed and pushed my legs back almost in the same position he had Jen take when I was eating her pussy. He slammed the side of Jen’s head onto the pubic mound of my vagina and began fucking her mouth; when he was ready to cum he pulled his cock out and allowed Jen to stroke it for him.

Jen stroked Matthew’s cock until it started erupting loads of cum onto her face; she showered in a bit of it and then pointed it my way, allowing it to shoot all over my sore cunt. My son’s cum dripped down my slit until it settled in the indentation of my asshole. My legs began to tremble as I felt his hot warm cum land on my clit and I could tell I was approaching an orgasm from just feeling his cum slide down my cunt.. What really sent me over the edge was Jen taking it upon herself to slurp the cum out of my ass as if it was a clam; she slurped and stuck her tongue in my ass and slowly slid all the way up until she reached my clit.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I screamed as I felt her tongue gently tickle passed my clit; my body began to twitch and spasm and just at the height of my orgasm, Jen spit all the remaining cum she had in her mouth in my face. Matthew scooped whatever he could from my face into my mouth until it was completely gone.

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