Curious Teen


I suppose I was unusual. I never took any interest in boys, even when I reached my teens. I was too busy reading. Books were all I was interested in, and I spent all my time with them.

I really didn’t even discover the hole between my legs until I was 18 or so. When I found it, I was quite surprised. I wondered if I should tell someone about it. I even thought for a moment I might be the only girl in the world to have one.

Still, even then, I never took much interest in that special place – though I did occasionally find myself touching it when I was reading a book. I was surprised at how nice it felt.

It still took me a little while to work out that it wasn’t just a place for me to put my fingers. Recently, my only real friend, Tina, had to give me a fast update on sex education. She couldn’t help laughing at how little I knew. After all, I was 18. I had cousins the same age who were already married.

Still, it sounded yucky, what Tina told me that boys do. I was in no hurry to have something like that happen to me. But I did get very curious about boys’ penises – or their cocks, as Tina said they were called.

For the next few weeks I got more and more curious about boys – and about cocks. I really wanted to see one. But the only boy I really knew was my brother Nick. Even though he’s only a year older than me, we’ve never really had much to do with each other. Some brothers and sisters are close, some go their separate ways. That’s what Nick and I were like. We didn’t dislike each other, we just didn’t have much in common. He’s into sports, I’m into books, and we never seemed had anything much to talk about. But Nick was a boy and I thought, well, if I want to see a cock, there was one in the house I might be able to get a look at. I just wanted a peek, that’s all.

So this is what I did. One Friday evening our parents were out. It was about 6.30 and Nick was about to take a shower because he was going out too. I was staying home to do some homework. While Nick was in his room undressing, I slipped into the bathroom and hid in the small broom cupboard opposite the shower. I left the door open just a little so I could see out. Nick came in with the towel around his waist. I was surprised right away how muscular he was – you never notice things like that about your own brother. He turned on the shower taps and dropped his towel. Well, there it was. His cock. It was soft and floppy, just hanging there. I almost laughed. It looked like such a silly thing. But it did hang down quite a long way, which made me think it might get very big if it got hard.

That’s when I realised my first mistake. I wasn’t going to see his a hard cock because he wasn’t going to get excited just having a shower. I felt really let down. But then I got surprise – I found that girl’s aren’t the only ones who play with themselves.

I watched as Nick got into the shower. Through the clear glass of the shower, I saw him wash his hair and then wash his whole body. Then he started to wash his cock. He seemed very concerned about getting it as clean as possible, because he rubbed it a lot with the soap. Then I saw what I had hoped for – Nick’s cock was starting to rise. He put the soap down and started to rub his cock even more. So this is what boys do, I thought, getting very interested. His cock was very big now, I’d say at least 8 inches, and he was pulling the foreskin back and forth down the shaft. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be moaning to himself.

Suddenly he groaned – and splat – white goo shot out of his cock and splashed against the glass door of the shower, directly at me. I couldn’t help myself. I gasped – then laughed. It was just a short laugh, more out of surprised than anything, but Nick heard it. I held my breath, hoping he’d think the noise came from outside. gorukle escort bayan But he looked towards the broom cupboard and saw it was slightly open. Dripping wet, he stepped out of the shower and pulled the door open. He was bright red with a combination of embarrassment and fury.

“Sis! What the fuck do you think you’re doing!”

I froze. I was shaking with fear. I could only think of one thing to say.

“Please…please don’t tell mom and dad…please.”

“You fucking little spying bitch…I bet you’ve been doing this for years”

“No…never…please don’t tell.”

He pulled me out of the cupboard. I thought he was going to hit me. I noticed that his cock had gone soft. Suddenly he calmed down. Somehow this was even more frightening.

“Okay Sis, I won’t tell. But only if you do what I tell you, right?”

I was so relieved he wasn’t going to tell that I agree right away.

“Yes, anything, anything at all. Do you want me to clean your room or, or…”

He stopped me mid sentence.

“Right then, you’ve seen me without my clothes. So I want to see you the same way.”

I was thunderstruck.

“But…no, please no Nick.”

But Nick wasn’t going to listen to me begging.

“Either that, or I tell mum and dad. Make up your mind.”

What choice did I have? I’d gotten myself into this mess, I suppose I deserved my punishment. I started to undress. I only had on a t-shirt and denim skirt, so it took just a few seconds before my skinny body was only covered in my bra and panties. I stopped for a moment, looking at my brother with pleading eyes. He wasn’t going to change his mind.

“Come on, take it all off.”

Though I was 18, I wasn’t very well developed. My breasts were small, just a handful really. When my bra came off, they just stood there, light and springy, not flopping down at all. Nick didn’t seem to mind.

“Nice tits Sis, very nice. Now the panties.”

I was more embarrassed about taking off my panties – my pussy only has thin wisps of blonde hair. When I slipped them to my ankles, Nick gave a little gasp. His cock, which had been lying soft between his legs, suddenly started to find new life.

“Oh Sis, you have a very nice body. Your pussy looks very soft and sweet.”

Standing naked in front of my brother – the first boy to ever see me nude – made me blush. I put my hands in front of my pussy. I started to shake a little. I was close to crying.

“Can I get dressed now…please?”

I’m not sure if my brother had originally intended to go any further, but seeing me nude gave him ideas.

“Dressed? No way. We’ve only just started.”

I was shocked.

“But Nick…I’m your sister. You can’t…”

“And I’m your brother. That didn’t stop you hiding in the cupboard.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into my bedroom, which was directly opposite the bathroom. I started to cry.

“Please Nick, please don’t.”

He pushed me down on the bed. I just lay there sobbing. I was petrified. I looked down and saw his cock had grown huge – bigger than it had been in the shower. It seemed to be throbbing. He pulled my legs apart with his hands and then put one of his hands on my pussy. It was the first time anyone else had touched my pussy, and it sent a burst of excitement through my body. Suddenly I could feel his fingers pushing into me – first one finger, then two. He was pushing his fingers in hard, and it was hurting. I started pleading with him through my tears.

“Please Nick don’t…please…you’re hurting me.”

“Well you should’ve thought about that before you hid in the cupboard.”

He lifted my legs up and started to push his cock towards my pussy.

“Please Nick, don’t…I’m a virgin…please don’t.”

I was blubbering nilüfer escort bayan madly now, but it didn’t stop him. I could feel his cock pressing at my pussy lips. I put my hand there to try and stop him. Then I thought of something that made me panic.

“No Nick, no…you can’t! If you get me pregnant something terrible will happen…I’m your sister…you can’t…please.”

He had pulled my hand away and his cock had started to push past my pussy lips. I could feel its head just entering me, when suddenly he stopped. He stepped back, angry. His cock looked red raw.

“Oh fuck. You smart bitch. You fucking smart bitch. You deserve to be fucked.”

He stood there panting. I didn’t move. He looked around the room, from side to side, then saw what he wanted on the bedside table.

“You’re not getting away with what you did, you bitch.”

He put his hands around my hips and in one fast movement turned my over onto my face. I didn’t know what was going on. He pulled my legs apart. Then I saw him reach over to the open jar of face cream that was on my bedside table. He dug his fingers in and took out a huge dollop of cream. I shivered with shock as I felt him rub the cream on my asshole. I genuinely had no idea what he was doing. Tina hadn’t mentioned anything like this.

“What are you doing Nick…what…”

Suddenly I felt his finger slide deep into my asshole. It hurt. I jumped up, but he slapped my rear and told me to lay still. Now I was seriously frightened. This was something I’d never even dreamed could happen. He got more of the face cream and rubbed it on my ass. Now he was sliding two fingers deep into my ass. The more I resisted the more it hurt.

“Relax Sis…it won’t hurt if you relax. And you won’t get pregnant this way.”

I held my face in my hands, sobbing. He reached over and took another dollop of face cream, this time to rub on his cock. Then he parted my ass cheeks with both hands and I could feel his cock pressing against my tiny asshole. Even with all the face cream, it was still tight. And it hurt. Then he gave one big push. My body burned. It was like a red hot poker was being forced into me. I bit the blanket and screamed. Nick groaned. He pushed my face onto the blankets to muffle the noise I was making. I could feel his cock slide all the way into my ass. I wriggle my hips, trying to get free, but he was too strong. He let go of my head and held my hips tight with both hands and drove his cock into my ass, harder and harder. After a while, it didn’t hurt so much. It was almost a nice feeling. Nick kept plunging his cock in and out, in and out, in and out. Then he groaned loudly. I could feel his hot cum squirting inside me.

Nick pulled his cock out of my ass and let the cum squirt over my gaping ass hole. It almost felt soothing. Then he plunged his cock into me again, all the way, pumping the last drips of his cum deep inside me. Then he pulled his cock out and fell on me, exhausted. I was exhausted too. And very sore. I could hardly move. But, I thought, at least it’s over now.

Then there was a knock at the door.

Nick got up quickly. He left me there, lying on the bed. I felt dazed, and through the haze I thought I heard voices talking. And laughing. I opened an eye. I could see Nick, but now he wasn’t alone. His friend Steve was with him. Steve had come over to pick up Nick for their night out. But Nick had decided to show him something first – me.

“What do you think of my sister, Steve? Not bad, eh?”

Steve was clearly impressed.

“Shit. She’s great. Man, who would’ve thought your bookworm sister would look that good nude? That’s a sweet pussy.”

“And a sweet ass, take my word for it.”

They both laughed. I could feel Nick’s cum dripping out bursa otele gelen escort bayan of my ass. I was still lying on my stomach, with my legs apart, everything on show, the way Nick had left me. I started to close my legs and pull the sheet over myself. But then I felt a hand stop me.

“Not so fast little sister. Steve’s never fucked a virgin, so I told him today’s his luck day.”

The words just went through me. I hardly noticed that Steve was already undressing. Nick rolled me over again, onto my back. He slipped his fingers into my pussy.

“She’s all juiced up for you Steve.”

When Steve dropped his pants, I could see he was already hard. His cock wasn’t as big as Nick’s, but it was still 7 inches. I didn’t resist as he pulled me to the side of the bed. He stood beside the bed and lifted me up a little, bringing my pussy up towards his cock. He held my ass cheeks in his hands as he pressed his cock head against my pussy lips. A moment later, I was no longer a virgin. He pushed his cock roughly into me – all the way with the very first thrust. Even exhausted as I was, it still sent a sudden stab of pain through my body. Steve rammed his cock into me hard. Unlike the assfucking Nick had given me, this felt nice right away. After only a couple of minutes I felt Steve’s hot cum squirt inside me. He groaned.

“Oh man, your sister has a great cunt. She’s so tight.”

They talked as if I wasn’t there. In a way, I wasn’t. It was like I was watching all this happen to someone else. I wan’t scared or angry or anything, I just felt numb, disembodied. I thought it was over, but it wasn’t. Nick had more plans.

“Her ass is even tighter? Wanna do that now?”

Steve didn’t have to be asked twice. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t even resist when Nick rolled me over and started rubbing face cream on my asshole. A moment later, Steve’s cock was hard up my ass. It didn’t hurt this time. Nick’s big cock had stretched my asshole, so Steve’s cock slid in fairly easily. But then Nick decided Steve was getting more than he was getting. He wanted some of my pussy, sister or not.

“Here Steve, we can both do her. This’ll be great.”

Steve pulled his cock out of my asshole. Nick rolled me over and opened my legs. Without any delay, he rammed his cock into my pussy. I was full of Steve’s cum, so Nick’s bigger cock slid in easily. He pumped his cock into me three or four times, then, in one quick movement, picked my up. For a moment he was holding me in the air, ramming his cock deep into me. Then he sat on the bed, before laying back with me on top of him.

“Now fuck her ass, Steve.”

I gasped as I suddenly felt Steve’s cock slide into my asshole. Nick pumped my pussy hard, Steve slid in and out of my asshole. I could never have dreamed anything like this could happen. Strangely, it felt…nice. I was surprised that it actually wasn’t hurting at all now, but was making me feel good. Not that Nick or Steve noticed or card either way. Both of them were laughing.

“Man, your sister is a great fuck.’

“Yeah, she really is.”

Then they both groaned at exactly the same time. Both my holes felt the hot gush of their cum squirting into me. They kept pumping into my holes. Cum seemed to be pouring out of them in bucketloads. They pulled their cocks out of me and left me slumped on the bed. Cum was dribbling out of my ass and pussy. They saw the cum and laughed.

They got dressed and left for their night out. I felt incredibly tired, more exhausted than I’d ever been. I pulled the sheet up over me and fell asleep. At around midnight I heard my parents come home. My mother looked in to see if I was okay, then went to bed.

The next day I saw my brother but neither of us said anything. He looked a little ashamed. We never mentioned it again. Somehow, things have gone on as normal. I don’t feel traumatised by what happened. And in the end, I suppose I think it’s as much my fault as Nick’s, maybe more. I had hidden in the bathroom cupboard because I wanted to see a boy’s cock. Well, I ended up seeing two.

I think, maybe, for a while I’ll stick to my books.

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