Dad Cheats with Son’s Fiancée Ch. 01


Dad had sex with his future daughter-in-law, Heather. Like father like son. His son, Michael, had sex with his father’s wife, stepmother, Susan.

Two can play the blame game of forbidden, wanton lust and incestuous, sexual desire. We all harbor sexual secrets and have wicked, sexual wants and needs from the past that make us feel guilty and, perhaps, even perverted. Actually, and after all, with all of us having our own foibles, shortcomings, and weaknesses, we’re all only human. Yet, when we sexually desire someone that we shouldn’t have, then that sexual desire becomes as twisted as it is nasty.

After John had forbidden sex with his son’s fiancée, Heather, Susan had incestuous sex with her stepson, Michael. With Susan the only innocent victim, she never had any intention of having sex with her stepson. Yet, after discovering her husband naked and in bed and having sex with their future daughter-in-law, under the prevailing circumstances, and after drinking half a bottle of wine, in a moment of weakness, it happened. Susan not only had sex with her stepson but also the beginning of a long, term sexual relationship, she continued having sex with him.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story that Michael asked me to write about his low-life father, John, and his whore of a fiancée, Heather. Not only did his father cheat on his wife, Michael’s stepmother, Susan, with his future daughter-in-law, Heather, but also, of all the women to have sex with, he cheated on her with his stepson’s fiancée. Having sex behind his son’s back and without his wife, Susan, knowing, John and Heather had a three-month, sexual relationship before being caught in the act and discovered in bed naked together.

A double whammy. Not only did John ruin his stepson’s engagement to the woman that he loved, wanted to marry, and have children with but also, he ruined his 25-year marriage with his lovingly faithful and devoted wife. A real piece of work, in one fell swoop, if it wasn’t bad enough that he destroyed the relationship with his wife, he destroyed the relationship with his son, too. Moreover, he ended his son’s dream of marrying Heather.

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Even though John isn’t related by blood to his future daughter-in-law, Heather, I posted this story to the incest category. With them all living in the same house and under one roof, their sexual shenanigans were, indeed, incestuous, forbidden, and taboo. With him sharing his house with his son and his son’s fiancée, how dare he have sex with Heather behind his wife and his son’s back? Of all the women he could have bedded, what’s wrong with him to cheat on his wife and betray his son with his future daughter-in-law?

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It takes two to start a forbidden, sexual relationship, a voyeur, John, and an exhibitionist, Heather. A sexually sizzling scenario, it all started when Michael moved in his fiancée to live with him in his bedroom. Seemingly, every time John was home alone with his future daughter-in-law, a despicable thing to do, hoping to see her without her clothes, he sexually spied on her. Seemingly, every time Heather was home alone with her future father-in-law, a wicked thing for her to do, she deliberately, sexually teased him by flashing him bits and pieces of her beautiful body.

With a young, tall, beautiful, sexy and shapely blonde sexually teasing John and showing him all that he hoped to see of her nearly naked and naked body, and that he shouldn’t see, there’s only so much a man can take. Whenever she wore a short skirt, even with his son in the same room, she flashed him peeks of her sheer, white, bikini panties. With him more focused on his phone than on his fiancée, by stooping, squatting, bending at the waist, and sitting across from him with her knees parted, she showed him all that he shouldn’t see of her panties.

Whenever she wore a low-cut top, deliberately leaning longer and lower than necessary when pouring him coffee or serving him food, she flashed him her long line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra. She wore her short, low-cut, sheer, and sexy nightgowns in front of John without having the modesty to wear a robe over them. With his son oblivious to her deliberately flashing his father, whenever she sat across from him, she flashed his Dad up-nightgown views of her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy. She flashed him down-nightgown peeks of her naked breasts and her pink, erect nipples.

Then, when Michael left for work, she’d remain wearing her short, low-cut, sheer, and sexy nightgown without having the modesty to wear a robe. She pretended that she didn’t know that she was showing as much of her sexy and shapely body through her nearly transparent nightgown as she was. Then, pretending that she didn’t know that John was there watching her, acting oblivious to his presence, Heather undressed with her bedroom door wide open. Inevitable that they’d be having sex, but pushing their luck as if they wanted to be caught, it was only a matter of time before they were discovered.

Every time they were home alone, making out bursa eskort bayan with one another while feeling one another through their clothes, he masturbated her and she masturbated him. As soon as Michael and Susan left for work, with Heather working from home, and with him a real estate agent who made his own hours, John found ways to stay home alone with her. From her flashing him her nearly naked and naked body, to making out with one another, and to masturbating one another, they quickly escalated from that to sucking, licking, and fucking.

As if they were the couple who were engaged to be married, they couldn’t keep their hands and their eyes off of one another. They were always having sex. When she wasn’t stroking and sucking his cock, he was fingering and licking her pussy. When she wasn’t making love to him, he was fucking her. During their sexual time together, she had more sex with her future father-in-law than Michael had with her. He had more sex with his future daughter-in-law than he had with his wife, Susan.

# # #

Dad Cheats with Son’s Fiancée, # 01

Michael’s stepmother, Susan, needed the loving comfort, physical contact, and emotional support of her stepson after finding her husband, John, in her bed and having hot and heavy sex with her stepson’s fiancée, Heather. Who could blame John for having extramarital sex with her? Impossible to resist, one-in-a-million, a natural, blonde bombshell, she was as beautiful as she was sexy and shapely. No horny, testosterone filled man, whether happily married or not, would pass up the chance of having extramarital sex with her.

Yet, on the other side of that coin, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. She had sex with her stepson only after her husband had sex with her stepson’s fiancée. After discovering her husband cheating on her with Heather, who could blame Susan for having sex with her stepson?

Michael was hot and she was horny. He was handsome, had a good body, a big dick, and she was sexually frustrated. Nineteen-years her junior, what more could she possibly want from her young lover that to have passionate sex? Yet, in just one forbidden, sexual relationship that started with John and Heather and ended with Susan and Michael, she lost her husband and he lost his fiancée.

In an act of hurt and anger, controlling her temper to not make a scene, she threw them both out of the house. She’d have her lawyer do all of the talking for her to tell a judge how she felt. Fed up with the lies, the betrayal, and the sex happening behind her back, again, who could blame her?

Inevitable that they’d be found out, when they were caught having sex, throwing her husband and his whore out of the house was the only thing that she could immediately do. Now, home alone with her stepson, Susan soon realized that she may have been hasty in her anger to have evicted her husband from her bed. Unable to sleep alone after sleeping with her husband for twenty-five-years, she soon discovered that she couldn’t sleep alone.

Alas, in her act of anger, never even pondering the thought, she never thought that sleeping alone would be a problem. Nevertheless, unable to sleep alone, in an act of lonely desperation, a grieving stepmother invited her emotionally hurt stepson to sleep with her in her bed. Michael’s stepmother, Susan, needed the loving comfort, physical contact, and emotional support of her stepson after finding her husband, John, in her bed and having hot and heavy sex with her stepson’s fiancée.

Who could blame Michael for wanting to have incestuous sex with her? Impossible to resist, his stepmother was as beautiful, sexy, and shapely as Heather. Moreover, equally forbidden as it was sexually titillating, having sex with his stepmother was just as sexually exciting as his father having sex with his fiancée.

Yet, sexually frustrating, Susan wanting her stepson to sleep with her in her bed wasn’t what her stepson hoped it was. Her intentions were honorably innocent for wanting Michael to sleep with her and his intentions for sleeping with his stepmother were not. Perhaps, subconsciously she wanted to have sex with him but when she asked him to sleep with her, she didn’t invite him to sleep with her for sex. Disgusting of her to even contemplate the thought of Michael having sex with her, the last thing she wanted, needed, and expected from her stepson was incestuous sex.

As if he was her human, emotional support dog instead of her stepson, Susan innocently invited Michael to sleep with her for emotional support and for physical comfort. In the way that her husband used to do and did for the 25-years of their marriage, so that she could soundly sleep, she needed her stepson to hold her, hug her, cuddle her, and spoon her. Nothing sexual there, that was it and that was all. She just needed was to feel the heat of his warm and hard body and the touch of his hands to feel safely relaxed enough to soundly sleep.

With him sleeping with her, she didn’t want him to sexually and inappropriately touch her and/or feel bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her. She didn’t want him to kiss her, French kiss her, while making out with her. She didn’t want him to strip her naked, to see her without her clothes, and touch and feel her naked body everywhere that a stepson should never touch and feel his stepmother. In the way that her husband had sex with her stepson’s fiancée, she didn’t want and had no intentions of having sex with her stepson.

As embarrassed as she’d be ashamed to have sex with her stepson, as long as she wasn’t sleeping and was wide awake, him touching her and feeling her would never happen. Hopefully, he had more respect for her than to touch and feel her in her sleep. Yet, after such an emotional day, all she wanted and needed to do was to rest. All she wanted and needed to do was to sleep. The last thing she wanted was to have sex with her stepson.

Obviously, when she invited her stepson to sleep with her in her bed, the only thing that he wanted was to have sex with her. Opposite from what he was hoping to do, she didn’t want him to touch, feel, fondle, and grope her naked breasts while fingering her nipples and/or sucking her erect nipples. Gross. She didn’t want him to fingerfuck her pussy and/or lick her pussy. Disgusting. She didn’t want him to make love to her and/or fuck her. She just wanted sleep.

With her not having had sex with anyone but with her husband in their twenty-five-years of marriage, she didn’t want or need to have sex with her stepson. She didn’t want or need to feel his cock, stroke his cock, suck his cock, and/or fuck his cock. She just wanted to sleep. Again, especially after the emotionally day that she had, she just wanted to go to bed and try and temporarily forget all that happened. Yet, unable to sleep alone, while hoping that he didn’t get the wrong idea, she needed Michael to comfort her and to sleep with her.

Heaven forbid, perish the thought, she didn’t want her stepson to give her sex. Even though she, clearly, knew that Michael was sexually attracted to her, sexually wanted her, and would have sex with her if she asked him, she could never have sex with him. She just wanted him to ease her pain, soothe her sadness, and help to quell her misery so that she could sleep. With her husband no longer there beside her in bed, all she wanted was to have a good night’s sleep. All she wanted to do was to temporally forget about John having sex with Heather.

# # #

Tired of living with his parents, with no lock on their bedroom door, Michael and Heather had little privacy from his snooping, spying, and perversely, perverted father. As if he was physic, John always picked the most inopportune time to burst open their bedroom door. Clearly, hoping to see something he shouldn’t see of Heather, Michael’s father routinely barged in their bedroom without knocking on the pretense that he had something important to tell them.

Obviously, his deliberate intention was in surprising them. Over the months of them living with his parents, his father had seen Heather getting dressed and undressed numerous times. Continuing to barge in their bedroom, especially when Michael wasn’t home and Heather was home alone, John saw her putting on her nightgown and removing her nightgown. He saw her in her low-cut bra and bikini panties too many times to count. Seeing all that he hoped to see of her, he saw her topless and even naked dozens of times.

No doubt, while wishing he could have sex with her, he’d masturbate himself later over all that he had seen of her and all that he shouldn’t have seen of her. No longer having to imagine what his son’s future wife looked like in her sexy nightgowns, in her underwear, topless and/or naked, he knew that already. Continuing to see all that he shouldn’t have seen of Heather, John even caught them having sex more than a few times.

Immorally immodest, unembarrassed, and unashamed, Heather didn’t shy away from Michael’s father seeing all that he shouldn’t see of her. With her an admitted exhibitionist, she enjoyed exposing her nearly naked and naked body to him. She enjoyed sexually teasing Michael’s father. She enjoyed driving him sexually mad with horniness and lust for her. Clearly, she wanted him to see her without her clothes. Clearly, she wanted him to sexually and incestuously want her.

As long as Michael was passively okay with her showing her underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body to his father, she didn’t seem to mind his father seeing her without her clothes. If she was anything, she was sexually aroused that John saw her without her clothes. Not strangers to public nudity and outdoor sex, Michael and Heather had been to nude beaches together and even discussed trying the swinging lifestyle.

Not shy, embarrassed, or ashamed, they were freely open and uninhibited when it came to nudity and to sex. Only, showing her naked body to strangers was one thing. Her deliberately showing her naked body to his father was something else. Asking bursa eve gelen escort for trouble, it would only be a matter of time before his father would be calling her bluff in wanting and expecting her to give him sex. With her continuing to flash him, it would only be a matter of time before his father would expect her to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him.

Nonetheless, secretly, admittedly, and perversely perverted, Michael thought it was hot that his father had seen his whore of a girlfriend in her sexy nightgowns, in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. Spicing up their sexlife by the wicked thoughts of his father sexually wanting and lusting over Heather, that made their sex even hotter. In the way that his father stared at his fiancée, even when she was fully dressed, it didn’t take a psychic to know that his Dad wanted to have sex with her. Clearly, John wanted his future daughter-in-law to have sex with him.

“I can’t believe my father saw you naked again, Heather,” said Michael to his fiancée.

Their version of pillow talk they continued talking dirty to one another while he pounded her pussy with his erect prick. She laughed sexily and gave her fiancée a naughty look. Obviously, she had fun being a whore.

“Your father stares at me as if he had never seen a naked woman before. He loves my big tits, my shapely ass, and my blonde, trimmed pussy,” she said pausing before saying what she was going to say next. “Clearly, he wants to fuck me.”

Heather stared at her fiancée while trying to read his sexual reaction to all that she believed his father wanted to do to her hands, her mouth, and her naked body.

“Clearly, he wishes that I’d stroke his cock and suck his cock,” she said with a dirty laugh while staring at Michael as if to see his reaction to what more she was about to say. “Undoubtedly, in the same way that you love to do, he’d love to cum in my mouth and all over my face,” she said with another dirty laugh while testing to see how far her fiancée would sexually go. “In the same way that he has seen you do; your father would love to give me a cum bath.”

While waiting for him to give her the go ahead, Heather looked at Michael as if she wanted him to agree to her having sex with his father. She looked at him as if she was asking his permission to stroke, suck, and fuck his father. Only, it was one thing to sexually tease his father and allow him to see her without her clothes but it was something else entirely for them to have forbidden sex with one another.

With her his future wife and the future mother of his children, Michael would never allow Heather to have sex with his father. Only, with her not on the same page, she had other, sexual ideas. In the way that his father wanted to have sex with her, she wanted to have sex with him. With her already having had sex with a multitude of men before being engaged to Michael, what difference would her having sex with one more man make?

“I don’t mind you sexually teasing my father. I think it’s hot that you do. Yet, I don’t want you having sex with him,” he said staring at her while warning her with sincerity to make sure that she understood. “I don’t want you sucking him and/or fucking him. I don’t want him cumming in your mouth, all over your face, and across your naked breasts. I don’t want him giving you a cum bath,” said Michael to his whore of a fiancée. “That’s just wrong. That’s just nasty.”

Obviously, again, not on the same page, what he wanted and what she wanted were two different things. Obviously, she wasn’t about to allow any man to tell her what to do or what not to do. If she wanted to have sex with his father, she’d have sex with him whether he wanted her to or not. If she wanted to suck him and fuck him, with them not yet married, that was her business and this was her body.

Clearly, Heather was a whore. Yet, the price of having someone like her in his life, Michael needed to keep her sexually satisfied. With her easily sexually bored with having sex with only one man, he needed to make some sexual concessions to keep her happy. At the very least, he needed to continue to allow her to sexually flash his father. Nonetheless, with one sexual thing leading to another sexual thing, Michael feared that it was inevitable that his whore of a fiancée would be soon having sex with his father.

# # #

His father caught his son making love to Heather more than once and even caught them fucking several times. Stealthily and silently opening their bedroom door, with him standing there staring and watching her having sex with his son, God only knows how long he had been standing there in their bedroom doorway watching them. When finally noticing him, they were surprised that he didn’t unzip himself, pull out his prick, and masturbate himself while watching them having sex. They were surprised that he didn’t ejaculate his cum all over her face and all over her naked breasts.

It was as if his father had hoped that his son would invite him to have threesome sex with his beautiful, sexy, and shapely girlfriend. With her legs spread wide open and her big, naked breasts bobbing up and down and rolling side to side, John caught Heather receiving oral sex from his son. Not telling Michael that his father was there watching, she slid a slow tongue across her red, full lips while staring up at him with sexual lust and as he continued eating her pussy.

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