David and Kari (and Tiffany)


“Oh my god, David!” Kari hissed through clenched teeth. “If you make me come I’m gonna wake up Tiffany!”

Her protests might have been more convincing if she didn’t have her hand on the back of David’s head, smashing his face into her smoothly shaved pussy. He flicked her swollen clit again with his tongue as he twisted and wiggled the two fingers he had buried inside her. The thought of waking Kari’s sleeping sister over in the other bed of his hotel room did nothing to slow him down as he eagerly drove her to the edge of her orgasm. Her back arched off the bed as another barely suppressed whimper escaped her mouth. When she came, the already tight walls of her pussy squeezed down almost painfully on the fingers he had stuffed in her. The juices flowed out of her, soaking David’s hand and face, as well as the sheets beneath them.

To say David was surprised to find himself lying between Kari’s toned and tanned legs that night would have been an understatement. Up until he’d called her earlier that afternoon they hadn’t spoken in almost five years. Kari and David had been friends for a long time, but when they tried to take their relationship to the next level, the stress on them caused a serious falling out. They stopped speaking to each other, and just a few months later David was transferred nearly six hundred miles away.

Fast forward a few years to find David on a business trip to Kari’s home town, staying for the night in a hotel only a few miles from her house. As he left his meeting that afternoon, he dialed her old number on a whim. He honestly wasn’t even sure she had the same number. Even if the call did go through he’d probably just chicken out and hang up before she answered. As usual, Kari foiled his plans. She picked up on the first ring. The conversation, although awkward at first, went better than expected, and they made plans to meet that night at the hotel bar for a few drinks.

She looked just as good as he remembered when she walked into the bar a few hours later. Kari had always been athletic, and it was obvious she kept up with her workouts since the last time they’d seen each other. Her twenty-nine year old, five feet, six inch tall body was as tight and firm as any college cheerleader’s. Her small, perky tits pressed against her tight t-shirt, and her perfectly shaped ass looked incredible in her designer jeans. She wore her dark brown hair in a pony tale, and her sparkling blue eyes shined as she made her way through the bar towards David’s table.

He wasn’t surprised to see her smiling sister’s face following close behind. Only two years younger then Kari, Tiffany had always been the embodiment of bubbly youth. Her bright blue eyes, one of the few traits she shared with her sister, went perfectly with her long blond hair and five feet, two inch frame. While Kari’s body was firm and slender, Tiffany had a classic hourglass figure, with a round full ass, and large handful sized tits. As usual, her nipples were poking through her shirt. Even the thickest sweaters couldn’t hide them, and they had been the source of a lot of unwanted teasing as a teenager, and then later welcomed attention as she got older.

The girls sat down at David’s table, and after only a few drinks the five year gap in their lives seemed to melt away. Although Tiffany had come along that night as Kari’s designated driver, the strong drinks the bartender was pouring soon got the better of her. Since it was obvious neither of them was able to drive home that night, it wasn’t hard for David to convince them to use the extra bed in his hotel room. He found them two souvenir tank tops and a couple pairs of skimpy little jogging shorts emblazoned with the hotel’s logo in the lobby gift shop before they made their way up to his room.

Once in the room, Kari and Tiffany used the bathroom to change into their new “pajamas”, while David stripped down to his boxers and crawled into one of the room’s two queen sized beds. When the sisters emerged from the bathroom, David was thrilled to see how well their new outfits complimented their bodies. The loose fitting, whisper thin material of the jogging shorts showed off Kari’s gorgeous legs and toned perfect ass, and the tight little tank top did almost nothing to contain Tiffany’s large tits and prominent nipples. From the way both girls bounced and shook as they danced around the room, it was obvious that they’d left their bras on the bathroom floor.

They jumped into the other bed, giggling like schoolgirls at a slumber party, as David flipped through the television channels looking for anything that would keep him from awkwardly staring at the two barely dressed sisters. He found the late night news and tried to focus his attention on the story the anchors were blabbing about. It was a difficult task though, as his rock hard dick kept trying to return his attention to Kari and Tiffany’s side of the room. It wasn’t long before the alcohol Tiffany had consumed got the better of her and she began to bursa eskort snore loudly. Kari and David looked at each other and burst out laughing at the snorts and sputters she made while she slept. As he watched, Kari seemed to make a decision. A second later she slipped out of her bed, padded across the room, and slid into his. David turned the TV off, and they began to quietly, hesitantly talk about were everything had gone wrong five years earlier. It wasn’t long before they began sliding closer together under the blankets. Soon David had his arms around Kari while she rested her head on his shoulder.

“I’ve missed you so much, David,” she whispered to him. That was all it took. David leaned down, and kissed her gently on her full, red lips. Kari opened her mouth as she pressed her lips back against his. He could still taste the cranberry juice on her tongue from her drinks downstairs in the bar. She rubbed her hand across his chest and down past the waistband of his boxers. An electric shock went through David when her hand closed around his rigid hard-on. “I love the way your cock feels in my hand,” she said, biting on his earlobe. He pushed her over on her back and slid her tank top up exposing her beautiful breasts and hard little nipples. David licked and sucked her tits, and with every stifled moan Kari looked over to make sure Tiffany was still sleeping.

“David, we have to be quiet!” she said, as he started to pull the waistband of her shorts down over her hips.

“I want to taste your pussy,” he whispered back. “Besides, I’m not the one moaning so loud,” he said.

“I won’t be able to stay quiet with you eating me out,” she hissed, lifting her ass off the bed as the waistband slid past her hips. David looked at her with surprise when he discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Oh David, look how wet you made me,” she said with a gasp.

He inhaled her scent, and even with the dim light in the room he could see her pussy lips glistening from her juices. He admired her tight little cunt for only a second before diving in like a starving man. Kari flexed her well toned abs, grinding her pussy against his face as he tongued her engorged clit. When he stuck one, then two fingers between her soaking lips, she suppressed a growl while squeezing his head between her thighs.

“Oh my god, David, if you make me come I’m gonna wake up Tiffany!”

In all her concentration on staying quiet, Kari never realized that Tiffany had stopped snoring while David was sucking on her nipples earlier. As Kari’s orgasm was soaking his face, he peeked over, and wasn’t surprised to see Tiffany’s head lifted slightly off her pillow.

After Kari’s thighs released his head he licked and kissed his way up back up her body.

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” she whispered in his ear as she tugged his boxers down. With that, he grabbed her by the waist, and flipped them both around so she was on top of him. Her legs straddled his waist, his cock pressed against her hot soaking pussy.

She hesitated for a second. “Wait, David, we can’t,” she protested. “What if Tiffany wakes up?”

“Actually,” he grinned, “I’m pretty sure she’s already awake.”

In only an instant she realized that her sister was no longer snoring.

“Oh my god! Tiffany, are you awake?” she asked toward the other side of the room.

“Of course I am!” Tiffany replied with a giggle. “You think I could sleep through your moans?”

“Jesus, Tiff, I’m so sorry!” Kari exclaimed with embarrassment. “If I’d known you were awake, we never would have done that.”

“No, no, no, don’t be embarrassed,” Tiffany laughed back. “That was soooo hot. I mean I’ve heard you having sex before, like through our bedroom walls at home and stuff, but being in the same room while you were doing it was fucking awesome.”

As Kari started to relax, David’s cock slipped a little into her still soaking wet cunt. A small shiver ran through her, and she bit her bottom lip as she let out a small yelp.

“I’m glad you’re not mad at us Tiffany,” Kari managed to squeak out. “But, um, I don’t suppose you could give us a few minutes of privacy could you?”

“Not a chance,” she said back. “You two are gonna fuck the hell out of each other, and I wanna watch.”

Kari tried to keep a straight face as David slowly pumped his cock in and out of her. “That’s a little weird,” she said as she caught her breath.

“I don’t care,” Tiffany said back. “You guys are making me so hot. I really want to watch. Pleeeeeese?”

Kari surrendered the argument as David’s dick slid back into her. “Fine,” she said. “Just be quiet, ok?”

“You won’t even know I’m here,” Tiffany giggled back.

“Somehow I doubt that,” Kari said under her breath as David sucked on one of her nipples.

With Tiffany watching, Kari tried to contain herself while they fucked. Eventually the sensations outweighed her modesty and she began moaning and panting loudly. She sat up straight, bursa escort bayan and began bouncing on him like a rodeo rider. With one hand she twisted and pulled on her nipples, and with the other she reached down and fingered her clit.

“Oh my God!” she yelled. “Your cock feels so good in my tight little cunt. Fuck me, David! Fuck me harder!”

He rolled her over on her back and started pounding her until they were practically bouncing off the bed.

“Oh God Yes!” she screamed. “Yes, yes, yes! Harder. Fuck me baby. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

David glanced over towards Tiffany to find that she had slid over to the near side of the bed. She’d kicked the blankets off, and had her hand shoved down the front of her shorts. Her eyes were glassed over in pleasure as she fingered herself. Her large, hard nipples were about to tear through her thin tank top.

“Turn over, baby,” David hollered. “Get up on your knees.”

Kari spun around and stuck her tight little ass up towards the ceiling. David gripped both cheeks and squeezed as he slammed his cock back into her pussy. He looked over at Tiffany again to see that she had pulled her shorts down around her ankles, and had her knees spread apart. She stopped for a second, tearing her shirt off, then rolled onto her back and began rubbing her clit with one hand while sticking the fingers of her other hand as deep into herself as she could. She stared at David and her sister, her huge round tits bouncing up and down while she made herself quiver and shake.

David motioned to Tiffany to come closer. She jumped into the bed and leaned back against the headboard, watching as her sister buried her face into a pillow. Kari’s moans almost drowned out the sound of Tiffany furiously rubbing her fingers against her clit.

“Fuck her, David,” she urged. “Fuck my sister’s tight little pussy. Make her come again. Can’t you hear how bad she wants to come? She likes me watching you. She likes how turned on I’m getting watching you fuck her. I bet my little pussy is just as wet as hers is. Fuck her while I stick my fingers in my wet little pussy. Tell us Kari. Tell us how much you like me watching David fuck you.”

“You’re making me so hot Tiff! Rub your little clit while he pounds my pussy! Oh god David, I’m gonna come again. You’re making me come again!” Kari’s soaking pussy squeezed tight on his cock as another orgasm hit her. The sensation was too much for him. She pushed her ass back against him as he shoved his cock in as far as it would go. He could feel his balls slap against her clit as he shot his load deep inside her.

“I can feel you coming in me David! I can feel you filling my cunt with your hot come. Fuck, I’m so full! I can feel it running down my legs.”

As he slipped his cock out of her shaking body, Kari reached down and smeared the leaking come all over her swollen red pussy lips. When David flopped down on the bed beside her, he watched as she brought her hand up and stuck two come covered fingers in her mouth.

“We taste so good together,” she cooed.

“You look good together, too,” Tiffany squealed as she snuggled her warm naked body up against David, her soft tits pressed against his arm.

“I’ve never watched two people fuck before. God, it was amazing. Kari you were so beautiful when you came. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Kari smiled at her little sister. “It was so hot knowing you were watching us, even if you are my sister,” she said. “It felt so dirty and exciting. I haven’t come that hard in a long time.”

Tiffany reached down and lightly caressed David’s cock. “He still has your pussy juice all over his dick. It feels so warm and slippery.”

His cock began to stir as she gently stroked it. When he looked into her big blue eyes, she leaned forward and kissed him softly, sucking his bottom lip between her teeth.

“David?” she pleaded. “Will you do something for me?”

“Sure, anything, just ask,” he said. It would have been impossible for him to refuse her, especially with his dick in her hand.

“I want you to lick my pussy,” she begged. “Make me come like Kari did.”

“Yeah, do it David,” Kari said. “She didn’t come while she was watching us fuck. Eat her pussy. Lick her clit like you did for me. I want to see my beautiful little sister have an orgasm.”

David glanced down at Tiffany’s gorgeous body molded up against him, silently thanking anyone and everyone he could think of for such a wonderful night. “Bring that pussy up here, baby. I’ll make you come ’til you’re screaming.”

Rather than scoot her body up and sit on his face, she surprised David by jumping out of the bed, flipping the lights on, then climbing back on him in the sixty-nine position. “I want you to be able to see what you’re doing,” she said. He stared at her smooth tight, little pussy in the now brightly lit room. David had noticed earlier in the evening that Kari shaved görükle escort her pussy. When he licked across her pubic mound and swollen pussy lips he could feel the slightly rough stubble with his tongue. As he closely examined Heater’s cunt he noticed that she obviously waxed. Her pussy mound had a few very fine short blond hairs just starting to grow back in. When he tasted them they felt like peach fuzz. He ran his tongue down the seam of her pussy and slowly probed between the lips. He could feel the hood covering her now fully engorged clit. As he pressed on the bulge, Tiffany let out a sharp gasp and pressed her face against his rapidly stiffing cock. He teased her by circling his tongue around her clit, and she began doing the same to the head of his cock. He flicked his tongue sharply against her button causing her to let loose a muffled groan, muffled because at the same time she had swallowed his hard-on deep into the back of her throat. Her moan vibrated through him making him do the same back to her. They became a continuous moaning and groaning loop that fed on its self.

While David lapped and sucked at Tiffany’s hot pussy, he reached over to Kari beside him, only to find that at some point she had turned around and was watching her sister suck his dick.

“I can taste your pussy on his cock, Kari,” Tiffany said to her sister.

“How is it? Do you like it?” her sister asked.

“I love it!” she answered. “Do you wanna taste it?”

With that, Kari grabbed David’s cock and pulled it towards her mouth. He was pleased to see her cocksucking skills were just as good as her little sister’s when she licked up and down the shaft a few times and then swallowed it all the way down her throat.

“This is so hot, I can’t believe we’re both deepthroating the same dick,” Kari said as once again Tiffany swallowed him down.

“What do you think David? Do you like having two hot sisters sucking your cock at the same time?” Tiffany asked when they traded again.

He groaned into her pussy in reply. “I guess that’s a yes, eh sis?” Kari said as she pushed his dick back towards her waiting sister’s mouth. He confirmed his answer by sliding two fingers into Kari’s still soaked cunt.

They continued to take turns blowing him as he sucked and licked on Tiffany’s clit. His slippery fingers slid in and out of Kari, and he gradually started exploring around her tight asshole. As he pressed one finger towards the puckered opening, she squeezed her ass cheeks together, trapping his hand. A second later she relaxed and tentatively pushed back against his probing finger. He stuck it back in her pussy, lubricating it as much as he could with her still flowing juices and pushed it again against her clenched asshole. This time the tip of his finger slipped in. Kari moaned on to his cock like her sister did a few minutes before. He pulled his finger out, lubed it again in her pussy and slid it once again up her butt. His whole finger disappeared inside her. Kari reached down and started rubbing her clit as David slid his finger in and out of her tight little asshole. When she started pushing back harder, he slipped two fingers into her. She squealed with pleasure as she furiously rubbed her hand over her clit and fingered her own pussy.

“Oh fuck, David!” Tiffany said from above him. “Your tongue feels so good in my pussy, but I really need you to fuck me now.” She rolled off him and pulled him to a sitting position. When he was leaning back against the headboard she climbed back on face to face and slid her sopping cunt down his cock. Kari fell down to her side beside them with David’s fingers still in her ass. Tiffany’s gaze followed David’s arm down and she gasped when she saw where his fingers were. Kari stared up at Tiffany as she spread her thighs open towards her, her eyes silently pleading with her sister to touch her. Tiffany slowly reached down towards her sisters glistening pussy, tentatively touching her engorged clit. As she bounced faster and faster up and down David’s hard-on, she began to slide her fingers into her sister’s pussy.

“I’m so close David. I’m gonna come!” she yelled. “Your cock feels so good in me! Fuck me David, make me come!”

“Oh God! I’m gonna come too!” Kari shouted. “My little sister is fingering my pussy and you have your fingers in my tight dirty little asshole. I’m gonna come David! I’m gonna come all over my nasty little sisters fingers while she fucks your hard cock. Make us come, David! Make us both come!”

He could feel both of them start to come at the same time. Tiffany’s pussy tightened on his cock, and Kari’s asshole smashed his fingers together. The shouts and screams echoed around the hotel room as both of them were rocked by orgasms. The pleasure of feeling them both come at the same time sent David off and he started shooting load after load deep into Tiffany’s hot cunt.

As her orgasm subsided, Tiffany fell onto her back between David’s now outstretched legs.

“Oh wow, Kari!” she said, looking over at her sister. “You drooled all over yourself. Did you really come that hard?”

“I couldn’t help it,” Kari answered. “With David’s fingers in my ass and yours in my pussy…I just lost it. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

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