Dad’s Massage


My daughter Debbie and her friend Lisa lay in front of me of pillows as we watch TV. They graduated from high school last week, and this is their last summer together before going off to different colleges. Both are wearing long T shirts that cover their behinds. As the TV drones on, I snatch glances of their rears.

“Either of you girls want a leg massage?” I ask. “You must be quite sore from your run.”

“Sure, Mr. D” says Lisa. “I’m feeling quite sore.”

“Well, guests first,” says Debbie, “but I get to go next.”

“OK honey, I promise I’ll save some for you.”

I get off the coach and crouch at Lisa’s feet. She doesn’t have any socks on, so I start massaging her feet. Gently pressing my thumbs into the her soles, I press towards her toes.

“Oooh, Mr. D. That feels great,” Lisa whispers.

Gently I caress her toes, sliding my fingers between them, feeling the bones in each one.

“Hold on a sec,” I say, “I’ll go get some oil.” I go to my bedroom and get some massage oil.

Returning to Lisa’s knees, I lift her feet to bend her knees. A bit of oil on my hands, and I’m working on her calves. Slowly, methodically, massaging the muscles towards her heart. After a few minutes on her lower legs, I lower her feet and straddle her right leg to work on her quads. Again, I slowly but firmly massage up her legs towards her heart. Each time I reach the top of her muscles, it seems like she parts her legs a bit. Without thinking, I move up the inside of her leg, gently and firmly squeezing her muscles. Suddenly I realize I have touched hair. Did Lisa just mutter a soft moan? Drawing back, I realize she has a nice mound of hair on her pussy, and I had massaged all the way up to it. And Lisa is not wearing any underwear. My head starts to spin. Not wanting to appear to have done anything wrong, I give her leg another stroke up. As I approach her slit, this time I’m sure her legs spread! I continue a few more strokes on her leg, each time she spreads and moans.

“What’s happening,” I think to myself. Here I am with my daughter and her best friend, and Lisa seems to be inviting me to pleasure her. Time to start on the other leg.

I repeat the same procedure on her left leg. Feet, toes, calves, and finally up to her thighs. Again, same results. Lisa gently spreads her legs each time I stroke up towards her pussy. I’m getting a bit nervous, but also a bit turned on.

“Hey, aren’t you two done yet?” Debbie’s voice shocks me back to reality.

“Oh, yes honey, I’m just bursa otele gelen escort finishing up.”

“Mr. D, that was wonderful,” Lisa whispers in a tone that is almost seductive. “Thanks sooo much.”

“You’re welcome, my dear. Anything to keep our track team winning.” I respond.

“Well,” I think. “Got out of that just in time.” If Lisa had been a date, I would have been quite comfortable exploring how far she wanted to take this massage, but this was my daughter’s best friend. I’m still a bit lightheaded though.

I turn to Debbie.

Again, starting with her feet, I massage my way up her legs. With each muscle, there are motions that evict light moans out of Debbie. I loved the feel of her legs, the thin covering of hair on them. With the oil, it produced just the right amount of resistance. I found myself working on Debbie’s upper legs. I have to admit, when I massage a woman, even my own daughter, I get a bit mesmerized. But I could swear that Debbie was also spreading her legs as I massaged her inner quads.

Time to move to her other leg, I decide.

Umm, nice feet. I continue to work my way from her toes to her waist. This time I guess I got a bit more dazed, as I suddenly notice I’m feeling hair again. My own daughter! But again, I could swear she also gave a slight moan as I brushed her bush. Foggy headed, I just had to know if I was hearing right. The next pass, I stopped way before her slit. But on the next rub, I continued up until I felt hair. She did moan! It was very soft, but I realized my daughter was moaning!

This was just too much for me to contemplate. I gave her a few more strokes, then said, “Well honey, that’s about it for tonight.”

“Thanks Dad, that was great. I’ve never had someone give me such a thorough muscle massage before.”

“Well, you’re welcome honey. Any time you put in ten miles you can call me up.”

Both the girls laugh. I better watch out, or I could be offering a weekly massage!

As I start to settle back onto the couch, Lisa says, “Hey Mr. D, why don’t Debbie and I give you a massage. It’s not like you haven’t had to work your legs today.” It was true, it seemed like I had walked all over town doing errands.

“OK,” I say, as I lay down in front of the TV.

“I’ll take the left leg,” says Debbie. Lisa grabs my right foot.

Wow. I’ve had quite a few massages in my day, but this is the first time I’ve had two people work on me at the same time. bursa eve gelen eskort It’s kind of like 1+1 equals three or four. With all of their hands working on me, I was quickly off into my trance world.

The girls were pretty good. They both applied careful, long, deep strokes to my muscles. I had on my “running shorts” (not that I get much running in them these days, but I sure love their looseness), and they quickly made my muscles relax. As they got to my upper legs, I realized that I was getting a bit turned on again. My cock was starting to swell down my left leg. As Debbie got closer and closer to it, I got excited and worried at the same time. “In your dreams,” I told myself. “There’s no way your getting any relief other than in your dreams.”

Suddenly Debbie’s hand touched my cock. Just a light touch, as she massaged up under my shorts. But I gave a bit of a jump. Neither girl said anything, but just kept up their work. A few more strokes, and Debbie touched me again. This time her hand rested for a moment, then gave me a light squeeze.

“Lisa, it’s time,” she said.

I turned my head just in time to see each of them lifting off their t-shirts.

“Dad,” says Debbie, “just relax. Lisa and I have been planning a little surprise for you. We both know how your love life has been on hold for the past few years, and we wanted to thank you for all the time you’ve devoted to us.”

I didn’t know what to say, but suddenly Lisa was sliding my shorts down off my legs. “I guess you won, Debbie. I always thought it should be you.”

Debbie reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock. “Ooh Dad, I want to give you so much. Why don’t you roll over now.” Gently the two girls rolled me over. As they did, my cock sprang up to full attention.

Debbie produced a condom and some lube from who knows where, and next thing I knew I was fully ‘dressed.’ “Dad, I’m so wet I’m going to slide you right into me,” she said as she massaged my cock and straddled my waist.

“But honey, don’t you want a little something first?” I asked.

“Daddy, we plan on keeping you up all night. Don’t you worry, I’ll get everything I need before the night is through.”

And the next thing I knew she was sliding me into her. Ooh, she felt so good. I’m not the biggest horse on the ranch, but I’m no pony either. I felt her stretch to allow me in. I felt her pussy wrapping around me, gently rubbing me all over. I was in ecstasy. My own daughter, wrapping bayan escort bursa herself around me and bringing me near climax. Suddenly I felt Lisa’s tongue on my balls. Somehow she had crawled between my legs and was sucking my balls into her mouth. It was too much for me to take. With one groan, I started to come. Debbie kept sliding up and down on me faster and faster, until I felt I would burst. I grabbed her around the shoulders and pulled her down to me. Our mouths met instinctually. Tongues wrapped around each other. I explored every corner of her mouth. Debbie was gently rotating her hips on mine, and Lisa’s mouth was still working on my balls.

“Oh you two are the best,” I said

“Thanks for all your love, Dad,” Debbie whispered in my ear.

“OK, my turn for some pleasure,” said Lisa, as she gently pried us apart. Next thing I knew I had a beautiful bush in my face. I didn’t have to wait for instructions, as I began to tongue Lisa’s pussy. Her smell was intoxicating. I’d never smelled a woman with such a strong but erotic odor. As Lisa began to moan, Debbie reached around her (I was still firmly planted in Debbie) and began to massage Lisa’s nipples. Here I was, with my dick in my daughter, scarfing up her best friends pussy, and watching her hands expertly massage Lisa’s tits. Lisa kept moaning gently, her breathing slow and rhythmic. As she started to speed up, I felt myself getting harder in Debbie’s pussy.

“Lisa, I think he’s about ready for you if you need him,” Debbie said.

Debbie moaned, “Just get him prepared.” And then I was out of Debbie, and she was pulling off the used condom, massaging me back firmer as she did. A nice kiss on the tip, then Debbie got me dressed again.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Debbie said.

Lisa didn’t waste a minute. Her breathing had become quite rapid, and she had been grinding my face hard with her pussy. She quickly slid down my body, and I was suddenly in my second woman in ten minutes.

“Ooh, Mr. D. You feel so good,” Lisa purred. She slid up and down on me, quickly increasing her pace. Debbie came around above my head and stretched over me to kiss Lisa. She then moved forward so her bush was on my face. She lowered her pussy lips onto my nose, and suddenly I was fucking my daughter with my nose. Her aroma reminded me of her mother. Debbie and Lisa were both moaning. All I could see was my daughter’s ass.

I could feel Lisa’s motions deepen, as her moaning got deeper. Suddenly she lurched backward onto me, and with slow, methodical strokes she finished her orgasm on me.

“Debbie, your dad is great,” Lisa moaned.

Both girls slid off me and then they were both kissing me. Our three tongues danced around each other. Debbie’s pussy was resting on my hand, and I started gently fingering her.


More to come. Let me know what you think.

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