Daddy Doesn’t Know


If I don’t tell someone, I am going to explode, so here it goes.

My name is Josh and I am twenty and I fuck my mother and my dad has no idea.

I guess I should start from the beginning.

I was eighteen when it all started.

I live with my parents as I attend a local college and do some odd jobs for spending money.

My mom is a beautiful woman who had me when she was just eighteen, when she married my dad right out of high school.

My dad works for some high tech company and is always traveling around the world and is gone for months at a time.

Mom was always a bit of an exhibitionist and my dad liked that.

She would be ok with giving him a show of her ass when she would wear a short skirt or a glimpse of her tits under a loose fitting top.

At times, I was privy to her exhibitionist without being obvious.

Let me describe my mom to you.

She is now 38, has long brown hair, brown eyes, weighs about 110, stands 5′ 7″, has 36c tits with big nipples, a nicely trimmed brown bush, nice ass and beautiful legs from working out.

I am now 20, mousy brown hair, stand 6′, weigh 170, have hazel eyes, and an 8″ cock and somewhat big balls.

We live in Westchester, NY and have a modest house with a pool and is completely private.

One day, dad said he had to go to Europe to see a variety of clients and would be gone a couple of months.

He said he had to leave in a couple of days.

I was still in high school with only a few months to go before I graduated but dad assured me he would be home for my graduation.

After dad left, mom and I spent a lot of time together. After a few weeks went by, I noticed mom wearing somewhat sexier clothes or I was just dreaming and hoping.

One hot day, I came home from school early and didn’t see mom. I went upstairs to my room. I heard a noise outside in the back and when I looked out, there was my mom, swimming in the pool, naked.

As I watched, for whatever reason, she looked up and saw me watching her from the window.

I quickly darted away from the window, hoping she didn’t see me.

With her nakedness in my mind, I laid on my bed and jerked my big cock off as I kept seeing her vision in my head.

Soon, mom came in, wearing a short robe that covered most of her ass, but not all of it.

She called me down and when I saw her standing there, my cock started getting hard again.

She asked how my day was and we had some small talk but she never mentioned me bursa eve gelen eskort bayan at the window, so I figured she never saw me.

Mom said that she would be preparing dinner soon and then turned her back to go outside, her robe lifted a bit and I could all of my mom’s inviting ass.

She walked out as if nothing happened.

I went upstairs with a hard on and started to think if it was an accident or done on purpose

I decided it was an accident and told myself that I was just imagining all of it.

When mom called me for dinner, she had on a tank top and shorts.

It was quite evident that mom had no bra on as her nipples looked like they were going to come through the top.

I noticed but didn’t say anything to her.

Then, as she was moving a pot of hot water off the stove, the water somehow spilled on her top and I rushed over to her and pulled the top off of her so she wouldn’t get scalded.

There was my mom now, her tits completely exposed to me.

She kissed and thanked me for my quickness and help.

She dried herself off and we cleaned up the mess while she was still topless.

I then asked my mom if she was going to put something on. She looked at me and said there was no need now since I saw her tits.

I told her I was ok with it if she was.

She smiled and then we had dinner.

That night I must have jerked off three times as the vision of mom’s tits were firmly planted in my brain.

The next morning was Saturday and it was already extremely hot.

At breakfast I told Mom I was going to the pool and spend the day there laying in the shade.

Mom looked at me and said she would join me after she finished a few things.

I went upstairs and put on my bathing suit and headed out to the pool.

After a couple of hours, mom joined me

I almost fell off the lounge when I saw her.

She was wearing a tiny bikini bottom and was topless.

As soon as I saw my mom, my cock started getting hard and she must have noticed it as I saw her eyes looking right at my crotch.

She sat down beside me and asked me to put lotion on her.

I moved over to her and squirted some on her back and rubbed it on her.

She then took some and rubbed it on her front, commenting that she didn’t want to get her tits or nipples burnt.

By this time my cock was visibly hard so I told my mom I was going into the pool.

I awkwardly managed bursa eskort bayanlar to get into the pool so my mom couldn’t see my hard on.

As I cooled off in the pool, my mom got up and joined me.

She slid into the pool from the edge of the pool and, as she got in, she ripped her bikini bottom.

She looked down at it and looked at me.

“Josh,” she said, “I ripped my suit. I am taking it off. I hope you don’t mind.”

Before I could say anything, her suit was off and thrown on the lounge.

My mom was completely naked in front of me. My cock was ready to explode and she would have to be blind not to see that.

She swam over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek and said I was an understanding son.

As she put her arm down, her hand brushed up against my cock and she knew it.

Mom looked at me and said, “Josh, you seem to be uncomfortable, why not take your suit off?”

I looked at my mom and slowly removed my suit and threw it top of hers.

We were both naked now. My hard cock clearly visible to my mom.

“Josh,” she said smiling, “you have such a big, beautiful cock. It is much bigger than your father’s. May I touch it?

As I stood still, mom came over and placed her hand on my swollen cock.

It felt so good, I thought I was going to cum just by her touching it.

She moved closer to me and as she played with my cock, she kissed me on my mouth.

I instinctly opened my mouth to her tongue. I could not believe what was happening but it felt so good.

After a few minutes, mom suggested we continue this inside.

Mom got out of the pool first and I followed her pretty ass to her bedroom.

We barely got dried off when my mom threw me on the bed and joined me.

Mom kept saying that I had such a beautiful cock and she knew that I wanted to fuck her.

As our bodies were entwined, I told her we shouldn’t be doing this and what about dad.

Mom said that my father doesn’t have to know and since he is away all the time, it would be ok.

She also said that she is on the pill so we wouldn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant.

Mom then moved her mouth down to my cock and started sucking it, as she moved into 69 with me. My mouth found her pussy and started licking and sucking it. Soon my tongue was deep in her cunt.

Mom started bucking her body as I ate her. Soon she was screaming out, “Oh God, my son is making me cum. Keep eating me Josh. Make mommy görükle escort bayanlar cum baby.”

Mom finally had orgasm after orgasm. As she did, I mounted my mom and slid my cock in her cunt.

I started fucking my mom. I just rammed my hard cock into her.

In a short time, I yelled out that I was cumming.

She told me to shoot my cum on her tits.

I pulled my cock out and gave it a few jerks and shot stream after stream of cum all over my mom’s tits, nipples, face, mouth and even her hair.

Mom scooped up my cum and shoved it in her mouth.

My mom looked at me, pulled my face to hers, kissed me and said I was the best fuck she ever had, even better than with my father.

We rested for awhile then took a shower, together.

After we had something to eat, mom asked if I was ok with what happened.

I told her it was wrong but if she wants to continue, I would, as long as dad wouldn’t find out.

Mom said to me, “Josh, your father is never home and I need to be taken care of regularly. I think you find me attractive enough to want me and your father won’t find out.”

“Mom,” you are beautiful and I do want you but I am your son.”

“Josh, if I can live with my son fucking me, you should be ok with it too. I love you and want you and I know you want me. I will be yours forever, whenever you want me,” she said.

I thought about it and finally agreed.

I said, “Mom, I can have you whenever I want? Will you sleep in my bed?”

Mom looked at me and said, “Josh, I will do anything you want, just say we can be together.”

I then told her ok.

I took my mom up to my bedroom, told her to get on all fours and pressed my cock to her slit. I slowly pushed my cock into her cunt and started fucking my whore mom

As I was fucking her, I asked her what she was.

She yelled out that she was my whore and to fuck her hard and cum in her cunt.

I started ramming my cock into her. Her tits swaying underneath.

I told her I was going to cum and then shot my load deep into her cunt.

Before she knew it, I pressed my still hard cock against her ass hole and started sliding it in.

She let out some screams but pushed her ass back to insert my cock.

Soon, my cock was fully inserted in my mom’s ass.

I started fucking her ass as she played with her clit.

Soon, my mom was screaming that she was cumming and had multiple orgasms.

I finally shot a small load in her ass and then pulled out my limp cock and fell to the side.

My mom was now mine.

From then on, mom and I fucked whenever dad wasn’t around.

When we were alone, my mom was my whore.

This has been going on for three years now and it has been great. Whenever I want mom, she is there for me.

It looks like this will be going on for a long time.

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