Daddy’s Babyangel Ch. 01


I stepped out of the shower to dry off and wrap the towel around my waist. I walk into my bedroom and stretch. What to wear to bed? While I was trying to figure it out my only child, my pride and joy, walked into the room. Angel, my 19 year old pride and joy, just finished her freshman year of college.

“Daddy I came to say goodnight” she chirps at me. She’s always so bubbly and sweet, such a joy to be around.

I glance over at her, then do a double take. “Sweetheart don’t you think you should put something else on?” She was wearing a black thong and small tee, NOT something she should be running around the house in. Though I have to admit, she looks more beautiful than her mother did. Makes me sad, I miss her mother so much.

“Oh Daddy, you’re so funny. There’s nothing wrong with what I’m wearing. Now kiss me goodnight.” She walks over to me and wraps her arms around my neck and softly kisses my lips. I wrap my arms around her and pull her close against me. I kiss her harder, I can feel myself grow hard. I try not to moan and she snuggles against me. “I love you daddy”

“I love you, too, angel. Are you ready for bed?”

“Yep, all ready” Angel snuggles closer into me and sighs contentedly. “I love being in your arms daddy.”

I moan softly, “Well I love having you in my arms angel, you feel so wonderful. You are so beautiful.”

I start kissing the top of her head and then down the sides of her face. I start to massage her ass and slide my hands down the back of her thighs.

Angel giggles, “Daddy what are you doing?”

“Just touching you. Do you mind?” I ask her.

“Not at all,” Angel replies, “I rather like it.” She rubs her body all up against mine. “I like it a lot daddy.” She smiles seductively up at me and gently bites my chin.

“Angel, do you know what you’re doing and where this will go?” As much as I want this, I know its wrong. This is my little girl, the one I watched being born, the one I comforted bursa escort bayanlar when she had nightmares, and the one I held so tight after her mom died. But she is so beautiful. I look at her sometimes and see her mom, not my little girl, and I get hard. I haven’t been with anyone since her mom died. I haven’t wanted to, when you love someone as much as we loved each other, you can never replace them. Nor do I want to.

Angel bites down on her lip and slowly nods. “I think so Daddy. We’ll see.”

I smile and kiss her gently, while rubbing her ass and pulling her thong up into her ass crack. I deepen the kiss, sliding my tongue between her lips and licking her teeth. “Open your mouth for me Angel” I whisper to her. She opens her mouth to me and our tongues entwine. God how I love her.

Angel giggles and pulls her tee off. What exquisite breasts! At least a d-cup. I moan and slide my hands up her sides to her breasts. I lean down and kiss one of her nipples. I suck gently on it while my other hand comes up and pinches her other nipple. She jumps and gasps. “Daddy that HURT.”

“Oh I’m sorry baby.” I smile slightly as I move to the other nipple and kiss it gently. “All better now?”

Angel smiles and nods. Then she sighs. “Daddy I don’t know if we should be doing this.”

I sigh too, more dissapointed than I’d ever been in my life. “OK baby, I understand.”

As my little angel leaves the room to go to bed I think to myself that she must be the one person in the world that I desire the most, maybe even more than what I wanted her mother. I look down and realize I am still hard and think to myself that I should find a way to take care of this little problem I have. I figure to myself that the best thing that I can possibly do is to jack-off until I cum while thinking of my little angel.

As I lay in bed thinking of my little girl with my blankets pulled up over me, my hand pumping up and bayan sarisin escort bursa down on my hard shaft, I hear a noise in the bedroom. I stop and freeze instantly pulling the covers back and notice my little girl standing across the room from my bed by the door with her hand down the front of her panties rubbing herself. I think to myself that my god here is my littl girl rubbing herself while watching me jack-off.

“What are you doing in here?” I ask her.

She simply giggles at me and says,” Watching you of course daddy.”

“But why are you watching me baby?” I respond.

She giggles once again and says,”Because I have never seen a guy touch himself daddy and I heard you moaning in here and I was wondering what was going on, maybe you were having a dream about mommy again.”

“No baby I wasn’t having a dream about mommy, to be honest with you…”

She looks at me hard, ” You were thinking of who daddy? Me? Were you thinking of fucking your babygirl?”

I blush a very deep red just hearing her say these things. “I don’t think you should be saying those things baby. I don’t think I should tell you who I was thinking of.”

“And why not daddy? Afraid of being embarassed that you were actually thinking of me?” At this point she pulled her top off again revealing her gorgeous tits to me once again. I quickly avert my eyes from looking at my little girl.

“Daddy, what’s wrong? Don’t you like the way I look?” She now gives me her pouting look. She does this because she knows I can’t resist it. I look at her, looking straight into her eyes.

“Baby, I love you, you know that and I love looking at you too.”

“Then why do you avert your eyes whenever you are around me? Do I turn you on? Does what I wear make your nice cock all hard daddy?”

I blush an even deeper red than before. My little angel giggles her cute little schoolgirl giggle and jumps on my bed and promptly bursa eve gelen eskort lays herself down along my body positioning her young nubile pussy right over top of my cock through the blankets. I wrap my arms around her and about to pull her off of me when she grinds her pussy hard down on my cock making me twicth and moan a bit. “Oh daddy that feels soo nice. I love how your cock feels against my pussy. Though I think these blankets should go.” She rolls off of me and grabs the blankets, to my surprise even with me holding the blankets she tears them off of me leaving me there laying naked with my hard cock standing straight in the air.

My little girl stands there wide eyed staring at my hard cock. “Oh my god daddy, that is so big and so interesting to look at.” She lays beside me and without a warning she grabs my cock into her hand and squeezes it a bit. I moan in lust as her hand wraps around and squeezes my cock. “Do you like this daddy?”

“Yes baby I do. I like it alot. Your hands are so soft.” As I lay there she starts to pump up and down on my hard cock with her soft hand. I lean over to face towards her and grab her breasts in my hands and gently massage them. Angel moans deeply as I pinch her nipples lightly. I lean down and start to suck on them gently as she continues to pump up and down on my cock. As she continues to do this I slide one of my hands to the front of her thong and start to rub gently at her crotch getting a deeper moan from my baby. I slide my hand up a bit and then slide it down the front of her panties and rub at her soaking clit and lips. I start to rub my fingers in a small circle directly over top of her clit. Angel moans deeper and bucks her hips up towards my hand as I rub her a bit harder and a bit faster. I pull my hand from her moist pussy and lick her juices off of my fingers. Angel looks at me in surprise as I continue to lick her juices from my fingers.

“What baby? Hasn’t anyone ever tasted your pussy before?” I ask.

“No daddy, I am still innocent. I haven’t let my boyfriends touch me down there.”

“Oh, well we’ll have to take care of that little problem of yours won’t we?”

Angel moans deep in her throat at the sheer thought of her daddy going down on her and licking her pussy and clit.

To Be Continued…

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