Daddy Saw His Chance


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Every girl wants to be loved – by family, friends, and cute guys – but especially by her daddy. Girls want their daddies to lift them up when they are down, and laugh and celebrate them when times are good. They want daddy to think they are smart, kind, funny, and beautiful. Girls and their daddies should be best friends.

Things were rough at work. Daddy taught me a good work ethic; unfortunately, it was being taken advantage of. I was working long hours for moderate pay and low appreciation. I would leave early and come home late, completely drained from the day. My brain was practically mush after working such crazy hours for months, and I was too tired to do anything except zone out and sleep. It was making me crazy, but I needed the money. Daddy let me move back in with him after I finished college. He said it was to keep him from being lonely since his divorce, but I think it was to help me get on my feet financially before I moved out into the “real world.”

One Friday, I worked my usual 12 hours and moped into the house at 7:15. I started my usual routine: enter the foyer, close and lock the door behind me, drop my purse, take off my coat and work shoes, and slump into the kitchen where Daddy was usually sitting, working on his laptop at the table, wearing his black-rimmed reading glasses. He would always say something sweet, like, “Hi Baby Girl – long day?” and I would put my arms around his neck and sigh, “Soooo long.” He would smile, pat my hands, and go back to work. This night was no different; he patted my hands and went back to the charts he was working on before I got home. I turned toward the fridge to look for something warm and comforting to eat.

I opened the door to the fridge and stood there pouting – nothing comforting at all. I sighed (like I always do) and closed the door. I was prepared to give up on dinner and head to the couch, when Daddy said, “Go change. I’m going to finish up this presentation and then we’re going to eat pizza and watch a movie.” A huge smile crept across my face. Daddy is so sweet! He knew I was down and needed a lift, and he stepped up. I went back to my place behind him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Daddy laughed and took his glasses off. He set them on the keyboard and reached for the phone. I squealed, “Thank you Daddy!” and ran up the stairs to change.

I burst into my room and flopped down on the bed, totally drained, but excited to eat and hang out with Daddy. He is such a good friend… I am a very lucky girl! I took a deep breath of air, signed, then rolled to the other side of the bed, stood up and started to undress. I pulled my blouse up over my head and tossed it into the laundry basket. I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor, bent down to take off my nylons, and tossed them all on top of my shirt. My favorite yoga pants were in the bottom of the basket, so I had to find something else to wear. I opened the closet door and started searching for comfy clothes.

I don’t know if he was super quiet or if I was just too tired to listen, but either way, I didn’t hear Daddy head up the stairs. If I had, I would have wrapped myself in a robe or towel, or ducked behind the closet door. I was only wearing my bra and panties! Daddy came up to ask me what movie I wanted to watch, and there I stood, back to him, almost naked. I don’t know how long he was there because he stayed silent. I was totally surprised when I pulled a hoodie off the hanger and turned around to toss it onto the bed.

“Daddy!” I shrieked and jumped backward about a foot – he startled me! I dropped my sweatshirt and instinctively covered my bra and panties with my hands. My face turned fire-engine-red, and I realize now that my brain was too exhausted to tell me to duck into the closet! I stood in front of the open closet, my small hands trying to keep me modest, looking at Daddy, who was looking at me. He looked right into my eyes and I felt my face flush even more.

Daddy saw his chance. If this has been an unwanted outcome, he would have turned around and apologized, telling me he didn’t see anything. Instead, Daddy stayed silent, kept his eyes focused on mine, and took two large steps forward. His stride brought him to the edge of the bed, where I had been just minutes before. He kept his eyes on mine and slowly walked around the mattress, coming closer to me. When he got to the end of the bed, I broke eye contact and turned my face away from him. I pulled my arm tighter to my breasts and spread my fingers wide across my crotch, nervous and embarrassed.

Daddy ended up on my side of the Bahçeşehir Escort room, standing beside me. I could feel his presence but I couldn’t see him – I was still turned away from him, very unsure of the situation. Daddy quietly walked over so he was standing directly in front of me. I closed my eyes, so, so nervous… He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me close to him. He wrapped me into an uncomfortable hug, my arms between him and me, my feet still planted where they froze when he came in. Daddy whispered to me, “I love you Baby…”

Still in our awkward stance, and still totally embarrassed, I responded, “I love you too, Daddy.” He whispered back, “Baby Girl, can you move your arms? I want to hug you tightly.” I slowly dropped my arms, shuffled my feet closer to Daddy’s, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I turned my head slightly to rest it under his chin. My body fit against his nicely; my breasts were comfortably pressed up against his chest.

Overworked and overtired, I nestled in closer to Daddy and sighed. His hands started stroking up and down my back, and the nerves and exhausted overcame me. The dam inside me broke and I started to cry. Daddy’s shirt started to get wet from my tears. He heard me sniffle and pulled back from our hug. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face; embarrassed, I closed my eyes and turned away. He kept his hand on my jaw and gently turned my gaze back to him. I looked at him through blurry, tear-filled eyes and saw him smile at me.

“Why are you crying, Baby Girl?” Daddy’s smile made me smile – I started to laugh at how silly I must look, almost naked, crying and smiling. I wiped my eyes, sighed, and told Daddy how exhausted I was. I used up all my brain power every day at work, and when I got home I was so tired that I just wanted to sleep forever. He told me we had about an hour before the pizza would arrive, and that he be happy to hold off on the movie so I could rest. I was going to protest, but he put his hand on my elbow and lead me toward the bed. He sat down on the edge and tugged me down beside me.

I was sitting next to my Daddy, wearing only my delicates, and he was looking at me. I started to flush again. Daddy reached behind my back so he could put his hands on my shoulders and urge me to lie down. Too exhausted to resist, I turned my body and settled down into the mattress. Daddy took his hands off me and made sure I had a pillow beneath my head before I dropped. The duvet and pillowcase were sort of cool, but not enough to keep me from flushing again…

Daddy laid down beside me on his side. I turned my face toward him and nervously grinned. He looked comfortable, like we had done this together 1,000 times. He put his elbow down and propped his head up with one hand, and stroked my short hair with the other. Daddy looked into my eyes and talked to me, softly and seriously:

“Baby Girl, I love you very much, and I hate to see you so stressed out. You are a very smart girl, and you do so much for other people – your friends, your colleague, your bosses – and I would like to do something nice for you. I would like to treat you to a day of pampering. You can stay in bed late, and I will bring breakfast to you. After that I will draw you a nice warm bath, and I will wash your laundry while you soak. When you’re finished, I’ll bundle you up in blankets on the couch and wait on hand and foot. We can have whatever you like for dinner, and when you are ready to sleep, I’ll tuck you into bed. Does that sound nice, princess?”

I was grinning from ear to ear, astounded by Daddy’s generous offer, wanting to say yes but feeling guilty that he would need to take care of me like that. I shook my head light and said, “Daddy, that is very sweet, but I can’t let you do that. It’s too much!”

Daddy shook his head back at me, still smiling, and said, “Nothing is ever too much for my princess.” He bent down and kissed me. My eyes opened wide in total shock, but it felt so, so, so good… Craving the intimacy, I closed my eyes and kissed Daddy back. He put his hand on my stomach and moved closer to my body as we kissed, his tongue starting to explore my mouth. I rolled onto my side, holding my breasts against his chest, lost in the sensations of kissing my Daddy.

Daddy’s hands moved up my arms as we kissed. He stopped them on my shoulders and broke our kiss, pulling his head back to look into my eyes. I didn’t speak, but I know that he was reading my mind – he knew that I was too tired to think about the implications of my actions, and that a little affection and attention was going to break down any of my remaining barriers. Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan Staring into my eyes, looking all the way down to the depths of my soul, Daddy whispered, “Do you trust me?”

I blinked a few times, trying to register the question, and then I nodded. Of course I trust my Daddy; who doesn’t?! I knew he would always love me and care for me, protect me and keep me safe, and I would always love and care for him in return. Daddy kissed me again, turning my body flat against the bed, and moving himself over me. He held himself up on his arms and intertwined his legs with mine. He slowly lowered himself down, pressing me into the mattress.

It had been a long time since I’d been intimate with anyone, so it didn’t take long for my arousal to make itself known. I moaned as Daddy kissed me, and he slid his hands to the sides of my breasts, rubbing and caressing them gently. He slid his leg up mine so his denim-covered knee was touching my crotch. I opened my mouth to catch my breath, gasping, moaning with delight. Daddy took it as a cue to move his right hand to my pussy, replacing his knee with his fingers. He moved his hand slowly up and down my dampening panties, making me whimper.

Daddy rolled off of me, but he kept his hand on my panties. He alternated between rubbing his fingers in small circles and sliding them up and down my lips. My eyes were closed while I enjoyed his touch. When I turned my head to see Daddy’s face, he looked very serious, concentrating and focusing on my body, looking down my stomach to my crotch where his hand was playing. He dragged his hand up over my lips, over my waistband, over my stomach, and he stopped at my breasts. He rubbed the tops that spilled out over my bra, and then he smiled at me again. I smiled back and he leaned down to kiss me.

“Baby girl, Daddy wants to see your body naked… Can he take off your clothes?” I squirmed uneasily, embarrassed and nervous, my cheeks flushed. I started to turn my head away when Daddy caught my chin. He turned my face toward him and asked again, “Do you trust me?” I nodded. Daddy asked me to sit up, and helped me up by the arm. He unclasped my bra from behind my back and pushed it forward over my breasts. He let the bra fall and cupped my breasts in each hand. He fondled them for a minute, rubbing his thumbs up over my nipples. I tipped my head back and moaned, thoroughly enjoying the new feelings. Daddy whispered, “Good girl…”

He laid me back down and stood up from the bed to take off his clothes. He pulled his tshirt up over his head and unbuckled his jeans. They fell to the floor and I was mesmerized by what I saw – Daddy’s tight black underwear concealing his big bulge. I love seeing men’s packages straining against their underwear; it’s so sexy! I couldn’t help myself… I sat up, turned toward Daddy, got onto my hands and knees, and crawled cross the matter to him. He smiled as he watched and moved closer to the bed for me. I opened my mouth wide and put it over his package. I let out a warm breath and heard Daddy grunt with pleasure. My pussy started to spasm at the erotic sound.

Daddy reached over me and rubbed my lower back and my butt with his hands while I held my mouth over his cock. He started to roll the waistband of my panties down but couldn’t really reach, so I reached back to help him. I slipped my panties off over my butt and they fell to my knees. I rocked back to sit up and looked at Daddy’s face. He whispered again, “Good girl…”

Daddy pulled his underwear down and stepped out of them. He stood in front of me totally naked. I stared at Daddy’s cock, hungry for it, dying to suck it for him. I leaned forward onto all fours again, opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue. Daddy put one hand on the back of my head and one on his cock. He moved his cock into my mouth, over my tongue, filling my mouth up. I closed my lips around him and moved back and forth, sucking his shaft, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. Daddy moaned and grunted while I sucked. He let go of his cock so I could take more of it into my mouth. He laid his head back and encouraged me: “Good girl… Yesssss that feels so good… Oh princess, suck Daddy’s cock…”

I took as much of Daddy into my mouth as I could and sucked faster and faster. My pussy was dripping wet, juice running across my lips and onto my thighs. I was prepared to suck until Daddy came, but he stopped me. He held his shaft and pulled out of my mouth. “Good girl… Daddy likes having his cock sucked by his princess…” He caught my gaze again and said, “Scoot back to the edge of the bed.” Daddy walked around the mattress Escort Bahçeşehir so he was positioned behind me. My pussy was in line with the end of the bed, my knees and elbows supporting my weight. I smiled, knowing Daddy was about to fuck me from behind, one of my favorite sexual positions.

Daddy rubbed his finger up my sopping wet slit and whispered, “Good girl…” He put his hands on my butt and stepped closer to me. I could feel his warm cock head nestling in between my pussy lips. I leaned down on my arms so my body was angled up toward him. Slowly Daddy pushed his hard cock into my cunt, quietly moaning and grunting as he did so. I whimpered with excitement, which made Daddy laugh. “Good girl… so excited to fuck Daddy’s cock!”

Daddy’s slow entrance into my cunt was followed by a slow exit, another slow entrance, and another slow exit. The next time he pushed in faster and deeper, and the next time he didn’t pull all the way out. Daddy was fucking me steadily, holding his hands on my butt. My face was bent down toward the mattress, and as Daddy picked up speed, I buried my face into the duvet. I whimpered and moaned as he fucked my pussy. Daddy was groaning and repeating, “Good girl… Good girl… Let Daddy fuck your beautiful cunt.”

Daddy was fucking me hard and fast. It was too much to bear; I balled my fists and shoved my face into the mattress to scream. I came on Daddy’s cock, squirting on his dick. Juices dribbled onto the blankets while Daddy fucked me. “Oh yessss, good girl, cum for Daddy…” Daddy never slowed while I came. He fucked me fast and hard while he brought me toward another orgasm. I came again, screaming into the blankets, squirting more pussy juice onto him. Daddy smiled and said, “Good girl, give it to Daddy. Give Daddy your pussy, baby…” I lifted my head from the blankets and moaned in ecstasy. “Daddyyyyyyyyyyy…”

Daddy cried out, “Fuck baby girl, Daddy’s going to cum!” He slammed into me a few more times, and then stilled as his cock spasmed and spurted into my pussy. Daddy came hard. He stood behind me with his cock pulsing inside me, his hands still squeezing my buttocks. I dropped my head to the mattress, tired and satisfied from our fuck. Daddy pulled his relaxed cock out of my pussy and gave me a pat on the butt. “Good girl,” he said. I hesitated to sit up, knowing that our cum would drip all over the duvet. I stayed on my elbows and knees with my butt up in the air, a position that always makes me feel naughty.

Daddy walked back around the bed and picked up his underwear. He handed them to me and told me to put them between my legs. I slid them down to my crotch and clenched my thighs around them as I sat up. Daddy’s cum dribbled through my hole and onto the undies, practically soaking them. I laid down on my side and put my head on the pillow, facing Daddy’s naked body. He sat on the bed beside me and stroked my hair.

“You are my very special princess, you know that?” He smiled at me and leaned down for a kiss. My heart was full of love at that moment, more so than it had even been. I told Daddy that his offer of a day of pampering sounded nice, but I would much prefer to be fucked by him again. He laughed and bent down to kiss me on the forehead. He said he agreed one hundred percent, then he scooted close to me so I could rest my head on his chest.

I snuggled with Daddy for a few minutes while we replayed the recent events in our heads. Knowing that I would fall asleep if I stayed like that for long, I told Daddy we should get up and get ready for our movie date. He smiled and helped push me up off of him. I picked up my hoodie from the floor, pulled it on over my head, and turned to the closet for pants. Daddy cleared his throat, getting my attention. I turned around to face him and he said, “Unh uh, no pants.”

I flushed again, confused and excited. Daddy said, “I want you to sit with me on the couch, and I want to touch your pussy while we watch the movie.” I smiled an excited smile and picked up a throw blanket from my chair. I wrapped it around my waist and walked over to where Daddy was lying. He held out his hand so I could help pull him up. When he was in a sitting position, he pulled me down onto his lap. Daddy kissed me hard and deep. When we broke the kiss, he said, “You’re such a good girl… Let’s get you to the couch so you can relax.”

I stood up off his lap. Daddy picked his clothes up off the floor and took my hand. He led me down the stairs into the living room. He pointed to the couch, and I took my cue to be seated. I watched as he pulled on his tshirt and stepped into his jeans, preparing to greet the pizza delivery man. Daddy headed back to the kitchen to close up his presentation for the night.

I sat warm in my hoodie and blanket and smiled, closing my eyes and replaying the night over and over. I was totally exhausted, totally satisfied, and totally overwhelmed with love. Daddy is my best friend, and now my lover, too.

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