Desecrated by a Fatherly Figure


This is a strange thing about sex. You love it, it’s very enjoyable with the right person(s). A fatherly figure may not be the person you fancied filling your holes. But, in my case, one rainy night in my paternal uncle’s house was all it took, to change my perceptions about the elder brother of my father, who used to be like a father to me. What’s worse, I enjoy being his sex slave even today.

This happened in the June of 2018. I had just turned 20. I had come to spend the summer with my cousin, Rita in our village where my father’s extended family dwelled. I was sleeping alone as my cousin had to leave for the town with her mother, who was pregnant with another child.

The houses here were mostly made of mud, which meant that rain water would typically find its way in and one would need to improvise to cater to any severe spell of rain. That uneventful night, the weather took an unexpected turn. As it started raining, I decided to take necessary precautions like placing the plastic sheets on the rooftop and supporting them with appropriate weights to prevent the rainfall from blowing the sheets away and damaging the granary in the attic below the rooftop. The task was usually performed by my Rita, but since she wasn’t here, I decided to make myself useful to their family.

The stairs to the rooftop ran from the front of the house. There was a slight open area and a small attic on the rooftop. The entryway of the attic was slightly open and I heard some male voices moaning and panting inside.

Curiously, I took a peek and to my surprise, I saw my paternal uncle Sami, making love to a young village boy, who looked one or two years older than me. Uncle Sami had an erect cock inside the young boy, who was lying on the bed and trying to accommodate the hard, passionate thrusts of my uncle to the best of his ability.

I took a look at my uncle’s cock that came in and out of the young village boy. Though the room wasn’t very well-lit, I could still tell the curves and outlines of the massive manmeat that went in and out of the boy. My uncle was completely naked and unaware that his own niece was standing there watching him desecrate a young village boy. And I stood there watching the show unaware that the next turn was mine!

I wanted to just leave, but I couldn’t. My eyes were glued to the cock and I somehow felt that I was the one who deserved to be in place of the boy. Without realizing it, I started getting turned on just by looking at the wild erotic thrusts of my uncle. His face was slightly looking upward, and I could tell how much he was into the act. Just then, the young boy turned around and caught me watching their show. “Hey,” he said. I rushed from the room and headed straight for my cousin’s room.

I heard footsteps coming toward the room. I was afraid of what was going to happen. I hid my face inside the bedsheet, trying to vanish. The footsteps were now inside the room. Someone sat on the bed beside me. It was the loud, coarse voice of my uncle. He started stroking my head from above the bedsheet.

“Seemi, my child, are you OK?”

I didn’t reply.

“I…I was just missing your aunt. It’s been a while. I hope you don’t mind.”

I stayed silent.

“Answer me,” he said. His voice was getting louder.

“Y..yes uncle, it’s fine,” I said in a scared tone.

“Take your face out of the blanket. I cannot hear you.” He kept giving orders.

I slowly took my face out. I saw the shadow of Uncle Sami’s body on the roof. As I removed the blanket, I saw that he still wasn’t wearing any clothes and he was vigorously rubbing his cock. I inserted my face in the blanket again.

“Seemi, my child. There is nothing to be afraid of,” he assured me. “Come here, show me your hand. Do you like what you see? I will let you play with this.”

I couldn’t believe what my uncle was offering me. I was already wet from the thought of his giant cock but he was totally ready to let me play with it.

“Give me your hand,” he commanded. I took out my hand from the blanket. It touched his knee and goosebumps escort bursa appeared all over my body as I draw my hand back. But my uncle held onto my hand before I could slip it back into the blanket and guided it onto his cock.

I just held onto the manmeat he offered. “My child, it seems you don’t know anything. It’s OK. I will teach you. That’s how I taught your aunt and cousin Rita too.”

What, my cousin was also savouring this giant cock, and she didn’t even bother telling me, I thought.

“Rub my cock with your hand. Play with it,” he ordered.

I started rubbing his cock. My pussy was totally wet just at the thought of this 50 year old hunk with nothing on him but raw muscles. He’d worked all his life on this farm. He took off my blanket and helped me up on the bed. He slowly pulled me toward him and made me sit on his lap. I couldn’t think of anything else beside the manmeat that I held. I was really aroused by it.

My uncle inserted his hands inside my shirt and started playing with my breasts. His hands were really hard, but they felt very nice on my breasts. He held onto my tits and pressed them hard.

He sniffed my hair and praised the sweet smell. He had strong odor of sweat obviously from his hard day of work, but the odor was more sexual and enticing than repugnant. He started kissing my cheeks before locking his lips onto mine. Meanwhile, he slid his hand inside my trouser and started stroking the hair on my pussy. I got very aroused by the wild, vigorous rubbing and stroking of his thick and hard fingers. He impatiently took off my shirt and trouser, and I lay naked in front of my own uncle.

His strong hands lifted me effortlessly from my legs, turned me upside down so my legs faced the roof whereas my head was between his legs. He slid his cock in this manner inside my mouth. He asked me to play with this toy. Meanwhile, he started licking my pussy with his lips, giving rise to sexual pleasures that I’d never felt in my life before.

As my uncle licked my pussy with undying passion, I got really turned on. I served his cock to the best of my ability. Just looking at the cock made me more and more wet. I rubbed it thoroughly in my hands, feeling the thick veins jutting out of it. The tip alone was really huge. It was so thick that I had trouble taking the cock inside my mouth. I wondered what it will do when it ventures inside my legs that were getting more and more anxious to be filled by my uncle’s well-endowed penis.

I started searching my uncle’s body, responding to his sexual advances. He had very well-built set of abs. His testicles were the size of a cricket balls. I couldn’t close my fist with one my uncle’s balls in my hand.

I started moaning softly as my uncle ate my pussy. I closed my legs around my uncle’s face to have him lick me deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, I held onto his head and tried to guide him the right spots to lick. He was impatient with me at first, but then started easing into it when he saw that I had begun reciprocating his sexual moves.

Uncle Sami straightened me on the bed. I got excited thinking that the magical moment is here. I would be deflowered by the huge cock of my own uncle. Though I was a bit scared of the damage the giant cock may do to my pussy, I trusted my uncle’s experience as he’d already deflowered his own daughter and God knows how many other daughters of the village. I noticed many women in the family including my own mother eyeing Uncle Sami awkwardly. Perhaps, they too had had a glimpse of his massive treasure.

My ripped uncle came on top of me. He started kissing my lips passionately. I was totally in the move. My legs snuggled around his hairy lower body and I felt his cock rub passionately against my pussy. Uncle Sami got some olive oil and rubbed it on my pussy. Experience, I thought.

He licked the pussy some more, biting me passionately. I didn’t realize that he was actually nibbling gentle on my hymen, preparing it for the next action. He pressed his lips onto mine again. I could smell the olive oil dripped around bursa merkez eskort his mouth. Some of my puberty hair was also left in his mouth from the passionate bites that he gave to my pussy and pelvis.

He stretched himself on the bed and again my legs became restless around the fully erect cock. It must have been at least 10 inch long. I eyed it from time to time, reassuring myself of its massive height and width.

I couldn’t wait to be part of the club. Here I come girls, I thought.

Uncle Sami spread my legs apart. It’s about to happen, I told myself. Just then, I felt my soul torpedoed by a giant missile that headed straight inside my pussy. I let out loud yells, but my cries were silenced by the severe rainfall. What a night to be desecrated!

Aaiie Uncleeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhh plleaseeeeeeeeeee stopppppppppppppppppppppppp!


“My child, don’t worry,” he assured me. “The worst part is over.”

I was feeling excruciating pain in between my legs. My pussy was bleeding severely. There was something very, very huge piercing straight inside my soul. I was excited by the sight of the cock, but now, I thought I wasn’t made for it. My pussy was too small. He’d never get it in. I felt scared for my fate in the hands of a man who seemed overtaken by wild, evil spirit willing to desecrate his own niece to fulfill his sexual desires.

My uncle pressed his lips onto mine and started stroking my breasts. My attention shifted slightly. I felt numbness below. It could have been my body adjusting to the pain of this new being that was trying to rupture my pussy apart and make room for itself.

My uncle bent lower and started biting my tits while pressing hard on my breasts. I felt grateful for the new trickles of pleasure that slowly replaced my attention from what went down below. After some breast fondling, my uncle again pressed his lips onto mine. He made one or two hard thrusts of his cock in my pussy.

He was so huge. His muscular chest lay over me. The moisture in the small village room rose and we were drenched in our sweat. My uncle raised my arms and started chewing on my armpits. He bit on my neck and left severe marks that I had to hide from my cousin the next day.

My uncle was really hard and had an excellent stamina. My aunt and cousin must be really satisfied by this in-house manmeat that they were served with. I was in ecstasy to be part of the club.

Just then, my uncle called the young village boy. I felt slightly ashamed to be naked in presence of a young village boy. He lay on the bed next to me with his ass toward my uncle. My uncle asked me to move further up on the bed and spread my legs for the boy. Meanwhile, he inserted his cock inside the young village boy. I didn’t ask his name, but let’s call him Sidhu. Sidhu was a dark, tan boy. Sexual intercourse with my uncle was fine, but I didn’t sign up for this, I thought. Regardless, I knew how my uncle would get if I said no.

Reluctantly, I opened my legs for Sidhu who was being ass-fucked passionately by the ripped brother of my father. Sidhu yelled and moaned in pain, but kept chewing on my bleeding pussy. Unlike my uncle, Sidhu really was a very delicate soul. His teeth never got anywhere close to my pussy. In fact, the earlier pain started soothing from his magical touch. He had a strange healing ability in his licks.

When my uncle had his high moments in sex, he would hold his face up high, clench his teeth firmly and start rotating his cock all around whatever the hell he was fucking at the time. Sidhu yelled in pain as his ass was tormented by a cock that quite possibly reached till his intestines.

Regardless, I prepare myself for whatever my controlling and dominant uncle planned next. In his usual careless style, he took his cock out of Sidhu, lifted him up and started passionately kissing him. Meanwhile, he told me to turn around.

Yipes, is he thinking what I’m thinking. My uncle then asked Sidhu to lubricate my anus with his tongue. I felt a small bursa sınırsız escort tongue insert in my ass. It was a good sensation in comparison to what was coming next.

Sami ordered Sidhu to lie underneath me with his face on my bleeding pussy. I really enjoyed his sensational licks and forgot about the wild man pointing his monstrous cock towards my ass.

My uncle pulled me back from my hair and as I was just beginning to feel the pain from my hair being pulled, he inserted his full cock into the lubricated anus. I yelled at the top of my voice.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Uncle… Ahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I could now understand the pain that Sidhu was going through. I thought my body was going to explode owing to the intrusion of this wild alien specie in my anus. My uncle kept pulling me from my hair while thrusting my ass hard. He dropped some olive oil on his cock while continuing to ram me. My ass clearly couldn’t accommodate his massive manmeat, but after the oil application, it caused lesser pain as it slid in and out of my body at my uncle’s usual rocket pace.

His strokes were getting faster and faster now. He went full inside my ass and then started drooling over me, before resuming to fuck my anus at an even harder pace.

“Schuppp Schuppp Schuppppppp” was the noise resonating from our sexual intercourse

I had an orgasm from Sidhu’s highly sophisticated licking of my pussy while my uncle continued to ram my ass unabatedly.

“Ahh my daughter, you’re so hot,” he said. “Do you like my cock in you?”

“Y…yes uncle. Ahhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uncle Sami … Aaaieee aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” I clearly couldn’t speak properly.

My uncle bent lower and lower with his cock still mounted in my ass. He started searching for my lips. I turned to the side and took his lips in my mouth.

Mmm mmm mmmmm aaaieeee

We continued lip-kissing while he mounted my ass. With his hands, he started stroking my breasts. He was a huge man. His upper body pressed hard against mine. His coarse skin and hands made me insignificant beneath him. Yet, he was so perfect in bed, I didn’t want him to stop anymore.

While he was already fucking me at a sensational pace, the passionate kisses that we exchanged made him shiver. He realized that he was about to cum and began drilling me even harder.

He corrected his position and launched his final assault pressing my buttcheeks hard with his hands. I thought he was going to rip me. I turned around and saw his ripped body beating the shit out of me.

Sidhu let go of my pussy and started stroking the balls of his master. Uncle Sami held onto my buttcheeks. His teeth were clenched together firmly and his eyes were closed.


He finally took out his cock and splattered a sea of cum on Sidhu’s face. Sidhu drank his cum like a loyal and submissive servant.

My uncle lied with me and told Sidhu to leave.

He played with my hair. I looked at him. I was no longer ashamed of him. I felt delighted knowing that I’d given my uncle so much pleasure. I half-smiled at him now.

“You’re so hot, uncle Sami.”

He looked at me with kind eyes now. “You make me young, my niece. Will you have sex with me again?”

I looked him in the eyes and said, “Yes uncle, whenever you want.” “I am yours.”

“I will take you and Rita with me to a hut that I own in the jungle. We will tell your aunt that we are going to the town. Rita talks a lot about you. She told me that you like to eat out one another. I will give you two something real to play with in the jungle.”

“I couldn’t believe my whore cousin Rita would tell her father our little secret. She proposed the idea of sharing a cock from time to time with me, but I would find one way or another to change the topic. Now I realized that she was talking about her own dad. Regardless, what she couldn’t convince me into for months, my uncle successfully did by just one dirty display of his cock’s massiveness.

I am a proud slave of Uncle Sami, one of many. It turns out, my aunt has a very well-respected place among the ladies of the village. If a lady has a problem getting pregnant, they secretly direct her to my uncle who bestows her with love, children and everything in between. He is a real hero, our uncle Sami.

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