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Here she was legs up in the air, her hands under her knees pulling them back as far as she could. My cock buried deep inside her all the while she screamed.

“Oh yes, yeeeeees, fuck me baby, fuck me so good!”

With each thrust came a squishy sound, her liquids gushing out of her hairy pussy. With every hip motion my balls slapped against her pillowy ass, the sound echoing about the room. If the house wasn’t empty it would be hard to explain why all these sounds were coming from my parents’ room. As it was we were the only ones here and I was thankful for it. Who knows what might have happened if dad had come home to see me balls deep inside my own mother. I’m sure he would have been none too happy about it.

I’ll explain how we got here. First I’ll get some housekeeping out of the way though. I can imagine you are wondering what the fuck you are reading as two seconds ago I was just talking about pounding my own mother. Yes, you read it correctly, this is not a metaphor this is a true story. First of all, I’ll say I never imagined anything like this would ever happen to me nor did I go seeking it at first. Even though it seemed out of the blue it happened as if by design. I was twenty years old at the time and closing in on my twenty first birthday. So here’s me, average looking, five eleven, single and blessed with a reasonably large cock. Well at least I think so, I’d been told eight inches is a great size. I’d had girlfriends before but nothing serious. I got laid rarely as I didn’t have a great job or car and at my age that seems to mean a lot more than it should. The town I grew up in is a small and most people know each other. There aren’t too many prospects in the girl department if you know what I’m saying. Which really meant that I was horny with little chance of hooking up anytime soon unless I looked elsewhere.

Ok so now my family. I live at home with my mom, dad and younger brother Tim. Mom and dad sleep in separate beds these days and fight more often than not. I try to be around as little as possible because of the animosity that seethes from them both. Needless to say they aren’t having sex, or if they are it’s like once a year. So they, like me, are both sexually frustrated on top of everything else. My mom has always been pretty open when talking about sex with me, she’s made sure I was educated in doing the right thing, i.e. condoms etc. So it’s not hard to believe that I blurted out my frustrations to her one day.

It’d been a hard day at work – Mr. Reathers had been riding me all day about stocking issues which hadn’t even been my fault. Anyway, I was sitting at my desk, head against the keyboard, when I heard a knock at the door.

“Can I come in?” Mom said from the other side.

“Yeah, it’s open,” I said not having locked it on the way in. I had a bar lock just in case I wanted to keep my brother out.

She opened the door and peered in at me. I guess I better give you a description of her so you’re not left in the dark. As middle aged women go she is not bad looking. She’s pretty short (around five six) she’s a little on the round side from having two kids and not trying too hard to get the weight off afterwards. This means she has a nice set of big ol’ titties and a round butt. I quite liked her body type though, as I’d been with BBWs before. Joey Stratham was one of my first, and man she was a good lay. She loved the cock. Anyway, my mother has voluptuous, dark, shoulder blade length hair which she wears out a lot and overall takes care of herself enough for her not to be showing her age. She might not be the hottest woman around but she is something else. I’ll get into that later though.

“Are you ok honey? It sounded like you stomped your way in here,” she said mousily. Mom was always a bit of a soft-spoken sort.

“Just a shit day,” I said sitting up and stretching.

“Oh sweetie, that’s no good. Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked, standing behind me and putting her hands on my shoulders. She rubbed them slightly, comforting me. She was always a little touchy feely which was ok by me as I liked the affection.

“This is plenty mom,” I said, rubbing my cheek against her hand.

“You’ve seemed pretty upset of late honey, is there something going on?” She asked, concerned.

“It’s a combination of things honestly,” I said, cracking my neck.

“Want to talk about it?” She said, running one of her hands through my hair.

“I’m just frustrated with work and I’m frustrated with this town,” I said with a sigh.

“Ok, the work bit I can understand, but why the town?” She replied quizzically.

“I’m just sick of everyone here, there’s no one ever new to meet.”

“Oh,” she said as if now cottoning on. “You mean girls.”

“Now you see why I’m frustrated,” I replied flatly.

“I get it honey, trust me I do,” she said still playing with my hair.

“It’s just been a while if you catch my drift,” I said without a hint of subtlety.

“You and me both,” she said with a short laugh.

Now usually you don’t want to hear about bursa eskort bayan your parents’ sex life but it kinda made me sad to think things were that bad for her. I swiveled my chair around to face her.

“Things aren’t great with you and dad, are they?” I said trying to be there for her in any way I could. She just shook her head without a word.

“You know things haven’t been fantastic with us in a long time,” she said shrugging.

“I’m sorry mom, if there is anything I can do…” I said, standing up. I threw my arms around her and hugged her tight.

“You’re doing it,” she said, smiling up at me. “Now this wasn’t about me, this was about you, mister.”

“Well, what is it that can be done about it exactly?” I said, sitting back down.

“I guess I’ll just have to look for a nice girl for you,” she said with a cheesy grin.

“Good luck with that,” I said rolling my eyes. “There aren’t any I know around my age.”

She raised a finger up to her mouth for a second, thinking.

“Maybe that’s it,” she said, nodding.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. I know a few ladies my age that could be looking for a bit of fun,” she said laughing.

“Oh go on, like who?” I said, tilting my head back to look at her.

“Well…” she said pausing, (I like to think it was for effect). “There is always Janet, I know she hasn’t had a good man in a while.”

“Ew,” I said, reeling. “There is good reason for that.”

“Don’t be so mean,” she said in her most motherly tone.

“Seriously though, if that’s the best you’ve got I’m in trouble.”

“I’ll just have to keep my ear out at our next group meeting,” she said with a giggle.

“That’s the kind of thing ladies talk about, is it?” I said, mocking her a little.

“We do actually,” she said to my surprise. “We usually compare how terrible our husbands are at everything.”

“Shit mom, that’s fucked. Are there really that many unhappy housewives in this town?” I said, turning all the way round on my seat.

“You would be surprised,” she replied with scrunched up face.

“Maybe I should give their names to some of my friends,” I said, stirring.

“You know some desperate young bucks do you?” she said laughing.

“Why is that mom, you considering it are you?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow. She smirked at me and tutted.

“I think you know the answer to that,” she said placing her hand on her hip.

“Right I’ll start the hunt for you then,” I said cockily. She tapped me on the arm before replying.

“Stop it, you,” she laughed, and I joined in.

After our laughing fit had subsided she excused herself from my room and it got me thinking. About of a lot of what she said. First off, I felt bad about the situation between her and dad. It’d gone on for so long, I couldn’t understand how they were still together. It also made me feel bad for a lot of the women that mom was talking about. Maybe she was right, maybe I was looking in the wrong area. I should be looking to the unhappy middle aged ladies around town that needed a good loving. It definitely shifted my perceptions a little and this is how it all started. So the first thing I did was to go online and start looking at older women. I had to prep myself if this was the area I was going to pursue. I hadn’t really even thought about it until now and mostly looked at girls my own age. I found this intriguing, I looked at how women’s bodies changed and how I could find older women still just as sexy as the girls my own age. They had something different – experience, maturity, more devious natures. They’d had time to find the things they liked, so they were more sexually adventurous. This was a massive draw for me, and the more I searched the more I was convinced mom could be right.

I mulled the idea over for a few days, and wondered how I would even approach such a subject. I thought the only way to get any more info on this stuff was to go to the source. I decided to ask more questions of mom. I had to wait until the time was right though. I wasn’t just going to do it when everyone was around. I waited until Saturday morning when I knew Tim and dad weren’t going to be around. I woke up eager to ask her more questions and headed over to her room. I knew she was in there because I could hear her moving about. I noticed the door was ajar so stepped up close and looked in. I have no idea why I didn’t just knock – I guess it was because I still felt a little nervous about the conversation I thought we were going to have. So I just stood there for a moment and then she walked to the other side of the room.

There she was standing in front of a mirror, completely naked. I did a double take, making sure I wasn’t seeing what I was actually seeing. But sure enough there she was in her naked glory, holding a few pairs of underwear in her hand. She had obviously just gotten out of the shower and was deciding what to wear, which baffled me a little – why would she care about what she was wearing underneath? bursa merkez escort Anyway, there she stood in all her freckled, stretch marked, cellulite pocked beauty. I couldn’t help but stare. From this angle I was getting a good look at her shapely, pale, fluffy ass. It was a beautiful sight to see. It was large and round and all so delicious. This was the first time in a long time I’d seen her naked, and it was definitely the first time I’d looked at her differently. I wasn’t just seeing her as my mom, I was seeing her as a mature sexy woman. She moved down the bra from her chest and I looked up. I could see her full breasts in the mirror’s reflection, her large, pink areolas were raised, drawing me towards them. From here I could see every curve of her body. Sure, she had stretch marks and the signs of aging, but in no way were they a detraction from her whole package. She was definitely sexy for her age, she had an appeal about her just like the women I had seen online. Her breasts were full and still quite well rounded considering she’d had two kids. They sagged a little but not as much as you’d expect. Lastly, my eyes were drawn down to her mound in the reflection. She had a big, hairy bush which was somewhat intriguing to me also. Most of the girls online were clean shaven but there was something sexy about her being natural. Needless to say I was pretty hard.

Shit, I thought. This is my own mom. What the fuck am I thinking. I decided not to ask her what I was going to and instead headed down stairs to make some breakfast. I walked around the kitchen in a daze, trying to get the images out of my head. It was easier said than done though. I was mindlessly moving around the kitchen with little purpose as if I’d just recently recovered from a concussion. I even over extended on pouring my cornflakes and scattered a pile on the bench.

Mom appeared behind me almost without causing a sound.

“A bit clumsy this morning are we?” She said moving towards the kettle, startling me somewhat.

“Ah, yeah,” I said looking over at her, now dressed in her regular weekend garb of track pants and a t-shirt.

“What’s on the agenda today?” She asked whilst pulling the milk from the fridge.

“Oh nothing much,” I replied still trying to chase the images from my mind.

“Sounds exciting,” she giggled, jiggling a little as she did so. I couldn’t help but notice her more now, even though I was trying not to.

“What about you?” I said sitting down to my overflowing bowl of cornflakes, still forgetting to put milk on them.

“Oh I’ll likely just catch up with the girls, your father is off again on a fishing trip,” she said sighing.

“Really?” I asked not hearing anything this morning which was odd as when dad is up he clods around the house. “I didn’t hear him leave.”

“He was up around five A.M. He packed everything last night so he could leave early.”

I had no idea what to say so I stayed silent. Mom sat at the table next to me with her coffee and looked down at the bowl of food I hadn’t touched.

“Did you want some milk with that?” She asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Umm, yeah,” I said looking down at my bowl.

“Are you ok?” She asked, standing to get the milk.

“Yeah fine, just a little preoccupied,” I said, trying not to watch her get up. She placed the milk within arm’s reach and sat back down.

“Is it still the girl thing?” She asked.

“Sort of,” I replied, unsure of what to say.

“Well, I am seeing my friends this afternoon,” she said with a giggle. “I can always inquire.”

“It’s fine,” I said, brushing it off with an awkward laugh.

“Actually,” she said as if scheming. “You should come spend some time with us this evening.” I was somewhat taken aback at the offer but intrigued as to where this was going.

“Really?” I asked. “You would want me to spend time with your friends?”

“Well, you know most of them, all we are doing is chatting and having a few drinks. Who knows, you might learn a few things about finding a girl or…” She said leaving it in the air, grinning cheekily.

“I don’t expect the latter but…” I said thinking about it for a second. It could actually be fun, and if it wasn’t, I could just drink more. “Yeah why not,” I said shrugging.

“Great, it’ll be good to have some male perspective for once,” she said, smiling wider.

“I don’t know how much use I’ll be there,” I replied, pouring the milk into my cereal.

“You’ll be just fine honey,” she said, lifting the cup to her mouth.

As soon as I left the kitchen I decided to have a coldish shower hoping it would help shift my mind onto other things. I can’t say it helped much – instead of just being horny, I was now cold and horny. Each time a lewd thought entered my mind I’d see her there in front of me. I tried avoiding her most of the day and decided against getting myself off. I almost gave in at one point and decided to surf the net, but even the videos reminded me of her so I stopped and distracted myself bursa sınırsız escort bayan with other things.

It was about six when her friends arrived, which meant there was plenty of drinking time and these ladies liked a wine now and then. Mom had put out munchies – cheese and crackers, cabana, pâté and chips, the essentials for any wine catch up. She was also cooking party food for when we all got a little hungrier than for just snacks. I decided to dress pretty casual as I felt like I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. So I wore a nice fitting t-shirt and some jeans.

I went downstairs and greeted the ladies. There was mom’s best friend Shelby, Eve from across the street, Agnes or Mrs. Taylor as I knew her, who was pretty damn fine for a woman in her early fifties, and then Janet, my mom’s single friend she had tried to palm onto me earlier. They were all in their mid-forties except Mrs. Taylor, and they were all louder than a bunch of school girl cheerleaders. Boisterous. Cackling and gossip started as soon as they were settled and all had a drink in their hands. Five women talking about how Joyce burnt the cookies at the bake sale and then tried to scrape them clean before selling them. How Mrs. Peters had backed over the Hardley’s fence and tried to pretend it hadn’t happened. You know, the usual shit, but then a few drinks in the conversation started heating up a little. They’d obviously been holding on to the juicier stuff for later in the evening.

“So Jerry,” Agnes said, flashing her pearly whites. She sat directly across from me, legs crossed. “Your mother tells us that you are having troubles finding a girl?” I couldn’t believe she’d outright told them. I was hoping she’d been a little subtler.

“Oh Agnes,” mom said, as if surprised she brought it up so openly. I looked over to mom with a bit of an annoyed look. She acted sheepish and mouthed ‘sorry’ at me.

“You could say that,” I replied with sigh.

“I can’t imagine why, you are such a fine young handsome man,” she said, taking a sip of her wine.

“Thanks,” I said, and thought I’d just go for it. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The ladies all erupted into laughter and jibes.

“See, and charming too,” she said smiling. I couldn’t tell if she was just humoring me or flirting. It was a little weird as she was one of my friends’ mothers, not to mention still married.

“Tell that to any girls you know outside of town,” I replied, taking a swig of my mixed whatever it was.

“No one you fancy in town?” Eve asked me.

“No-one age appropriate,” I said, making them giggle and cackle.

“Does that mean you are looking for an older lady?” Agnes asked, looking from behind her champagne flute.

“Well, there are definitely much better catches when it comes to the ladies in town – take you fine ladies as an example,” I said, laying on a thick charm.

They erupted again in laughter whilst Agnes looked on at me.

“He could charm a girl right out of her pants,” Eve said making the others laugh harder. Mom didn’t even look uncomfortable at this; I think she was just happy for me for me to be getting some praise.

“You know, there is someone else your age bedding someone our age in town,” Agnes said, raising my interest further.

“I didn’t know this,” Janet said tilting forward on her chair. “Who is it?”

“You promise not to say anything if I tell you?” Agnes asked, placing her hand against her chest.

“I already know,” Eve said leaning back. “I haven’t said anything.”

“I promise,” Janet replied.

“Likewise,” I added.

“Well, you know Scotty Simpson?” She started.

I was indeed surprised. Scotty was a bit of a short-ass and not much of a looker. A bit average in everything and worked at the hardware store in town. I’d gone to school with him only last year, he was younger though.

“He’s been delivering more than just hardware to Dianne Reathers.”

“Holy shit,” I said out loud. “That’s my boss’s wife.” She just nodded in response.

“How did you find out?” Janet asked.

“You know Pam lives next door, as if she wasn’t going to find out,” she replied. Pam had one of the stickiest beaks in town. She always knew what was going on in her street.

“God, I’m glad I don’t live next to her,” Eve said cracking the others up.

“Hiding something are we Eve?” Mom said as if digging for more info.

“Every lady has her secrets,” she replied raising her glass.

“It’s good that you’re not much of a lady, probably don’t have too much to hide,” mom replied, making the others giggle.

Things went on like this for a while until we moved to the lounge – we’d all had a bit to drink by then and the night was winding down. Mom sat on the couch and directed me to sit next to her. She wrapped her arm around me and got comfortable. On my other side sat Agnes, her legs up on the couch, her feet touching my leg. I was surrounded by flesh and I had no idea where to look. On my right, my mum’s cleavage plain as day, with me in the perfect position to look down it. On my left, Agnes’s slender legs bared to her mid-calf. It didn’t help that mom kept stroking my arm. With Agnes’s feet touching my leg and mom’s skin on mine I was getting rather horny. I hadn’t had physical attention for a while and I’d already had a few drinks which really weren’t helping.

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