Daddy And Daughter at the Mall

Big Tits

She walks into the Men’s restroom after being told by her daddy to go in and wait for her treat. She’s wearing a tight top that barely covers the underside of her large, natural tits. Her nipples are hard straining against the material of the top, feeling so excited wondering what her treat will be. She’s also wearing a tiny skirt that she bought earlier in the mall along with her top. She isn’t wearing panties because she finds them too uncomfortable.

She’s waiting a while in the Men’s room, hoping no men come in and see her before her daddy comes. She decides to sit on the floor, but when her ass touches the cold tiles, she decides to kneel instead. The mall was pretty empty today as it was Wednesday and most people were at work at this time. Her nipples stay erect under her top as she waits for daddy, the cold restroom helps keep them hard. She spots a used condom on the floor; she doesn’t quite know what it is as she picks it up and examines it, the sperm moving around inside it as she holds it up. There are a few pubic hairs on the rim of the condom. She dips her finger inside it, feeling the semi-warm cum, stirring it with her finger, wondering if it’s some kind of takeaway sauce. She pulls her finger out and holds it to her nose, smelling the sperm as it slides down her finger. She quickly pops her finger in her mouth and sucks the sperm off, tasting its salty flavour, never tasted it before, she likes it. She tips the rest of the sperm into her mouth and swallows it, licking her lips afterwards.

Suddenly the door pushes open and she throws the empty condom away, looking up excited to see if it’s her daddy. Her expression changes immediately as she sees 5 men walk into the rest room, her daddy behind them. She looks confused as the guys circle round her, grabbing and feeling their crotches, staring at her young beautiful body.

“Daddy?” she asks, looking bursa otele gelen eskort at him bewildered.

“It’s ok honey; these guys are friends of mine. They’re your treat.” He responds smiling at her as him and the guys unzip their trousers and pull out their large cocks.

“Huh? Oh my…!” She says as she looks around at all the cocks. Being a virgin she’s only ever heard about cocks or seen glimpses of them on TV and the internet. Her pussy starts to tingle as she can feel the room heat up already with all the cocks around her. The guys standing pretty close in a circle round her. The two guys behind her start rubbing their cocks against her neck and her shoulders. She tilts her head back slightly, breathing heavily as she feels their warm cocks against her skin. She lets the two guys either side of her take her hands and place them on their cocks. She slowly starts stroking their cocks, her legs open wide as she kneels, and the guy in front of her squats down and slides a finger up inside her pussy, his other hand squeezing her tits in her top, her hard nipples digging into his palm. She lets out a moan as she feels him exploring her inside with his strong finger. Her dad waits and watches, stroking his own cock as he watches his daughter enjoying the experience. The guy in front of her lies down and lifts her onto his lap. He slaps his cock against her bare pussy which is already wet. His hands are on her ass as he gets her to kneel over his cock, he slowly starts to ease her hips down onto his big cock, and she feels the head press against her tight pussy lips. She breathes sharp and looks up at her daddy, suddenly realising that this guy is going to penetrate her, daddy just smiles at her watching. She winces as she feels the fat head of the guys cock push her pussy walls open.

“Ah!” She feels her bursa eve gelen escort bayan pussy being opened wide by the cock and she loves the pain, tugging on the two guys cocks hard as she keeps her balance trying not to slide down on the guys cock too fast. As he pushes her down his cock like a drill, getting wider and wider till the base. She keeps her eyes shut, still wincing as the guy gets her all the way down to the base of his cock. Her juices are going crazy and flooding out over his balls and in his nest of pubic hairs.

“Ooh God! Mm it’s so deep!” she says breathing heavily as the guy lifts her slightly and encourages her hips to start rocking on him. She rocks, rubbing her pussy against his pubes, feeling his cock seem to explore her inside as she moves on it. Her daddy steps of the guy on the floor and places a hand on her head, holding his cock in front of her mouth, rubbing the head on her bottom lip. She looks up at him, mouth open, breathing heavily, rocking on the guys cock; her daddy pushes his cock into her mouth slowly but relentlessly till it hits the back of her throat. She gags an innocent little cough as her daddy’s cock fills her mouth, her lips closing round it and bobbing her head in time with her rocking.

They spend about 5 minutes in each position before rotating to a different position. Finally, when they’ve all fucked her, they stand around her in a circle and she looks around at them, confused, wondering what’s going to happen now. Suddenly, one guy grabs her head hard with one hand and she immediately opens her mouth as he jerks his cock in front of her mouth. She wonders why he doesn’t shove it in all the way to the back of her throat like he did before, making her gag. This time he just groans and groans until he suddenly shoots a stream of white sperm into her mouth. Her bayan eskort bursa eyes open wide as she watches the guy spray into her mouth, she realises this must be ejaculation and she then realises the familiar taste from earlier. The stream of cum splashing against the back of her throat, she coughs but keeps it in her mouth. When the guy finally finishes unloading in her mouth, he tells her to swallow it, she closes her eyes and gulps down the thick load, licking her lips afterwards and looking up at the guy. The next four guys pull down her top, exposing her large breasts and they bounce against her chest as they feel and squeeze her tits before they all cum at roughly the same time, two guys holding her shoulders and the other two guys with their hands on her head, they all spray over her large tits, covering them in gooey white sperm. It drips down off the end of her stiff nipples onto her legs. She looks down at her chest amazed at all the cum. She tries to rub it in but there’s just too much and she ends up just pushing cum around her chest.

When it finally comes to her daddy’s turn to shoot his load he pushes her onto her back on the floor, the other guys standing back and watching. She watches him as he stuffs the head of his cock inside her.

“Ooh! Mm oh fuck daddy!” she screams as he holds her legs round his neck and starts pounding her hard on the rest room floor. Her tits bounce and cum drips off them and slides all around her chest. He pounds her pussy harder and harder until she squeals loud and grips his hips, holding his cock deep inside her. Her juices start squirting out all over his cock and balls and in his pubes. The guys standing around watch fascinated as daddy makes his little girl climax. As she gets half way through her orgasm, he himself erupts inside her womb, filling her inside as he groans and she moans. As he pulls his cock out slowly, his cum is mixed with her juices and her legs tremble round his neck as she finishes squirting.

“Ooh god daddy, that was the best treat ever!” she says looking at him lovingly, her eyes glazed. She sits up and kisses him deeply on the lips.

“Mm yes it sure was, I think I should treat you more often” he says smiling at her and the guys all chuckle.

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