Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 01


[This story is set in Paragon City, taken from the former MMO game City of Heroes. All place names, hero names and registered trademarks belong to their rightful legal owners and are not intended as copyright infringement in any way. This work is purely meant as a piece of entertainment, and not for commercial purposes in any way, shape or form.]

[There are incestuous elements in this story, between mothers and adult daughters.]

[The precursor to this series is entitled “Mom the Superheroine”.]

Blue Steel frowned at the footage.

“This mustn’t get out,” he said. “The PPD mustn’t become the laughingstock of the city.”

“I wouldn’t be too worried about that, if I were you,” the commissioner replied wryly. “You can’t ‘become’ something you already are, after all.”


“Alright, Josh, alright,” the commissioner sighed. “Luckily this isn’t getting out, unless it’s leaked. And internally, we’re going to write this off as mind-control. Which it is… in a manner of speaking.”

“Of course, sir. It wouldn’t be fair to the men and women who tried their best to apprehend her. They weren’t equipped to go up against… well… whatever she is.”

“Indeed they weren’t.”

Both men fell silent as the security footage rolled on. It was the King’s Row branch of the Exchange Bank of Paragon City. In the middle of the vault stood a scantily-clad supervillainess, in hot pink spandex (the CCTV was a newer model that gave full color), thigh-high heel boots and what looked like a gemmed tiara. Her outfit showcased her svelte, athletic figure. She brandished a long whip and stood laughing as all around her, on the floor of the vault, several members of PPD’s finest rolled around, helplessly debilitated.

The particular nature of their debilitation had just been made evident to Blue Steel. The villainess had laid about her enthusiastically with her whip, cracking it with skill and precision, and when it struck a PPD officer, that officer would hunch over, drop his or her weapon, and begin exhibiting every sign of… what could only be described as intense sexual arousal.

Five men, three women — the strike team sent to take down this villainess, whose loud declarations proclaimed her to be Sensualita, the Lady of Lust. The men now had thoroughly soaked pants, the result of uncontrollable orgasms, and were thrashing around helplessly on the floor. The women had swooned and collapsed, despite visible efforts on their part to resist.

That whip was somehow responsible for all this, and evidently comprised a key attack tactic, but Sensualita also appeared capable of channeling her psychic powers directly. Proof of this was in the way she had overcome Officer Hayley Bennett, putting her fingers to her temples and staring Bennett down until the intrepid no-nonsense woman that Josh — Blue Steel — knew as a top Academy graduate was on her knees, clutching her crotch, shaking uncontrollably with an impending climax.

He clenched his fists. “The thing is, Commissioner, we know who she is!”

“And I’ve told you before, we have no proof! We can’t just barge into the home of Rita da Silva and accuse her of… of this heist! I just don’t get it,” the older wiser man said, his forehead creased. “They’re loaded, one of the richest families around. And she stole practically nothing from the vault. It’s almost as if she did it just to prove she could, or just for fun.”

“Or for some more nefarious purpose,” Blue Steel insisted. “Maybe she’s making some kind of statement to some organization somewhere. Maybe this is all part of some wider effort to destabilize the city, make us look bad.”

“Maybe, maybe, maybe. We need facts, Josh, before we can take her in and put her away.”

“I’ll speak to Tony Kord. Maybe he can… design some kind of portable psychic dampener or something.” The CEO of Kord Technologies was one of the more civic-minded businessmen in the city and had rendered law enforcement quite a bit of help in the past. “And maybe… maybe I know someone who can help.”

“It’ll be off the books, Josh,” the commissioner warned him. “And if you’re thinking of who I think you’re thinking of… Josh, she’s a Heroine. Not a Vigilante. She needs a warrant just as much as you do.”

Blue Steel held up his shield grimly. The commissioner sighed, and looked away.

That shield contained the same bit of metal that had comprised the badge worn by Josh Young’s father, who had served in the force, and whose untimely death at the hands of a criminal had served as the impetus for Josh to become first a PPD officer, and then Blue Steel, the only Hero serving with the PPD.

“This shield is all the warrant I need,” the young man grimly stated, as the commissioner nodded tiredly. “And if the PPD’s hands are tied, well… heroes find a way. That’s what heroes do.”

“Fine. Go ahead, speak to Kord and… your other contact. Me, I’ll see about putting all the repercussions squarely in the yard of the FBSA. We got bursa escort enough troubles without worrying about the da Silva family slapping us with a lawsuit.”

“Rita da Silva won’t be aiming any litigation at us for a while. The only suits she’ll have anything to do with are the inmate suits they give out at the Zig, after Battleborn is done with her!” Blue Steel told him, his square jaw jutting out with heroic resolve.

“We’ll see… we’ll see.”


In the privacy of their bedroom, mother and daughter worked out together.

They stood at the foot of the bed, bodies pressed together as they pushed against each other, legs braced and arms held high, fingers clasped tightly.

For close to an hour they had battled like this, pushing at each other with unrelenting force, matching each other strength for strength. The sweat had pooled below their stationary bodies. Neither Barbara nor Cindy were holding anything back, and it was exhausting even for them to be putting forth maximum effort without slackening for even a moment.

Their strong arms, trembling and shaking, had not moved even an inch from the center position since they had begun.

“Come on, Cindy,” Barbara whispered, her lips moving against her daughter’s. “You can do it. I know you can.”

Cindy smiled tremulously. Her tongue flicked out, and collected the beads of sweat above Barbara’s upper lip. Both of them giggled breathlessly.

“I can feel your strength, Mom,” she moaned softly. “You still have so much in you. You’re still stronger.”

They had continued working out in the junkyard, weeks after Cindy had been registered as Battleborn, since they didn’t have any other facilities. Cindy had received a few offers to join some new up and coming Super Groups, but just a few — heroes were thin on the ground these days. She’d politely turned them down, feeling that she wasn’t a good fit for the ones that had sent offers.

Besides, she wanted to work beside her beloved mother, patrolling the streets together as a mother-daughter team. And if the groups didn’t think a superheroine already famous and beloved before the Rikti War was worth inviting to their ranks as well, then Battleborn would prefer to just be Battler Babe’s sidekick.

But Barbara had been insisting that Cindy could now surpass her. They had tested each other in various ways: lifting heavy weights, endurance running and swimming, marathon jumping, even swinging steel beams at each other’s abs. Cindy couldn’t quite use Super Jumping as a method of travel yet, but that was a matter of technique, as Barbara told her. In terms of raw muscle power, Cindy’s legs were every bit a match for Barbara’s, or very nearly so.

In all the other tests, Cindy was coming very, very close to her mother’s level. And then, just a few days ago, quite by coincidence, they had made a wonderful discovery.

They had just finished a bout of arm wrestling as foreplay, and were about to get intimate, when Cindy noticed the faint blue veins in Barbara’s breasts and latched on for a drink. Obligingly Barbara had flexed her arm, while Cindy suckled, and along with her arm she had also flexed her chest, displaying her muscle control by making her pectorals twitch and dance right in front of Cindy’s adoring eyes.

Then Cindy had raised her head and exclaimed about how invigorated she felt, after that drink, even more so than usual! She then flexed her arms and proceeded to challenge Barbara to another arm wrestling match. Barbara had been only too glad to accept.

And that was the first time ever that Cindy beat her mom at arm wrestling.

It had started off as an erotic match, with the both of them tweaking each other’s nipples with their free hands while kissing over the top of their clenched hands, growing wetter by the moment. And then, they began to pull in earnest, and gradually they’d both felt it. Somehow… after that breastfeeding session… Cindy had gained a burst of strength, enough for her to finally, after a long mighty muscle tussle, press her mother’s hand down onto the table.

They’d both reacted first with shock, then astonished delight, hugging each other and kissing madly, squealing like sorority girls. When they’d calmed down, though, and tried again, they couldn’t replicate the results — Cindy argued that her mom wasn’t at full power, so it was most likely a fluke.

Eventually they’d both realized Barbara’s milk had something to do with it. They couldn’t test it except with lab equipment, but Cindy said that when Barbara flexed while the milk was being expressed, the milk somehow tasted… richer.

“Well, according to some scientists, the mammary gland is really a kind of sweat gland, or evolved that way,” Barbara tried to reason it out. “Perhaps… if I flex the same way I did when feeding you at that time… the milk becomes an even more nourishing protein complex that boosts your powers!”

Of course, they were only too glad to test the theory. And indeed, bursa escort after a drink with Barbara in a relaxed position, there seemed to be not much of a special effect, but after another drink with Barbara flexing her chest muscles as she had that night, Cindy found that the weight she could lift overhead had increased by a small but measurable 2.3%!

“It seems my job of feeding you with breast milk didn’t end all those years ago, dear,” Barbara had joked.

She was pleased beyond words to know she could, in this small way, continue contributing to her daughter’s growth. But Cindy refused to accept she could surpass her mother.

So here they were, after Cindy had had a nice long drink from her dearest mother’s lovely veined breasts, and after ascertaining that Barbara did not feel drained in any way from the flexing while feeding, they had begun their test. Both women promised not to hold anything back, so that they could ascertain if Cindy, fortified by her mother’s milk, could beat Barbara muscle for muscle.

Close to an hour later, there they were, deadlocked in a stalemate, so deliciously evenly matched. This itself was enough to show that the milk, when delivered that way, had some effect, because this was about twice as long as Cindy had previously been able to last against her mom.

But both women wanted for each other to win, even as each gave it her all. Barbara wanted even more reason to be proud of her dauntless daughter, and Cindy firmly believed her mom was definitely not past her prime. And so they wrestled, and struggled, with love for each other fuelling their muscles every passing moment.

They strained, and strained, for an interminable time, softly murmuring and moaning encouragement into each other’s mouths. And then, suddenly, Cindy’s knee buckled a little, and she went down.

“Oh!” she breathed, and Barbara gasped a little as their mouths momentarily slipped apart — she had been in the process of giving Cindy another light smooch.

Cindy was now down on one knee. “I submit, Mom,” she gasped, grinning. “You beat me. You win.”

Both women relaxed, and Barbara went down on one knee as well. They embraced tightly, running their hands lovingly over each other’s sweaty skin. “Why do I feel like I’m the one who lost?” she said teasingly.

“Nyah nyah nyah. I win my bet. You’re still stronger than me,” Cindy laughed. They kissed hard, twisting their tongues together, and when they came up for air, there was a thin bridge of saliva suspended between their full, wet lips.

“My daughter… my lover…” Barbara moaned, as Cindy lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, to receive her prize for winning the bet that she would lose the strength contest.

“My mother… my superheroine…” Cindy moaned as she felt her mother’s lips latch on to her own nether lips. Before too long, she was arching her back, her mind filled with starbursts of pleasure, as Barbara slurped up her daughter’s honey and flicked her tongue over Cindy’s clitoris.

Her mother could really lay claim to knowing her daughter inside out!


“Oh hey… I’m glad you’re here.”

Cindy dumped her groceries onto an empty chair and sat across from Josh. “I did say I was coming! How’ve you been doing?”

Despite his grim thoughts, Josh Young found himself smiling as he sat across from the young blonde superheroine. Cindy “Battleborn” Beck was so infectious with her good cheer and her seemingly boundless energy that she was a joy to be with. Everyone knew what she and her mother had gone through lately, and everyone knew she was now out on the streets patrolling for the common good. Like Galaxy Girl a.k.a. Kelly Graham, back before the Rikti War, Cindy Beck was the darling of the local law-abiding communities. The common people had her back as much as she had theirs.

And, since he had been present at the arrest of Vicious Vixen and Vixenette, and had seen Cindy and her mother up close, he had done them the courtesy of taking off his riot helmet and revealing to them that Blue Steel, the Hero who was also a PPD deputy, was Josh Young.

They made some small talk for a while, and then, Cindy said, “You didn’t ask me out just for small talk, did you?”

Josh blushed and looked away. “Well, I… I did want to catch up a bit,” he stammered. “I mean, there is something, but that’s not the only…”

“It’s alright,” she said, smiling, but then turning serious. “It’s all for the public good. Just lay it on me. What can I do to help?”

That was one of the things he really appreciated about her — her unwavering commitment to justice and public order. She was truly a like-minded soul…

In hushed tones, he told her the main points of the case.

“But that’s terrible!” she gasped. “She’s making a mockery of bank security — this will embolden the petty criminals even more!”

“Exactly,” he said, glad that she understood immediately. “But our hands are tied. bursa eskort Rita da Silva is defended by her wealth and connections. I can’t easily convince the authorities of her identity. Without more evidence, we can’t get probable cause for a search warrant, and without a search of her mansion and the lair inside it, we can’t obtain that evidence.” He threw up his hands at the insoluble conundrum.

Cindy’s face was clouded. “I’m sorry, Josh… but I don’t see how I can help. My mom and I obey the law and enforce it. Without a warrant, we can’t enter her mansion legally. We could both try to confront her the next time she does another heist or something, and try to take her down in the act. Call on us when that happens!”

“Who knows if she will strike again, or where and when,” Josh said glumly. “Maybe it was a one-off. Damn! I’m sorry, Cindy,” he told her. “I guess I should’ve known better than to ask. You’re no Vigilante, like me. You’ve been brought up too well for that.”

“What’re you talking about? You’re a Hero, just like us! Everyone knows Blue Steel!”

“I might operate under the auspices of the PPD,” he chuckled, “but at heart, I’m quite the rebel. I’ve made the commissioner’s salt and pepper hair more salt and less pepper over the years.” They shared a laugh.

If she ever found out what he had done to the Clockwork King’s first body… Josh knew that was something he didn’t want this strong, beautiful and virtuous — yes, virtuous — superheroine to ever find out about.

“Well, I’d better get going,” Cindy sighed. “Call us if you need us, you have my contact. Oh, damn… I barely touched my coffee! It isn’t piping hot anymore,” she groaned, holding up the cup.

“Let me get you a cup to take back home,” he said, springing out of his seat.

“Oh, no I couldn’t…” she tried to demur, but he insisted. “Oh very well, officer, go in pursuit of some hot coffee for me,” she said in the end, laughing.

He froze.

Pursuit… hot…

Josh turned around, as Cindy looked on, wide-eyed with concern. “I have it!” he blurted.

“What? What’s the matter? Are you ok?”

He grabbed her by the shoulders — it was like grabbing an immovable pillar of a building, but he was too excited to enjoy that sensation just then.

“Cindy, you’re a genius! I know how we can get you and your Mom into the da Silva mansion, one hundred percent legally!”


“Mom,” Cindy said, unable to contain herself any longer. “Mom… I’m so excited!”

They stood, side by side, in front of their full-length mirror in the bedroom, in their matching costumes. Barbara smiled indulgently at her daughter. “It’s always a joy to go out together with you, my love,” she said, “but this isn’t our first time together in costume.”

“But Mom, this is different! We’ve been beating up street thugs, snatch-thieves, vandals, drug-pushers… this is our first real supervillainess fight together!” Cindy leapt into Barbara’s arms and hugged her tightly. “Together… as a team!”

Barbara embraced her daughter just as tightly, nuzzling at Cindy’s hair and neck, planting fond kisses on Cindy’s ear. Her daughter was right — their regular work on the streets was important, but this was a milestone — Cindy’s first time going up against a superheroine at large, working together with the PPD.

Or, at least, one member of the PPD…

Intuitively she had felt she could trust the quiet, competent young man they had met that night. Blue Steel — Josh — had been respectful and polite, and highly professional, considering that he had been in the presence of four barely-clothed women, each sporting a super-strong physique. He seemed very dedicated to his job. She wondered sometimes if he would ask Cindy out — then she would laugh at herself for the pangs of jealousy she felt at such a prospect. They did look compatible as a couple, though…

She mentally shook herself. No point getting distracted with those inconsequential insecurities — tonight they had a job to do! According to Josh’s plan, they would release a criminal previously taken into custody — a Skull, who was a big bullying brute but none too bright.

Cindy had been responsible for that arrest, and the Skull — Brad — had demonstrated his lack of intelligence by staying around to fight Cindy after the rest of his buddies had fled the scene or surrendered. He had broken first one fist, and then the other, on Cindy’s unyielding abs. Then he had charged Cindy full-on, wrapping his arms around her waist and pushing with his shoulder. Cindy of course had not budged an inch. After he had worn himself out, he had been easily arrested and thrown into the local jail, where he received some rudimentary medical attention.

Now, Josh would be “escorting” him to another holding facility, and the route would just so happen to take them past the da Silva manor. Brad the Skull thug would “escape” and make a break for it, running across the da Silva manor grounds. “Coincidentally” Battler Babe and her daughter Battleborn would be in the area, and as a PPD deputy Blue Steel would “enlist” their aid. They would be able to enter and search the da Silva manor without a warrant… because they would be in “hot pursuit” of a fugitive.

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